Can you really make 100k/month using ugly handwritten signs?

I’ve never met a real estate investor who truly understood the power and profitability of using signs.  I can boldly and confidently say that NO real estate or business person on the planet has made more people more money from ugly, handwritten signs than the people on our team.  Today you’ll see – among other things – a real easy way to make 50-100k/month with ugly signs.  I love this shit.   

If you died and this was your second chance, taking SIGNS more seriously could change your life.   

First of all, THANK YOU again for making this channel the number one channel for Indiana real estate on YouTube according google analytics and SocialBlade info for  We’re also building the world’s largest organization of Special Needs Business Owners and Real Estate Investors.

Generate a business more/better converted leads – and you can OWN it.   

If you can help a business convert leads better then you can grow their revenue and use that as leverage to own shares and create a nice passive income of 10-30k/month.  In fact, you can even use basic letters, emails or just handwritten signs to clear well above that – 100k+/mo.  Today you’ll see exactly how.

Remember, if you can grow it – you can own it.

This is how to create follow up systems that will pay you forever.

This is my “Weekly Newsletter Experiment”

We have about 4-5 weeks left.  As of right now there are about 2,595 people who read these emails and about 10% of you click to the class, l want your help in improving these numbers please.  THANK YOU so much for the feedback and helping me make this more helpful for you.  

Our Mission: My friends and I help real estate investors create 10-30k/month in passive income from buying real estate and small businesses zero down and without loans.

A big WIN this week – So last week we had ZERO spam complaints (again, second time in three weeks) out of the 12k or so emails that go out.  My goal is for more of you to spreading this to the right people (who are like you) so if these emails help you, please let others know.  Help the movement spread – Please and Thank you.

Why is the email on Tuesday and not Monday? 

As you may know we work with a few hospice care centers and one of our favorite couples has been very sick over the last few months.  Bart was a pilot and Helen was home remodeler, they’d been married for over 40 years.  I’d visited with them every day for the last two weeks and Helen would always ask me what I was going to get her for her birthday.

Bart passed Sunday night and Helen passed a few hours later – today is her birthday.

This one is for you Helen – Together we’re all going to make it.  

This week’s lesson starts with a story:

The most dangerous song in history?

In Hungary during the 1930s, a shoemaker committed suicide and left a note quoting lyrics to a recently recorded song called “Gloomy Sunday“.  That started a trend.  Two more people shot and killed themselves while hearing a band play the song, others killed themselves while listening to it.  

Multiple bodies were found in the Danube holding the song’s sheet music.

Soon, the song was banned in Hungary – but it was too late –

The stories started to spread.  A young woman in Vienna drowned herself while holding the song’s musical notes.  Another woman in London listened to the song repeatedly as she overdosed on drugs.  

Then in the US there were reports of suicides and attempted suicides linked to the song.

The BBC banned the song.  Radio stations and other media companies also refused to play the song due to its links to suicides.  As of today, the song is reportedly linked to at least 100 suicides.  In fact, the singer himself, Rezso Seress, later committed suicide.

Gloomy Sunday became known as the “Hungarian Suicide Song”.

So, is this for real or total BS?

Is there really something about this song that makes people kill themselves or is it all just urban legend and coincidence?  That’s for you to decide but you probably wouldn’t want any of your kids listening to the song on repeat.  There are three lessons to learn here.

First lesson – The power of a HOOK

Since I first learned about this, I remember all the details and years from now you likely will too. The “Suicide Song” that is linked to more suicides than any other song in history, that was banned by Hungary and the BBC, the singer killed himself, over 100 suicides connected to it…

It is simple, easy to remember and has EMOTION.

That’s what makes a good hook – it is easy to repeat because it is easy to remember.  What makes things go “viral” is that they are shareable and easy to remember.  With a hook like “The Suicide Song” people who are already suicidal are more likely to listen and be attracted to it.

This is why when we say things like:

“We’re building the world’s largest group of special needs real estate investors.”

It sticks like glue with that HOOK, we attract a certain kind of person.

There is another big lesson here.  I don’t know much about the singer, but I know he needed help.  The song itself is about a heartbroken lover who is about to commit suicide and the singer did later kill himself by jumping out of a window.  

The song seems to have captured that rock-bottom emotion and transfer it.  

If you can do that with the negative, then it stands to reason that you can do the opposite.

That’s the second lesson: You can record the BEST of yourself.

That’s the Elevator for today:

Elevator: You can record the worst of yourself OR the BEST of yourself.

Any art – a book, video, poem, song or even a conversation – can TRANSFER emotion.

I’m sure this wasn’t the singer at his best, it was just snapshot but since it was recorded it is the emotion, mental state and energy OF THAT snapshot in his life.  It is contagious.  You can do the same thing with the opposite kind of energy and have an enormous impact.

In business – you can capture the BEST of yourself and multiply compliance.

Imagine you take your clients’ top 3-5 objections, and you script out the absolute BEST answers to each one of them.  Then you RECORD these answers in written, audio and video form.  This is now delivered PERFECTLY every time – before, during and after appointments.

We call these Compliance Assets – and you can build them for yourself AND others –

I used to train consultants to do this and get paid at least $10,000 per day for their work with corporate clients.  The simple way to do this was to get ALL the top 3-5 or 10 objections and then ask the top salesperson how they replied.  Record their answers, train/practice them and voila –  

Now you have the best answers – scripted, rehearsed and choreographed to perfection.

This is a great source of passive income because you can build this machine for other business and not just your own.  I get my students to not only get paid immediately to put these Compliance Assets together, but you can get paid residuals for years.

Imagine a realtor paying you 15k/month.

We have multiple examples of students who make 10-20k/month by helping realtors convert their “dead” seller leads by simply adding a DRIP campaign of testimonials.  Every objection a seller has is addressed in a sequence of follow up letters, testimonials and guarantees.

This can be done with ANY business – and NO they won’t do it “on their own”.

Just ask yourself what would it be worth if:

Your leads got the BEST scripted, rehearsed and choreographed answers EVER?

Here are the three questions to ask and you can do this with ANY business:

1.) Have you written down your client’s top 3-5 objections?

2.) Have you written down the BEST answers to each objection?

3.) Have you written down exactly how to deliver those answers with AUTHORITY?

Do NOT deliver the answers in a brochure or anything else that screams “I’m a salesman RUN!” You might as well ask a girl at the beginning of a first date “Hey you don’t carry pepper spray, do you?”

A salesman has a brochure, an expert has a BOOK – 
That’s one way to deliver your presentation with AUTHORITY.

We developed the “5 Week Follow” for this but then added “7 Week Follow” so the official name is now the “57 Follow”.  It consists of five weeks then seven weeks of detailed follow up and loads of testimonials.  You can just do the 5 or just the 7 but it is best to use all 12 weeks.

For more on the Propaganda Sammich check out this EPIC class on copywriting for real estate investors.

The 57 Follow System has changed lives, businesses and causes.

Here’s the EXACT 12 Week Process:

Notice how many TESTIMONIALS we use.

Five Week Follow:

This is where you take the exact presentation and “pitch” and deliver it in full immediately after. Then we break it up into three logical pieces (Beginning, Middle and End) and mail and/or email each one separately.  Then at the end we mail everything again.

Week One:
The full sales presentation.

Week Two:
Part One of the presentation

Week Three:
Part Two of the presentation

Week Four:
Part Three of the presentation (this is the final part)

Week Five:
The full presentation again
NEW testimonials from the last five weeks (“See, this could’ve been you”)

The next 7 weeks are objection handling of –
The top FIVE objections and reasons why hey didn’t buy.

Week One:

Week Two:
Big Objection One
Brilliant and Best Answer

Week Three:
Big Objection Two
Brilliant and Best Answer

Week Four:
Big Objection Three
Brilliant and Best Answer

Week Five:
Big Objection Four
Brilliant and Best Answer

Week Six:
Big Objection Five
Brilliant and Best Answer

Week Seven:
Everything again – the whole enchilada
Testimonials over the last 90 days (“This could’ve been YOU!”)

That is a 12 Week KILLER follow up process.

Remember: You DO NOT need to come up with any of this stuff – you get it FROM THEM.

Them = business owners, top salespeople and clients.

You don’t have to do them both, you can do just the 5 weeks or just the 7 weeks.  Anna and Zach are working with a shipping company right now and JUST using the 5 Week Follow for that company, it has gone from 2M to over 10M.  

They used the 7 Week Follow and grew a construction business from –
Zero to 5M in less than 90 days.

This is NOT difficult to do once you get the basics down.  This is a great way to build your own Compliance Assets for your business but also make a healthy side passive income by building a Compliance Curve for others that delivers their Assets over time with authority.

Third Lesson: Art captures and transfers emotion across time – make it count.

When you make a video on your phone, it will outlive you.  Once it is on the internet it will outlive every human being on the planet.  Once it is on the cloud then it will outlive the planet itself.  As a species this power is so new that we just don’t understand it – 

Think about how much POWER you have – you can talk to people 500 years in the future.

The ripple effect that you can have today with even the most basic cell phone is beyond belief. Every single person has some brilliant contribution to make to humanity and today it has never been easier to capture, share and send that impact for generations.

You can do ALL of that with a SINGLE text, audio or video.

I get emails, comments and voicemails all the time from people who just came across video, article, audio, etc. that we made YEARS ago.  They tell me how it totally changed their business, relationships and/or life.  

Those emails were every few months, then every month now every week.

Eventually I’ll probably get emails like that everyday – 

Imagine how that would feel for you.

That’s the second Elevator for today, this email is late so you get a bonus one.

Your video is a piece of art that will outlive you and can transfer emotion across time,
make it count.

So how about this class today and making 100k/month from signs?

Here’s a cool way to build and buy small businesses zero down with OPTIMISM.

Remember if you can GROW it then you can OWN it.  So this process of going to a top producer and recording their scripts and then making their words and results contagious so we normalize a higher level of achievement – you can do JUST that and buy a company that makes you 20k/month.

Here’s the class where I explain how our team is doing it everyday:

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

===> The “Elephant Rope” trick I learned in Sri Lanka – I remember seeing a group of elephants held in place by a single rope, today I’ll show you the secret to doing it and how to use this pattern to build your income to over 100k/month.

(see how to use learned limitations in your favor by by watching at minute 2:47)

===> Realtors makes over 100k/month with ugly signs – Here’s the story of how a struggling luxury real estate agent used UGLY handwritten signs, you’ll see exactly what the signs say and how to do this today.  

(see how a signs can make you 1M/year by watching at 8:03)

===> Exactly how to buy local businesses under 3M zero down and make 10k/month – Here are the exact THREE questions and checklist that we use, start asking these questions and I promise that you’ll find small businesses that you can make 10k/month easily.  This is exactly how our team and students find unlimited leads and deals – use these QUESTIONS.

(get our exact scripting and questions by watching at minute 17:19)

You can watch and download the whole class right by going HERE.

Quote of the Week.

I’m reading a book called “Gratitude Works!” by Robert Emmons, he is a Ph.D. and professor of psychology.  Emmons was the president of the American Psychological Association’s division of Psychology of Religion and has authored many books and research on gratitude.

(this a longer excerpt than usual but many of you commented on how much our last quote on gratitude helped you so here’s more of that – see I listen to you)

“Gratitude is important not only because it helps us feel good, but also because it helps us do good. Gratitude heals, energizes, and transforms lives in myriad ways.  Groundbreaking research has shown that when people regularly cultivate gratitude, they experience a multitude of psychological, physical, interpersonal, and spiritual benefits. Gratitude has one of the strongest links to mental health and satisfaction with life of any personality trait – more so than even optimism, hope, or compassion. Grateful people experience higher levels of positive emotions such as joy, enthusiasm, love, happiness, and optimism, and gratitude as a discipline protects us from the destructive impulses of envy, resentment, greed, and bitterness. People who experience gratitude can cope more effectively with everyday stress, show increased resilience in the face of trauma-induced stress, recover more quickly from illness, and enjoy more robust physical health. Many of these effects are quantifiable…” 

This is scientific data he has spent his life researching – FOCUS creates more –  

“… ancient sages and contemporary research tells us, becoming aware of one’s blessings actually leads to having more to be grateful about.  It is all about the concrete things you can do to grow your mind and direct your actions toward gratefulness. Through practice, giving thanks grows from the ground of one’s being. Grateful feelings, once buried, can surface if we take the time to notice and reflect. Gratitude is like fertilizer for the mind, spreading connections and improving its function in nearly every realm of experience. … all of the gardening tools that you need to shape and grow your grateful thoughts and to weed-whack the ungrateful ones.”

Want to feel better, live longer and be closer to God? 

“People are 25 percent happier if they keep gratitude journals, sleep one-half hour more per evening, and exercise 33 percent more each week compared to persons who are not keeping these journals. … Experiencing gratitude leads to increased feelings of connectedness, improved relationships, and even altruism. We have also found that when people experience gratitude, they feel more loving, more forgiving, and closer to God.”

Gratitude Works!

Practice GRATITUDE and you’ll move to be GRATEFUL for – I LOVE THAT  

The number ONE thing I ask when people to come to me is do you want to change or NEED to change.  Then I determined if they can do it with G.E.O.  That is GRATITUDE, OPTIMISM and Enthusiasm.  Gratitude is THE cornerstone in building the life that you want.

These emails are a great example, of the 3,000 or so people who open them some of you are changing lives and breaking personal records of health and wealth victories.  Others read this and do nothing – others don’t even read or click to the class.  The difference?  GRATITUDE.

Brain Game of The Week.

These are great for “Fire the Dendrites” and they train your brain to work better with logic, communication, problem solving, pattern recognition, critical thinking, and decision making. These are used in IQ tests, job/admissions interviews, government recruitment programs, etc.

Lotsa benefits to doing these.

Last week’s question:

This an old famous one and it is amazing how many different answers people come up with when the correct answer is very easy and simple to figure out.  Here it is:

A storeowner bought an item for $5 and sold it for $6 then he bought back the same item for $7 and sold it for $8.  How much profit did the storeowner make?


It is surprising how many different answers people come up with and how they justify it.  But if I change just ONE thing then everybody gets the same, correct answer.  So imagine the storeowner bought an item $5 and sold it for $6 and then he bought ANOTHER item for $7 and sold it for $8, how much did he make for the day?

$2, right?  Everybody gets that but once we say it is the SAME item, then the answers vary from the storeowner made money, broke even or even lost money.  Another way to simplify the scenario and question is to consider if he had started the day with $100, he would end it with $102.  Simplify the question and you’ll get the right answer.  The correct answer is $2.  

I’ll always post the full answers here on the Elevator post.

Now here is this week’s question: 

100 politicians are at a party and they are in two groups; they are either crooked or honest.  At least one is honest.  However, if you select any two at least one of them is crooked.  Is there enough info here to know how many politicians at the party are crooked and how many are honest, if so how many of each?

I’ll post the full answer next week.

Also I KNOW how the LC feels about signs and how they don’t work in their area…

Q: Azam I want you to personally take me the hand and show me step-by-step how to make $30,000/month in passive income?

Azam: Yes, well maybe for the right person.  I may be officially opening doors and working with a TINY group of new students.  If you want to be in that group just reply to this email and let me know why you think you’d be a good fit.  From 1-10 you should be a 19.  For now:

In the meantime enjoy the class use it to both create passive income AND buy small businesses zero down, follow the steps use and take better pictures and you’ll…

Make the Universe Smile.

~ Azam

Oh yeah – if you want get trained by me personally the directions are on that page and you can reply to this email and let me know why you think you’d be a good fit IF I open doors for new students, remember from 1-10 you should be an ENTHUSIASTIC 19. Until then check this class out on how any real estate investor can create passive income faster with a better introduction:

Optimism 101 for real estate investors and making 1M with ugly signs.

(Reminder: to be student you should be an enthusiastic 19 from 1-10 if that’s you please reply and let me know)

Lastly, make sure to put my email address: on your friends list.  I only want you to get my emails if you actually go through them, want to hear from me and LOVE me the way that (sniffle) I love you.  

In the meantime enjoy the class use it to both create passive income AND buy small businesses zero down, follow the steps use and take better pictures and you’ll…

Wait a second –

Oh yeah – if you want get trained by me personally to hit 10-30k/mo the directions are on that page and you can go to and follow the steps to see if doors are open for new students.  IF I open doors for new students, remember from 1-10 you should be an ENTHUSIASTIC 19.  Until then check this class out on how any real estate investor can create 10-30k/month passive with OPTIMISM:

(Reminder: to be student you should be an enthusiastic 19 from 1-10)

I only want HUNGRY students.

In the meantime you can go through the previous Elevators:

Some Previous Elevators:

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Elevator 7: Do good things for people even especially if they don’t deserve it.
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Elevator 8: Learn to write words better, the written word can shape a century.    
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Elevator 9: You never know how far your kindness will go.
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Elevator 10: Asymmetrical ROI – a 1% change can triple a business.
(How to turn 10k into 100k on a single real estate deal using the physics of a lever)

Elevator 11: Colors are like opportunities – the more you can name, the more you can see – improve your vocabulary,  improve your vision.
(“How I’m making over 10k/month in passive income with real estate drone photography.”)

Elevator 12: A DRIP letter writing campaign can answer ALL objections.
(“How one letter writing DRIP campaign made me $15 million)

Elevator 13: You are 20 times more likely to get rich if you think hard work alone will you get there.
(“Science teacher makes 25k/month from bad inspection reports)

Elevator 14: Writing a single headline can create centuries of generational wealth for you and your family.
(How to buy a small business zero down by writing them a better ad)

So that’s it make sure to go and get our list of over 100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers, how to buy and sell companies at light speed and retire in the next year with over 30k/month passive income coming in on auto pilot:

Also make sure you check out today’s class:

How to make $1M a year by using ugly signs and optimism?”

Use beautiful words, letters and arrange them well – you make a bigger impact and you’ll –

Make the Universe Smile.

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Make the Universe Smile.

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You have to focus on “Though Control” and making sure you have the right “Frequency of Thought” it is the secret to living your purpose, without society is happy to program your brain for you.  Go through our Destiny Diagram for more on this, live with purpose…

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When I first go started I thought wouldn't it be great if somebody put together ONE list of every possible contact that I would ever need to build a passive income with Indiana real estate - or any Midwest real estate?  Well that's exaclty what I did with our “People Page” here it is:

A totally FREE list of every possible real estate professional contact you’ll ever need to do unlimited deals, start and scale your real estate business and create generational passive income with real estate anywhere Indiana or the Midwest.

Stay here at and you’ll become allergic to being an LC and addicted to improving the world and creating Income Ascension and Social Mobility for you and yours… 

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Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.