How does a special needs soccer MOM make 15 grand a month from putting out signs?

If you could make 10-15 grand a month or more from putting out ugly signs, would you do it?  Most people would at least want to know more and that’s what today is all about.  Right you’re going to learn the entire process from start to finish.

First of all THANK YOU –

First of all, THANK YOU again for making this channel the number one channel for Indiana real estate on YouTube according google analytics and SocialBlade info for  Thanks to YOU we are the the largest real estate media company in the Midwest – and we’re also building the world’s largest organization of Special Needs Business Owners and Real Estate Investors. 


In March of 2020 I sent out an email to my list, it was the first mass email I had sent in about 15 years. I saw what was coming as the world was about to change. Then I sent another email series about a year later.

Today is only the third time in 15 years I’ve sent a large email like this out to you.

Why am I sending you this email today, what is happening now?

Right now across the world we are seeing entire institutions fail. Mass movements away from the way things were with no desire to “ever go back”. At the heart of the issue is erosion of trust to a point where few people know where to turn for help.

Small businesses are suffering more now than in centuries.

According to Reuters three out of four business owners are struggling and over half say may not survive the next 12-18 months. The US Treasury department is on “high alert” for bank runs for only the second time in history. Harvard reports 90% of businesses say they are “struggling more” now than in 2020.

Like I said, people are struggling – badly.

This has created a very unique opportunity for the few skilled business builders who are able to build trust and grow a business. If you are in that lucky, elite group then instead of panicking or being left behind you are like a kid in a candy store.

You can use the coming months to build hundreds of years of financial security.

Most will suffer and the VERY few will thrive.

Right now MY students are making a killing while others are in fetal position waiting for the storm to pass. It won’t. In fact, this is just the start and only the strongest and highly trained will make it through this time. Most people will follow Winnie-the-Pooh path:

“People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.”

There is a better path.

This is where you come in. If you didn’t already know, my friends and I help people:

Create a passive income of $30,000 a month.


From buying real estate and small businesses – zero down and without loans.

There has NEVER been a time in history where this skill is more necessary or profitable than right now. If you have the right combination of training and desire then you can be unstoppable during this time of big change.

You can WIN big and come out of this WAY AHEAD and be set for generations.

Here’s the secret to winning – you have to PLAY.

“That’s your big secret Azam, hard work?” (eye roll)

Not exactly, over the last five years I’ve obsessed over thought patterns and brain waves and even became an intern for my son’s neurologist so that I could learn this stuff up close. If you didn’t know, I have a son with special needs and this is part of the treatment my team and I developed to help him and others.

Is it just about “hard work”?

No, I’m saying the ONLY way to reach your dreams is learning to ENJOY the “work” so that it becomes play and you never work a day in your life. Mohammad Ali said that if you can learn to enjoy the repetition then you can do things that normal people think are impossible.

You have to enjoy – not fight through – but ENJOY the repetition.

People who ENJOY the repetition and enjoy the work they are doing will actually look, sound and move differently than ordinary people. They will not experience things like rejection, delays, obstacles, hard times, limitations or even TIME itself in a normal way.

Their brains are working differently.

The repetition makes success not just possible but inevitable.

They operate in a mental habitat that allows them to change the world.

The repetition makes success not just possible but inevitable.

They operate in a mental habitat that allows them to change the world.

Here are a few examples:

My old friend Mark Victor Hansen was rejected from over 130 publishers before getting his “Chicken soup for the Soul” books printed, they went on to sell over 500 million copies.

Jack Ma was fired from over 30 jobs including a janitor, security guard and fast food employee – he also got rejected from Harvard over 10 times. Later he started Ali Baba and is now worth over 50 billion.

Picasso created about 100 masterpieces in his lifetime, but few people know that he actually created more than 50,000 pieces of art and nearly all were considered “trash” and useless. 100 wins… out of 50,000.

James Dyson created over 5,100 prototypes of his vacuum cleaner, Rovio launched over 50 failed games before Angry Birds, “The Avengers” movie star Mark Ruffalo went to over 600 auditions before getting his first Hollywood role and Emmy award winner and Sopranos actor Michael Imperioli went to over 500 auditions before his first role.

Home run kings?

Babe Ruth broke records when he hit 60 home runs in a single season, he also struck out a record 1,330 times. This year in 2022, this record was beaten by Aaron Judge who hit 62 home runs in a single season.

How many times did Judge strike out?

Over 170 in a single season, that’s almost THREE times as many strike outs as home runs.

Plus he is the only player ever to be struck out FOUR times in a playoff game… FOUR TIMES. That’s not the record people remember but you and I should never forget this:

The greatest home runs kings are ALSO the greatest strike out kings.

To win the game, you have to get IN the game, and keep going.

You’ll ONLY keep going if you’re playing NOT working.

If you want to learn to PLAY so that work is more fun than fun as playwright Noel Coward once said, then you are in one of two groups:

You are trained and you know what you are doing


You’re just guessing.

If you’re trained and having FUN it will be as obvious as horns.

That’s what my friends and I train people to do – to train yourself so that you elevate above the bs and adopt thought patterns that turn you into a superhero. I’ve been training people to build businesses forever BUT now the successes are much easier because of:

“High Frequency Thinking”

This is how my team and I are helping special needs folks around the world, whether they are dealing with terminal illness, addiction or other mental/physical handicaps. By getting into “flow” state, “in the zone” or as we call it “High Frequency” anybody can improve their life immediately.

When you add this approach to my business training, the results are outstanding and like nothing I’ve ever seen.

(which is really saying something)

This is what happens when you elevate your thoughts and THEN use my training:

You’ll see opportunity everywhere, be more cheerful, optimistic and always smiling. You’ll have deals come to with zero resistance or friction, your money worries will dissolve away. You’ll get out of bed like a bullet because of the positive impact you are about to have on the world.

People will be hounding YOU to take their deals.

You’ll get real estate and business deals coming to you daily and you can pick the best ones of the bunch. You’ll see the exact math needed to create 30k, 50k and 100k a month and far beyond. You will know that you and your family are set for centuries, safely atop the income ladder.

You will have true happiness and fulfilment because of the HELP you provide.

Helping people is like a hug or a boomerang – it always comes back right away.

You won’t feel bad or gross when talking about money or “closing” because you are solving problems for real people in the real world and it is NOT just theory. You will be helping entrepreneurs and every day folks see the light and you’ll be a trustworthy GODSEND.

Time dilation is when you lose track of time because you are so caught up in your “work”.

You will experience that as well. You’ll be “in the zone” constantly with a tone of thought that is much higher than anything you’ve ever experienced. You’ll have chills and butterflies all day, every day, just like the first time you were kissed.

You’ll feel nostalgic about your future.

You won’t ask “are we there yet” instead you’ll ENJOY every mile of the trip.

That may sound far-fetched but I have thousands of success stories of students, clients and patients in over 20 countries now who have had and learned to re-create those exact experiences so that they can “enjoy the repetition” and play to win.

Creating this mental high at will is the biggest secret that I know:

“High Frequency Thinking.”

There is nothing that will determine how far you go in life than your ability to do this. Again this is NOT just about getting to 30k/mo passive it is about getting there while having FUN, you feel like a kid playing video games all day. THAT is my goal with students.

YES this is what I’m saying, get this ONE sentence in your head, if you listen to me:

You can have FUN while HELPING PEOPLE and get to 30k+/month painlessly.

Rarely do I open doors and accept a small handful of students to personally train.

As you guys know, I have a habit of taking on public challenges to show how effective our training is:

—> I once did a conference call with over 500 people on the line and picked a random person to train, that guy (James Brickhouse from VA) went on to make over 1k/day in his first two weeks.

—> I went to a “tent city” and was challenged to pick a homeless, handicapped man and train him – he and his brother went from zero to over 30k/mo.

—> Now with our special needs group, Anna and I have built the single largest group in the world of special needs bidness owners and we can routinely get high school kids to pull in 3-5k/week.

I could keep going but each of these stories is nothing new for you guys (or it shouldn’t be) but below is a page where you can read up about them, and MANY others, again. Mark Twain said that –

“Clothes make the man, naked people have little to no influence in society. Modesty died when clothes were born.”

Clothes = TRUST.

You need to become a TRUSTED business builder and the world is yours. And I’m definitely bragging but NOT about me – it was the STUDENTS who were hungry, driven and ready.


Is that when it comes to taking ordinary people and training them to do extraordinary things –

I’ve done it –

Many, many times.

And this will be no different.

The handful – or two handfuls at MOST – of folks that are going to get picked next, they are going to go on to do some CRAZY stuff with me.

If you want to be considered to be in this group just reply to this email and let me know why you think you’d be a good fit.

===> I only want hungry, crazy people like Anna (more on her in a bit)

From a 1-10 you need to be like a 19 on wanting to be in this group.

If that’s you just reply to this email and let me know why you’d be a good fit.

In the meantime let me share with you a very cool class titled:

How any real estate investor can make 5 grand a week from putting out signs?

This is one way that our special needs Heroes and other students are cleaning house just using ugly hand written signs to buy houses, businesses, cars, etc. This is a 90 minute class and here’s what you’ll learn:

===> There is a picture that I’ll show you that will make it clear how to use a couple of signs to buy your first business zero down.
(see the picture at minute 8:19)

===> How a young lady used a few hand-written signs to make 20k/month, you’ll see the exact signs and how many.
(to learn that watch at minute 28:38)

===> How did star student Anna buy a drivers ed school from using exactly ONE sign?
(to see how she did it watch at minute 55:48)

This is a packed 90 minute class and I think you’ll love every second go here now.

You heard above that I may be working with students soon so if you want to be considered to be in the next group just reply to this email and tell me why you think this is your time.

More from me in the next few days, in the meantime I’ve set up a site that has the absolute most amazing free training on the planet when it comes to creating social mobility and income class ascension. Here’s that training again –

How to make 5k a week from putting out hand written signs:

Much Love ,


Oh yeah – It is said that John Wick (Neo from the Matrix) once killed three men in a bar… with a pen. That equivalent of that is being able to create centuryies’ worth of social mobility

With a sign.

This is how to do that:

About the student stuff or getting trained by me, you can go through the steps above and if/when doors are open be all over it like a fat kid on free cake. You probably know that me and my team have more success stories of people going from zero to 10-30k/month than anybody on the planet – thousands of pages of testimonials – so my training is great and all BUT you combine that with my new stuff on “High Frequency Thinking” and you’ll be unstoppable, you’ll jump out of bed and build the life of your dreams.

Five grand a week for the rest of your life? (from signs)

I said I MIGHT be opening doors and hand picking a group of students to personally train and I only do this once every several years (you can see their success stories among our thousands of PAGES of testimonials) and take them to 10-30k/month and far beyond. If you want in that group just email me Love (at) and let me know why you’d be a good fit.

Remember to click around this site, you will not believe how much we give away, 100s of scripts, voicemails, marketing campaigns, etc. it is crazy to give this much away:

Also I really need to purge my email list so please if you aren’t loving the stuff from me that’s okay, but please unsubscribe. If you ARE loving this please put “” and mark these emails as trusted and as a friend.

I know friend is a strong word, but… I kid, I kid.

Okay Much Love !

 So that’s it make sure to go and get our list of over 100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers, how to buy and sell companies at light speed and retire in the next year with over 30k/month coming in on auto pilot: go there and you’ll…

Make the Universe Smile.

~ Indy Anna and Rachel
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Stay here at and you’ll become allergic to being an LC and addicted to improving the world and creating Income Ascension and Social Mobility for you and yours… 

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