All About – why did I start this project?

Hi, I’m Anna (Indy Anna).

I have two children with special needs and I also take of my elderly parents.  When I met Azam Meo I had no idea that I would ever be a successful real estate investor, business owner or business builder.  To tell you the whole truth of my story however, I should start at the beginning.

This is painful to talk about.

I have edited this page many times and added more and more of my story as I’ve gotten feedback from you guys about how much hearing my story has helped you deal with your own troubles.  If the cost of me helping a stranger is me being uncomfortable then I should just press on with the truth.

William Faulkner said to “Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice… If people all over the world would do this, it would change the earth.”  My goal is progress of our movement and our Heroes worldwide.

“All progress starts by telling the TRUTH.”

I never imagined I would share this kind of information about myself but over time I’ve learned that by being vulnerable and sharing the truth, warts and all, it empowers others who struggled like I did.  This is not for pity so don’t shed a tear for me because I overcame and won.  This is about you.

My struggles started with my parents and their relationship with alcohol.  I’ll leave it at that and say that I was left in the care of people who a child should never meet.  The abuse started there.  I dealt with it quietly and eventually came to blame myself but nothing prepared me for what came next.

I got married, and everything got worse.

They say every girl grows up to marry her father and I was always scared of that in many ways but I found a much worse version in every possible way.  There was never any love as I just to get out of my situation at the time and the only way to move out was marriage. 

That was a big mistake.

I went through years of verbal, physical and sexual abuse.  I hate to drudge this up but I was regularly beaten and raped and more than once nearly killed.  I kept thinking he would stop drinking but it only got worse, being just an “alcoholic” would’ve been an improvement.

As I type those words my fingers shake and tears fall from my eyes.  I feel so ashamed and embarrassed that I let it happen for so long and that I’m putting it up here for strangers to read and learn such personal details about me.  This was not me at my best.

Why am I telling you all of this?

As more people have learned about my story and what I was able to overcome I have been so surprised and touched at how many people, especially woman in this largely male dominated field, have been inspired to succeed.  So much of me hates writing this and wants to delete this page but if it helps even ONE person then it is worth it.

The abuse didn’t stop with me, I watched my children get abused as well.  My youngest son was never called by his name but referred to as “fu**ing retard” and at one point he even thought that was his name, middle name or an actual nickname.  The abuse wasn’t just verbal but physical as well.

Anna, why didn’t you just leave?

This is a common question I’ve asked myself.  What can I say, when you don’t think much of yourself you will surround yourself with people who agree.  It all became normal and it seemed like if this much awful is happening to me then I must deserve it or it was normal.  All married women get raped, right?

There was also a financial aspect, I was a full time special needs instructor with four hungry kids and two of them have special needs.  Plus I had my sick parents to look after.  Mainly though I just didn’t feel worthy or deserving of anything better.  I was told that our kids were my “trash” to deal with.

“If you beat a dog enough it will eventually think it did something wrong.” 

I read that quote and felt so much in common with that dog.  I must’ve done something wrong to be punished like this.  I know what it is like to feel like you deserve to be abused, it got so bad that I would sometimes think about harming myself.  Abuse became normal.  

The abuse could be aimed at me, my kids, strangers, his own family and even animals.

I was screaming for a way out, yelling so loud that I lost my voice.  I had given up and just hoped my kids would not find themselves in the same situation as me.  I just wanted to survive the day, and that was my goal.  It worked and I “succeeded”.  I see so many people making the exact same mistake.

I was climbing the ladder of success but I didn’t know it was leaning on the wrong wall.

Too many people are settling with small goals and living so far beneath their potential.  Maybe you aren’t in abusive situation like I was, maybe it is something else where you are aiming so low that hitting your goal is a victory in name only.  I was “succeeding” but only at settling and being an ostrich.

If I made it through the day without being screamed at, beaten, raped or worse then I won for that day. I learned to do makeup to cover up bruises.  I practiced stories in front of the mirror so I could believably explain away scars and marks on my body or my childrens’ bodies.  This was my life for over 15 years.

Then everything changed for me.

When I met Azam Meo and got myself trained and started learning about what I could really be, every single part of my life improved dramatically.  I lost over 100 pounds, I went full vegan and got off medications and I was able to help my kids get healthier and off many of their medications as well.

I was better at my job, my kids were better in school, my relationships and communication skills improved, I was a better mom, daughter and person in every way.  For the first time in my life I saw a way that I could be a better version of myself and I knew that THIS was the change that I needed in my life.

I built my business and changed my life.

This is NOT just about creating passive income and generational wealth, this is about finding your destiny and being the person that you were meant to be.  My conversations improved not only with others but with myself, for the first time in my life I was a person of value.

I blamed others for my poor relationships but I learned that the most important relationship that you’ll ever have is the one with yourself because every other relationship is a reflection of that.  Your “Frequency of Thought” determines everything, the quality of your thinking dictates the quality of your life.

I started to THINK ABOUT my thinking.

I used to just let life happen to me, I was asleep with my eyes open.  I was a zombie and totally programmed to settle and sentenced to a life of mediocrity.  What you do is based on what you think, I started to change my life by changing my thoughts.  Azam always says:

The fastest way to see the light in your current situation is to see your future brighter.  

In his book “Catching the Big Fish”, David Lynch describes consciousness as an ocean and shallow thinkers are stuck on the surface while deep thinking allows you to catch “big fish” ideas as you explore the depths of the ocean in your mind.  I was always a shallow thinker, not anymore.  I went deeper.

The Meo Brooks Spectrum

One of my greatest contributions to the world is the work we are doing with our special needs Heroes and how their results are having a ripple effect around the world.  Azam and I developed this treatment process and now our therapy is being taught in at least seven countries and we have over 1,000 success stories.

This is how I treated my OWN two special needs kids.

This started as something I did with Azam to help my OWN kids and the results were extraordinary and beyond any results the “normal” medication ever provided.  My kids were “cured” in a sense and have set records every single day and for that I am forever GRATEFUL.

I wrote the story behind MBS and our case studies just for fun but now it is an official book that you can get for free HERE.  I can hardly believe that I’m a “published author” of multiple books now on special needs treatment, real estate investing, surviving domestic violence, business building and entrepreneurship. 

I was DONE with my evil, toxic relationship.

The evil presence in my life had to go.  Suddenly all the things that I was terrified of had no power over me. I was freed in way that I never thought I could be.  This is about a LOT more than building a business in real estate or making money, this is about changing who you are as a person.

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimension.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

My goal with is to STRETCH your mind the way mine was stretched.

If this helps you even a fraction as much as it helped me, you’ll thank me forever.

Miyamoto Mushashi is considered to be the greatest samurai ever and he said that once you see the way of betterment, you’ll see it everywhere.  In other words they way to improve anything is the way to improve everything. is my way of helping you see “The Way”.

I started this project to give back and help YOU the same way I was helped.

There is no other place in the world where you can get the level of free training that you’ll get here.  I twisted Azam’s arm into providing the best material on the planet.  I’ve always said that Azam Meo is the smartest, most brilliant and hardest working hustler that I’ve ever met and every week you guys tell me the same and I laugh because it is so obvious lol.

Whenever people ask me where I learned this I always give the same answer: Azam Meo

That’s why I started this project to give back and pay it forward. 

Hearing about Azam’s hustle success – 

That may not help you as much.

“Of course he can do it… what about ME?”

That’s why I’m sharing so much of my story, if somebody with my background and coming from nothing the way that I did, if I can do it under my circumstances then anybody can do it.  I’m here for you, we all are and you’ve got a whole team behind you.

Don’t accept a life less than what you can be.

You were meant for greatness and we need to use whatever time we have left to make the biggest impact possible and help as many people as possible.  My goal from the start was to reach just one person and help them see the light. 

If you are in a dark place, even if you aren’t in the exact situation I was, then you need to see the light.  So many woman have reached out to me and asked for help and often they say the wanted to earlier but they were ashamed.  So here are some helpful tips even if we never speak.

Some final tips.

This entire project is NOT just for abused woman, but if that is your situation then this may help you.  I  picked dates to rewrite my history.  December 14th for instance, that used to be my darkest day of the year as it was the day that I invited evil into my life and sealed my 15+ year future of violence and abuse.  I rewrote better Emotional Assignment (EI) to that day and it became an Elevator for me and others.

For example we celebrate the BigReia Babies (Eago and Zazu) and their birthday on those dates.  It was also the date my mom “beat cancer” by getting an infected lung removed.  Also as many of you have noticed it was the date (and reason I picked it) I started our YouTube channel over two years ago. 

I made my “Darkest Day” one of “Greatest Days” ever, and you can too.

Also I refused to respect my abuser in any way.  No longer referring to him as my “husband” or even my ex-husband or even the father of my children.  You can start with small things like just not saying his name, I haven’t in over a year. 

Maybe using their initials like “dh” for example and replace it with something like “di**head”, you can borrow that one lol.  You must take away all respect for this monster because remember fear requires respect.

Look at your abuser as the LOSER they are

I used to be terrified, mortified even to a point where I would freeze up and I never imagined I’d have the courage to do what I did.  If you use the right Emotional Assignment and Emotional Investment (EA/EI) you can look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary, but you can also do the opposite.

The person I used to see as a big scary monster but when I saw the reality, the TRUE reality, then I saw a much different person.  I saw slob who was nearly 300 pounds and spent all day “plopping” on the bed watching TV and screaming at cable news stories.  A lazy bum who was hideous inside and out.

For the first time I had PITY for my abuser

That may sound crazy but after having real achievements and actually helping people and building a worthwhile life, I saw how sad a “loser” really looks.  This was somebody who squandered all their possible potential by drinking, eating, complaining, abusing and just overall wasting their life.  It wasn’t all this person’s fault I came to realize, with pity came understanding that his mother was just as sick and abusive as he was in her own ways.

I was NOT going to let my kids inherit this sickness.

The saddest part is that my kids thought it was normal.  Eventually after they saw me building a dream life they came to realize how pathetic he was and started standing up to him.  I asked one of my kids where they got the courage and he told me:

“I’m not afraid of a loser.”

What I mean is that there IS a big value in properly identifying how sad the existence of an abuser is and what it means for your healing.  I was only scared because I gave my power away, when I reclaimed my power I was fearless but more than that I saw things clearly for the first time in my life.

There are nights I would sleep in my car NOT out of fear but because I no longer saw a scary monster but a gluttonous, nearly 300 pound racist pig who wasn’t worth of my fear or respect.  I secured a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) as I had no fear of repercussions anymore.  You MUST remove all respect and when you develop pity you know you are developing your power.  Finally:


I had to share the truth with my children at times, or just write it out and record pictures videos do something to document my abuse.  Eventually when I got out I started a domestic violence support group and today we have over 2,100 members and hundreds of woman have gotten out and been able to “escape”.  

If I didn’t get out I would’ve been killed, if you are in anywhere near the same situation feel free to join the group and get the support you need by going HERE.

Wow, what an “About Me” page

So much of me hates writing this but it is the truth and it needs to be told.  Please don’t get me wrong this project is NOT just for Indiana real estate investors, woman, woman in domestic violence, special needs parents, people with special needs themselves, etc.

That is my story but we help, train and work with people from all different backgrounds.

In fact I should probably put something promotional below this or Azam’ll go crazy lol.

First here are some helpful resources:

The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: 988

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services: 800-662-4357

Special Needs Help: 855-373-4636

This project is to help you become a warrior.  I’m here for you.

Also for a FREE list of every possible contact that you’ll ever need to build your real estate business anywhere in the Midwest you can use our People Page.

Thanks so much for everything!  = )

~ Indy Anna
Love (at)
(YES that’s my actual Direct Line and I really do answer lol, so please text me first Thx!)


THANK YOU again for making this channel the number one channel for Indiana real estate on YouTube according google analytics and SocialBlade info for  We’re also building the world’s largest organization of Special Needs Business Owners and Real Estate Investors.

Make sure go digest the ground breaking material at 

We are creating the world’s clearest instructions to empower any human being on the planet can start from zero and create a passive income of at least $30,000 a month.

Our mission is to make lifelong friends helping folks around the world create generational wealth with Indiana real estate and business building.

What about your other projects Anna?

Our mission is to make lifelong friends helping folks around the world create generational wealth with Indiana real estate and business building.

What about your other projects Anna?

We do a lot of work in the developing world and often in places where unemployment is surging.  There is a connection there and it is why it is SO vital that business builders step up to the plate.  As Orson Scott Card said:

“Unemployment is capitalism’s way of getting you to plant a garden.”

We are planting gardens.

Remember in the path of the first you need to deal with the basics, then step up and then lastly you want to swing for the fences on crazy passion projects.  Here are just a few of other projects and I’ll be adding more information on them as it is available:

We 3-D print dreams.
This is a crazy idea that I have been learning about, it involves electronically recording brain activity to “record dreams“.  There are a few (unreliable) technologies involved but the goal is that we can interpret brain waves into instructions and recreate items, environments, structures and other things from your dreams into the real world.
For more on this project go HERE.

A world with no wheelchairs.
This project is about neuron and our brain-computer interface or brain-machine interface (BCI or BMI) projects.  When done correctly this will allow the electric signals in the brain to work properly and we should be able to correct ANY misfiring.  A world where no human being is ever paralyzed again.
For more on this project go HERE.

We are building the world’s first 3-D printed planet.
This was a wild idea that Azam borrowed (stole) from our friend Naveed Jain.  It is just as it sounds.  Printing a planet.  A fully functioning and orbiting ecosystem that can sustain life.  
For more on this project go HERE.

Build a water pump and save 1,000 lives for $1,000?
There are several places in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, etc. where access to fresh water can save thousands of lives.  We are still perfecting this Model but as of right now it costs us about $1,000 to build a single electric pump and we can save hundreds and even thousands of lives.
For more on this project go HERE.

We teach people how to speed read a book in less than a day.
We LOVE reading and math and anything that encourages more of it.  Many of our Heroes have difficulties reading and so we come up with different ideas to excite them about it.  We have been able to turn non-verbal and even illiterate Heroes into speed reading rates of 400 – 500 words per minute.
For more on this project go HERE.

We are going to end world hunger by growing plants 20x faster… how?
We are building the world’s first robot that catches sunlight and breastfeeds it to plants, this grows food 20x faster and can END world hunger.  This is closely related to our indoor farming and “ghetto gardens” projects.
For more on this project go HERE.

The world’s largest organization of special needs cold case detectives.
This project was a result of us brainstorming ways to get Heroes more involved in reading.  Being a cold case detective gets them involved in reading, writing, critical thinking, communication, pattern recognition and a multitude of other skills.
For more on this project go HERE.

We are building a world where no animal is ever harmed for humans to eat.
Veganism is unstoppable.  The entire world will eventually be vegan and tomorrow they will look back at many of our farming/meat practices today the same way we look at slavery.  There are many advancements with lab-grown meat for example, but it isn’t perfect.  Through a combination of technology and awareness we will eventually get there.
For more on this project go HERE.

We are building a world where the average human life span is 300 years old.
So it turns out that with the genome sequencing if you we take out 5-10 “bad” genes with gene editing then we can immediately double the average life expectancy from 75 to over 150 years old.  This project aims to improve that using CRISPR technologyChina is already ahead of the game.
For more on this project go HERE.

The world’s first real estate brokerage that owns a time traveling (or teleportation) machine?
This was a fun challenge that we did as these Heroes are using the “disappearing” subatomic particle experiments and it is being funded with the L/A Model.  This is NOT even close to happening and we don’t know if the particle actually travels space AND time we just know that we don’t know lol.
For more on this project go HERE.

NOW is your time, as we always say…

The Gorgeous Man Above is Me… Azam Meo.

I should start by address the elephant in the room and it is something that I’ve struggled with my entire life and no matter what I say some people will never believe or accept this:

I’m more than just another pretty face.

Michael, do you have the rest?  If so just paste the rest from Annisa here.

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Stay here at and you’ll become allergic to being an LC and addicted to improving the world and creating Income Ascension and Social Mobility for you and yours… 

Thanks so much!  = )

Make the Universe Smile.

~ Indy Anna
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