How to make 47% buying an Indiana investment property from out of state?

Nothing says more about an investing strategy than real life deal examples.  Today we’ll go over a real life “Deal Dissection” on an Indiana rental property and how it is producing 40%+ ROI.  We will go over the purchase price, closing costs and all the numbers so you’ll see everything start to finish and understand exactly how deals look like this in the real world.

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How can an Indiana Safehouse make you 47%?

Here are the number on this Safehouse:

Purchase price: $155,000
Seller Paid $5k toward buyer’s closing costs.
Seller paid prorated taxes of $3400

Buyer closed with $151,997.

In this case, it will rent for approximately $1,500 a month

From That Income SUBTRACT…

Taxes – $180 month
Insurance – $50 month
Property Management – $150 month

Total Expenses = $380 per month

That Leaves A Positive Cash Flow Of $1,120/month

$1120 per month X 12 months = $13,440 per year NOI

That is a 8.67% cash on cash return on the $155,000 cash investment.

But remember…

Monthly cashflow isn’t the only income this investment will receive.


We’ve talked about this other videos, it comes out to about 1% increase in annual return.

You will also get APPRECIATION on your investment.

As we’ve said before, over the past 30 years, property values have increased in Indianapolis by over 300% , more than 100% every ten years.


That means, historically, the value of your long term investment property…

Doubles about EVERY 7-10 YEARS.


(100% / 10 years = 10%)
This Adds 10% To Your Annual Net Return On Investment

That puts your annual return on an ALL CASH purchase at:

8.67% cash on cash return from rent income
1% IRS Tax depreciation every year
10% per year appreciation in value

And this is if you pay ALL CASH.

That is a total of 19.67% RETURN

(this is if you pay ALL CASH)

If you leverage the deal and only put 20% down, you can buy 4 times as many properties and your returns almost triple. So let’s do that next.

Let’s look at the annual return on investment when you LEVERAGE and make payments on a mortgage.

Here is the formula for calculating the ROI (return on investment) on a LEVERAGED investment.

ROI = Net Profit / Total Investment x 100

A $155,000 house, here are the numbers…


$31,000 (20% down payment) + $8500 (closing costs – approx.) =

$39,500 total cash investment

$15,500 (10% annual appreciation)
+ $1,500 (depreciation – approx.)
+ $1,200 (annual buy down on the note)
+ $900 (rising annual rent)
+ $900 (positive cashflow after debt service)
= $20,000


$540 (3% annual vacancy rate: $1500 rent x 3% x 12)
+ $900 (5% potential annual repairs needed: $1500 x 5% x 12)

$20,000 Net Annual Profit Before Possible Costs MINUS
($540 vacancy + $900 repairs)
= $18,560 Net Annual Profit

$18,560 Net Annual Profit / $39,500 Total Investment x 100 =




So that’s insane, right?

Even with NO appreciation:

That would reduce our Net Annual Profit to ($18,560 net annual profit – $15,500 appreciation = $3,060)

That’s a lot less amazing.

$3,060 Net Annual Profit / $39,500 Total Investment x 100 = 7.75%


The past 30 years tell us it’s going to appreciate. But if it doesn’t, for whatever terrible reason you want to imagine, you still have a decent return on your cash investment on this one property.

It’s not great compared to what we’re used to in real estate, but compared to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, REITS, virtually EVERY other type of passive investment out there – it’s competitive.

And if the worst DOESN’T happen, you get almost…


Why Are We Getting These Amazing Returns?

One word – Leverage.

That one thing.

Beautiful, real estate leverage.

You sure can’t do this kind of massive leverage with stocks.

The Power of LEVERAGE

4X leverage

4X your equity

4X your buying power

4X your return on investment

4X your PROFITS!

When you only have to put 20% down to buy a property, you can buy 5 times as much property for the same money. Even if you figure in the cost of the money (closing costs).

You can still buy 4 times as many properties.

THUS – 4X LEVERAGE – you buy 4X the amount of property.


So in this case…

$155,000 (cost per house) X 4 (houses) =

$620,000 (total value)

REMEMBER: The tenant is paying the mortgage FOR YOU. The property manager watches out for your asset. You pay off your loan and enjoy the appreciation and income.

So… with that said… you have one BIG question…

The big question…

“How Fast Will The Tenant Pay Off My Loan So I Can Start Getting Monthly Income?”

If your mortgage is being paid by the tenant on a 30 year mortgage, how long will it take to pay off that mortgage.

A 30 year mortgage is going to take 30 years to pay off. Right?

If you have an 80% mortgage on a $155k property ($124k) at 9.5% interest, amortized over 30 years, your P&I (principal and interest) payment will be:

P&I = $1,034

Taxes (on this property) – $180 month
Property Management – $150 month
Insurance – $50 month

Total Expenses – $1,414

That leaves you with $86 per month to apply toward principal.

If you don’t add any money to the payment from your pocket except that $86 each month, your 30 year mortgage will pay off in about 20 years. That’s a good start.

It shouldn’t take even take you 20 years to pay off, let me show you why…

If Your property manager will increase rents by 5% every year automatically (assuming you have a good property manager with ‘Safehouse’ policies).

So, $1,500 goes to $1,575 in one year, $1,625 the year after, $1,700 the year after and so on.

If you increase your monthly payment on the loan over time, just from the increase in rent – without taking ANYTHING out of your pocket – you will pay off your loan in about 12 years.

You can do the math yourself, just google “appreciation calculator” and punch in 5% appreciation over 10 years. It jumps the rents from $1500 to $2693 per month over 12 years.

That means when you pay off your loan, you will have a monthly NET income (after expenses) over $2,000/month+.

But we want you to own it even FASTER than 12 years…

(This power is built into our Safehouse Algorithm)

We are going to sell your property to a lease option buyer to make you more money and pay off your loan faster.

Lease option buyers are the best.

Remember like we said earlier: they consider themselves OWNERS rather than RENTERS. .

We will raise the price when we sell the house (so there is a profit to you above what you paid for it) and the lease option buyer will pay a non-refundable lease option fee.

Half in cash, which goes to cover the costs of finding, qualifying and assisting the buyer – and half in payments from the buyer, which goes to you directly, so you can pay down your loan and build equity FASTER.

That should add an additional $200-$300 a month of income that will be paid monthly by the Buyer as “Down Payment Assistance.” This is paid in ADDITION to the rent.

If you add that $200 a month to your payment, your 30 year loan will pay off in about 9 years

Are you starting to see how powerful an investment structured this way can be?


Another $155k in equity from normal appreciation

Our FIVE proprietary “Safehouse Pillars” accelerate payoffs.

In this case our Hero paid cash for this property for income NOW.

With leverage ROI goes from 19.67% to 46.99% annually.

Mind blowing?

Hard to believe?

How can that be possible?


Purchased – $152,000

Sell on Lease Option – $175,000

$1550 per month income immediately

$240 per month Down Payment Assistance

That being said remember the team and who should be on your team:
Realtors, lenders, PM, HML, appraisers, contractors and investors
Title companies, insurance, inspectors, accountants, eviction attorneys…

Make sure they got you connected and you can talk to them ahead of time too.

If you want a list of OUR contacts and every possible person that you will ever need to build your real estate business you can check out our People Page at

The MOST important thing to look for are OUTCOMES.

Indy CAN be a great market for turnkey investing but you need to pick the right team.  Joe and Azam have an obsession of helping folks from around the world create 10-30k/month and far beyond so you can use that as a ruler to measure others against.

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So that’s how you create passive income with Indianapolis real estate from out of state.

As always remember that you can use our  People Page here for a full list of every contact you’ll ever need to build your real estate business.  Also we have a list of all the paperwork and contracts that we use and we add to this list regularly so you can download anything for free and feel free to send me feedback or requests.

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Free Comic Book Reveals:

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