How I flipped a house off Zillow and made 30 grand in less than a week, easy money y’all.

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How to flip houses off zillow for $30,000, in less than week.

Indy Anna Explains…

Can you flip a house that’s “on market” and still make money?
Can I flip a house in less than a week and make 30k?
Are there ANY good deals on Zillow, Craigslist?

To begin with you should check out my other video on flipping deals off Zillow
– One of our SN Heroes did his first deal while he was learning to read
– This was quick and easy and since then a few others have done the same Model
– This is part of something called the New Home Builder Model

Here’s how it works:
– You need to find a “Sweetspot” where new construction homes are being made in older neighborhoods, in my other video (link in the description below) I explained how to search your county records for permits and other ways of finding the most active building areas
– Then you help a builder out by marketing their home, you do this for FREE and your main goal is to test your sign and ads Policies to make sure you can get a good amount of calls, I like to have 100 or so in less than two weeks
– You are also doing this to develop relationships with these home builders so you can pick the best ones that you want to work with

Focus on the leftover buyers, you want 5-10 of them who NEED to move
– Have Beautiful Conversations and ideally have at least 5-10 who NEED to move and have good credit and income
– Now introduce them to your fav builder and have them do a total plan with a budget, etc.
– So your basically bringing the builder a buyer who can “customize” a home just like the one they called about

Now you just need a lot or a home to buy and tear down
– In the budget you give THREE options, for example in Indy or Carmel the same house may be 700k, 800k, or 900k-1M depending on the exact area
– So when we have hungry buyers that are okay with getting a house that is not in the “hot” zone then we focus on homes outside of the hot area
– Realize that NOBODY else will be doing this (in the Midwest I’ve run into not a SINGLE person, investor, builder, etc.) so we’ve had no competition as they are all focused on the hot areas

We just found a Zillow listing for 220k
– It was a “Second choice” for two of my buyers so instead of paying 900k they would be paying 700k or so
– I wrote the offer and then assigned to the builder for $250k
– Now I’m bringing the builder the buyer AND the house/lot to buy and build their house on, make sense?
– In these cases I talk to the builder ahead of time and they tell me how much they will pay for the “package” so if it is a $750k house for example and they have to do a tear down they can pay 250k, or for a vacant lot they can pay 200k for example
– Once I have this criteria I just need to find a lot/house that works for the buyer and the difference between that and the 200k-250k is mine

In this case the builder was okay paying $270k and even up to $300k so when I let him get it for $250k he LOVED it, so don’t be too greedy

This is VERY easy:
– Work with builders and make friends helping them move a standard house that they build
– Use the leftover buyers and build your VIP list of buyers that NEED to move
– Have them get with one of your builders and develop their exact criteria with at least three “location preferences”
– If their 1st choice is too crowded talk to the buyer about their 2nd and 3rd choice areas, these will be at better prices for them
– Then use the criteria from the builder as your spread and you can assign deals
– You can also proactively market with signs, flyers and ads to find houses but often that’s not necessary
– Make sure to give the buyer/builder a bonus do NOT be too greedy never be afraid to “leave money on the table” in exchange for Goodwill and regularity

Big Secret:  You don’t need “motivated sellers” if you get good at finding motivated BUYERS.

Remember to try to FIND deals, always try to MAKE deals.
– These deals are everywhere (once you have your Secret Weapon), the entire process took me less than a week
– We have Heroes doing this even faster, but usually it is about 30 days or
– So YES you really can flip houses right off Zillow and without being weird or hiding your profit, just help everybody WIN and you’ll win too

Easy Breezy as a genius says LOL

Thanks so much!

Make the Universe Smile.  = )

~ Indy Anna

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