Over 100 Ways to Get Motivated Seller Leads FOR FREE.

Here’s a fun challenge we thought about:

“Let’s make the world’s most EPIC page on how to find motivated seller leads for free… so that any real estate investor can build their business at light speed…”

This page is the result of that challenge: 

Over 100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers, real estate investors never worry about where your next deal is coming from.

This is going to be a long post, I’m starting it now and hopefully this will create the accountability for us to finish it lol.

First of all, THANK YOU again for making this channel the number one channel for Indiana real estate on YouTube according google analytics and SocialBlade info for BigReia.com.

Let’s get started…

Actually this post was so EPIC that…

Azam made a video covering the first 41 ways to find motivated sellers for free.  The video was over TWO HOURS long and it is great.  You can watch it below.

41 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers for FREE…

How to make 5 grand a week from putting out signs as a real estate investor, zero down badass signs.

1.)  Signs.

Azam talked about how you can do this for free, there is a great story of a couple from Canada who did this too.  So you CAN get signs out for free without any money, but the cost and ROI makes this basically free either way that you do this.

We love signs and you can do JUST this and never to do anything else.  Signs can help pick AND move the houses and properties you get.  Here are some other videos about this make sure to check out the 5 grand a week class:

How four signs made me over $28,000

Can a real estate investor REALLY make over $7,000 per sign

How I made over $92k from sending a SINGLE email

The the main class on signs is here:

The badass class on signs, how to make five grand a week with signs is here.

There is no other place on the planet where you will learn to do as much cool stuff with signs, they are awesome.

Also here is the full video itself below.


How to make $5,000 a week from signs…

How to make 5 grand a week from putting out signs as a real estate investor, zero down badass signs.

2.) Flyers for Specific Sellers. (Renters)

There are a lot of places to get these done for free like canva.  You can also get  ideas at places like Lucid.  You can also make them yourself in Powerpoint by following online tutorials like this one.  Also using MS Word is an option too they have thousands of templates for flyers.

Here are some examples of typical postcards/flyers that realtors use, they suck and don’t do much BUT it is a good place for you to start.  Places like PostcardMania and many others work with real estate people and do their marketing for them.

This means that these people are spending MONEY

Since you will rarely compete with a realtor or lender you can partner with them and have THEM pay for the mailings or to get the flyers out.  You will send them the realtor buyers and sellers.  A win/win.

Make the flyers handwritten and “shi**y looking” lol.  Like a hobo was stapling them to telephone poles.  I did a class about:

How ONE flyer made me $6,000 – $7,000 a month on AirBNB

You can watch the class HERE.

This is one example of how flyers can be used to make good money because one of our special needs groups is doing over $11,000 a month with the same Model.

Here’s the flyer, below that is a video where I explain how to use this.

You can download the flyer HERE.

This flyer me made over $6,000 a month on AirBNB, Indiana real estate investors have it too easy lol

3.)  Placing Ads.

Start with free online ads see our post and video class on 101 free places to advertise and the post on how to write ads that sell for more on this.

More coming…

4.) Door Knocking.

Most people hate this.  Most people are broke.  That’s not a coincidence.  If you learn to cold call and door knock well, you’ll never run out of opportunities.  That being said this is a good foundation skill to build upon.

There are a LOT of ways to do this well and build a serious business around JUST door knocking.  For example if you work with a charity or NPO group you can have them go out in vans and cover entire areas at once.

Hundreds of houses in a single day

If you close just ONE percent of 300 houses for example and average $10,000 per deal then that is an easy $15,000 a week.  That’s if you split half the money with group.

Easy Breezy.

5.)  Car Signs.

More people would do this if they knew how profitable it is.  I have two friends that have bought and paid off Hummers because of the calls they have generated for me.

You have a few options you can get magnetic sign like this or this.  You can get started with one for less than five dollars.  Or if it must be free you can try to make your own.  You can also get the full car graphics like this.  The latter is usually best.  Which is why you want to get an Escalade, Hummer, etc.

You need a headline… with teeth.

You do NOT want some branding nonsense like the name of your company with a logo and slogan.  NO.  You need a headline with teeth.  Examples:

“I’ll make an offer for 10% MORE than your is worth.”

“Anna will buy your home for cash TODAY.”

“Anna Buys Houses CASH.”

“Anna buys homes cash!”

“I pay cash for homes.”

How much does an Escalade cost?

The monthly payment is about $1,000 and the cost is $50,000 – $70,000.

Just one deal can pay for that car for YEARS, a few will pay it off entirely.  So you only need a few calls a MONTH to be able to pay for that fancy car.  We have a few high schools in our special needs program that are doing this right now.

It is easy to understand:

You are basically turning your car into a mobile billboard.

The more attention, the more calls. 

The more calls the more deals and the more money you make.

Imagine driving around in a brand new fancy car while getting paid to drive it around.  How cool is that lol.

6.) Bumper Stickers.

These are smaller and easier than the previous item.  You can get custom bumper stickers made for cheap or make them yourself for free.  You want to get larger bumper stickers and/or car decals.

They need a message and way to respond, usually a phone number

The best way that I’ve learned to do this is to work with a group or organization so the bumper sticker can say “Cook County Special Olympics buys and sells houses” or just the standard “Anna will pay cash for you home TODAY!”

You will tell the group a head of time that the plan is to get as many calls as possible to this one voicemail.  Then you will split the money made from those deals with the organization.

You can get hundreds of bumper stickers up and the calls keep coming for YEARS

There are some previous students who have made over $5,000 a week from doing bumper stickers this way.  Start small and once you know how to convert into deals then you can expand.

You can avoid paying anything out of pocket as long as you focus on the order of operations I outlined.  Make sure your dialog and compliance is on point so you don’t waste calls and business.

7.)  Flyers Door to Door.

We have kids do this for extra cash, one teenager made over $600 his first week.  That is more than most new real estate investors make in their first year.

Here’s what to do:

First get in touch with a realtor or multiple realtors who have active, pending or recently sold listings in a neighborhood that you want to buy within.

Second you put out flyers to all the surrounding houses about the activity and successes the realtor is having with their neighbor.  Something like “132 Main Street (just down the street from you) just got seven showings and two offers” for example.

You are getting seller leads.

You can include “Give me a call and in five minutes I can tell you exactly how much cash you can get for your home TODAY!”

There are two kinds of sellers that reply to this, those that will list with an agent and those that won’t.  Since you aren’t really competing with the agent they can get all the retail listings and you can get all the motivated seller leads.

A Win/Win

Plus, aside from the money you make with the sellers you work with the realtor will be paying you for the marketing as well.  This is a form of “sweat equity” where you don’t pay for the flyers or anything it is just your effort and time.

This is great for youngsters too.  They can do flyers and get paid for generating business for investors and for realtors.

This works well for buyers too

You can also just market the houses as well, or do an auction or a massive open house.  This attracts attention of other sellers AND it puts money in your pocket because you can get paid per loan application, approved loan application, closing, rental agreement, etc.

There are a lot of ways to make money with this one.

8.)  Custom Clothing.

Again you don’t just want company name and logo, you want a headline like we’ve discussed above.  This is a good test of your mission statement as well because your company’s slogan/mission should be so compelling that your staff WANTS to wear the message.

If you are working with a charity group for example then that is one way to get people proud of wearing your swag.  A hoodie that reads “Anna buys home cash” is something one can easily brag about it when they can say that Anna is a great friend of their group and she splits the money with their organization.

Make the Merch Sellable

When you have a good mission people want to be a part of it.  Make the hook so good people want it on their bodies.  You can look at some of our other companies like the special needs education, the literacy programs, the handicap adjustments, the DNA and embryo research, etc. and you’ll find great hooks.

“Curing all special needs.”

“No more wheelchairs, for anybody, ever.”

“A world with an average human life expectancy of 250 years.”

“The number one channel on YouTube for Indiana real estate.”

“To make lifelong friends by showing folks around the world how to create generational wealth with Indiana real estate.”

I wonder who those last two are referring to lol.

You can custom clothing at a lot of places like here, here or here.  You can also search for a local printer on a site like yelp.  You can sell it sites like Zazzle and give a portion or all of each sale to a charity.

9.)  Decals on Your Computer, Laptop or Phone. LOL

This is an interesting one that I wouldn’t have thought was as profitable as it can be.  So you can get these decals or skins at a lot of places like here, here or here.  You can also make your own.

Should you do this?

You guys probably won’t lol, but when I first became a student I was trained by Millie and she me told me something pretty amazing.  On her Apple she has a custom decal for buying houses and in the last six years she has done at least 12 deals from people asking her about it.

That’s two deals year.

That’s at LEAST an extra $1,500 – $2,000 a month…
for over half a decade!

She spends a lot of time at Starbucks though

If you are out and about you NEVER KNOW who you run into or what conversations are missed if they don’t see and learn (without you saying anything) that you can help with their real estate problem.

I thought this was weird and not very profitable but when I did it with my phone I got one buyer and one seller deal in the first three months.  Definitely worth it.

10.)  Business Cards.

You do NOT want these to look (or be) normal business cards.  Start with the size, you want them to be bigger than normal so they stick out and have more room for you headline and copy.

So oversized business cards are a good idea.  You can also get folded business cards as well.  There are a lot of REALLY cool things you can do with your business cards.  There are also companies that specialize in unique business card design.  You can also make your own for free.

You don’t need ALL that

Just get a big business card and start leaving them behind at places you go to.  Restaurants, gas stations, sports events, etc.  Think of your card like a little flyer.

This works really well if you have a service worker like a plumber or somebody leave behind a laminated card/flyer at each of their stops.  If it is a magnet or laminated it is far less likely to get thrown away.

11.)  Leaving Comments on High Traffic Posts, Blogs, Videos, etc.

This is REALLY underrated.  One of the ways that I turned our YouTube channel into the number one channel for Indiana real estate so fast was by using this strategy.  A website like Reddit (the “front page of the internet”) gets a TON of traffic and good comments and feedback are read and highly voted.

You don’t want to be spammy like some of the comments we get on our channel.  You want to do this right.  As you know we do everything with formulas and algorithms so commenting is no exception.

The anatomy of a BADASS and EPIC comment:

1.)  Give the poster, or somebody there a genuine compliment.

2.)  Agree or disagree with a stated position but in a friendly way.

3.)  Provide a TON of evidence and helpful resources and then ask to be corrected if you missed something
(this is how you build a following and NEVER get booted or labeled as spam)

4.)  Offer to HELP and ask for you feedback

5.)  Compliment again and say THANK YOU

So consider your target, in this case a motivated seller, and ask yourself WHAT are they searching for online.  Where would end up?  What articles would they be reading?  What videos would they be watching?  What podcasts or audios would they be listening?  What are they reading, listening to or watching?

Then go LOCAL

By going local you can OWN your market so anybody who searches for anything or visits just about any local business resource will come across your EPIC comments.

So local divorce attorneys, marriage counselors, credit repair people, realtors, foreclosure help videos, reddit comments, local online newspaper columns, every single local real estate agent and investor who advertises on pay per click, Yahoo answers, Quora, etc.

Do a quick search on Google

Then make sure that you know of EVERY site that is advertising on your target keywords.  They usually have blogs, make sure you are in the comments for each one with an epic and helpful comment.

Just follow the formula:

Here’s part of an exact comment I left, this is a good model to use.  I got four deals from this in the past 90 days.

1.)  Give the poster, or somebody there a genuine compliment.

Thanks so much for posting this, it is very helpful and I’m sure homeowners in trouble will get a lot out of this.

2.)  Agree or disagree with a stated position but in a friendly way.

I totally agree with you that too many homeowners put their head in the sand and get frozen out of fear.  They make the situation worse by delaying taking action.  I do, however, respectfully disagree that finding help is as easy as making a phone call to a real estate professional.

This is because most realtors, mortgage people, etc. (“real estate professionals”) are either unaware of or unwilling to to learn about solutions for homeowners in trouble.

3.)  Provide a TON of evidence and helpful resources and then ask to be corrected if you missed something

(this is how you build a following and NEVER get booted or labeled as spam)

A recent article HERE described how many realtors are unaware of any way to help a seller who doesn’t have equity to list their property.  Also last year according to THIS report over half of the sellers who lost their homes in foreclosure did reach out to a realtor or their bank and they just didn’t get any help.  Also HERE is a story of a suicide caused by financial pain that could’ve been avoided if they got the right help…

4.)  Offer to HELP and ask for you feedback

I say this because while I buy and sell houses and try to help folks in these kinds of situations, I see too many people that get to me too late or not at all.  Sometimes they were intimidated or embarrassed to reach out for help or many times they just never knew help was there.  That’s why I wrote a book and created an audio book so any homeowners in trouble can get educated on their options for free and without the hassle of worry of a sales person or banker bothering them…

(ask for FEEDBACK)

As a fellow professional in this field I’d love your feedback and to hear your thoughts on this.  That goes for anybody else, my goal is to help troubled homeowners so please let me know if you think I’m doing that or what you suggest I do to improve.  I welcome and would love your input.

5.)  Compliment again and say THANK YOU

Again THANK YOU for posting this and for offering to help folks, I read your story and I’m sure your dad is building boats upstairs and while looking proudly down on you.  Thanks again Mike!  = )

Okay so that is an example of an EPIC comment that will get read, stay visible, get engagement, help people and drive you traffic.

There is another way to leverage this…

12.)  Create Infographic Magnets.

On top of just leaving comments to get traffic you can also turn popular and viral content on the internet into lead magnets for you and your business website.  There’s also post I made on how to make $500 a day by making infographics here.

First, find a popular article.

Second, summarize the article in an infographic.

Lastly, share a link to your page (with the infographic) on the article page.

This gives you more high quality links but it ALSO helps your people digest good content more easily.

You can find popular articles at places like lifewire, or industry specific sites like Mashable or Engadget.  You can also find top videos on YouTube’s trending page.

Here’s a REAL Time Example

In searching for this topic of driving traffic and getting business by leaving comments I came across this helpful article about reddit comments on StartupBros.com by Will and Travis Levell.

Here is a summary of that in an infographic that I had one of the kids make, you can see it below:

Again you go read the original post here:

The original post is here.

I left a comment there as well.  This is a technique that helps everybody because their readers get more clarity potentially, the message spreads and each of you gets a new back link to your site.

Much of the traffic I used to get our channel going came from getting and answering questions from local sites, threads and conversations.

How to make an extra $500 a day making infographics?

Remember to check out the post on this HERE, you can also watch the video below and Anna will explain everything.

How to make $500 a day by making infographics, our special needs hustlers rock! See how they do it.

13.)  Email Signatures. ($35k/year from this?)

About 6% of the investors I screened said that they have ever done this.  Everybody has heard of it.  When you get an email sometimes at the bottom the person will have a message that says something like:

Bad Examples:

“I love referrals”

“Cash for homes.”

“For all your real estate needs.”

These are better than nothing but still not as good as it should be.

You need to look at your email signature as a lead generator for the people who need to sell their home right now AND the people who may need to in the future.  That second group is much bigger.

Better example:

“Anna will buy your home today for a fair price and close on a date that you choose.”

Even that isn’t as good it should be, remember think of your signature as a HEADLINE of an ad.  You need to get quality clicks.

You should say stuff like this:

“Anna will buy your house for cash today, get my free book ‘5 Ways to Sell Your House by Friday’ by going here.”

“Anna buys houses.  Get an offer on your house in the next 3 three hours, just go to my site here.”

“I lost my job, was behind on payments and facing foreclosure, Anna was a Godsend!”  Get Jose’s whole story (and how I can help you) here.

What to include

You should personalize it by using your name.  Also you want to have a carrot to giveaway, something specific that you will give them as a freebie.  You can also use a testimonial.

My Experiment

I started using a signature in two sets of emails.  One was on accident.  I was emailing some of the parent’s on my son’s soccer team and in the group email I accidentally included my signature.

One of the parents called me immediately and they needed serious help.  They were on foreclosure and I was able to get them out of it. 

I didn’t make any money BUT I kept the signature

I figured if I can help even one person like that (even if I didn’t make money) it would be worth it.

Over the next 60 days…

I did four deals.

Some were with parents but other were from people I didn’t know who were friends of the parents.  They passed my message on to friends who they knew may needed help.

The second part of the test was the immediate follow up email I send after making a custom video.

This has done VERY well

Just this week I got two code violation properties that were off-market.

I will take a lesson from Azam and not even include the money I’m making from these deals.  I will say this though, the email signatures JUST from this group alone will more than double my “job” income.

What about the money from the four previous deals?

The total profit of those deals was a little bit over $35,000.

You can track this by using a special link or an affiliate link to your website.  That you know exactly how much is made from this.  You can set it once and never touch it again.

So $35k from an email signature line LOL.

14.)  Garage Sales.

Anywhere from 10-20% or more of the people doing garage sales are also trying to sell their house.  Don’t just call them up or “add them to your list” lol, you want to build a relationship.

Here’s a good start:

– Find out why they are doing a garage sale, what will they do with the money

– If they need money give them my report on 25 side hustles to make money by Friday

– Talk to them about vacant houses in the area

– Use flyers in the area and signs with other sellers

– Talk to other local neighbors and potentially host a neighborhood garage sale Saturday

– Potentially hire them to do your signs, calls, etc. 

– Have a great dialog with them so you are the top of the A-pile for follow up emails

We did a test with this this

I only worked on a part of it and the goal was to see how many deals you can do and money you can make just by building a SOLID relationship with garage sale owners.

Of the students who kept with the policies none of them made less than $40,000 for the year.

$40,000 a year as a minimum if you keep this tactic in mind, brilliant results.

15.)  Talk to Buyers About Bringing You Houses.

Whenever you market for buyers you want to build a good relationship with each and every one of them.  You can have them do all kinds of work for you like posting signs, flyers, making calls, etc. to help them build a side income.

Another thing you can have them do is BRING you houses that they want to move into immediately.  Most buyers will not do this but those that they do are HUNGRY.  As you build a VIP buyer’s list the ideal thing you want is:

Motivated BUYERS with money.

If you are marketing for lease option or rent to buy type of buyers then then you want them to have money.  The more money they have to put as a down payment, the better.  So at first “a lot” of money may be $3,000 but soon you want to raise your standards and marketing.

If you have buyers with $15,000 – $20,000 or more for a down payment that is good.  Next you want to give them the option of finding and bringing you a list of their dream houses.  If a buyer brings you a list of 10 houses that are PERFECT for them and they are ready to move in TODAY… and they have $15,000 for example…

If ANY of those houses works you’re going to make $15,000.

You can do these deals in less than a week, less than a day and in some cases less than a few hours.  Like I said most buyers are not this hungry but if you have a lot of buyers and you want to find out who to focus on and who the hungriest ones are then you will find them in this group.

16.)  Offer Junk Removal.

This is a BIG one and we do a LOT with junk removal, a lot.

Often a homeowner wants to sell their property but they think it is too trashed to put it on the market.  They are right, for a normal retail buyer the place is a dump.  For us though, it is beautiful.

The worse it looks, smells and “shines”… the better.

So buy offering to remove junk you can cut to the front of the line and find out if the end goal of the homeowner is to sell.  If they are trying to sell then you can buy the property and subtract the “cost” of the junk removal from your offer as well or, depending on the situation do it for free.

Junk removal is a serious business.

The waste industry in general is about a $70-100 billion a year industry, the junk removal is about $20 billion.  For more stats on the industry you can check the National Waste and Recycling Association info. 

Also you can check Grid Waste which is like a matchmaking service for the junk removal industry.  There is a lot of interesting info and stats about junk removal done by the Waste Business Journal as well.  You can can also check out this article about getting into the junk removal industry.  Here’s another article with facts, stats and trends regarding the junk removal industry.

It is easy to get into the junk removal business…

There are software companies like Vonigo that help junk removal companies grow their companies.  There are franchise type junk removal companies like Junk Removal Authority, College Hunks, Junk King, 1800GotJunk, JDog, Eco friendly JunkLuggers, many more.  Of you an start your own junk removal business, even as a $300M side hustle.

There are several ways to grow a junk removal business, you can go through resources at Branding Marketing Agency, Promatcher and Haul Away Cash, etc.

Why so serious about junk removal?

Do I suggest you start junk removal business right now?

Probably not.

The reason I provided so much info above is that you understand there is an entire industry around junk removal.  Most of these business owners are struggling and even failing.  The one thing they (almost all) suck at: generating and converting leads.

This is a huge opportunity.

In fact if you can just help them with that then you can own a piece of these companies.  More on that later when we talk about JVs.  For right now just now that you can offer/market junk removal to get seller leads and turn the actual junk removal leads over to these companies for quick cash.

More on this later…

17.)  Get Deals from Contractors.

I made a video on this as well and you can check out the post on how to get motivated sellers from contractors here.  Contractors, repairmen, handymen, etc. can be a GREAT source of deals.  They are in the neighborhoods, boots on the ground and eyes on prize/s.

People trust contractors

Contractors are let into homes, left alone with kids, etc.  They know the personal situations of people in these areas.  Usually a general contractor or any kind of contractor just wants to be hired for the repair work.

I have made a few thousand extra a week from my stable of contractors sending me deals.  One of my bird dog guys made over $2,500 a week from two contractors sending him deals.  Don’t do this the lazy follow the policies in the video and post above and you’ll get deals from this too.

How is an unemployed trucker is making an extra $2,000 by getting motivated sellers from contractors?

The full post is on how to get motivated sellers from contractors here.  There are plenty of ways to leverage this one source of deals, I’m doing deals every month from my stable of contractors.  Here’s my video from the post above you can watch it below:

How to make $500 a day by making infographics, our special needs hustlers rock! See how they do it.

18.)  Homeowners Who Can’t Refinance. (from mortgage brokers)

Many times a homeowner who needs cash fast will try to refinance their home.  They may talk to their mortgage broker or banker first before actually applying.  Sometimes their payments are too high, they don’t have enough equity to sell and/or they need cash right now but they don’t qualify.

In general you should almost NEVER refinance your house.  This is because at the start of the loan nearly all of the payments go towards interest, at the end it is the opposite as more and more of the payments go towards the principal. 

So refinancing just starts the process OVER, it resets the clock

You want to explain this to your friends, families and DEFINITELY your clients.  So when a mortgage broker, banker, realtor, etc. has a homeowner who wants to refinance (whether they qualify or not) they can introduce you as somebody who can help.

I have my lenders just add them to my opt-in page and they start getting emails and videos from me.  Then when I actually call the sellers up later that day they feel like they are talking to a celebrity lol.

I have two bird dogs making over $7,000 JUST from this source

This is an easy one to do but I haven’t met any real estate investors doing this with any seriousness.  This a good, easy one to do.

19.)  Vacant and Raw Land Badassery.

There is great post on 57 Ways to Make $5,000 a Month with Raw Land you can check out for more on this.  We’ve had a few kids and students go out and do this to make some fast cash on the side.

One way of doing that is to just print this out and share it with sellers and get paid for helping them work on one or two ideas. 

Here’s that infographic below:

To download the chart below in a .pdf (for free)…

… just say you love me and click here.

I LOVE the way some of you have used that –

You guys can do this pretty easily and remember if you pick the right places there is NOTHING being done there anyway so there is no opportunity cost.  I really like that because you can test a model and make friends at the same time.

Also Azam made a great video going over this too:

Here are 57 ways to make $5,000 a month with raw and vacant land. Real estate investors: DO THIS.

20.)  Yard Sales.

About 10-20% (at the VERY least) of garage sales are folks who need to sell their home right now or very soon, the same can be said about yard sales.  You don’t just want to ask them “Do you need to sell your home” but you also want to do some nurturing.

I find out why they are doing a sale, how would they know this was a big win, what will they do with the money, do they have other side hustles, etc.  Then I will give them a free copy of my book and also a list of 25 side hustles they can do for extra cash.

They can work for me too lol

I have found some good bird dogs and sign posters from these folks.  They can also talk to their neighbors as well.  They can put out flyers, door knock in the area, etc.

When you build a TIGHT relationship with these people it will pay off.  Remember we just did a challenge to see how much money your real estate business could make with JUST garage sales and the worst performer made over $40,000 over the course of  a year. 

Yup, just from gayraj sales.

We didn’t do a full year long test with yard sales, but I bet it would be the same.  Get better at getting better.

21.)  Home Staging Experts.

There are a lot HGTV shows that have made home staging this popular even and seem necessary.  A home staging expert will normally get paid $200 – $3,000 for their initial consultation, which is usually about two hours.  Then it usually costs about $3,000 – $5,000 to fully stage a house if starting from zero.

So this is not a “motivated seller”

Any seller that is calling a home stager is somebody who wants FULL price and they can usually afford the time and money it will take to get it.  So my stager goes out, does their consultation and then says:

“Before we do any work I have a friend who can get an offer as-is if you want…”

Now the cash offer I make hasn’t worked for anybody yet but the ones on TERMS have worked.  So I can explain that the way for them to get the absolute MOST money is by doing a lease option or rent to buy and that has worked.

Check out my class on this because from just one stager I will add an extra $50,000 this year.  These are a good source of lease option deals and long term rentals.  You can also put pretty houses on AirBNB while waiting for them to sell.  Easy money.  Plus, if the agents and/or property manager is doing the work then you don’t really do anything to close these deals.

How am I making an extra $50,000 on the side this year from motivated sellers my home stagers are sending me?

The whole story is on the post where I went over how I was getting and how  from just one stager I will add an extra $50,000 this year.

You can check out the video below:

Get motivated sellers from home staging pros, make an extra 50k this year Indiana real estate rocks!

22.)  Upside Down or “Underwater” Homeowners.

When a homeowner owes more on their home than it is worth, they are said to be upside down underwater.  Sellers usually get into this situation but because there was a sudden drop in value or because they refinance at or above 100% of their value.

Either way, when a seller needs to sell an upside down house they need real serious help.  They still have a few options, one is that they can come to closing with cash to make up for difference between the sales price and the mortgage balance.  They are unlikely to have that kind of money though.

You can still help them

Maybe you do a rental, a lease option, an auction, short term mini-rentals, etc.  This can work even if it means that the seller still has to pay out of pocket every month to cover the mortgage payment because that is still better than a foreclosure.

To find these sellers you can market with signs:

“Do you owe more than your house is worth?
I’ll still buy it call Anna now @ 555-1919″

A better way to get a predictable flow of leads is to work directly with lenders and mortgage brokers.  Send them business and make money in the traditional ways.  Then on TOP of that they can let any of the underwater homeowners know that you can help.

This can be a solid of business

There is a video we made where we talked about this one source of deals being worth over $10,000 every two months.  That’s how much one of my bird dogs was making just from lenders sending him underwater sellers.  The lenders and mortgage people and realtors will gladly do it because they don’t specialize (or usually even understand) how we can help them.

23.)  New Construction Home Builders.

There are a LOT of ways to work with the new home builders.  This is one of my favorite ways on the list because it is so fun and easy.  First you need to understand how these builders work and then you just need to market regularly for buyers.

I did a video on this

Actually I did a few here is one that goes over the basics:

"How I made 26 grand with four signs working with new construction homes." Not confusing at all lol

24.)  Massive Open House.

A big open house always attracts nosy neighbors.  We have several ways of getting MASSIVE attention like auctions, signs, lotteries, giveaways, etc.  We will talk more about this later for now just now that each buyer at an open house can get a flyer but on the back can be the message to sellers who are upside down, need to sell immediately, etc.

Nearly all of our students (myself included) will work with a seller or a realtor and have them say “Wow you did more in one week than my realtors did in six months”.

25.)  Housing Swap Ads on Craigslist.

This is an under appreciated source.  There is a “housing swap” area on Craigslist where people offer to trade their house for another one.  Often they will describe their situation like “Can’t afford need to downsize but can’t afford to sell with realtor either…” so you can help.

26.)  Death Notices and Obituaries?

This one is questionable so it is NOT something we recommend.  I included it here because this is something that a LOT of realtors and real estate investors do.  To see how badly this can make people feel check out this page.

The way this works is that the real estate person searched public records or notices and mails to anybody who recently died with a “Sorry about the death in your family, that sucks for you, but if I can swoop in and steal your home from you let me know!”

There are better ways to find deals

We will talk about those other ways like working with probate attorneys, grief counselors, realtors, etc.  This is so that you can find people who have expressed a problem and need/want and ASKED for help.  This is a better approach.

27.)  The Zillow “Make me Move” Ads.

There are a lot of ways to find deals on Zillow, the “make me move” is an option where (usually not motivated) sellers can put their home up to test the market.  Here is a sample explanation from a realtor.

Usually these are not the traditional “motivated sellers” BUT there is a section of this group that are not listing because they don’t think they can afford it.  There are deals in these houses in every market that we have tested.  If you are high on meth you can try to follow Zillow’s suggested script.

Yes they are actually encouraging realtors to lead generate from the make me move sections.  The sellers LOVE only getting calls annoying from realtors and investors lol.

A Beautiful Conversation

If you do nothing else practice having a good dialog with these folks and add them to your Compliance Curve.  This is kind of like the garage sale leads because you will find immediate deals but also you’ll get deals over time because you built a good relationship.

Do this the way we teach and you should be able to make at least an extra $3,000 – $5,000 a month.  I have a full-person who handles just the make-me-move leads and garage sales.

There is gold here, you just have to mine it right.

This is just like anything else, like Azam says you are either trained and you know what you’re doing or you’re just guessing.

Don’t be guessing.

28.)  Start a Facebook Group for Sellers. (in Foreclosure)

This doesn’t have to be just for sellers or sellers in foreclosure, it can be for any troubled homeowner. Or homeowners in general.  For example “I lost my job can can’t afford my house anymore” is another good example.

This is great for testimonials as well because you can take screenshots of user feedback and use it in your marketing.  Testimonials like this get read much more than your own words.

This is easy to dominate

When it comes to local online marketing, it is pretty easy (with a LITTLE discipline) to become NUMBER ONE.  So you can quickly become the number one facebook group for “BLANK” County Homeowners.  Notice how I started this post:

“First of all, THANK YOU again for making this channel the number one channel for Indiana real estate on YouTube according google analytics and SocialBlade info for BigReia.com.”

The Indy market is crazy active and competitive. so how’d I get to the top?

It was actually not that hard and in an upcoming post I’ll explain more about that, but it was really simple.  Basically I made on super helpful video every day for six months straight, I talked to five people a day in the local market and email all my contacts every week with the best deals I found.

Here I am giving away the secret, why so open with the secret sauce?  Because nobody will do it lol.

Now I get good leads calling me from the YouTube
channel almost every day

Everybody wants that but they won’t put in the work.  I’ve done with with a few facebook groups too with different kinds of business.  This takes time to plant and harvest but by the end of it you can get regular traffic.

29.)  Retirement and Nursing Homes.

Don’t do this like an LC.  This isn’t just sending them a mailing.  If you don’t know my relationship with my father was very much “not ideal”.  Then once I got my business stuff going and grew my confidence, I learned a lot and was able to help with money questions.

Dad was impressed.  So later when he got sick with Alzheimer’s Disease, he told me that he was happy that no matter what happened he had the comfort of know that I could take of the financial side of things.

It was one of the best moments of my life.

Thankfully we never had to use a retirement or nursing home but many of his friends are there and some of them have really needed help.  Their kids and attorneys may help a little but ultimately they need a real professional to help settle their affairs.

This can be selling real estate, managing investments, etc.

DO NOT BE AN A** about this!

Do NOT just show up like an ambulance chasing looking to make a lowball offer to a 90-year old on a feeding tube.  First you should go and volunteer.  Many of these folks don’t have any visitors and they are sad because they think they are just waiting to die.  Go talk to them play games with them hear stories about their life.

THEN do a free class or workshop and settling their affairs, answer real estate questions and how to sell their property for top dollar.  Or maybe they want to rent it out for top dollar and create passive income for a loved one.

THAT is the way to do it

Make friends with the elderly, the staff and the family.

Be a helping hand.

Once you do that you’ll have plenty of deals AND you’ll also be able to help these people and give them joy before the leave.

30.)  Fire Damaged Properties.

On one flip an investor of mine made almost $50,000, on a single small flip.  It was his biggest flip ever.  How’d do I find him the deal?  Through fire damaged properties, that post explains more.  You want to stay on these deals because almost NO investors have heard of this or do it the right way.

Here are seven ways to find deals in the fire damaged properties.

You don’t need to do all of these, I’ve had mixed success as I’ll explain with each one.

1.) Fireman and Local Firefighters

Usually each county in America and each township will have a tight list of fire damage properties or at least calls and properties that have been damaged by fires.  You can work with the fireman and hire them as bird dogs OR you can work with a volunteer or charity group of theirs.  Or you can set one up.

I set one up so that I can have them go out door to door every two weeks to all the properties and neighborhoods in my areas.  They get a lot of credibility as firemen whose groups “buy and restore houses to rebuild neighborhoods and communities”.

The firemen is my best source of these deals so far.

It is also the most fun because groups like firemen are usually not aware of many good fund raising opportunities so this is GOLD for them.  They also get to know their communities better so that helps too.

2.) Insurance Agents, Adjusters, etc.

There are a few different ways to work insurance agents.  In this case when a seller files a claim and gets a bunch of money, or maybe doesn’t get any because the insurance company is shady, you can be introduced.

I haven’t gotten many deals like this but I have one of my “Badass Bird Dogs” who got a good deal from this last week.  The insurance will say to their client “You know I have a friend who buys and sells houses and if you want before you move forward or do any work you can see what kind of cash offer you can for your home today as-is…?”

3.)  Twitter and Google Alerts

You can type in any phrase or term on Google and get alerts for it.  Like “Johnson County Fire” for example.  That will keep you on top of any fires your local media talks about if Google picks up the story.

You can do the same thing with your fire departments Twitter account.  If they are regularly updating or posting then they reply to calls, they you can know automatically each time a new fire is being reported.  You can part of the first responder team but in a financial sense to put out any financial fires.

4.)  Neighbors and People in the Community

Let everybody know that, among other things, you will pay cash for fire damaged properties.  So when the you, the firemen, your bird dogs, etc. are out in these areas make sure that this is known.

This has been one of my best sources for deals and you will get the drop on everybody else because you will be the first to know about these deals.

5.)  Realtors and Mortgage Brokers

They will hear about people wanting to sell or new updates to the loans, filings, major damage, etc.  A good realtor can stay on top of this and have good deals for you ready to go.  Usually though your best deals will come from other sources unless this is a hungry agent.  We have also done classes to train agents on how to find and sell fire damaged properties, so that can be  lead generator too.

6.)  Search the MLS

I guess when I say a “hungry agent” I’m really lowering the bar because all they have to do to get started is search the MLS for “fire” or “fire damaged”.  I prefer “fire” because it will pull up the fire sale discounted properties too.

Remember to search for your local board of realtors because like in Indy they may have a free search of the MLS available.

7.)  Fire Restoration Companies

If you don’t find a good fire restoration company near you, you can always start one.  Relax, all this really takes is creating a landing page lol.  I’ve used a few signs that said “Fire Restoration” and we’ve done deals but it was not consistent.

It is best to find good local people and work with them and then if you do “start one” (create a landing page that says “Fire Restoration”) then you can drive ppc traffic to it and send business to the handymen and fixer uppers.

Also check out my post about working with contractors and handymen for motivated sellers because they can be a great source of deals as well as good for the research on the property too.  You will need to do assess the work correctly, you need an expert that knows what they’re doing.

The SMOKE damage is often worse than the fire damage

In a fire it is the smoke that kills more people than the actual fire.  It can also do a lot more damage to the property and the structures.  You don’t have to do this with just houses, I have flipped a few office building and commercial properties too.  I get the leads the same way.

You can do residential AND commercial properties

Just make sure you take care of your buyers and you’ve done your research on the repairs.  You can search for local “We buy fire damaged houses” people and then connect and network with those investors even if they are just selling leads.

31.)  “For Rent” Ads.

I’m surprised this took so long to list lol.  This is an easy one and in ANY free market in the world you can make good money from this ONE source.  There is almost no way to screw this up IF you do this the way that Azam teaches.

CALL don’t email/text, or if you do make sure you actually TALK to them as soon as possible.  Remember everything revolves around:

A Beautiful Conversation

As long as you do that and follow up well with your Compliance Curve, you WILL do deals.  In EVERY single market in the world you can get your first $10,000 – $30,000 a month with just FREE leads.

By that I mean with leads that are freely available.  This is a no brainer.  This is easy.

32.)  Military Bases.

Often people in the military have to move fast and without notice.  There are programs where the military will help them sell/rent their houses out but as a general rule they need help.

The best way to do this is to volunteer and work with this folks so you get to know them.  I’ve done a few free classes like “I need to move in less than a week but I can’t afford to sell my house with a realtor HELP!”

These have produced but I haven’t followed up very well

If you are in the military or know somebody who is then this can be an excellent way to help them.  I have also helped find renters for military housing as well.  That is less money but it helps them out and it is still something.

This can be a very good source of deals and once you build the relationship it is all free business.

33.)  Become a List Broker.

Working with a list broker is a great way to find deals.  Once you understand how they work, the importance of getting the right criteria and how profitable this can be when the right person sends the right message… you’ve got GOLD.

You can use your skills in targeting the right selects and leverage it with people in real estate.  So on top of list brokers there are data places and tools like Click2Mail, RealeFlow, AgentPro247, ListSource, ProspectNow, SonicPrint, USPS, DatabaseUSA, AccuData, PostCardMania, Experian, DirectMail, etc.

Sit down and show a realtor or investor the data

Show them that you know what kind of list to buy and the mailing piece to send.  Consider this a marketing test at first.  You can explain that you aren’t making any money up front they can pay from the deals that they do.

We have a few kids who make a good full time income working VERY part time doing this.  I would say the average is about $250 for these high schoolers who are doing this on this on the side.

You can make 10 times that

They are just getting paid a small fee for each deal that is done.  You can make a lot more money and you can talk to screen the leads that reply.  Then you can skip the whole middleman part and just do the deals yourself.

We’ve talked about direct mail and what mailing lists to use in the past so just check that out for a better idea on what lists to use.

34.)  Estate Sales.

Often these are tied to some kind of a probate situation.  The actual property or properties are often going to be transferred to a relative or attorney around this time.  There are places like EstateSales.net and Aether that will list and notify about upcoming estate sales.

An estate sale is slightly different then an estate liquidation which is more a “everything must go” environment.  You should be familiar with both kinds in your area.

35.)  Property Management Companies Secret Offer.

Whenever a property manager has a vacancy the owner of the property (who hired them) will usually get impatient very quickly.  You can get leads from them and referral but that is another item.  For this one you are going to be the property management company’s secret weapon.

So whenever a property manager has a vacancy or they have an owner who is paying on a vacant house/unit, they can use an offer from you.  Instead of have NO backup plan they can tell the owner that they have a real estate friend who can make a cash offer, do a long term rental or buy the house on lease option RIGHT NOW.

The property manager saves face.

They can tell the owner that they do have a standing guaranteed offer.  So the property manager can show they are helping and you get a lead that is generated and nurtured automatically.  With this offer they can include your video, audio, book, etc. so the seller can educate themselves.

So once you have a relationship with the property manager they can introduce you and your potential offer automatically.  So the ONLY time you hear from a seller is when they are ready to go.

36.)  Build a List of Code Violation Properties.

You can make money with this even if you don’t buy a single property.  That is what some of the Kids are doing.  So the term “code violation” is pretty broad and can include things like litter in the yard and overgrown lawn all the way to open brothels and dead bodies.  You want the latter not the former.

Once they are in violation they will often get an orange or yellow sign in the window or in the yard.  This will have words like “Unsafe to Occupy”, “Public Notice” or “Unlawful”, etc.

How do you get a list of properties in code violation?

You can check with the local code enforcement officers and your local city government to see how well document or listed these properties are.  Sometimes just a visit to your local county office is all that is needed and they will give you a list of all the properties with code violations since is a matter of public record.

Here are 19 ways to get a list properties with CODE VIOLATIONS

So in this case that it isn’t as just calling your local city building, here’s what we do.  This is how I’ve been able to build my list of these properties in code violations while it seems nobody else in the Midwest (not just Indiana) has done.

Here’s how we do it…

1.)  Contact your local health department.

Find out if they have a list or a partial list and if they can direct you to somebody else for more.

2.)  Inspectors have or can build this list as well

Treat inspectors like contractors and place a high value on them.  They can have access to many different kinds of deals as well as lists of code violations as well.

3.)  Ask your city/ward councilmen’s office.

They often try to have community redevelopment programs so they can help you get this list of properties as well.

4.) Call your zoning and planning department for you city.

You can learn a lot about what the city is planning, zoning maps, new rules and regulations, etc.  And, of course, they can potentially tell you about all the code violations properties.  Here’s an example of Carmel’s zoning and planning site, there is a lot info there.  Nearby cities include Noblesville and Fishers, those are just a few examples.

5.) Visit your city hall and meet with violations inspectors.

You may only get their staff and sometimes they can immediately hand you a list of all the code violation properties, then you go next door and they say it is illegal lol.

6.)  Contact your City Secretary or Clerk

This may depend on your area, we’ve done this all over, in Houston, Dallas, Carmel, etc.  The results are going to vary because sometimes you just make a request and they can send you over an entire list.  Sometimes a partial list or sometimes they will refer you to somebody else.

7.) City Council Meeting’s Minutes.

In some places the properties that in code violations are recorded in the minutes of the local municipalities’ meetings.  Go search for you city council’s or county boards meetings (or ask to find out who handles the code violations) and then the minutes from their meetings.  Here’s an example of the council’s minutes I’m talking about.

Once you know the section where they discuss this you ask to be sent the meetings minutes as soon as they are available.  Or you can hire a VA or a Tot to go download the list every month and update your excel file.

8.) Search for Records by Document type.

Sometimes an area will not upload or share their entire list.  So there is another way to deal with this.  First take a property that you know has a code violation, then pay attention to what and HOW the city records their code violation.

Now that you know the document type, who it was recorded by and how, now you can search for every filing of that kind of document.  I recently did this where I was told that the “property code violation” list was impossible to get because nobody kept one lol.   Then I came back with a doc request and that got me the entire list lol.  So often the way we are looking at something, or describing it can determine what it is that you get.

Time for opportunity or fear?

9.)  Neighbors

They are usually the first to know about the properties around them that get “marked”.  They’ll usually know EVERYTHING about the owner’s situation and can help everybody.  You can build your network of bird dogs and nosy neighbors and they’ll be like your little spies across the city reporting deals back to you.

10.) Realtors

A good realtor can make a big difference.  They know the areas, they know the inspectors, buyers, rehabbers, etc.  You want to have best realtors in those areas staying on top of this for you, as long as you follow our training they will because you will be making them money.

11.)  Title companies

They have a lot of access like realtors and they are the first to know if/when a deal falls apart especially if it is because of something like a code violation or even a potential one.

12.) Search the MLS

Look for your local board of realtors and see how you can do a public search of the MLS for free.  Indy Mibor looks like this this here.  If you can find that then you search for code violations that way under the search criteria.

13.) Investors and Wholesalers

This can be your “We Buy Homes” guys or the landlords or anybody else.  Wholesalers often have a good idea about code violations or condemned properties and so I work with them a lot.  Sometimes I help them by letting them to things on this list and other times I find the investors for their deals.

14.) Newspaper Carriers and Delivery People

I used to be a paperboy, I noticed the smallest changes in my delivery areas.  I knew when people were home and what they were like.  I knew who was in trouble and why.  I had a LOT of powerful knowledge and NOBODY tapped into that.

Your local Sunday paper is the biggest, find out where it is being printed.  This is usually the main HQ or maybe it is at a few different places.  You can also look up your local jobs ads and every week the newspaper prints the “Need Carriers” ads, they might as well run the ad it is their newspaper HA.

This is where the deliver people pick up the newspapers for routes.

Go there, WAY early in the morning around 4 A.M. or so, and talk with them.  They can be your bird dogs and scouts feeding you info on properties and neighborhoods.  They do one deal a year they can triple their income.

15.) Local Police and Code Enforcement Officers

The call to the local police is usually one of my first ones because they can tell you the local hierarchy and who to call if the list is not readily available.  The CE (Code Enforcement) may be involved or combined with another group or have a different name.

16.) Fire Departments

I love working with firemen.  As I explained earlier we do a lot of deals with local fire fighting departments and groups and they can help us code violations as well.  They can get you a full list, a complete up to the minute list of all properties that you need, a partial list or maybe they can just point you in the right direction.

17.) Landscapers

Often cities or munis will have a few landscapers that they prefer to work with and to send business and jobs.  Finding out who they are is as easy asking or calling around.  They can be your eyes in the neighborhoods and give you updates on condemn orders or notices.

They can also tell you when the city is hiring for work and which properties are the worst headaches for the city and property owners.

18.) Pest/Vector/Animal Control AND Animal Rescue 

The most serious of these is vector control but the other ones can also be a real problem.  These guys are often the first to know and to be contacted about severe animal hoarding, property decay, insect/pest infestations, etc.

Usually the city will let a property deteriorate but in many cases the city must step in as to avoid a public safety risk.  Their hope is to bill the owner later or even to take the property back and resell it.  These are headache properties and you can be the first to know about these code violations.

19.) The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

This is can be tricky.  You can learn more about how this request process works HERE.  You can also see the FOIA process outlined here.  An example of a local (Illinois) FOIA request page and online request option is HERE.  There are several examples of FOIA letters HERE.

You can download a free version of a FOIA request for a list of code violation properties in a .pdf version HERE.  If you want to be able to edit that FOIA Request Form you can download the Word version HERE.

There have been MANY FOIA requests that have won and made a big difference in all of our lives.

Sure there are FOIA wins, but the real question is how will you win?  This process is just too tricky to tell for sure what result you’ll have.  Sometimes this request has to be made by certain people and only TO certain people, other times it will cost money and other times.

I’ve seen people quote me over $4,000 to make a FOIC request and others have done it free.  Sometimes both lol, I was told it would be $4,000 to make the offical FOIA request but after I got to know them they totally waived it.

Don’t underestimate how important the relationships are to all of this.

They are what creates Income Immunity.

The single HARDEST thing for any of your competitors to ever replicate will be the number and quality of your relationships.

That is what will give you monopoly-like and unstoppable power.

It’s All About the Benjamins Baby

The better you develop relationships with people like neighbors, paperboys or even obvious relationships like with realtors – the more uncommonly well you do those common things (like Rockefeller said) the more immune your income is from these resources.

It is to a point where I can make a post like this and explain to you exactly what Anna is doing with NO FEAR that this will impact business.  These relationships have deep roots that most are unwilling to plant and nurture.  We build our Nobody Mountain, this is how you “Create the Standard”.

Easy Breezy.

So I made a whole post about 19 ways to find motivated sellers from code violation properties, and I did a video I’ll put it below too.  Also below the infographic is the video about making an extra $1,500/week from my list of code violation properties the whole is here.

Also you can check out the post on how to find motivated sellers from fire damaged properties.  I’ll also put that video below as well.  Good stuff.

Here’s a graphic below that should explain how to turn the list compiling into it’s own side business.

You can download the graphic below in .pdf by clicking HERE.

Brilliant stuff…

How to find motivated sellers from fire damaged properties - busboy makes over 46k on ONE deal, how?

How to get motivated sellers lead from code violation properties 11 ways, I rule Indiana lol.

How I'm making an extra $1,500 a week from my list of code violation properties, here's exactly how.

You can download the above graphic in .pdf by clicking HERE.

Let’s keep going…

37.) Insurance Agents and Brokers.

Legally they are not allowed to share certain details about their clients.  They will, however, know about some very important things happening with clients and any investments properties they have.  So when the status of a rental changes to vacant for example or when there has been excessive damage by a renter, the insurance agents will know all this.

It is at times like THAT which the landlords are the most likely to want to get rid of their headache property.  I have a few insurance agents who introduce me to their clients by saying “She has the number on channel on Youtube for Indiana real estate”.

You have to have the HOOK

When Anna does this and the insurance agents (or anybody else) introduce her by saying what we trained them to say “She has the number one channel on YouTube for Indiana real estate” then they won’t forget it.  They will also something important:

“She’s a good friend of mine.”

Remember EVERYBODY wants to be attached to success.  So them introducing her is also a benefit to them because they can attach themselves to a success, a “star”.  THIS is how you boost your compliance.

Next he will offer her book, audio, video, etc. and the owner will start themselves through the Compliance Curve.  We only hear from them when they are ready to go and we NEVER argue on price, terms or any of the scrimmages that those “We buy houses” guys are dragged into everyday.

38.) Get MASTERFUL at CREATING Deals With
Zero Down Structuring.

The better you get at making deals, the further you will go in real estate, business and in life.  Below are two classes Azam did on 30 ways to buy real estate zero down and with no loans.  He went over every method in depth and in detail HERE.

You don’t need ANY money to get started in real estate and build your oil wells.  Anybody who thinks that you need to use money or get loans and put yourself at risk, that person is dangerous to be around and listen to.  Don’t.

You can EASILY make your first $10,000 – $30,000 with no money/loans

You just have get yourself trained better.

That’s what these two classes below will do for you.  The better you get at understanding these concepts the more you’ll see that killer deals are ALL around if you just know how and where to look.

30 Ways to Buy and Sell Real Estate Zero Down and with NO LOANS…
This is EPIC SH** You Guys…

It is actually more than 30.

Let’s get at it dawg…

30 ways to buy real estate with NO money, NO down payment, NO loans, NO credit, NO banks from home?

Totally brilliant right?

I learned a lot from watching these classes repeatedly.

It isn’t just the concept but that passion that Azam deliver it with.

Oh and it is is actually more than 30 ways.

So that was the first one but there’s another even better one…

30 Ways to Buy and Sell Real Estate Zero Down

It is actually more than 30.

You can also combine these with other things we teach and train and you’ll have an endless supply of deals everywhere you look.

Okay so let’s finish this up…

Let’s get at it dawg…

30 Ways to Buy and Sell Real Estate Zero Down and With No Loans

(It is actually more than 30)

30 ways to buy real estate with NO money down dawg. Part three of three.

So that was FREAKIN BRILLIANT, right?

When I started seeing how to do these deals, it really changed my life.

It isn’t a joke or a pie-in-the-sky promise you can see it happening in front of you and then you’ll know it is real and that you really CAN do this:

Over 30 Ways to Buy and Sell Real Estate Zero Down and With No Loans and NO Bank. no risk…

(It was actually more than 30 lol)

Remember you can check out the full post here.

Also check out the third and final part of “30 Ways to Real Estate Zero Down” is here.

The main is that instead of getting better at finding deals you want to get better at CREATING them.  This will serve you well in all of your dealings.  Okay, so let’s move on from those EPIC classes…

39.) Go to Eviction Court and Talk to Landlords and Attorneys.

Going through the eviction process gets old real fast.  Paying an attorney hundreds of dollars also gets old so often landlords will go and file their evictions themselves.  Remember there are certain rules about eviction that must be followed, but you don’t always need an attorney.

Even if the owner has an attorney or a property manager who is going to court for them to get the judgment, that person is good to connect with.  You want to have your cards in as many of those hands as possible and get as many cards as possible so you can have a good talk with them and then add them to your Compliance Curve.

40.) Corporate Headhunters.

Many people who have education and experience and want to find a good job will turn to a headhunter or staffing company.  There is a multi-billon dollar dollar industry around headhunters trying to get these kinds of people hired.

The management groups often know personal details about their people, like when their employees are having trouble making their mortgage payments, going through job loss, divorce, etc.  Being able to introduce you can be a Godsend to sellers who just need to sell but have no equity.

41.) Inner City Farming.

After Detroit became a food desert in 2012 there was a big surge in inner city farmers or “Gangsta Gardening“.  This is a super big opportunity and I made a post about finding motivated sellers with “Ghetto Gardening” here.  This is going to be even bigger moving forward and it helps us spread the word of veganism too. 

Farmin’ and Gang bangin’

This is really cool and it helps people to help themselves, here’s a video I made about this below and the whole post is here:

How to get motivated sellers with inner city, gangsta gardening, my first Indy Thug Life farming lol

42.)  Texting Sellers AboutRent to Buy.

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get at “Yes!” from a seller without talking to anybody.  In fact, you can do this and have your first potential deal in less time than it takes you to read this paragraph.

Here’s a few examples of what to send:

Would a rent to buy work?

Is this home a lease option?

I may be interested in buying with a rent to buy, would that work?  Thx!  = )

Remember that whenever you use the word “interested”…

… it should always about YOUR level of interest NOT about seeking theirs.  Whenever people ask “are you interested” in something THEY are selling.

We’ve talked a lot about these kinds of deals and what to say/do after they reply with a yes/no or with no reply at all.  I won’t get into that here but it is a quick way to get to compliance and get a deal going.


Azam made a video of the first 41 ways to find
motivated sellers for FREE…

41 ways to find motivated sellers for FREE, get motivated seller leads free, and close with no money

43.)  Divorce Attorneys.

As I explained, and as I recently learned, the best way to find motivated sellers and profit big time is to do JVs.  This is a great example of a JV.  Usually a divorce attorney won’t have a War of the Roses situation on their hands, but they often have hostile parties.

They just want to sell.

I’ve had about 10-15 different divorce attorneys that were mentioning me to their clients as a possible option to get a “quick cash offer immediately” if they needed to sell.  Sometimes the leads would lead to deals but usually not.

However this IS a great idea, here’s why…

One of my attorneys has sent me two deals in the last three months and the total profit from them is over $40,000.  I followed the same exact process as we talked about, the attorneys had an info packet to hand out and I scripted the intro of what they can say to introduce me and to help their people.  I’ve made a class about this too.

44.)  MLS Listings That are ABOUT to Expire in the Next 7 Days.

Most people have heard of finding motivated sellers by going after and targeting the expired listings market.  That is good but that is NOT what I’m talking about here.  There is a BIG opportunity with this one that nobody does and from now you’ll what to do.

In this case you will search the MLS and find properties that are ABOUT to expire in the next three, five or seven days.  These realtors are usually desperate to get an offer to their seller and this is a PERFECT time to help them out and build a relationship at the same time.

Usually they just want AN offer.

Often with a listed property the seller and the realtor ONLY want full market offers.  In this case, however, you will usually find more flexibility and a more likely chance they they will want to discount the price and/or do a terms sale like a lease option.

This is great for an assistant, a VA maybe or a Tot too because they can pull up the listings everyday that fit your criteria and make the offers everyday.  You’ll good get deals without even knowing. 

45.)  Find HOA Liens.

Most sellers only know about their Homeowners Association (HOA) if and when there is a problem, and there have been many problems.  Sometimes a disagreement with an HOA can lead a homeowner getting a lien against their property. 

A quick way to search this is to ask the HOA for a list of all properties they have liens on do a county search yourself and find out.  Sometimes the HOA will name their liens in a specific way or use a certain form or procedure that can make it easier to search public records.

Some people will SELL just to get rid of their HOA

Many times these homeowners are sick and tired of living with the HOA and they just want out.  Kelly’s first deal came this and she made $3,500.  These are easy to do and there are BIG markets where not a single investor is doing this seriously.  Opportunity y’all.

46.)  Roofing and Other Expensive Contractors.

A new roof or foundation work is usually a sign that somebody is getting ready to sell.  One of the best ways to get deals here is to train your people to say something like this:

“So before I start any of the work I want you to know that I have a friend in the real estate business and she can come in right now and make a cash offer as-is without you paying to fix the roof.”

Or in cases when the seller can’t afford the work

Those are good calls too and with the right intro you can do those deals as well.  Basically any time somebody wants to do expensive stuff to their house you want to be there because they are probably doing it to sell and they don’t need to make it pretty for you to buy it.

47.)  Midwife Service Providers.

I worked with a midwifery group and I did a free class for pregnant and expecting moms on how to trade your house for a bigger one.  I did a few other classes to find the big winners and that was one of them.  Midwife services by the way are to help pregnant women through their pregnancy, delivery and to prepare them properly. 

Growing families and more kids often means a bigger house, especially if you can help them sell/trade their current one.

48.)  Offer Credit Counseling.

You don’t need to offer the counseling yourself because you can work with a company and send people to them.  There are some great local credit repair and cleaning companies that will sit down and provide in depth credit counseling for their clients, find them and work with them.  

Often people will need help to pay down credit cards, get credit relief, etc.  There are also people in this group that are behind on various payments, getting their credit ruined and they are about to get behind on their mortgage payments as well. 

There are good motivated seller leads here

Last week I had a client come from this source who had over $60,000 in credit card debt and even though his house was paid off free and clear.  Then when he got behind on a few payments his credit score started to drop and he was in a panic. 

I was able to help him refinance his house to pay off the cards and then we rented out part of his house to pay off the new mortgage.  I made a quick $10,000 on that one.  There are good deals to be found with this approach.

49.)  “How to Get Your Property on Section 8“.

That is a free class I offer and it brings in good leads because I get frustrated landlords who don’t know how to get steady income.  There are a few ways to make money even if you don’t buy or assign the house.  I can manage their property, get a consulting fee (usually $1,500 – $2,500) to complete the Section 8 process for them, screen tenants and renters see my post and our class on that, help them with the rehab, arrange private money, etc.

There are LOTS of ways to make money with this.

Also to do the actual class call in an inspector so you don’t have to do or know anything.  At the end do a Q&A and then record it because you can use that class as a lead generator itself.  My “Indiana Section 8 inspector spills the beans” audio book is a solid money maker.

50.)  Motivated SellerConsulting Fees“.

Some sellers will never be motivated enough for you to make a good deal but by changing how you help them you can change their motivation level.  When I first learned this from Azam I thought it wouldn’t make a difference, but I’ve learned otherwise. 

When I talk to a seller about doing a lease option or a rental for example, I also include an option where I can walk them through the process as a “Consultant” for a fee of $1,500 – $2,500.  I walk them through the process and be a kind of mentor.

How much money can you make doing this?

Here is how I teach my bird dogs to look at and execute this; we’ll say that even if 10% or just 5% of the sellers you talk to want to do this and you talk to 50 sellers a month.  That is 100 sellers every two months and five “Consultant” deals.  

If you are doing this for $1,500 – $2,500, or an average of $2,000 that is $10,000 every 60 days.  An extra $5,000 a month spending ANY more money on marketing or getting even ONE more lead.  It’s awesome.  Those numbers are easy to beat by the way, I have brand new investors and bird dogs you are doing better than that with this “Consulting” approach.

51.)  Motivated Sellers from Rising Property Taxes and Tax Bills.

This is something that is happening the my Indianapolis real estate market.  Whenever there is new construction in big numbers then there is a risk that local homeowners will see their property taxes go up.  Often these folks have lived in the same house for decades or even half a century or longer and can’t afford the rising tax bills.

They need help.

As always you want to be a Hero and not an LC about this.  So go in and really help them out.  You can read more about this in my post about how to find motivated sellers from rising property tax bills.  You can also watch the video below.

How to get free motivated seller leads from rising property tax bills, 1 deal made me over 23 grand.

52.)  Helping Struggling Business Owners.

This is one of the most overlooked strategies on this list.  Day after day so many entrepreneurs lose their and run into financial troubles.  The more serious it gets the most likely it is that they will need help with home and their problem will become a real estate problem.

You can help these folks and REALLY make a difference.

There’s almost no group of people in your community that are more vital than the entrepreneurs.  It is us BUSINESS folks who make the world go around.  So by helping just a SINGLE business you are also helping all the lives that they will improve with their innovations.  You can check out my full post on finding motivated sellers for FREE from helping business owners.

I’ll put a video it below too…

How to get free motivated seller leads by helping business owners who are going out of business.

53.)  Home GiveawayYes You Actually Give Away a Home.

Giving away a house is actually a lot easier than it probably seems.  I’m surprised more people aren’t doing this because it is really fun and profitable.  This is a great way to build relationships with local realtors, sellers and investors.  You can become “talk of the town” nearly overnight.

I was largely clueless when I first did this.

It is easy to do and you can check out my full post on how to find motivated sellers by giving away homes for all the details.  You don’t need much to do this and you can set yourself up for a pretty big day and do a year’s income in just a weekend.  The video is below.

How I made $331,000 by giving a house away for free. Not just for Indiana real estate investors lol

54.)  Motivated Sellers from eBay Signs?

This is another simple and cool one that nobody is doing or has heard of, and it is super easy.  You can help people sell their stuff on eBay for extra money, or you can have somebody else to do this as a side business.  We have some of our Kids and Heroes doing this right now for spare cash.  These leads are gold to you because…

… many times they want to sell their homes too.

Think of these kind of like the “junk removal” leads.  Sometimes a seller thinks that they need to clean the place up and sell stuff off before anybody will ever want to buy.  Helping these folks can be fun and profitable.  A Win/Win.  I’ll put this video below too:

Indiana real estate investors: How to get free motivated seller leads from eBay signs, EPIC flippin

55.)  Auctions With New Home Builders.

One of the big secrets about motivated sellers and doing deals is that you need to be able to CREATE them.  It isn’t about finding great deals, it is about having the skill to create them.  So if you work with new home builders there are a lot of ways you can help them find buyers.

One great way to help builders is find them BETTER buyers.

If you do this correctly, the way that I’ll show you then you can create an under ground.  I have a post where I explain how sending ONE email made me over $90,000 where I explain this more.  You can also watch the video below.

How I made over $92,000 from sending a SINGLE email, by working with new home construction builders.

56.)  Letter to Expired Listings Makes $9,000 a MonthWithout Mailing It?

This is the story behind a letter that I’ve been using.  I’ll give you guys the exact letter you can go through my full post on how to find motivated sellers from expired listing and how I make $9,000 a month from one letter.   

This letter is making me $9,000/month and I’m not even mailing it LOL

These kinds of deals are easy to do repeatedly because you won’t have any competition.  I also have bigger deals with this that I’ll be going over later.

Motivated sellers from expired listings, how one letter is making me over 9k/month - the intro video

57.)  In-Person Letter Delivery to Expired Neighborhoods.

Every single real estate should learn how to write copy, which is compliance in print.  This will help you build every kind of business faster, easier and from zero.  There are many different ways to use the above letter and the exact same process to get paid from local businesses.

Azam goes over this in great detail.

Check out Azam’s EPIC post on copy writing for real estate investors, telling great stories and the saga behind on how this one letter makes me over $9,000 a month and we don’t even have to send it lol.  Also the in depth 2+ hour video is below too.

The video from Azam is below too…

Copywriting for real estate investors, how to tell great stories, the $9k/mo letter sentences to use

58.)  Flipping a Deal Right Off Zillowfor 40 Grand?

This is a fav of mine because so many real estate investors think that they need to hunting for “motivated sellers” in the deepest of trenches.  No, you just need to be good at providing solutions and the the better you can do that and HELP PEOPLE then the easier deals will be for you to find and create.

Yes you really CAN flip a deal right off Zillow and make 40 grand.

This is one of our Heroes who did this, he was 24 years old and during this deal he was learning to read and write.  WTF is your excuse lol.  You can check out my full post on how to flip a house right off of Zillow and make 40k.  This is also working with builders and developing custom home buyers.  The video is blow.

How to make 40k on a single land deal flip right off of Zillow, a year's income on ONE Zillow deal.

59.)  Motivated Seller Leads from Tug-of-War Games.

When Azam first told me about this I knew that nobody else (outside of our team) would ever do this.  That’s good news for all the non-LC BigReia.com folks here because this can be a MASSIVE source of deals.  You want to schedule a “Tug of War” or similar competition with people who have a high profile in the community because you are the sponsor and their credibility will rub off on you.

How would your business be helped if this weekend you had 20 cops knocking doors with a flyer that reads “Anna Buys Houses”?  You can easily break six figures with just this technique alone.  You can do that even if you don’t do the deals and just partner with an investor.  I love this one, I made a video below that explains everything.

You can read and watch the full post on finding motivated sellers for FREE with Tug-of-War games here.

"How I made 70k from a game of Tug of War and I didn't even play." Motivated seller leads for FREE.

60.)  Driving for Dollars.

Driving through neighborhoods or commercial areas is a very well known way to find deals HOWEVER very few people do it correctly.  To do this correctly you want to make sure avoid the mistakes others make and follow these five rules:

1.) Focusing on FARMING Your Areas – You want to pick a certain cities, neighborhoods, subdivisions, streets and/or areas that you focus on.  The key to farming is planting, nurturing and tracking – this includes flyers, postcards, etc.  You want to have 90+ day plans and build relationships for regular deals.

2.) Partner with Providers – Draw a circle around your target area and make it a point to get in touch with EVERY single realtor, investors, mortgage broker, property manager, hard money lender, FSBO, etc. in that area.  You to know and have a relationship with as many players in that area as possible.

3.) Build Bird Dog Team – The more boots you have on the ground, the better.  The stronger your army the less vulnerable you are to competition and other disruptions.  Constantly market and generate leads for people who want to make extra cash, remember you pay them out of what they make you.  A win/win. 

4.) VOLUNTEER – If you don’t know about our GXM Project and the power of “Viral Volunteerism” you should learn about it and start volunteering.  Help the realtors, investors, FSBOs, etc. but ALSO do community events and host fund raisers and charity raffles – like the Tug-o-War.  This build your visibility, trust and authority – plus you get to help people and make a bigger difference.

5.) DRIP DRIP DRIP – The biggest factor in all five of these steps, and really in ALL of these marketing ideas, is your persistence.  You want to have set-it-and-forget-it automations with emails, letters, reminders, THANK YOUs, newsletter/updates, etc. so that once somebody comes into your world your Compliance Curve turns them into fan for life.  I’ve worked with thousands of real estate people and almost NONE of them stay in touch or even try to be helpful.  Do the opposite.



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Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.