How to flip a deal off Zillow for 40k. Can you really make a year’s income on ONE deal? How to flip land deals where there’s no competition.  Easy breezy.

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I went over this on the class on how to work with home builders, this is going to go even more into that and go over one great example.
– Imagine you find a house on Zillow and you write an offer on it for $170k, then you turn around and assign for $210, meaning you get a $40k assignment fee
– You do NOT need to do a double closing or “hide your assets” and play games with how much money you made EVERYBODY knows what’s up and they are all grateful for the situation
– This entire process takes two weeks, how does that sound?

I went over this in a previous class about flipping land, working with builders and being a spec builder myself.  Here’s more on this and you guys can do this and make easy money fast.

This is one simple way to to this, there are more, but this is an easy part of our Flipping Land Models.  There three steps:
– Find builders
– Build a relationship with builders by helping them find buyers
– Find property for the buyer and move the package to the builder

Part One: Find home builders
– Go to Zillow and Redfin and look for homes for sale in your area
– Then go to the filters for “Year Built” and select in the last 1-2 years
– Now you’re numbers of homes should go way down
– Here are pictures of exactly what it looks like on Zillow and Redfin
– Now notice on Redfin it said over 350+ homes BUT when I select year of 2018 then it is only about 50
– This will happen, you can go from thousands of homes to dozens and almost all of these are new home builders or spec builders because rarely will a normal homeowner build a house and then turn around and sell it in the first 1-2 years
– So NOW you want to look for the “bunches” the high concentrations that are NOT new constructions neighborhoods like Centex, you want to find individual builders that build a spec home which I explained in my last video on this so please go watch that or email me if you need the link I’ll put the link below in the description as well

Call every one of them up, there won’t be many, in the ENTIRE Indy market there are less there are about 40 serious builders who are building regular spec homes and this is an active market
– Call each of them up, YES CALL THEM and ask what they need help with

Part Two: Build a relationship with the builder and help them find buyers:
-Call every one of them up, there won’t be many, in the ENTIRE Indy market there are less there are about 40 serious builders who are building regular spec homes and this is an active market
– Call each of them up, YES CALL THEM and ask what they need help with
– Do a Volunteer project or a GXM (I made another video about that) and help them market for buyers with signs and ads (check out our EPIC class on how to use signs for more on that) and get them a boatload of buyers
– Only one buyer will get the house now you have a bunch of buyers to talk to, see which ones want a custom home in the area JUST like this last one that sold
– Now you have a SOLID buyer with money who wants a custom home you just need to find a lot or house to tear down for them

Part Three: Find the lot/home for the buyer to build on and move the package to the builder
– All the builder wants to do is build, so now go in that market with signs, flyers, ads, looking for sellers and KNOW YOUR NUMBERS so you can do this well for example in this case the buyer waned a 750-900k custom house so the builders are paying up to 250k for the lots/houses to do this
– Now I know if I find a lot/house for sale ANYWHERE in that area for less than 250k we can move it and take the difference
– Our student found a house for $180k off Zillow but it was OUTSIDE of the area so we first get with the buyer and asked them if that area was good they said YES, if they said no would’ve have lowered the price or kept looking
– We agree with the seller to buy the house for $170k and took the whole deal to the builder they didn’t have to pay us the $250k they got away with just paying $210k for the house/land AND they got the buyer who wanted a custom home built on that lot EXACTLY what the builder wants: WORK

If the builder had a problem?  NEXT!  Remember, they know we called EVERY single one lol.

This was our special needs students who was learning to read and write DURING this deal, he is an “adult” but has some mental delays so this was a BIG WIN for him.  The whole thing took less than two weeks.

– A coworker of mine was complaining about money, I mentioned that in real estate she could do ONE deal and make a year’s income
– I was interrupted by an “expert” who was eavesdropping (another co-worker) and he came over explained that it’s totally impossible, basically this won’t work in our area
– Even AFTER KNOWING that it was a flip right off Zillow an “on the market” deal it was just “impossible” and it “doesn’t work like that”  I didn’t want to argue, I never do

When you go out there you will run into people like that, like Azam taught me don’t focus on they react to you focus on how you react to them.

That’s how to do the whole deal, hope that clears it all up!

Thanks so much!  = )

~ Indy Anna

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