Five steps to flip a house off Zillow for 30-40 grand. Real estate wholesalers do this wrong.

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Five steps to flip a house off Zillow for 30-40 grand. Real estate wholesalers do this wrong.


How to flip a house off zillow and make 40 grand in five easy steps? I love Indiana real estate.

Indy Anna Explains…

Can you really flip a house Zillow and make 40k?

Here is exactly how to do these deals and get paid in the next 30 days or faster…

What are the five easy steps to flipping from Zillow zero down and with no loans…?

Let’s get started!

I’ve explained how to flip houses off of Zillow before so in this class I will outline how to do this in five easy steps

Step One: Contact new home builders
– I already explained how to do this in my other videos you can see the links in the description below
– Finding the new construction or new home builders is easy and right now during Covid-19 they are hungry for deals like you are going to bring them
– As you screen them you want to look for a “77” so you have a group of builders you like and will take care of your people so you make good money

Step Two: Help the new home builders find buyers.
– You will pick a standard house that they have or are building right now and you’ll market it
– Remember to move ANY property in the world all you’ll ever need are signs, ads and your buyers list
– You are doing this as a GXM (Volunteering) so you aren’t even trying to make money you are just helping the builder out and building a solid relationship WHILE also testing the market and your marketing skillz

Step Three: Take the leftover buyers and build your VIP list.
– Take the leftover buyers and have them pick THREE location preferences
– If the location one is too hot then only focus on the buyers that want location 2 and location 3 preferences
– Now put the entire package together and move on to…

Step Four: The buyers signs with the builder
– They will “close” this deal with the floorplan, price, rough dates and so on.
– Everything is set and we know the rough area to build their home on we just need to find a house or a lot that meets their criteria
– This step you can do after you find the house as well

Step Five: You find a property that fits the criteria and assign it to the builder.
– You already know from the builder what the spread will be
– On these deals you can make 10-20k pretty easily and more if you do this right
– Make sure to always leave money on the table

Here’s a real-life example of a deal that I just did to make a quick $40k:
– One of my builders is Bill (Bill the builder) and he is building houses but is VERY nervous about the market so he LOVED it when I brought him this deal
– I helped him market some houses and one of the leftover buyers was Alex, I told Alex we could build him a home just like the one he called about but if he MUST be in the hot part of Carmel then it would be about $1M but if he was okay with a less hot area it could be 700-800k or even down to 500-600k in a location 3 area
– If Alex had to be on location 1 (the hot part of Carmel) then I would’ve sent him to a realtor or somebody on else on my team, I only work with people that want location 2 or 3 areas

So then we settled on a location 2 target:
– This is not the hottest market so we can build Alex’s house cheaper and we agreed on about $700k
– Now the Bill the builder and I sat down and since he knows he is building a house for Alex for $700k or so he will me that in that for a property in location 2 to build on he can pay $250-280k for example
– So now I just need to find a house (that they will tear down) or a vacant lot in that area that I can assign to Bill the builder
– I found a property that was for sale just under $200k, I checked with Alex to make sure the location worked and then he met with Bill the builder to sign all the paperwork (Step Four from above)
– Now Bill the builder has ‘sold’ the home so he just has to build it, so I assigned my option on the 200k property to Bill for $240k and he paid me a $40,000 assignment fee

Everybody is better off and WINS:
– Bill the builder gets a whole package delivered to him, the buyer, the property and the price already negotiated ahead of time, no haggling, immediate payday, he doesn’t have to worry about building a house that won’t sell because it is already sold, and so on
– Alex gets a customized home for him and his family
– My sellers gets their full asking price
– You can do these deals without leaving your house
– Also I made $40k and the whole process took about two weeks

Please check out the other videos on this because not only have I done this I’ve also trained many of our Heroes to do this too and it super easy.
– This a quick and easy way to make a year’s income on ONE deal
– These deals are fun to do and nobody is doing it, and I also covered “why doesn’t the builder just do it on their own” in my other videos too LOL
– Doing this also helps our fellow real estate folks deal with Coronavirus and WIN during this time of opportunity

So that’s how you can flip a normal on-the-market house right off of Zillow, Craigslist or anywhere else and make $40,000.

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