How any real estate investor can create a passive income of $30,000 a month?

If you’re a real estate investor then you are really a business owner and for any business owner there is ONE secret ingredient to making a passive income of $30,000 a month.  Today we will talk about this simple ingredient and how necessary it is to creating passive income.  If you want to build a business that gets you to 30k/month in passive income, this is for you.

First of all, THANK YOU again for making this channel the number one channel for Indiana real estate on YouTube according google analytics and SocialBlade info for  We’re also building the world’s largest organization of Special Needs Business Owners and Real Estate Investors.

How to make a passive income of $30,000 a month…

There is a famous story of a Japanese general who was leading his army into battle. They were outnumbered with little chance of winning.

The General stopped at a shrine.

After praying with his men he flipped a coin and told the army that if it landed on heads they would win and if it was tails they were going to lose. As he explained the coin flip:

“It is our Destiny.”

The general flipped the coin and the army watched with frozen anticipation as it spun in the air and eventually…

The coin landed on heads.

The men cheered as they drew their weapons, charged into battle and won a (seemingly) impossible victory and secured Japan’s future for centuries.

Later a lieutenant asked the general how he knew the coin would predict their destiny. The general smiled and showed that the coin had heads on both sides.

Lieutenant: “But why and what of destiny?”

General: “Sometimes knowing one’s destiny gives him the confidence to achieve it, other times one’s confidence is needed in order to achieve it.”

That is the Elevator for today:

Sometimes you need courage to advance,
sometimes you need to advance to get courage.

I’ve always appreciated how amazing it is that knowing a single piece of information can empower somebody to do the impossible.

I have something like that for you today.

I have a piece of information JUST like that.

I want to share with a TINY one-word piece of information that can do for you what the coin flip did for the army all those years ago.

This is the not just the single fastest way but –

The ONLY way you’ll ever get to 30k/mo and beyond.

You MUST do this one thing, it only takes seconds and it will change everything (and NOBODY does it) you can watch the 90 minute class and study the epic post here:

Watch the video here.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn in this free class:

===> A government experiment in October of 1935 ended in tragedy and led to a change to ALL air travel, this one change is responsible for saving millions of lives and it is the same way to hit your first 30k/month.

(Find out what the government experiment was at 10:38)

===> Imagine if you copied and pasted five one-page letters and spent one week on the phone and after that you weren’t allowed to lift a finger… and you made 100k every three months for the next four years.

(I explain this nugget at 42:19)

===> What happens if you put up a SINGLE sign on your way to work? Well for one young lady she replaced a six figure job with just a SINGLE sign on the way to work everyday.

(Learn more about this Job Killer Experiment at 59:57)

You can watch the video and get all the details all for FREE here:

Speaking of lessons from Japan…

Now some questions and answers for Azam…

Q: Azam this email was supposed to be on Monday right?

Azam: Yes but I got swamped with email replies so I was getting back to everybody. Over the next couple of weeks you’ll get an email from me once a week, usually on Mondays.

Q: I never got your other emails, am I too late to get trained?

Azam: Sorry about that, part of this 90 days is to purge my email list so if you don’t read my emails or want to hear from me then please unsubscribe at the bottom.

Soon I will be deleting people who get three emails and don’t open/click any of them – I know that’s harsh but I spend way too much time on this and I’m way too invested to keep LCs on my list.

No you’re not too late, yet.

Q: Why is the price for WBE (getting trained) going up?

Azam: Well, in the last three weeks since we did this experiment these guys on the team moved over 40 deals at 7k per so it just doesn’t make sense to keep it going for much

longer at the current level.

I don’t really make anything doing that part so I’m just doing it to help folks and to connect/build with other people like Anna.

In the last few videos Anna goes over the 50k+ flips we are doing right now – this is a time to be setting records like that – the right person is grateful to pay 10x the current price.

Q: What about the business buying and how did you guys start a museum that is making 10k/day, and what is the 90 day experiment about?

Azam: Yes, I’ll be answering all that next as we continue for now this class today will help prepare you for what’s coming. And if you click around you’ll get more answers too.

Q: I want you train me Azam, what should I do?

Azam: Well the doors aren’t officially open just yet and I’m not sure I’ll even get a chance to because I’m only to pick a very small group to work with because I personally do the training and I’ve gotten a lot emails already.

So only move forward or email me about this if you are a solid 19 on a scale of 1-10.

If that is you just reply to this email and let me know why you think you’d be a good fit.

The other steps are outlined on the page above, and the changes in price are happening soon but not immediately.

Enough with questions, don’t you hate it when people ask and answer their own questions?

I do.

Also, is today, January 9th, your birthday? If it is then you and I have the same birthday. Yes this email is going out on my birffday in case you were wondering, and yes here’s that class again as my birthday gift to YOU:

It is your birthday, here’s my 90 minute gift to you.

What a time this has been.

This is a time for humanity to come together and help one another, or we too are just another virus. In many way we have been to the Earth and each other what Covid was to us, but that is changing now.

This is the greatest time to be alive.

The old saying: some cause happiness wherever they go, others when they go. Be like that first person.

Happy New Year.

Let’s make this the absolute best time of your life.

I want you to feel the light of the Universe shining on you with brilliance as you dance with your destiny and smile at death because you know that before it was your time to go you found what you were MEANT and MADE to do with your life. PURPOSE.

Raph Waldo Emerson made this comment about your life’s path and direction:

“The voyage of the best ship is a zigzag line of a hundred tacks. See the line from a sufficient distance, and it straightens itself to the average tendency… The years teach us much the days never knew.”

If you don’t clear and live your on PURPOSE the years will show it even if the days don’t.

The less purpose you have the faster your time go.

What’s the difference between “thin” time and “thick” time? MEANING.

Don’t get caught up wasting your life on “thin” time because you had to do stuff for money, get to 30k/month and you NEVER have to do anything that you don’t want to do – EVER again. This email is FREEDOM, so go watch the class – I think you’ll love it.

Stay healthy, be obsessed and live in your Brilliant Zone where you can feel the giant Smile of the Universe on your soul – when you KNOW you’re fulfilling your destiny.

Azam that sounds like work, and if I do that then who is going to watch all my porn?

Decisions, decisions.

Seriously doe, you were meant for greatness my deer.

You and I met for a reason, and you’re reading this right NOW at this time for a reason.

Much Love Homey,

– Azam

P.S. To get trained doors are closed now, but Santa Oz MAY just be convinced to work with and accept a small group of 5-10 students soon… I ONLY want more people like Anna though – hungry people. You can email Love (at)

I’ve been doing my best to read and reply myself to each email.

Also in the last 90 days –

– 13 inner city teens with special needs went from zero and on government assistance to a net worth of over 1M and a regular 7-10k/month.

Other Heroes took their bidnesses from zero to over 10k/day, and more –

That’s over 10k/day.

And –

Also we officially have built the single largest organization of Special Needs investors and bidness owners in the Midwest, and the U.S. and maybe even in the world, not sure on that


This is cool –

Also started the “Midwest Museum of Special Needs Entrepreneurship” and that is doing over 15k/day right now – crazy stuff and a WHOLE new kind of thinking.

I could keep going – and YES this is RIGHT NOW and during the Zombie Apocalypse – it goes to show you how important it is to be skilled.

Three things:

1.) Right now we’ve invented a totally new way to to get local, small businesses to pay you 10-20k/mo and you can pick the best ones to buy and own equity in.

2.) I’m doing a new “90 Day Challenge” that started last week, as part of that you’ll be getting an email from me every week so please be on the lookout for that and I’ll explain more about the challenge.

3.) In my next email I will send you a complete class on exactly how to buy companies zero down and get big and small businesses to pay 10-20k/mo on each deal.

This is a brilliant Model and you will not find anything like it anywhere else, I promise you that this ONE thing is not only unheard of and never before been done – BUT you can use it right now and actually help people who really need it WHILE building your 10-30k/mo oil well.

For today, you should get clear on my standard strategies of doing zero down deals.

So here’s an epic page on the BIG secret to getting to 30k/mo:

This is how to get to 30k a month in passive income.

You know me, so this is NOT some pitch fest or BS and just the same stuff you’ve heard 1,000 times – NO this is epic shizzle y’all so go watch and read and you’ll love it John:

 Here’s that 90 minute class and EPIC post again.

Oh yeah – If you just skipped to this part PLEASE go back and read the above because it really is from my heart and super important to summarize:

===> Every week you’ll be getting an email from me, I’ll explain that soon. Also we came up with a new way to use RE to buy companies and save the world, like Superheroes, so

stay tuned for that and get ready for it by going through the link I just sent you.

Also I MAY be opening doors and taking a few lucky students by the hand and walking you through exactly how to get your first company paying you 10-30k/mo. If you want in that group just go here:

===> Remember that in 100 years ppl will look back on this amazing time the same way we look back at the Depression. This time in history won’t happen again, and also I may never work with students again – I almost NEVER do this. Now is your time.

Babe Ruth, Howard Hughes, J. Paul Getty, the Kennedy family and many more all have something in common: they made their fortunes in the depression.

Social Mobility training is vital right now.

Any “guru” struggling right now is somebody that you never should have listened to, all we are finding out right now is who is skilled and who is not.

Take advantage of my stuff and get skilled.

My training is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, I promise.

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

– Azam Meo (also Warren Buffet, whoever that is)

Even if we never work together I want you to be better off and I promise the stuff you get from me will be the best social mobility and “Income Ascension” training that you’ve ever gone through this is epic and you won’t believe I give it away for free haha:

Check this out and you won’t believe we give this stuff away.

Here’s that class again:

Stay safe, dream big and let’s make it happen –

Thank you so much and Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! = )

Lastly, make sure to put my email address: on your friends list. I only want you to get my emails if you actually go through them, want to hear from me and LOVE me the way that (sniffle) I love you. 

So that’s it make sure to go and get our list of over 100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers, how to buy and sell companies at light speed and retire in the next year with over 30k/month coming in on auto pilot: go there and you’ll…

Make the Universe Smile.

~ Indy Anna and Rachel
Love (at)
317- 969-5619 (Yes, that’s my real number and I actually answer so please text me first Thx!

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A totally FREE list of every possible real estate professional contact you’ll ever need to do unlimited deals, start and scale your real estate business and create generational passive income with real estate anywhere Indiana or the Midwest.

Stay here at and you’ll become allergic to being an LC and addicted to improving the world and creating Income Ascension and Social Mobility for you and yours… 

Thanks so much!  = )

Make the Universe Smile.

~ Indy Anna
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100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

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