How to make money with vacant land and raw land even if you don’t own the land yourself – 57 ways to make money with land zero down.

Real estate investors should learn the basics of how to make money raw land and vacant land.  There are many ways to add extra income with land and you don’t have to own the land yourself or put any money or credit at risk to do these deals.  Today we will look at raw land and different ways real estate investors can make money with land. 

This isn’t about doing BIG things but doing small things in a BIG way…

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Passive income from vacant land?

Growing up in Indiana, I used to drive by farms and raw land all the time. I spent years ignorant of the big opportunities I was passing. It wasn’t until one day I was helping a farmer move equipment that I realized what a goldmine vacant land could be.

“How much for a day?” A passerby asked.

“$5,000.”  The farmer answered.

Later I found out that the guy was asking how much to rent that part of the land (they had hills and off-road vehicles that came with it) for a full day.  Stunned, I had to clarify if he was really saying what it sounded like:

“You make $5,000 a DAY renting out this land?”

“Depends on my mood.”

From that day on I’ve always had a slight obsession with raw land and different ways of making money with vacant land.  Over the years my team and I have tested all kinds of ideas and I have a list of the BEST 57 ways that I know to make 50-10k/month with raw land.

The best part is the land doesn’t even have to be yours.

You can do all of these deals zero down and without loans. I explain it all, here’s the full class:

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn:

===>  How to create a “Ninja Obstacle Course” without spending a penny? Why would you want to do that?  Because it rents for 3x+ by adding the word “Ninja”.  This is how two students are making over 100k/year in passive income from renting out land (that isn’t theirs) and letting “ninjas” train on it.  I’m serious.

(find out how to make 100k/year from ninjas by watching at minute 10:38)

===>  How to get photographers paying you up front and monthly ROYALTIES? This is super easy to do, imagine getting paid up front AND every month from photographers who rent time by the hour on “your” land.  Again you don’t need to own or even be in the state.

(pictures you don’t take can make you hundreds of dollars a month passive watch: 27:38)

===>  How to get 10-20k/month by creating an intern program for farmers? A recent student helped a farmer get interns (they don’t get paid) to execute some of these 57 ideas. The interns learn business skills and the farmer makes money and you can split it with them.

(learn to build an intern program that makes you 10k+/month watch at minute 103:19)

And a lot more too, the class is over 90 minutes:

You can watch the whole class HERE.

I’m going to give you all 57 ways in a .pdf that you can download for free. In the class you’ll see the story of how a student printed that list out and gave it to local landowners and they hired her to help them do things on that list – she made 5k+ in a day – BRILLIANT.

You can get the whole list and watch the whole class HERE.

I know people are struggling right now and THIS is the time to get trained.

You don’t have to tuck tail and run you can use this time to set yourself and your family up for centuries, and today’s class can help you do that.  It reminds of something I’m reading right now, Falling Upword by Franciscan priest Richard Rohr:

“As Desmond Tutu once told me on a recent trip to Cape Town, ‘We are only the light bulbs, Richard, and our job is just to remain screwed in!’”  

That’s the Elevator for today:

Elevator: We are all light bulbs, we just have to stay screwed in.

To be “screwed in” = get properly TRAINED.

Q: Azam you beautiful and brilliant man, I want you to personally take my the hand and show me step-by-step how to make $30,000/month in passive income?

Azam: Yes, well maybe for the right person.  I may be officially opening doors and working with a TINY group of new students.  If you want to be in that group just reply to this email and let me know why you think you’d be a good fit.  From 1-10 you should be a 19.

If you want get trained by me personally the directions are on that page and you can reply to this email and let me know why you think you’d be a good fit IF I open doors for new students, remember from 1-10 you should be an ENTHUSIASTIC 19. Until then check this class out and learn how you can do all of this zero down and without a bank or loans:

57 ways to make five grand a month with raw and vacant land.

(Reminder: to be student you should be an enthusiastic 19 from 1-10 if that’s you please reply and let me know)

Also I keep getting more questions about opening up and working with students ONE-ON-ONE – like I said we are in the middle of a 90 day challenge and I ONLY want or am willing to work with students as hungry as Anna.

If you are at THAT level of crazy – a solid 19 on a scale from 1-10 – then you can reply to this email and let me know and/or follow the steps on this page to maybe get a slot.

I only want HUNGRY students.

Yes the pricing is changing, and I may not actually have a chance to officially open doors if we keep getting so many requests – but in this time frame of the challenge all this will be settled.  In the meantime you can go through the previous Elevators:

Some Previous Elevators:

Elevator: Small ripples magnify through space and time – make your ripples count.

Elevator: We pretend to hate goals that we give up on.

Elevator: Sometimes you need courage to advance, sometimes you need to advance to get courage.

Elevator: Nothing changes until your standards change.

Elevator: Low standards will disguise themselves as ceilings.

Elevator: You can reach any destination if you learn to enjoy the trip.

Elevator: Do good things for people (even) especially if they don’t deserve it.

Elevator: Learn to write words better, the written word can shape a century.

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Also make sure you check out today’s class:

57 ways to make five grand a month with raw and vacant land.

It’ll help you make a bigger impact and –

Make the Universe Smile.

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In the meantime enjoy the class on working with vacant land and try to beat Anna’s student record of 5k in a single day – all she did was print out the “57 Ways” that I’ll give you.  Make it happen, do it with enthusiasm and you’ll…

Make the Universe Smile.

~ Azam

This is NOT that hard and it should be fun and easy.  I put the class below as well. 

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100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.