How a Missouri mechanic hired a realtor who makes him a consistent $10,000 a month with no money down and no loans.

Every real estate investors needs to know how to build their dream team that can close deals for them.  Today I’ll show you how we train our realtors to do buy AND close deals on autopilot without you even talking to them.  You’ll see every step from start to finish so you can go hire a realtor right now and do deals with no money down and loans.   

Plus you’ll see why we love (and hate) Zillow so much…

Zillow is a weapon.

First of all, THANK YOU again for making this channel the number one channel for Indiana real estate on YouTube according google analytics and SocialBlade info for  We’re also building the world’s largest organization of Special Needs Business Owners and Real Estate Investors.

30 grand a month in passive income from hiring realtors?

Now here’s the story behind it:

My uncle used to tell me this (awful) story:

Years ago I heard an old story of a girl who was blind. There was a local boy that she was in love with but she refused to get married until she could see.

One day somebody donated their eyes to her.

Once the girl had vision, she saw her family, friends and the love of her life for the first time.  Looking at him he was everything she had hoped for, except –

It turned out that HE was blind.

Shocked that he never told her of his condition she refused to marry him and told him to leave and never return.  The heartbroken boy left her forever but before leaving he wrote her the following goodbye note: 

“I will always love you, please take care of my eyes.”

The lesson (according to my uncle) was real simple: 

Never do the right thing for the wrong person.

As an adult I’ve learned that it isn’t that simple and doing the good/right thing is NEVER wrong. In fact the less deserving or more “wrong” the person is the MORE it says that you helped them. In the end nobody wishes they were less kind.

Should we be nice to people?  Yes.

Even if they’re mean and don’t deserve it?

Especially if they’re mean and don’t deserve it.

That’s the Elevator for today: 

Do good things for people even especially if they don’t deserve it.

Remember in my last email we went over “The Butterfly Effect” and how very small causes lead to very big results?  Well that is the power that being good has, you can send ripples that go on to impact centuries.  

You have the power to do a LOT of good, to give MANY people “eyes”.

The material you get from me is all about changing lives.  Years ago I had a realtor “boss” of mine who hated me, absolutely hated me.  It was a mutual feeling until one day his mother fell ill and I wanted to help him.  So I made him a drawing.

Not much right?  Just a silly drawing after all…

Well that drawing showed him something he was missing in his business.

As a result of understanding this once concept he told me that he was finally able to build the business of his dreams.  It was also the reason that he was able to be with his MOM when she needed him.  That ONE drawing changed his life.

Because of that drawing he was able to be with his Mother as she passed.

It was such a gift for me to help a son be with his mother in her final hours.  Since then I’ve had thousands of folks who’ve turned into success stories.  It is remarkable that something as simple as a drawing – just ONE idea – can give somebody “eyes” and change their life.

What I’ve learned? It is all in your perspective.

I used to think only of the money and then I realized that it was ME who was the ignorant and small minded one for not realizing how much more good I could be doing by focusing on translating these skills into HELPING people – ESPECIALLY the “undeserving” ones.

That broker became a great friend.

So I started working with realtors more and more.

I would train them to do EVERY part of the transaction, to go out and find me deals, market them, find the buyer and do the entire closing – ALL OF IT – without me even knowing about it. My realtors would to the entire deal and let me know about it AFTER it closed.

Then I trained students to do the same thing.

I know nearly everybody “in the bidness” will tell you that this kind of arrangement is impossible.  But today, if you’re ready, I have an epic class for you that will pull back the curtain.  I’m going to show you every single step to build this machine.

I’m also going to show you the EXACT drawing/diagram that I drew on his hand.

In fact, you can go right now and just watch that part, it is at 48:14 just go here:

Watch the whole class here.

But if you just watch that part you’ll miss out, here’s the whole title of the class:

“How to hire a realtor that goes out and makes you 10 grand a month while you sit in your reclined chair, fully leaned back with your shoes kicked up on your desk and your fingers locked behind your head?”

Yeah dawg, for realz.

You can right now and watch the whole class HERE.

That’s the power of understanding the material I teach and train folks with, you’ll have nuclear level power and it will allow you to do what others think is impossible.

I’ve made an epic 90 minute class of intense, one of a kind training.

Here’s just a taste of what I’ll share with you:

===> Three simple and totally free ways that your realtor can generate (and close) the seller leads FOR you without you ever lifting a finger.  This is how to the realtors to do the entire deal and you hear about it AFTER it closes.

(nobody does this even though it is free, find out what it is at 20:25)

===> The magic words that a seller needs to hear and the exact email we use to warm them up so they’re eating of the palm of your hand before you ever talk to them. You’ll get the exact emails that my team uses.

(the exact words and process is at 26:10)

===> I’ll give you the EXACT map and process that we train our agents with, so they can find AND close deals without you even knowing about it.  You’ll see the process from start to finish so you can copy and paste it today.

(we invented this Model and you’ll see the whole thing at 1:03:57)

This is ALL covered in this class, I think you’re going to love it:

You can watch the whole class HERE.

This is not just some teaser commercial or something like that, rather this is a jam packed 90 minute crash course on compliance and ethical “brain washing” techniques that can change lives.

Plus I’ll walk you though the diagram I drew on my broker’s hand.

This was the exact drawing that my broker said changed his life and made his Mother’s passing a painless miracle for her. I want you to use these skills to improve lives.

Here’s that 90 minute class again.

Also I keep getting more questions about opening up and working with students – like I said we are in the middle of a 90 day challenge and I ONLY want or am willing to work with students as hungry as Anna.

If you are at THAT level of crazy – a solid 19 on a scale from 1-10 –

Are you a 19?

If that’s you send us an email and I usually try and can reply to them myself: Love (at)

Yes the pricing is changing, and I may not actually have a chance to officially open doors if we keep getting so many requests – but in this time frame of the challenge all this will be settled. That’s why even if it is late I make sure that you get this email ‘erry week.

It should – and will eventually be – on Mondays.

For those of you that know, in the last 2 weeks or so as our Indy-Takeover experiment is in full effect – Rachel, Anna and the team of Heroes are now at almost 150k.  That will take time to come in, but still that’s almost 70k a week.

Building the largest group of special needs business owners and RE investors in the world – creating these kinds of changes and ripples, giving people “eyes” – that is what we’re all about and you can be a part of this and JOIN the movement.

You really CAN build a business around having fun and helping people.

I say that because it really does show you how committed I am to actually wanting to HELP and train the RIGHT people – it is a terrible bidness choice for me to work with students because there is no money in it compared to the stuff we normally do – but I do it out of love.

One letter.

One sentence.

Just ONE conversation.

That’s all it takes to change everything.

Get my words coming out of your mouth and watch what happens.

You can engineer these breakthroughs at will.  All you need to do is understand the basic rules and the world is yours.  In today’s class I promise that you will learn universal rules of influence, gaining compliance and business building that less than 1% of real estate folks know/do.

“Once you understand the motivation, reward and punishment structure of any system, you can begin to control it.”

– Guido Van Rossum
(founder of the programming language Python)

Every week folks in our world are setting records, this is the time to make it happen and be the Hero that you future generations look up to. This is the kind of stuff I’m obsessed with, using these skills that me and my friends have invented to change lives around the world.

You can too – I trust you’ll love this class – give “eyes” to the world and you’ll…

Make the Universe Smile,

I love it.

From the moment I drew on his hand and decided to HELP, I’ve been addicted to using these powers for good.  Here’s that class on how to get realtors to bring you 10k erry month – Be a Hero, absorb this stuff and change lives with this class.

Oh yeah – Lincoln once said that the best way to deal with an enemy is to turn them into a friend. A colleague disagreed and said that we should “destroy” our enemies. Lincoln replied:

“When you turn an enemy into a friend, have you not destroyed an enemy?”

I love it.

From the moment I drew on his hand and decided to HELP, I’ve been addicted to using these powers for good. Here’s that class on how to get realtors to bring you 10k erry month – Be a Hero, absorb this stuff and change lives with this:

You can watch the whole class HERE.

About the student stuff or getting trained by me, you can go through the steps above and if/when doors are open be all over it like an uncuffed meth head on a pack of Winston’s.

Thanks so much – Much Love!

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So that’s it make sure to go and get our list of over 100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers, how to buy and sell companies at light speed and retire in the next year with over 30k/month coming in on auto pilot: go there and you’ll…

Make the Universe Smile.

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Free Comic Book Reveals:

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