How’s it going guys, Azam Meo here with and today we’re going to talk about…

How any real estate investor can go out and hire a real estate agent, and get that realtor to make you $10,000 a month, month after month, with regularity and predictability…

All with NO money down, NO loans, NO banks and eventually without lifting a finger.

This requires zero cash, so you need absolutely no money, you can do this with no experience and you can get started as soon as you are done watching and reading this page…

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So when I say hire an agent, the money that you are going to pay them is going to come out of the money that they pay you so you need no cash out of pocket and eventually as you get better each of these deals that you put together will run on it’s own with no involvement from you.

So eventually your agent will go out and make you $10,000 a month automatically. 

Pretty cool stuff, and we’ve had a bunch of students around the world that have done this and I’ll even show you how one agent used this technique to go from a top 100 agent to one of the top five real estate agents in all of Italy, so we’ve got Italia in the house.

So this is a pretty cool process that the badass nuts on our team invented and I think you guys are really going to like it.

Okay so let’s get started…

… There are so many ways to make money with agents and so many ways to hire them – or Reverse Hire them I should, remember Reverse Hiring is where you build your team by hiring people but instead of paying them they pay you it’s a brilliant process. There are so many ways to RH agents and have them make you 10k a month but here we are going to talk about just ONE way.

So here’s a quick overview of what you’re going to do, you are going to do lease option deals, these are the same as rent to buy, if you aren’t familiar with these you can go through the other class where I cover this depth, there’s a class titled how to make $10,000 a month in cash flow by doing one deal a month and in that class I go over lease options and how to put them together in depth.

So what you are going to do here is very simple…

You are doing have real estate agents find you lease option deals and then you are going to hire an agent (and you can use the very same agent, you don’t have to, but you can use the very same agent who just brought you the deal) to go ahead and sell that lease option for you.

It’s that simple.

Now I KNOW I can hear the moaning of the LCs already…

“But Azam lease options don’t work in my area!”

“Realtors HATE lease options and aren’t lease options illegal anyway?”

“I already know all this Azam that sh** don’t work for me, in my area, anymore, etc. so fu** you Azam!”

My reply: Whatevs.

(nobody does this, find out what it is at 20:25)Like Plato said:

Whether you think you, or you think you can’t… you’re right.

I’m not here to convince you of any of that stuff.  I’ve been hearing stupid sh** like that ever since I first started.  I’m here to help you find a way out from imprisoned thinking, I’m here to help you find the key NOT hear you describe the bars.

Also I’ve covered these issues in other classes but to these people, the LCs, it doesn’t matter they are so excited to embrace any excuse or anything that makes them feel better about not doing anything that facts are powerless to penetrate the force field of BS.

They’ll search high and low and desperately look for a way to invalidate all the success stories that we have of students who have done these deals in every single market imaginable, all over the world, sellers’ markets, buyers markets, flatline markets – it doesn’t matter to the LC…

They’ll find a stick in the mud, even if means they have to chop down a tree.

I don’t make these classes for them, I make them for the rest of you guys you know that if you take my stuff and if you just bring some enthusiasm, passion and just desire and you bring THAT to the party and combine that with the training here and you can open doors that are invisible to others.  I’ll repeat that… 

My training will help you open doors that are invisible to others.

So there are three basic steps in doing this…

STEP ONE: we train our agent to find us deals…

STEP TWO: we train our agent to sell our deals and…

STEP THREE: Subtractive iterations.

This is always the last step because once you start making $10k/month with an agent and that business is running on it’s own like a little oil well then you want to move to the next one and repeat with more iterations.

Then you ALSO want to train an agent to go out and train an agent, remember Skynet takes over the world and destroys humanity not with the robots that humans built but with the robots that THEY built.

Robots building robots.

The sooner you get to that point your business, the happier you’ll be, the more money you’ll make and the more you’ll have to thank me for.  And that’s really what your life is about isn’t it; being in love with me, right?  Right.

First let’s look at this 10k/month business, how can we engineer that exact income.

Well with a lease option deal, or really any real estate or really any business in general when it comes to money…

There are three kinds of money, money now, money over time and money later…

So when you do a lease option for example…

… Let’s say it’s a $100,000 house and the seller owes $100,000 or at least close to it.  In this case they have no equity so it may be a good candidate for a lease option, so you control that property (remember as Johnny Rock said ownership is nothing control is everything) so you control that property totally zero down and with no money.

Then you can find a lease option tenant and you get a down payment.

Normally the down payment is at least $3,000 – $5,000 down.

When you structure these deals you usually want at least $200-300/month in cash flow and at least $10,000 – $20,000 on the back end.  For example let’s say the mortgage payment is $800/mo and you sell the house for $110k, and you can do that because whenever you sell on terms you can sell for a higher price, so the buyer is going to pay 5k down and they agree to purchase the house in 1-3 years for 110k.

In the meantime they pay $1k or $1,100 a month. 

In that case you make money all three ways:

You get the money now, the $5,000…

You get money over time, the $200-$300/month over the 800 a month on the seller’s mortgage, so you get the every month…

Then when they refinance the house with a new loan and the buyer uses their credit at that time you get the money later, the $10,000, that’s the $110k minus the $100k or whatever the loan amount is at that time.

So that’s money now, money over time and money later.

For right now though, just to be conservative we are NOT going to consider any of that money over time or money later, we are just going to talk about the money right NOW.  So JUST that $3,000 – $5,000 in the down payment.

We’ll say about $3,000 – $4,000.

So if we just look at $3-4k that means that we need about 3 deals a month to make $10,000 a month.

So when we work with our agent we need that agent to bring us three deals a month.


… that’s it…

… that’s not so bad right, seems easy…

… and just like anything it IS easy if you have the right attitude and training.

With this goal just like with growing any business you’re either trained and you know what you’re doing…

… or you’re just guessing. 

So three goals equals $10,000 a month and that’s our goal, now remember the way we create Income Immunity is to Stack Policies, we want to have multiple ways to reach our goal. 

So think of it like this imagine you are here and your goal of $10,000 a month or three deals a month is over here on the side.  Remember that $10,000/mo is just the minimum amount but it’s a good place to start.

So now we want to build a bridge to get over there, but it’s not a cool, modern bridge it’s like an old rickety Indiana Jones bridge and each way you have to get across is a rope that makes the bridge stronger, so you want as many ropes as possible.

As.  Many.  Ropes.  As.  Possible.

As.  Many.  Ropes.  As.  Possible.

You want to create as many avenues to this goal as possible, the more we ways we have of hitting a financial target the better and safer that income is, the more ways you have a reaching a goal the more predictable and insulated your journey will be. 

That’s a HUGE thing; predictability.

So many people in real estate have no idea what’s coming up in their business.  They have no idea how much money, if any, they’ll make tomorrow, next week or next month.

Creating predictability is a SKILL.

As any of my students will tell you, and they’re actually probably so sick of me saying this but it’s so true; anything that is predictable is controllable, anything controllable is scale-able.

Okay so in this case we are working with and using a real estate agent and the question of bringing us three deals a month…

… we want to have multiple ways of doing that.

So here’s the thing there are SO many ways to do this, so many ways that we work with agents, so many ways of hitting 10-30k a month and so many ways to hire and train your agents to bring you that money every month.

Now when you consider the different options we have there are so many ways to find deals and to hire our agent to find deals…

… so if look at each of this as pillars or as bridges we could use…

… eviction notices…

… absentee owners…

… condemned properties…

… fire damaged properties…

… recently reduced houses…

… code violation properties…

… houses with code violations…

… absentee owners with equity…

… handyman specials and rehabs…

… we can search the MLS specifically for motivated or must sell keywords in the description…

… or search for specifically lease option properties although sometimes agents don’t put that in…

 … and the list goes, you get the idea.

There’s a whole bunch of ways to find deals…

… and not just for lease options but we can use those methods and a lot more to get all kinds of fast cash deals, whether they are cash offers, terms offers, rehab assignments, etc. and I go over this a lot more in other classes.

This same approach will work to get ANY kind of real estate deal.

The point is that we set a goal and a target income and then we support the bridge to that goal with a reinforced CHECKLIST.

(remember you can build any business in the world and reach any income with the right flowchart, checklist and script.  Those are our three main drivers of everything, so checklists are important in creating uniform execution among your team and predictable results.  Brilliant.)

Yes, brilliant stuff.

So we have all kinds of ways to train our team, in this case agents and realtors, to find us deals but today we are going to ignore ALL of that.  You’d make a lot more than $10-30k/mo if you put even half of those things in place.  Today, though, we’re going to skip and ignore all that and go with three other ways.

Three very simple ways that ANY hungry agent can do
to consistently make you that 10k-30k a month.

Now remember with any kind of checklist or marketing like this, any time build a bridge you want to do three things:

First you execute

Second subtract

Third you track and improve

So first you do it, then you get it done so it gets done without you and then you improve it.  And the only way you ever improve anything is by measuring, otherwise you don’t know if you improved. 

So once you get these three items in place with your agent, and you get it done subtractively where you are totally subtracted from that process then you’re just going to work with your agent to improve the results.

So here’s what your agent is going to do…

We only need three deals a month so that’s our minimum goal.  Your realtor is going to find these lease option deals from three basic sources:

Number one, from their OWN listings.

Number two, from expired listings within their office.

Number three, from dead inventory or nearly expired listings.

And that’s it.

And that’s it.

It’s that simple.

Remember it’s never what you do, it’s HOW you do it.

The LC and the Badass can go through the same thing but EXPERIENCE something much different.

It is important to push yourself to NOT be the person who reads “War and Peace” and walks away thinking it was a simple adventure, instead be the person who reads a bubble gum wrapper and unlocks the secrets of the universe.

So for the rest of this class we’re going to talk about it how do this like an artist and make sure ‘errybody wins.  Before we move forward though just know that this WILL NOT work in your area.

Okay so let’s talk about the first way…

NUMBER ONE: your agent can find lease option deals from their current business.

Here’s how this works FROM NOW ON (remember those magic words, “from now on”, whenever you start a sentence with those words you are about to make rules for your business you are about to work ON your business not IN your business, you are about to set a NEW HABIT, they are powerful words yall…)

Okay so FROM NOW ON when your agent talks to ANY seller, whether they list the house or not they are going to explain…

“You know I have a friend that I work with who is a specialist in selling houses creatively…”

Now this isn’t going to be a hard sale or anything…

… they’re just mention that they have a FRIEND right so this is an endorsed introduction then they say there are ways to sell your house that may or may not make sense depending on the situation, and let’s say the agent IS listing the property they can say…

“We’ll try it this way first but just so you know about the other options I’ll get you in touch with my friend who is an expert on this other types of selling methods…”

Now the agent is doing this so that seller knows beforehand what other steps can be taken so they have time to get used to the idea and their sticker shock if they end up going that way.  So that is from listings the agent is actively doing right now, but what about for houses where the agent meets with sellers and the conclusion they come to is that the person can’t afford to sell their house with an agent?

What if they can’t afford to list with an agent?

It works the exact same way, the same thing, right?  The agent says…

“You know this looks like it doesn’t make sense to list but I have a friend who specializes in this kind of situations and he may be able to help…”

You see what happens?

Now there are more types of business that agents have that they can do this let’s look at just one more and that’s any hard to sell listing or expired listings of their own.  They can say…

“You know we tried listing this months ago and there were changes in the market or whatever but I had a friend who works with hard to sell and impossible to sell houses and there are a few processes that may help if you want to know more…”

… and then voila… you’re introduced.

So take a look at those three ways just from the agent themselves.

First they have the houses they do list, the houses they don’t list and also the hard to sell listings.  So basically we have three sources of sellers just from the agent’s current business.  NOW what happens when they send people to you, how exactly do they do that?  I’ll explain that later but first let’s go over the other two ways that your agent is going to use.

Okay so that was number ONE, their own listings, their own business.

NUMBER 2 is expired listings from their own office.

So when a seller lists their house for sale with an agent they usually do it for six months and the end of that time if the house doesn’t sell the listing becomes expired.  So the seller wanted to sell their house, they tried to sell their house they were even willing to hire a professional to do it but they did NOT sell their house so they’re stuck with a house that they don’t want.

They still want to sell.

Now there are different ways to target expireds, you can target expireds from a specific agent, from a group of agents or from a large area, etc.  Right now we are only going to target the expireds from this agent’s office. 

Now it may be that we group a few offices together, but you can also target agents that work for a broker that matches certain criteria.  So across the board generally about 30% of all listings will go expired, that’s about one out of three houses that are listed for sale with a real estate agent will not sell…

… they will become expireds or expired listings.

This doesn’t matter how hot or slow the market is, across the board over years and years the research is pretty clear about this.  So let’s say your agent works at a broker with 100 agents, or let’s just 50 agents, and there are brokers that have hundreds so 50 is pretty easy to find.

Let’s say they have 50 agents and who list let’s say two properties a month, that’s 100 properties a month and that means that on average 30 listings are expiring every month.  Now even if you only work with just 10% of those listings, that’s 3 houses, or three deals a month.

Three deals a month… Sound familiar?

Remember that’s our goal, that is our target number.  So this method alone, this process of working with and targeting the expired listings of other agents in that office this ALONE can get you the three deals a month that you need.

And one way to go about this is to have the receptionist or somebody that the seller recognizes call the seller and explain the same thing that your agent does to their own sellers they can:

“Hi this is Jack from Remax…”

Remember the seller already has a relationship with agent and the broker that the house was listed through so they aren’t strangers…

“Saw your home is expired, just wanted to let you know that I have a friend who specializes in selling hard to sell homes with creative financing and…”

You see what we’re doing here, the same thing right?

The seller can learn more because they’ll get a series of emails from you that explain everything, which I’ll go over in a second but first let’s talk about way number three. 

So number ONE was our agent working with their own business, number TWO is expireds from themselves and other agents in their office (and remember any ONE of these is more than enough to hit our $10k/month) and now number THREE

Number THREE is that we use dead listings.

Number THREE is that we use dead listings.

Dead listings, or hard to sell listing, can also be called the NEARLY expired listings.  These are going to come from the agents themselves as in their own listings or the listings of other agents in their office.

So this is a HUGE secret that it’s like nobody does this and you can make all kinds of bank on these deals and it’s so simple.  So here’s how this works, remember how a listing expires after six months because usually the contract that the agent signs is for six months.

Six month is WAY more time than you’ll ever need…

Well in the MLS, which is the network that agents list the properties on the Multiple Listings Service, on every property there is a property sheet.  This is where the details of the house, the description, the bedrooms, path, listing price, sq ft, all that stuff.  Well in the bottom right of that page are the letters DOM, and that stands for days on the market.

There is also a note for when that listing expires.  So you want to target homes that have been on the market for almost six months, or 180 days or that are set to expire in the next 7 days, the next 10 days, the next 2 weeks, the next month, etc. whatever you adjust the criteria as you go in order…

… to get the amount of deals that you need for $10,000/month.

These are houses whose listing contract is about to expire, the listing realtor and the seller are usually desperate to get SOME kind of offer, especially the agent so they can save face in front of the seller.

Sometimes these efforts may overlap because you are getting in touch nearly expireds and then later the ones who actually expired but that’s okay and you’ll see why when we go over what happens when they are sent over to you.

Now what?

So in this case you can take the same approach with these sellers as the expired sellers, for example a receptionist or an assistant gives them a quick call and says…

“This is Jenny from the realty company and I know you have your house listed and it looks like there have been no offers and it will expire soon so we just wanted to let you know about another possible way to sell your house and a friend of ours who is an expert in creative ways to sell houses in tough markets…”

That’s how the introduction is done.

It’s important to note that when you do it this way you are leveraging the relationship that the agent and the broker have with the seller, this means that you have immediate positioning.

So if we take a step back and we look at the three sources of deals, the ways that your pipeline is being fed we are creating predictability.

To create predictability…

First, we have the agent using his own business these are current and future listings and houses that don’t get listed.  Second, we have expired listings from other agents in the office.  Third, we have dead inventory or nearly expired houses. 

So here’s the next question, what happens when they send people to you?

Right that’s an important question, right?

Well this is where the shizzle gets real.

Hopefully you’ve gone through my mind control and propaganda for real estate investors class but in case you haven’t or even if you have here’s a quick refresher, this is called the Compliance Curve, it’s a big arch, like the St. Louis Arch.


This is really a map of how the human mind reacts to new ideas.

This is really a map of how the human mind reacts to new ideas.

At first there is resistance, then progression and eventually acceptance.

This is how the mind, in general, responds to new ideas.  It is predictable, and remember if it’s predictable it is controllable.  This is something that media manipulators and propagandists have known for centuries, this is what is done to change people attitudes, beliefs and behaviors over time.

This is important to see so you can catch yourself from becoming a sheep…

What I’m saying is that understanding this concept is an important thing to learn if you want to build your skill at gaining compliance with people.

Think of it this, imagine we divide this curve into parts, we split it right down the middle so we have two symmetrical parts.  See on the left side here this is where the resistance grows and it’s at it’s strongest, this is NOT where you want to be talking to people, this is all uphill, and we all know what that feels like right?

So in real estate as a real estate investor this is where you hear things like…

“Is this a scam?”

“Who are you again?”

“That sounds illegal…”

“Let me check with my wife…”

“How did you get my number?”

“How long have you been doing this?”

“Stop calling me, take me off your list”

… We’ve all been there right?

We’ve all been there right?

It’s all uphill, and this is where you get all kinds of resistance.  It’s like playing tennis with bowling balls right?  This is where you get into the territory of the evil D-word.. you start to second guess yourself, your skill, you lose what little confidence you had starting something new and eventually you get…

… discouraged.

Now the secret to getting through this is to REALIZE what’s happening and that it isn’t personal against you and that it’s just the normal way that people respond to new ideas so when you spend time here you are doing it on purpose to build skill, to research to gather intel.

The second part to this big secret is once you get going and you know what you’re doing you don’t want to spend on any time on the left side, the more you do the more you’ll convince yourself that you can’t do this, this won’t work in your area or for you or in your business, etc. 

You’ll let the LC takeover and everything goes in the toilet.

See you really want to spend your time on the RIGHT side, over here after gravity has taken over, and really you want to spend your time at the very tail end.  This is when people have been filtered, screened and prequalified themselves.  So you and your team should only spend their time on the RIGHT side of the Compliance Curve after the heavy lifting has already been done.

Now in order to do that there are three simple phases to go through…

So look at the whole curve here, on the left we have the Introduction.

You need this to be good, and remember that the single biggest expense your company will ever go through (especially when it comes to marketing or growing your business) the biggest, most expensive thing you do is when you turn a stranger into not a stranger.

That will be most expensive thing your business does.

So the moment you meet somebody new, or you talk to somebody new or a new visitor comes to your website those actions are the most expensive and that’s why it’s so important you handle that well and you have a process that takes them from stranger to not a stranger and then into a client and ultimately a raving fan of yours

Okay so here at the left we have the introduction and then on very right HERE we have completion, and this basically means in our case you have completed a transaction.  This means that they became a client and you did business with them. 

Now in between we have a process of indoctrination.

So you need to have a process that takes people through their objections, through their resistance and through their fear and hesitations.  And this PROCESS of Curve does a majority, and eventual ALL, of the work automatically.

Now I do recommend looking at this through the lens of propaganda, compliance and indoctrination.  This is because those principles are used on us everyday, but there is a pattern because…

… people are predictable. 

When you understand what buttons to hit, levers to pull and switches to turn you will have reliable, scal-able means of influencing and having compliance.  And this isn’t getting people to do what you want, it’s helping people do what you want, because it’s what they want for their OWN reasons.

So here’s what happens and how it applies to today’s class, your agent tells a seller about you or his buyer agent does or the receptionist does. 

Now they tell the seller that…

“Okay well you get an email from my friend Jack that will explain everything, and it’s important that you just go through it because it’ll answer everything.”

Now your realtor will go to a website that you have set up, this is ONE page website and it’s tiny, it takes literally 60 seconds to set up, all you have is blank for the seller’s name, their email address and their best phone number.  This is called an opt-in page, a squeeze page, a landing page, etc.

The agent enters the seller’s info and the robots do everything else.

What happens once the agent enters the seller’s information?  It is THIS (see video) they Compliance Curve starts.  At that moment they are on the very LEFT of curve.  At the very left their resistance is the highest.  At this point an email series begins…

… this is your process of Indoctrination.

For right now I suggest using just emails, not letters or actual physical mail until you’ve done a few deals and you can invest more money into this.  So you are going to start an autoresponder series, and I’ve talked a lot about this an autoresponder is like one of the greatest inventions ever in marketing and compliance. 

It’s basically a robot that sends emails automatically, these are emails that have been premade and they frequency has been predetermined, so one email a day, one email a week, one email a month, or whatever.  This robot can work forever, you can have it send an email once a week for 100 years, 1,000 years, whatever. 

It’s amazing.

So once the seller is entered here then your process starts, now there are about 15-20 different things that you are going include…

These are called Compliance Assets.

These are called Compliance Assets.

These are badass.

Once you FOCUS on a goal everything (including the Universe) comes together for compliance.

This is how you build a business and create income and do deals without ever talking to anybody.  You’ll see what I mean as we go through this, and I don’t have time to cover everything but right now I’ll just cover a few so you have enough to get started.

So imagine the seller is going through this process of resistance so you want to AUTOMATICALLY help them move along the curve, so through email they are going to get a recording of a conversation between you and your real estate agent where you explain the process of doing a lease option, the agent will ask questions and you will answer them, you will explain the benefits, the risks and what situation this is best suited for.

This is always about what is in their best interest.

You’ll answer specific questions about legality, what happens if the tenant doesn’t pay, how they won’t be a landlord and they will actually be selling their house just on terms.  You’ll talk about how if they are waiting to get new loan and buy their new house until they sell this house you’ll explain how they can show their house as sold. 

So if they rented that house for example they could only show 75% of that monthly payment and it would be coming from a renter but if you do a lease option with them then they can show a tenant BUYER making the monthly payment and they can show the house as sold.  Now they can show 100% of that monthly payment so they can go get a new loan.

This is going to be a real educational process.

Compliance Assets Educated AND Empower

The above class is a quick one I did that shows the power of having and building a Compliance Curve for others.  This is how I bought my first two brokerages by using just a SINGLE letter.

You CAN Use Propaganda Powers for GOOD.

Which brings up something important, if you want people to think you’re smart then make THEM smarter.  There’s almost nothing in this world more important than the way you make other people feel, if you want them to think you’re a genius make THEM feel like a genius. 

Don’t sell, educate.

Don’t insist, but inform.

Don’t be pushy, be pragmatic.

When you do that you won’t have to close people, they’ll be closing you.

The person talking the most is the one SELLING.

The LC gives advice, the professional diagnoses.

You want to move these people along the Compliance Curve…

Don’t talk about how great you are and what you’ve done, when YOU are saying you are selling when THEY are saying they are selling themselves and you.

Okay so moving along this curve your sellers get a conversation with you and your agent as he plays the part of the seller asking you questions that you answer. 

You also include a recording of a conversation with your lender that explains the process of the tenant buyer getting a loan and how they can show the house as sold so the seller can get a new loan. 

Then you also have a conversation with an attorney that explains the legality and the closing process and answers other questions.

And more is included as well…

You will also explain the concept of Vampire Vacancies, basically you explain that whenever a house is neglected, empty or abandoned as the value goes down it also sucks the value of all the other houses in that neighborhood.  This is REALLY important because not only are you educating them but you’re also paving the way for them to send you other business and refer you business from around their neighborhoods.

This in itself can be a huge source of deals as you’ll see later, and speaking of ‘vampers what do you get what when you cross a snowman with a vampire…

… Frostbite…

… I know I know, but I had to do it…

I won’t even look at Randall I know that didn’t get him, there he is just shaking his head… I know…

I get no respect I tell ya…

Okay so on top of that you also want to include a few other very important things, one is a recording of a call that you have with a seller, this is a seller that is a perfect match for the very action you are suggesting that your target seller take.

Include dialog with others…

In this case a conversation with a seller where a lease option is a good fit so include that conversation so that your target can hear the exact situation that this makes sense for, an ideal lease option candidate

Also you want to include as many TESTIMONIALS as possible.  This is probably the single most important part about this.  This is ideally an interview and a recorded call that with a seller that did a lease option you talk about their previous problems and how they were solved and how it’s going.

Now what if you don’t have that, no problem.

The first thing you should do is go through my class on how to come up with killer testimonials and endorsements even if you’re brand new to the business and have never done anything.  There are some totally ethical and legit ways to come up with and use endorsements and testimonials even if you don’t “have any”. 

More on that later, for right now a quick fix is to partner with a real estate investor that DOES have success stories and you can interview some of their sellers this will be a testament or an endorsement of the process and not necessarily you and you want to make that clear and it’s a win/win because you do these deals you want to shadow the investor…

… be their apprentice and you learn the process and MAKE MONEY at the same time. 

Remember one of the best ways to learn anything is to have somebody who is already doing that thing and work with them.  Have them as your mentor, your coach and the best way to do that is to provide them business that you can work together.

Learn from the right people.

Okay so on top of the testimonials you also want to have the DIGITAL OFFER, this is going to be a way for the seller to email, fax or call and basically sign the offer right then and there so you get offers signed and brought to you without ever talking to or even KNOWING the seller.

And these sellers are going to be very informed, they aren’t going to be idiots and you know that because YOU have educated them.  One of the greatest secrets of compliance and building your business is to create Better Buyers, smarter buyers these are our…

… Empowered Consumer Policies.

Basically when somebody goes through your stuff, at the end they should be pretty much a genius.

For example in this process as you can tell this doesn’t just apply to doing lease option deals but this is how you can pick up and get ANY kind of deal.  Remember as a real estate investor you should know this from my other classes, but there are basically only two ways that you will ever buy property, either on terms or at a discount.

You either buy low and right now OR you buy high and buy over time.

That’s it!

So those are the two ways you can buy, on terms or with price.

So you can buy any property anywhere in America at any price with enough time.  So you can buy a $100k house for $1M if you have enough time, maybe you need 1,000 years.  Even though that’s an extremity it illustrates the point.  So when you talk to any seller you can buy at their price on your time, on their time with your price. 

So you aren’t just going to explain lease options, but also multiple mortgage, subject to, assignments, contract sales, contract for deed, etc.  See when you do this you aren’t just creating a more aware and informed consumer, but you are looking smart because you’re making them smart so when they call you and they’re ready to move…

… they can speak with intelligence about what they want help with
because you taught them what to say.

And on this note of creating empowered consumers and smarter, better buyers here’s something else you want to include.  You want to include a radio type interview where a host is asking you questions, you don’t actually have to get on the radio although there are thousands of stations that you can get on for free.

A quick way to do this is to go to a site like,,,, or blogtalkradio, iTunes or podcast assistance, etc.  You can hire somebody do this for pennies, really, really cheap and they have high quality audio equipment and they have those little trailer sound bytes.

Those are the sounds that are like:

“BA BA BOOM you’re listening to Dan the Metal Man, LA’s hottest rock jock…”

This DJ may be retired, inactive, freelancing, etc. as long as he is still in the business and then he comes on and says…

“Welcome to show folks, this is your main man Dan and today’s guest is real estate expert Jack Smith and today we’re going to about the five biggest scams facing homeowners in Johnson County…”

Another title you can use is:

“Three ways to sell your house for more than it’s worth.”

Again, whether you do the interview or not you definitely need to have the section on:

“The top five questions that you need to ask a real estate agent, real estate investor or any real estate professional before you even think of working with them…”

Now when it comes to these questions there is something that you should do whether you do the interview or not.  This is part of our “Create the Standard” protocol, you want these sellers to get a list of questions to ask if they talk an agent or an investor.  People love this kind of stuff because they can feel like insiders.

You want the sellers to ask questions like…

“What’s the current PHSI and the average DOM or refi and refill rate?”

This is the Pending Home Sales index an important gauge in the health of the market, the DOM is the Days on the Market like we talked about earlier and the refill is how often a lease option buyer refinances.  This is also called the refill rate.  This is also how often they resell or refill a property if the buyer falls through.

And this is important stuff to give sellers because they WILL ask these questions of others and it will be hilarious.  Remember people love feeling smart and they will attribute their newfound intelligence to YOU…

… and PEOPLE LOVE feeling like insiders.

So anytime you can teach somebody an acronym like PHSI or DOM they love that stuff because they feel like insiders.  So you want to talk about the MLS, CMA, LTV, etc. and this doesn’t just make them feel like smart insiders but they actually ARE smarter buyers, empowered consumers in fact they know more than most people that are IN the business.

So if they talk to investor they’ll ask:

“What’s your freedom score or most recent grade from the REFP?”

This is the real estate fraud prevention department the REFP, this is something else I go over in the class on Creating the Standard.  Imagine the answers that they’re going to get when they ask those “I buy homes” guys questions about the REFP, PHSI, etc.

So think about an “I buy homes” guy who is like:

“Yeah, I buy houses, I’ll make an offer you can’t refuse hey…”

Then your seller goes into that conversation armed like a mother grabber, they’re asking about he PHSI the refill raters, and what is your REFP ranking, what is your grade?

And the I buy homes guys:


Their stuttering and stammering makes you look like the only logical choice.

Also the cool thing is that when you make people insiders they kind of want to show it off so they WANT to ask about these things, they WANT to show off their smarts they WANT to have these conversations.

They’re not some naive or ignorant seller, YOU have made them better…

… so they won’t be taken advantage of or lied to by some shady agent or investor.  And a lot of times people will have these conversations in front of their friends or family because when they get off the phone they want their friends to be like:

“Wow, how did you all know what stuff?”

Then they can tell them it’s ALL because of YOU.

You see what this does?


See I always ask people what they want to accomplish when they talk to people or when people come into your world, and of course everybody says they want to do business with people (“I want to sell my sh** Azam!”) so that’s obvious… 


There should be like at least 20 other things that are important for you to do and say as well, right?  For example do you want to look like the ONLY logical and ethical choice, do you want to destroy your competition, do you want to look like a genius who actually cares about your people, etc.?

Of course the answers are always “HELL YES!”

Okay, but here’s the thing about that…

Unless you are specifically designing a process of indoctrination, unless you are doing this with premeditation and choreography, unless you are proactively planting ideas and reinforcing them no matter…

Unless you are doing that and doing it on purpose…

Unless you are making yourself look like a genius on PURPOSE…

… then it will only happen accident.

And that’s one of the powers in creating this process, it’s rehearsed, planned and the results are PREDICTABLE which is very important.

Think of it this way, this process, this sequence of indoctrination is worth more to a real estate investor than ANY of the real estate.

Yes read that AGAIN.

Here’s why…

So imagine you talk to a seller and you record that conversation, well that recording and the process of creating Compliance Assets is worth more than you will ever make on any given deal.  If you understand that then you are ahead of 99% of all those “I buy homes” guys, and you are generations ahead of all the other real estate investors that you will ever meet or that are in any market that you will ever enter.

If I had a money tree and I gave you two choices…

… I said choice one you can bring me any bag, or any container and you can take as much time as you want to fill it up with money from my money tree, that’s choice one. 

Choice two is that I could give you the seeds, the money tree seeds, so you could plant and harvest not just a tree but a forest of money trees. 

What would you pick?

The choice is obvious right? 

Well, not to real estate investors it’s not.  Nearly everybody in real estate is looking for a bigger bag, because they picked the first choice.  They don’t realize the truth, and here it is: the seeds are always worth more than the crop.

Emerson said:

“The creation of 1,000 forests is in one acorn.”

An acorn can be a single idea, a single piece of dialog, a single Compliance Asset that you build that continues to produce for you and your family for generations.  It is important to NOT overlook how important they are when you do this right.

Don’t chase the forest, get the acorns.

Be an acorn.

The seeds are always worth more than the crop. 

And that’s what setting this process of creating Compliance Assets and moving through the Curve of Compliance is, that’s exactly what it is, seeds to a forest of money trees.  This is a license to command compliance.  To get money you must first have compliance, so commanding compliance IS commanding money. 

Now I recommend taking this a step further and you take these recordings, have them transcribed and edited and now you have a BOOK.  I went over this a lot more in another class, but basically your entire table of contents is a list of questions.

And that’s a real pivotal part of all this, all you ever have to bring to any of these recordings is QUESTIONS, that’s all you need to do all of this, just ask the right questions, first of yourself and then others.

And when you do a book a good title to use is something like…

“The book on selling your house creatively, quickly and for top dollar.”

“The book on how to sell your house in 30 days or less.”

“The book on how to sell your house if you’re behind payments, in foreclosure and you owe the bank more than your house is worth.”

When you do this think about when your realtor introduces people to you and what he/she will be able to say…

“I have a friend who is a specialist in selling houses, he actually wrote the Book on how to sell your house for 10% more than it’s worth…”

You see how that works?

Right now with my referral sources they are able to say:

“My friend Anna runs the local REIA and has the number ONE youtube channel for Indiana real estate…”

Remember as I said at the start:

“First of all, THANK YOU again for making this channel the number one channel for Indiana real estate on YouTube according google analytics and SocialBlade info for”

You see how well that works and sounds?

It walks people right through “P”.  It’s a phrase when people say somebody is an expert on something but in this case it’s also literally true so it is great.

So think back to our Curve, think of all the indoctrination we’re adding.  Especially when you include that book in this process and also by the way in the class I did on this I go over how to get your book done and…

… make millions with it without ever selling a single copy.

This is part of how you can do that because you get so much business from that book but also remember you don’t have to actually write or type a single word and you when you do it my way you can do it and get your entire book down in one weekend.  It’s one our weekend models, cool stuff so you want to check that out.

Now also man…

… You guys are so damn lucky that I love you so much…

You know back in my Wall Street days I used to have to send people an audio CD and before that or actually around the same time we used to send people a VHS tape, yes a VHS, you know there are some people today who have never actually seen one in real life, and I’m not that old.  Later it was DVDs and (we even test laserdisks,  which believe it or not Pioneer was still making until 2009) this was stuff I used when we were raising money or doing IPO work.

Before we get into that though there is a pretty powerful copywriting lesson from advertising battle between the laser disk and the VCR.  The laser disk was far superior to VHS in almost every way, yes it lost.  Badly.

Why did it lose?

Several reasons, but a big factor was the emphasis of the marketing.

Notice the difference in the ads below, these were heavily run in the 70-80s to try and draw consumers away one another.

Check out these ads and see if you spot the difference…

Now look at the ads below…

Notice that laser disc’s ads are entirely focused on how “next generation” the product is, how far advanced the technology is and how nobody has ever seen anything like it…

That was all true BUT…

They never explained what that actually meant to YOU.

Since we are talking about copy writing for real estate investors I’m putting two videos here, one is above and the other is below.  You can go to the full posts:

Copywriting for real estate investors: how this one letter made me over 25 million dollars.

Copywriting for real estate investors: how this ONE letter is making me over $9,000 and how to tell great stories. 

Those are EPIC posts on how to write copy as a real estate investor.

Now back to these advertisments…

Just look at these ads for the VCR, these companies were much smarter.  Notice that in every headline they are NOT focused on the product at all, or even a feature but instead they are 100% focused on the benefit or the…

“What exactly will it do for me?” question.


Check out these MUCH better headlines…

Follow that brilliant lesson on copy writing?

All art is basically telling a story.  You tell that story best when you focus on the core benefit/s that your people will get.  Also for more on copywriting for real estate investors you can HERE.  You can also check the other EPIC post on copy writing for real estate investors and the $9,000 a month letter HERE

The videos from those posts are above. 

Oh and also programming the VCR to record stuff was technically possible but it was so confusing and complicated that many jokes were made in pop culture at the time about how difficult it was to program your VCR to record something.

That didn’t matter, they focused on the BENEFIT… and it worked

These VCR and laser disk battles also impacted video games and led to the video game crash.  The console industry took a huge hit and then one a 100+ year old company got licenses for the hottest games at the time and eventually hit us with Nintendo and people went nuts as Nintendo changed the world.

Their marketing was more on don’t WATCH your TV… PLAY it.

That was a ripple effect from the VCR and home entertainment industry, in the Nintendo’s NES stood for Home Entertainment System.  The change the whole game and created the video game, e-sports, gaming, tech, and online industries into what know them as today…

So pay attention to industries, ads and which headlines are winning.

The ripple effect of ONE headline change the world.

Anyway, I used to use a LOT of CDs, VHS tapes, laser disks and DVDs…

… it help me build and distribute my Compliance Curve…

Then later when I got into real estate for listings and when I would buy houses I would send the same bulky and expensive mailings that took weeks to produce.  My point is that it’s SO much easier for you guys to do the same thing, you can do it better, cheaper and faster than any other time in history

Yes LESS people are doing this not MORE… WTF…

It’s such an exciting time to be alive, you can do everything I’m talking about and build and deploy every part of the Compliance Curve with just your cell phone and nothing else.  It has never been easier to be in charge, and YES I mean to REALLY be in charge, of your financial future with a flick of wrist.


So you can start with recordings because they’re a little faster and sometimes people get weird about being on camera, but as soon as possible you want to do the same things but do them in video instead.  So you can hire somebody for 10 bucks to add slides to your audio recordings and you have a video with your picture and everything so they can see who you are BUT you can also do the actual recording in video.

With google hangouts, Skype, Facetime and hundreds of others options this stuff is all free and when people SEE stuff it really helps to solidify your relationship with them.  It’s the closest thing to being right there in front of them.  So you can do a quick interview with your agent about a lease option and then from now on even if you don’t work with that agent you will have a Compliance Asset that you can use forever that lets people get to know you and see you.

Your Compliance Assets Will Outlive YOU

And it’s cool because you create what we call The Big Deal Factor.  This basically means that when you put this in place you will build a kind of mini-celebrity and when people actually talk to you they’ll kind of freak out. 

It’s weird I know, but I can tell you this happens and happens fairly easily. 

Think of it this way if right after you watched this video I called you up and talked to you on the phone, it would be a little weird right?  You know sometimes when people talk to me on the phone they just lose their stuff man, they act like they’re talking to Ben Affleck or something.

I’ve actually had people say they feel like they’re talking to the president or something.

It’s crazy.  That’s what this does because over time they recognize you, they get to know you, they respect you and they value and love the help you’ve given and done for them and it’s LIGHT YEARS better than just being an “I buy homes” guy calling them up and asking:

“Is that the best you can do?”

This is why they’ll ask them stuff that you will NEVER hear
(as long as you listen to me) things like…

“Who are you again?”

“How’d you get my number?”

“How long have you been doing this?”

There’s also inherent credibility when you record something because people think it’s less likely you will lie or mislead them on a recording that anybody can hear.

Now let’s talk a step back… 

… and look at what’s happening here with our curve, first we have a powerful introduction then after that they get a chunk of stuff and the over time they get helpful references so they are getting you talking about lease options and teaching them in depth.

Then you go in to the other ways that you can potentially buy and help them with their problem, they get a breakdown of the process with you and a professional like an agent explaining what happens next, and then after that, and next, etc. 

This is how you build a Compliance Curve…

Then they are getting a lender explaining the process and how it helps them and who this makes sense for…

… they are getting your testimonials and feedback and success stories from others, even if you don’t have any yourself…

… and we’re also including stuff like the Vampire House training so even if they sell their house they can still benefit from hearing from you and working with you…

… they’re getting the ability to make an offer and/or call in to sell their house…

… they’re getting deeply educated so they don’t get ripped off or taken advantage of, they’re getting videos from you so they can see you and hear you and build a relationship with you…

… they’re getting questions to ask real estate investors and agents so they can become empowered and feel like insiders…

… and there’s a whole bunch more but I’m already way past the time here…

The point is that this process takes people by the hand and walks them through all of their concerns, objections, questions, fears, problems and…

Leads them right to compliance, with you lifting a finger…

Also a quick not about compliance and getting to your 10k/mo, here is a quick class I did where I explain a cool way to get paid 10k/mo from realtors.  This is by using a letter (or a series of letters) that you get FROM them and then rent right BACK to them LOL.

The whole on how to get a broker to pay you 10k/mo from ONE letter is here, the video is below.  This is a part of the larger classes on copy writer here and here.  Check them because they are great.

After that back to the…

Compliance without you lifting a finger…

This is what leads people right to compliance… while you’re asleep…

Remember the point is that this process takes people by the hand and walks them through all of their concerns, objections, questions, fears, problems and…

Gets people eating out of the palm of your hand.

That will be a decision THEY come to NOT you.

Having this process in place, it does all the hard work for you so then all your focus can be on making sure you have a powerful introduction with a new moving parade of people, once they introduced the machine kicks in and takes over.

Remember right now we are talking about just using emails, we can add other points of contact later but for the machine kicks in and out the other side we end up with transaction…

… and lifetime clients.

It’s like owning that room from a Clockwork Orange where you brainwash people (although Room 23 in Lost was better), once you have that you just need to have  way to introduce people to it.  Maybe that’s not the best comparison but you get the idea.  You are basically taking the best version of everything you have to say and you are capturing it, and imprisoning that brilliance, digitally so it can be used again and again.

And let me tell you, I walk my students through every step of this but one of the reasons that this is so powerful is that almost nobody knows about it but even if they did most people in the world are unwilling to go through these steps, they are unwilling to do it, that’s most people in the world or in America in general, but when it comes to people that would be posing a possible threat to you – almost NONE of them are going to be willing to do it.


… it just crazy because with this process, just like with everything else that I teach all the work is front loaded, so it looks like kind of like THIS the red line is the work and the blue line is the return, there is an inverse relationship the work is all on the front.  Then with a diminishing input of work you continue to see an increasing return and that just continues over time.

If you’re smart you are investing your time into systems and policies that produce a chart like the first one…



… a super GENIUS wants a graph that looks more and more like the second one…

That is not a bad ROI on work but…

In fact if you just did that you are ahead of most people because at least you understand that you should invest your time into things will continue to produce after initial input has decreased and stopped altogether.

That is smart…

… however…

… The more it looks like the graph below the more of genius you really are…

That is what a good Compliance Curve will do for you…

Like I said this is KIND of like what it would look charted, in reality it looks more like THIS an asymmetrical X because the work can be done in a very short period of time and the increasing returns start immediately.

Make people fall in LOVE with you and glad they didn’t pick somebody sooner.

This is called Subtraction, as you go the less and less work is required and you only have to do this with three things; Consumers, Providers and Transactions and eventually your input is not only zero but it’s not required for your company to grow and it’s crazy because almost nobody, especially among real estate investors ever does this…

Real estate investors never really build a business.

I’ll fix that for you.

If you want to know if you’re building this right just think of what happened in your business today, what was the total net result think about that.  Now ask yourself if you want to repeat or improve that result tomorrow would it require the same or more input from you?

If the answer is even REMOTELY close to “Yes” then you don’t have a business, you are not even building a business…

… you (like almost all real estate investors) just have a job. 

Okay, and I cover that more elsewhere but for now we gotta move on.  Alright, so it’s easy to see and it should be clear to you that once you enter a seller into this process you get moving in a great direction.  You educate sellers, you make yourself and them look like geniuses, you gain compliance in an unprecedented way…

… it’s just overall pretty badass…

So this is part of a process that allows you to gain compliance and get houses coming to you without ever talking to anybody, in fact without ever lifting a finger.  Actually if you just did this you would get calls from seller saying:

“Okay, please come take my house… if you could please… whenever you get a chance, I know you’re busy… please Sir…”

This happens all the time.


This class is about more than that and we need to go a step further with this, we want to subtract ourselves from not just the buying but also the SELLING of the house.  We want the entire machine running SUBTRACTIVELY. 

So after you add a seller to this process what happens when they call back?  How do you work with those deals, move them and make money and eventually do it without ever talking to anybody…

Without YOU having do to do anything?

In other words… how do you turn this into a REAL business?

Good question…

… so this is where things get really cool…

See the conversation that happens when a seller calls is going to be pretty simple and basic.  It really is something like:

“Hi I love you, I want to do this right now, please help me get this done yesterday!”

And there isn’t much to “sell” or “close” or get pushy about because the education has already done the heavy lifting was done FOR you.  Remember when they call they have already moved themselves to the right on the curve. 

So what happens now?

So to handle this you are going to HIRE your real estate agent to sell these houses as well.

Now it can be the same agent that brought you the deal or you can hire another realtor, it doesn’t really matter as long as you pick the one you like the most and does the best job for your people.  These aren’t hard deals to do by the way, in fact a little WBE/ 101 anytime you have a property, especially one that you are going to do a lease option with, if you know what you’re doing and follow our stuff correctly…

… then you should be able to move any property within 30 days at the MOST.

All you need are signs, ads and your buyers list…

Also you can check my other post on real estate investors can train realtors (even the shi**ty, LC ones) to bring you a good deal every week.  I’ll put the video blow for you as well.

… that’s ALL.

If you just use signs, ads and your buyers list you will win every time.

I’ll repeat that…

If you just use signs, ads and your buyers list you will win every time.

You don’t even need all three, just one or just two can work as well.  In fact signs alone can easily do this especially when you get closer to doing them like an artist the way I’ve talked about elsewhere.  Actually you should really check out the epic signs class

… (which you should really go through our other stuff because I go over the beautiful and brilliant things that these guys and girls on our team have done signs, man it’s gotta be the greatest class ever made on how to make a fortune from putting out signs these guys are geniuses it’s brilliant class it’s just a masterpiece MUAH!)…

… Okay so…

… where was I…?

Oh yes, so the signs alone are more than enough to move any property but after do you them you end up with a buyer’s list.  So then your buyers list will be more than enough to move any property.  When you build a solid relationship with them you don’t even need signs to sell your houses fast, in fact I’ve gone over examples where students have houses sold within minutes of picking them up because they already have buyers waiting. 

This is how you start stacking multiple checks in one day, where you have one day where you pick up two or three houses and sell them all the very same day and pick up an extra $5-10-15k in one day from selling them so fast.

It’s grrrreeeaaaat.

Here’s one way that this works if you’re starting out, so you get a call from a seller who has gone through the material, they’ve gone through the education/Indoctrination and they’re ready to go.  Let’s say that this is a lease option deal or really any kind of deal like a contract or a subject to deal, it wouldn’t matter BUT right now I’m just look at lease option deals.

We are only talking about the money-now deals.

So at that point your agent is going to take the call and get the contract.  This is a is a basic one page LOI or Letter of Intent and then at that point the agent is trained in the basics of putting out signs and they can have an assistant or a buyer’s agent do this.

We’ll talk about how to get them paid in a second.

So the agent is basically going to do three things…

First, they are going to market the house (in this case with signs)…

Second, they are going to SHOW the house to buyers (they can do this with a lockbox on the property)…

Third, they are going to close the deal.  (So they realtor is going to handle this entire part of the transaction as well)…

So you can have your realtor bring you deals and then SELL those same deals…

You have your realtor bring you deals and then SELL those same deals…

… for example…

So when a buyer comes through and they look at the house and they have the money for the down payment, let’s say it’s just $5,000.  Your agent knows that it meets the minimum so they act.  The agent will get them in touch with the lender to make sure it’s possible for them to get a loan in 1-3 years as long as they fix their credit issues.

This way the buyer is worked with to make sure they clean their credit and fix the bad items so that they can get a loan on this house in the next 1-3 years.  It almost doesn’t matter how bad your credit is if you focus on cleaning and staying clean…

… you can fix just about anything on your credit, even bankruptcy, in 1-3 years.

Especially if you are going to get a loan for a house that you already live in and have lived in for years and paid the monthly payments on time every month.  They buyer will also be able to show that they have been taking care of the property as well.

So when that looks good the agent will take them directly to the attorney’s office.  This can be right at a title company for example, and the buyer will put their money into a holding account immediately and they will sign their part of the purchase, of the lease option closing.

High Achievers Always Move FAST…

This is important because you want to move FAST, sometimes with houses like this you may be fighting off a pending foreclosure or a nasty divorce or some other looming problem but in any case it’s always in the seller’s best interest for you to move FAST and for the buyers this is how you get them LOVING you.

The best buyers always want to MOVE fast.

Imagine a buyer calls a sign to see about a house.  Then they look at it that day, and then that same afternoon they can go and do their part of the closing, they love it.  They love this because they can get the keys to that house and start moving the next day or sometimes the VERY SAME DAY that they called the sign.

It is beautiful, so help people MOVE FAST.

That goes for both your buyers and sellers.

In general you know that is a HUGE secret, so many people want fast results but they refuse to look at a fast result as just that: a RESULT.

When you look at it as a result then it forces you to look at the CAUSE.

A fast output requires a fast input, right?

Move fast and with all the grace and subtlety of a falling chainsaw…

So MOVE FAST, this will put you in a league of your own, people want instant gratification and when you can help them get that want – QUICKLY – they will love you for it.  Don’t fall into the trap of turning into a zombie or letter acceptance of mediocrity steal your dream.

Don’t be the football watching beer drinker – be the FREIGHT TRAIN.

We just had a student who had a buyer call him about a house that the seller was still living in, they hadn’t moved anything out yet and when the buyer went to put their money down they talked to the seller who said they wanted to move fast but they needed a few days to move all their stuff.

Then the buyer offered to help them move…

… and he brought his two sons over, they were big strong boys and THAT NIGHT they helped the seller move all their stuff out of the house…

… and then they started moving their stuff in the house…

That very SAME night.

Think about that, a buyer calls a sign on a house that the seller is still living in and by THAT NIGHT he will help empty the house and move his stuff in, THAT is how fast you want to be able to move.

Now, I’m really stressing this move fast stuff because so many people move at such a glacial pace because they’re frozen with fear and hesitation.  So there’s an experiment that I always recommend people do, if you want to see how much hesitation will cost you try this…

Talk to any group of buyers, 10, 30, 100 whatever number you want…

Then, a week later call them up and you will see that a large amount of them, maybe 10%, maybe 30% maybe 50% or more…

… have ALREADY moved.

They moved in that TINY span of time.  Plus, the criteria that they gave you for their new house, it rarely matches what they ended up with.  They just got hungry and MOVED.  So these peoples are going to move with or without you, but you want to be so good that working with you is so obviously in their best interest that would feel crazy to be without you.

Realize that hungry people will feed, they’re going to move. 

When people have an itch they’re going to look for 50 things to scratch it with, now you’re starting from scratch, head scratching and cash strapped and they’re unpacking because you got lapped…

Don’t be so stoopid.

Don’t let happen and you know here’s the way to look at it:

Whenever you are working with somebody, are they fighting and struggling to keep up with you or are you struggling to keep up with them?

Always be the faster one, whenever a seller or a buyer or anybody really asks you how fast you can move the answer in your head should always be the same…

… faster than you.

Okay so that’s how you move these houses and close on them really fast, and even if a buyer is a total stranger to you they can get the process started and finished from the time it takes to get from the house to the attorney’s office.  That assumes they haven’t already been in touch with your lender and gotten themselves squared away financing wise.

They could’ve already done this because there is a separate Compliance Curve for buyers so they can be ready to go and pre-screened and qualified before all of this.  In the worst case scenario it can still be done right then and there and then the seller is notified so they can go and the official closing and move in dates can be finalized.

… And so that’s how you do it…

So that’s how you close these deals remotely from anywhere in the world and in any market in the world. 

Now let’s talk about the agent paying your agent, remember when  you build your ‘bidness my way and in the way that I teach then EVERYBODY should be getting paid.  You don’t want to be stingy or a cheapskate about this make sure you’re people get paid and that they’re are happy or you’ll be skating on thin ice…  with roller blades… right Randall, no? 

… what about with a neck brace, or a two of spades, and ANKLE WEIGHTS… nothing, alright, I’m not even getting a glance, he’s just… just cold as ICE oh nooo… okay –

The point is that want to make sure your people are getting paid.

In this case with the real estate agent you want to make sure they make good money on these deals, one of the big problems with agents is their constrained thinking.  That’s actually a problem with most everybody in any business.  So it’s important that you work with your agent and that everybody sees the value in doing this and they see it as in their best interest.

Okay so I think we teach like 15 or 20 ways to pay your agents and pay them well, keep them smiling keep them cheesing, okay so here are just three basic ways to make sure they get their cheddar.

How to pay your agents…


 Three ways to make sure your agents are ballin’ and stay ballin’…

How to pay your agents or…

Three ways to make sure your agents are ballin’ and stay ballin’…

There are a few different ways to do this.

Just focus on the relationship and making sure you are taking care of your people.

Number one, is you can pay them their full commission
on the back end when the home refinances.

So this way the agent will make two to four times what their usual commission would be, it will just take time.  For example let’s say the house is a $150,000 and the agents would have been paid 6% if they sold it, that means from that $150k it would have cost the seller about $9,000 so they would have gotten $141k from the sale. 

Now if you sell that same home with terms or on a lease option you can raise that price (because remember that any time you sell on terms you can raise the price) and usually you can raise the price by a minimum of 5-10% but even if you just raise the price 6% so it sells for $159…

… now the agent will get the same $9,000.

The difference is that they don’t have another agent to split it with so they make at least twice as much money and the seller will get their full 150k instead of 141k.  So it’s a win/win but the down side is that they do have to wait, in the meantime the agent can get payments though which brings us to the second way to get them paid…

Number Two: the realtor can be paid by financing their commission. 

This is another MASSIVE secret that almost nobody in real estate understands.  I did a class on how any agent can make an extra $10,000/month doing this so you can check that out too, and it should help you follow and understand this.  So let’s say the agent says…

“Okay so let’s do a lease option and I’ll get payments of let’s say just $300/month and the seller won’t pay for it the buyer will pay for it every month.”

Well at just $300/mo if you are doing just three deals a month, in six months the agent is making over $5,000 a month from those residuals.  In 12 months those payments are over $10,000 a month.

That’s 10 grand a month, just from the residual payments. 

Not long ago we worked with an agent and helped him get this going and a few other agents wanted to learn how to do it too so Millie did a special workshop for them.  We let some other brokers learn about it, this was basically to show them simple and creative ways that agents add an extra $5-10k/month to their business and sell homes much faster without impacting their current business.

As a favor she agreed to do that one day workshop for only $1,000 and there were over 150 agents there.  So that alone is a good side lesson because when you get good at this you can do a special workshop with your agents for example…

… and make a quick six figures on the side. 

It is also a good way to screen those agents and pick the realtors out of this group that you want to work with the most.  So any of them can go out and do it but you can pick the ones you like the most and work with them and build these income streams individually.  So it’s a great way to add agents to your bull pen. 

Now at that workshop there was one agent who Millie picked to start doing deals with and this is all he did, he brought her lease option deals from the hard to sell houses and he financed his money and commission this exact way.  In less than 9 months his residuals were over $26,000 a month.

Realtor makes over 26 grand a month.

(Side Note from Indy Anna:  I learned this from Azam too and started my “Indy Anna” workshops and they’ve picked up really well.  This is a really good way to get good realtors and instead of screening them they pay you up front to be on the team.  So you do the Lender Agent Model with agents who paid you $5,000 for example.)

This is killer, and for more on this you can go over the class I did why realtors should finance their commission but for now let’s move on to number three:

So the number three way to pay your agent…

Number Three: when you close on those lease option deals you can give them a portion or split that down payment with them.

This will depend on the volume and transaction size because you want to make sure you hit your $10k/month first and then you can adjust the numbers to make sure you hit it.  When an agent rents a house or something they may make one month’s rent, so you can help them do that.  In the case of lease options another way is just to pay them $50 or $100 an hour but you don’t actually pay until the deal closes.

They are used to working like that.

Okay so those are three basic ways to make sure your agent gets paid, and really you should consider for a moment what they are actually doing because remember there isn’t much involved in these deals and you have the process in place to do all the heavy lifting.

On top of that they can have their office receptionist, an assistant, an intern, a buyers agent, a seller’s agent, etc.  So they can have one person to do just about everything.  If they pay that person $10 – $15 an hour and you pay them $50 – $100 an hour…

… that is a BIG win for most realtors.

Think back to our stacking policies flow chart.  Remember we have our goal here and we build multiple ways to get there we STACK POLICIES, right?  Well we aren’t talking about all the other ways, right?

We didn’t even need to get into the other ways like…

… rehab deals…

… expired listings…

… the bank repos…

code violations

… eviction notices…

… absentee owners…

… the section 8 guys…

… handyman specials…

… recently reduced prices…

fire damaged properties

… the second or third time listings…

multi-family and income properties

… foreclosures and/or pre-foreclosures…

… and you get the idea… I could keep going because I’m leaving out a LOT…

… Also for more make sure you check out the EPIC post on 100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers

… That makes this class is worth MILLIONS.

… and you get the idea… I’m leaving out a LOT.

Like I said is just another element…

… That makes this class is worth MILLIONS.

So even after leaving all that being left out, this is STILL easy to your $10,000/mo.  In other words we don’t need all those other items or even ANY of them it to get to our $10k/month and once the process is in place you can scale that $10k way out. 

Think about this, we have our  Compliance Curve ready and your agent is doing the good Introduction to introduce people at the left.  Now to do this remember they are just doing three very simple and basic things, for their own listings, expireds in the office and not selling houses in their offices.

Now look at and consider the actual amount of work involved. 

Among their own listings it is basically a thirty second conversation with people they are talking to anyway, with the expireds a receptionist can call because the seller will know them or at least know the business and broker and that same person can also do the nearly expireds. 

Now think about when more and more agents from that office start feeding this process, when they are all sending their not selling or hard-to-sells or also letting any clients know about a simple way to move houses quickly and creatively.

Remember you ONLY need three deals out of potentially hundreds of houses here. 

And this is how you pick up houses, how you get inventory subtractively without spending any time or money.  This is just ONE way.  Remember…

You can do the SAME EXACT thing with all the other methods.

Just get on iteration going, one cycle and get your $10,000 a month running like clockwork and you can repeat the exact same process.  Robots building robots.  Also make sure you go through my signs class for more on self similarity and it applies to building your real estate business.

So you get the houses, then to move those houses we can use the same agent or another agent to close those transactions and here we can just stack policies again.  We can just use signs, ads and your buyers list but remember all we are talking about today is just signs because it’s more than enough to hit our goal HERE of $10,000 a month.

That will get you to your $10,000 a month target.

Later we can add other things, we can have the agent in charge of our buyers list or we can hire somebody to work on their team and talk to our buyers all day long.  This way when a buyer is ready to go and they have money then they can move into something immediately.  That person on your team is working very closely with the buyers who have $10,000 down or more.  Remember buyers are going to jump, you just have to be so good they would never work with with somebody else.

Remember they’re going to jump we just want to make sure we’re moving faster and better than them so we can really help them.  That’s what you really want to be doing, just making friends and helping people at the same time.

Now once this is in place this machine becomes one iteration…

… an oil well here pumping out 10k/month, then what do we do?  What do we always do after a successful pass, after a completed iteration what happens, what do you do?  That’s right you DO LIKE A HUNGRY CLOCK and…

Go back four seconds…

We build the same thing again, and again and again.  These are self containing systems and we do the same process to build it again.  Self similarity, the same thing at different magnifications.

THIS is the mentality that you build a business with, a REAL business with and not out there being a landlord or doing rehabs or trying to do twitter better and just putting out fires and spinning your wheels.  This is how you build a serious cash cow, and I don’t mean the details we’re talking about with agents…

… I mean the overall mentality and the thinking that goes into it.

And when it comes to paying your agents and paying your team it really comes down to understanding the three kinds of money; money now, money over time and money later.  So you can work with these variables and find something that fits…

… and makes everybody happy.

One thing I should add is that whenever you split something or come up with an arrangement to pay your team, if you split a payday then a question to ask yourself is are you okay with either payment?  If you are splitting a piece of cake with a friend, if you divide the pieces let them pick which half.  So anytime you are splitting money you should be happy with either payday.

You want to build LONG term relationships…

… make that clear up front, be honest…

… be transparent, and remember…

… always be nice.

Being nice and friendly is a skill.

Making people (including yourself) smile, makes everything in your life easier.

You MUST learn to swallow your pride, release the ego and be NICE, gentle and kind.

Since the goal is to get to $10-30k/month with your business, until you get there I don’t recommend doing ANY kind of long term deals.  That means don’t mess with equity or cash flow deals UNTIL you are making a consistent $10-30k/mo so your money now should be at that level.  That’s the top priority and I’ve covered all the reasons for this in the SA class which you should watch…

… you can go to and check that out.

When it comes to working with others, whether they are agents or anybody else something else I should warn you about is not letting your ego get the best of you.  If somebody takes advantage of you or whatever just move on, don’t get nasty and don’t go high school on ‘em, don’t escalate.

Just be thankful that your ideas and policies worked and than have the gratitude that the world works the way it does and everybody gets back what they put out.  Never be afraid to give more, be more than fair, everything works out nobody gets away with anything and…

… all goodwill you give is always returned in one way or another.

Alright so before we end here I’ll give a few examples of exactly how the same process that we just talked about today has been used by people on our team her and by other students to go out…

… and start stacking all kind of Gs…

A student was working with Tricia and he started this exact model, so he build his Compliance Curve out in the way I teach it took a little more than a weekend but during that time he was interviewing agents and lenders.  When he started he picked six agents to start out with, now of those six two were much better than the others. 

He still made money with the others but…

… I’m just going to talk about how much he made with these two good agents. 

So in MONTH ONE one agent added introduced three sellers and the other agent introduced TWO sellers, so remember this means the seller start at far LEFT on the Compliance Curve, at the far left, the very beginning. 

Now the indoctrination takes over right? 

So in the first month out of those five sellers he did one deal and made $6,000. 

So $6,000 his first month. 

Now in MONTH TWO one agent introduced eight sellers and the other five.  He did three deals for a total net profit of $13,600.  So already he’s over $10,000 in one month, but it’s not every month yet and it’s not with each agent.

Well in MONTH THREE one agent introduced 16 sellers and the other 11, and he closed EIGHT deals that month and made over $26,000 for the month.  Now it’s interesting how those numbers jump right?  This is because as you do these deals and people see how beneficial it is and how much money they can make you’ll get more compliance BUT on top of that what happens is… 

… the snowball effect from previous sellers and people along the curve.

So even if you stop introducing new people you will still have a steady flow of business from them because…

… you are gradually moving them along the curve.

And it keeps compounding, the ROI goes UP every day…

Remember like I said above your compliance only improves.  So even if you stop introducing new people you will still have a steady flow of business from them because you are gradually moving them along the curve.

So now he has consistently been making $20-25k a month, which really is only like one and a half deals a week, less than two a week, easy right?  Again don’t focus on the actual money because it’s the result so instead…

… look at the CAUSE and the simplicity of the cause.

Remember when we talk about introducing people all it takes is going to your website and putting the sellers name and email, it takes two seconds.  The realtor can do it FOR the seller or a seller can do it themselves.  Also the realtor is first talking the seller and letting them know about you and to expect your help if they want it. 

This is why you can do so well with so few people.  These conversion rates are insane and especially when you think about the profit per transaction, no direct mail people or marketers…

… NOBODY will believe such a high compliance and transaction rate is possible.

The reason you can do this is because you have followed my instructions in making sure that your Compliance Curve is done correctly.   So first you make sure your Indoctrination process works correctly and helps people draw the correct conclusions and internalize the right ideas.  Second you are making sure that qualified and appropriate people are being introduced but thirdly, and this is important…

The INTRODUCTION has to be done done properly.

The INTRODUCTION has to be done done properly.

This is so important in part because you need these people to actually go through what you send them, and it won’t happen if anything you say or send is seen as spam.

In a second I’ll show just how powerful this first conversation can be and how you can do it correctly without ever trying to sell or negotiate and by doing something that may seem like it would never work.  We’ll go over that in a second but first let’s look at another example of…

… making sure you get $10,000 from your first month…

That is what this all comes down to, it isn’t just making the money but doing with regularity and based on passion and helping people.

Once you have these items down you will be able to get to…

$10,000 a month with Mathematical Movement.

Again that is $10,000 a month with Mathematical Movement.

So you can pick agents who have X number of people in their brokerage, let’s say 50 or 100 for example.  Now let’s say that only one out three agents you work with will execute well enough or will be a good enough fit BUT we’ll even say that instead of three deals a month they are only doing one a month.

Now to do that let’s say we need 5, 10 or 15 sellers introduced to you.  That number isn’t as important right now because we can adjust the number of agents you work with or the criteria in selecting them based on the seller count.

What if you miss?

So even if you are at those numbers, and you are at one out of three agents and even if they only execute enough for one and NOT three deals a month.  That means that in one month if you properly screen and interview 10 agents you will end up with three that you do a deal a month with…

… which should be at least $10,000 a month.

So if you talk to ONE agent EVERY THREE days, you could make $10,000 a month.

ONE conversation every THREE DAYS = $10,000 a month.

Or it could, but not in your area.

One conversation every three days to make $10,000 a month, that may sound kind of crazy but that’s the exact test that Zach and Millie put two students through.  With one student, the numbers aren’t totally clear because they also did a few rehab deals but in the other case this is exactly what she did.

From JUST talking to one agent every three days, in her first month she had four deal and cleared over $10,000.  In the second month it was $13,000 and then…

… in the third month it jumped up to over $20,000 for that month.

How do he get to 20 grand in a month so fast?

That again is because of the effect that the Compliance Curve has, over time you will do MORE deals and have more compliance not less.  Your work and efforts will pay more and MORE over time, the return isn’t diminishing it’s increasing.

You ROI will be increasing every day.

This is such a powerful thing isn’t it?

Talking to one agent every three days and pulling out this kind of compliance, it’s crazy.

Here’s my favorite kind of example like this…

Now we’ve talked about how important the introduction is but you may have already thought, do I even need an agent?  This is class is all about hiring an agent to do both the buying and the selling BUT when you think about this process it can work in a lot of different ways with or WITHOUT having an agent doing the buying. 

So you can still have an agent do the selling if you want but you really don’t necessarily need an agent to do the sale, because you can use our stuff and sell any property in under 30 days.  I have a larger poin though, and if you understand this…

… then you are close to being in a league of your own.

Shakespeare once all the world’s a stage and we are just actors, or something like that, and if you look at your business that way it’s because much easier to build oil wells.

So if you look at the buying and selling and the introduction of people into your Compliance Curve, if you look at those as pieces then all you need is SOME method of execution, or MOE.  If you get your MOE in place it will get those things done for you.

You can slowly subtract yourself from each part of this. 

Once you build it correctly and subtract yourself correctly you will have these divisions of your business running on their own, and even growing by the ranks you have hired and properly trained.

So here’s a great example of what I’m talking about, Tricia had a student that made good money at his job, so he wasn’t as hungry to put things in place.  At least not at first.

That’s a brilliant side lesson by the way…

… because if you learn stuff from me it will stay with you for the rest of your life so even if you don’t put it place immediately you will have the knowledge and skill to change your income class and create social mobility for yourself and others for the rest of your life, just an important side note.

Anyway things went south when he lost his “good” job.  Things got shaky with his marriage and he ended up divorced, unemployed and broke.  So for months and months he was a student but not executing anything, his situation deteriorated and it got to a point where…

… he was actually trapping squirrels for food.

He went into his yard and was capturing, killing and cooking squirrels for food…

That’s where he was at…

… eventually he got a job changing oil in cars, so he was paid like half the minimum wage or something.  So not much money and he was started to lose his house.  So things were still getting worse but then he snapped.  With his back against the wall, he passed that moment that where he was more painful than moving…

… he started to execute.

Now even though he was working 14-16 hours a day just to pay his mortgage, so even though some could look at this situation and say that he didn’t enough time, he STILL took what we’ve talked about today and he put just a piece of it in place.

So he put the basics of the Compliance Curve in place, he did it in a single day while he was at work.  I remember talking to him and Tricia was on the line too and he scheduled out every minute of one day, so if you break a day up into 19 minute Time Blocks the way I teach then those chunks become vital.

You can change your life in the next 19 minutes. 

Using 19 minutes for Badassery can change everything…

19 Minute Time Blocks (which is what I recommend for all scheduling) will make it much, much easier to get a lot done because for the average person if you just worked on your business for one or two or even just three 19 minute time blocks in one day you could more done on your business than most people will get done in years. 

So he put the basic parts of his Compliance Curve in place almost overnight, and this isn’t that hard to do when you follow my lead because I’ve already done the hard work for you.

So next he did something pretty cool…

See I’ve always hated the idea of selling or being pushy or “Always Be Closing”, and so did he.  So instead he approached is in another way that I teach and that is to have deep, emotionally invested conversations…

… basically you go into each conversation to make a lifelong friend.

That’s how this works, instead of having a short pointed conversation, you go the exact opposite way you.  You have long, drawn out conversations, you touch on everything from where they went to school, what they like to eat, when they got married, when they got divorced, etc.

So you just make a friend…

So you just make a friend…

… you get to know them better, you find out what drives them, what motivates them, their likes their dislikes, etc. you just get to know them and be a friend.

You don’t time a conversation with a friend, so it may be a few minutes or it may be a half hour.  It may be 45 minutes or it may be much longer.  This is a skill and there are specific parts of dialog you can use to make people open up, to disarm objections and endear yourself.

This is just a matter of training and practice.

The better you get the faster you’ll get “there” in your conversations and dialog.

So that’s what he did, he talked to just ONE seller every two or three days and that was IT.

You know when you have this process in place, when you’ve built the Compliance Curve and your Indoctrination correctly then IT not YOU will do the heavy lifting and do the most of the work for you so your goal isn’t just to make a friend but to make sure that your relationship with them is such that they will make sure to go through everything they get from you in the future.

You need to be in the “A Pile” of emails and mail that they always open.

So your dialog and conversations don’t need to “sell” or “close” it is just to prepare your folks for them to be Indoctrinated.  They go through everything they get from you because you guys are FRIENDS, right?

How do you build relationships like that?  It really comes down to just CARING, you know?  People pick up on that, so just care about your people, love them, and then let the process take over.  Just focus on making sure the introduction is done correctly and well.

Love your people.

Love your people.

So imagine being at a dead end job, divorced, broke and hunting squirrels for food, because he went from that to having just ONE conversation every two or three days with a seller.  Keep in mind that these people were “free leads” right out of the newspaper, the for rent and fsbo ads (so not “motivated sellers” haha)  and JUST ONE conversation every two or three days.

So in his first four days a seller called him back and said…

“Hey I got your email thanks for explaining all that, I’m ready to go I want to do a lease option I already emailed you the signed letter of intent what do I do next?”


He could hardly couldn’t believe it, but he went to work.

By that weekend he had moved that house and made $3,500 from the down payment.  His first deal, and he picked up his first house in four days, how many investors do that?  And how many do that not by “faking it til they make it” but by just making friends.

You know these conversations he would have while he was on his lunch break, or on the way home from work and when you do this he would be totally transparent and tell people that he was on his lunch break or on the way home.

Always be totally honest. 

Now in his first month he did another deal and then in his second month he did four deals, about one a week.  In the third month it was seven deals, almost two a week, his total net profit on month three was over $20,000.

Altogether he had made over $30,000 in his first 90 days.

Over 30k in his first 90 days just from calling one seller every two to three days.

That’s the power of what I’m talking about AND ANYBODY can do this.

Alright we are way past out time so let’s do a quick recap of what we talked about today and some final action steps – first we talked about the importance of making sure you build your business not as one large business but as multiple self contained parts based on Self Similarity (from the SIGNS class) so each Model, each division makes you 10-30k a month, when we hire an agent…

Okay we got all kinds of stuff above and in the video too.

Much Love,

– Azam and Indy Anna

So here’s the video from above again in case you haven’t gone through the whole class yet:

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Speaking of lists, for a list of the "Good People" and My Indy Anna Homeys - this is a FREE list of EVERY possible contact that you'll ever need to build a real estate business in the Indianapolis or the Midwest.

You can also get a LONG list of every contract, piece of paperwork and legal document that you'll EVER need for your real estate business all FREE to download.

Also perhaps the most important class Azam has done is on the "Frequency of Thought" and how to use the laws of quantum physics to rewire your brain, attract brilliance like a lightning rod and be the best version of yourself.  Check out this epic 3-hour class on Quantum Real Estate.

When I first go started I thought wouldn't it be great if somebody put together ONE list of every possible contact that I would ever need to build a passive income with Indiana real estate - or any Midwest real estate?  Well that's exaclty what I did with our “People Page” here it is:

A totally FREE list of every possible real estate professional contact you’ll ever need to do unlimited deals, start and scale your real estate business and create generational passive income with real estate anywhere Indiana or the Midwest.

Stay here at and you’ll become allergic to being an LC and addicted to improving the world and creating Income Ascension and Social Mobility for you and yours… 

Thanks so much!  = )

Make the Universe Smile.

~ Indy Anna
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(YES that's my actual Direct Line and I really do answer lol, so please text me first Thx!)

Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.