How to use pet policies to buy apartment buildings and create passive income zero down and without a loan.

Buy apartment buildings zero down is nearly impossible and few real estate investors are able to do it predictably.  Today you’ll see a crazy way to buy apartment buildings and create generational passive income all zero down and without a loan – by using PET policies.  We will go real life examples and all the math and dialog you need to know to get started today.  

Plus you’ll learn the story behind the deadliest ad ever…

You are choosing what you aren’t changing.

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30 grand a month in passive income with apartment buildings?

Edward Lorenz was a quiet, humble man who loved nature.  

Both sides of his family were filled with high IQ people – his father attended MIT and graduated in mechanical engineering while his grandfather on his mother’s side developed the first chemical engineering course at MIT.

So nobody was surprised that Lorenz was a genius.

After graduating from Harvard and Dartmouth with degrees in mathematics he worked for the US Army.  Later he also got a master’s and a doctorate degree from MIT.  So this guy was a big time thinker – Azam Meo levels of genius.  Can you guess what his job was?

A meteorologist.

(that’s right, he was a weatherman)

In 1961 Lorenz was using a digital computer to simulate weather patterns using variables like wind speed, air pressure and humidity. The program would then return a weather scenario based on the given conditions entered.  One day something unexplained happened.

The same input was resulting in dramatically different weather conditions.

Lorenz was an expert in his field, perhaps the best in the world yet he had no explanation for what was happening.  When entering the same exact information, variables and conditions he was getting back a totally different weather scenario.

Later in his book he explained this mystery:

“At one point I decided to repeat some of the computations in order to examine what was happening in greater detail. I stopped the computer, typed in a line of numbers that it had printed out a while earlier, and set it running again. I went down the hall for a cup of coffee and returned after about an hour, during which time the computer had simulated about two months of weather…

The numbers being printed were nothing like the old ones.”

(eventually he found the answer and THIS is bonkers)

“I decided to see just where the mistake had occurred, knowing that this could speed up the servicing process. Instead of a sudden break, I found that the new values at first repeated the old ones, but soon afterward differed by one and then several units in the last [decimal] place, and then began to differ in the next to the last place and then in the place before that. In fact, the differences more or less steadily doubled in size every four days or so, until all resemblance with the original output disappeared somewhere in the second month. This was enough to tell me what had happened: the numbers that I had typed in were not the exact original numbers, but were the rounded-off values that had appeared in the original printout. The initial round-off errors were the culprits; they were steadily amplifying until they dominated the solution.”

How small was the “culprit”?

Instead of entering conditions of “0.506127”, he entered “0.506”

That was IT, a difference of about “.0001” is all that it took.  This TINY change with the input created a wildly different output.  This process of small things impacting much bigger things was eventually given a name and Lorenz is the father of this concept:

The Butterfly Effect.

Small causes ripple through space and time.

The Butterfly Effect.

Small causes ripple through space and time.

There are many versions of the butterfly metaphor.  The single flap of a butterfly’s wing can create a tornado, the flap of a butterfly wing can create a hurricane on the other side of the planet or the force from the wing of a butterfly can lead to a monsoon weeks later.

That’s crazypants right?

That has to be an exaggeration though right?  There are a LOT of really smart people who have talked about this idea in one way or another:

“The displacement of a single electron by a billionth of a centimetre at one moment might make the difference between a man being killed by an avalanche a year later, or escaping.”

— Alan Turing, famed mathematician and founding father of artificial intelligence

“You could not remove a single grain of sand from its place without thereby… changing something throughout all parts of the immeasurable whole.”

 Johann Gottlieb Fichte, philosopher and pioneer of the self-awareness movement

“…whatever we do affects everything and everyone else, if even in the tiniest way. Why, when a housefly flaps his wings, a breeze goes round the world.”

— Author Norton Juster in his famous children’s book The Phantom Tollbooth

Here’s the crazy part though:

Those famous quotes were all BEFORE Lorenz and his experiment.

The theory that a single electron, grain of sand or breeze from an insect’s wing can impact the entire planet has been around for a long time.  The idea that very small causes create very big results is not new, but for the first time Lorenz was able to mathematically PROVE it.

That is what has blown so many minds.  It makes sense though right?

I mean how CRAZY does it sound:

Are they REALLY trying to say that the flap of a butterfly’s wing can have that much an impact, I mean that has to be a metaphor right?  An exaggeration?  Not literal right?  The force from the wing of a butterfly does not REALLY cause a hurricane/tornado, right?


Well actually…

They really DO mean that a single flap of a butterfly wing can do all of that.

As outrageous, asinine and exaggerated as those examples sound – 

The MATH totally supports all if it.

A small effect is magnified as it travels distance and time.

Small Change + Space + Time = Big Change

That is the Elevator for today:

Small ripples magnify through space and time – make your ripples count.

Something as simple as you taking a shortcut to work could lead to a genocide.  Yes you have THAT kind of power.  That may seem crazy to think about but just look at your life and how many big results came from very small causes when you trace them back to the source.

Can on advertisement REALLY kill over 50 million people?

In the late 1950s the Communist Party of China launched a program know as the Great Leap Forward and the first initiative was called “The Four Pests Campaign”.  Mao Zedong was the boss at the time and he believed by killing rats, flies, mosquitoes and sparrows – China would flourish.

They were wrong.

The public went crazy and targeted sparrows by breaking eggs, smashing baby chicks, destroying nests, etc.  The problem is that the sparrow’s diet including insects that fed on crops.  By killing nearly all the sparrows the locust population surged.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds of grain were eaten by locusts.

On top of that the drought, flooding and public unrest led to the starvation of over 50 million people and the at least as many infant and pre-birth deaths.  This led to the Great Chinese Famine and is considered one of the greatest man made disasters in history.  The CORE of all of this was –

One stupid ad.

If you had told Mao or anybody else that if they run that ONE ad they will kill over 50 million people, you would sound crazy.  That’s how the butterfly effect works, when you just list the cause and the result next to each other without the staircase it SOUNDS crazy even though it is true.

Hitler was described as a bohemian painter – until got rejected from art school… twice.

Historians look at THAT moment as what put Adolf Hitler on his path.

TINY things lead to GIANT things.

Whether a “0.0001”, an ad about a sparrow or getting rejected from art school – VERY small hinges open VERY large doors.  This is as true for life as it is for business.  The smallest decision to make a phone call, pursue an opportunity or help somebody can ACTUALLY trigger a revolution.

Be careful how you treat people, opportunities and your life…

Small ripples magnify over space and time – make yours count.

Small ripples magnify over space and time – make yours count.

Azam, what the heckballs does this have to with buying apartment buildings?

Funny you should ask… 

If you don’t know I have two parrots and they are like children (Fids = Feathered Kids) and you see them all over our material, Eago and Zazu – they are Eclectus parrots and YES they are SOULMATES for sure.  I even paid to have their “wedding” professionally photographed.

I paid over $10,000 just for the photographer.

I know that triggers some people into uncontrollable eye rolling but if those people heard the way I talk my Babies then they would cringe and vomit, so I’ll take the eye rolling.  That one tiny decision to hire a photographer changed my life.

Turns out there are other crazies like me –
People who spend STUPID amounts of money on pets.

I helped the photographer I hired, Viktor from France, to build his business by offering high priced photography sessions for pets.  After some testing he fell in LOVE with the model and it was the biggest part of his business.  One day he said:

“I have pet clients who live there.”

We were driving by an upscale apartment complex.

Me: How much did they pay?

Vicktor: Two dogs, $7,000 each.

Me: You got paid $14,000 to take pictures of their dogs?

Viktor: It is more than just pictures you see first I… (blah, blah)

Translation = Yes.

Me: Did you see if any other neighbors would want pictures like that

Viktor: You mean did I put out flyers and signs the way you told me to or did I fu** it up?

Me: Yes, that’s really what I’m asking.

Viktor: No comment.

That night he put out flyers and made another 10k.

“Cool.”  I thought.

Aside from telling a few people about I didn’t really think much of it.  Then about a year later I got a call from one of our Heroes, Mark, who was buying an apartment building and was short on cash.  Mark wanted to do the “Pet Photography Model”.

That Model can make like $10,000 in a day right?

Light bulbs shot off in my head and for the first time I realized just how powerful of a weapon this could be.  Remember that any time you increase the income of an asset you immediately increase the value.  Then you can use that increase/equity as leverage to buy the asset.

In other words:

Can you actually BUY apartment buildings ZERO down by using PET POLICIES?

That was the question my team and I have been obsessing over for years and the answer may surprise you. Today I’m going to spill the beans in this epic class and show you over 38 different ways to buy apartment buildings zero down and without banks – 

Just by using PET policies.

This is absolutely unheard of and never seen anywhere else.  I promise you’ve never heard anything like this and YES I give away the whole Model, there’s nothing to buy or anything. My team and I invented this technique and is really cool – you’re going to love it:

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn in this EPIC 4 hour class:

===> How to make 20 grand a month with garage sales?  Here’s how a student is calling on garage sales and using a unique twist that we invented to pull in over 20k a month.  This is simply and brilliant and you can do your first deal today.

(find out how to make 20k/month with garage sales by watching at minute 19:11)

===> How to get apartment building owners to pay you “rent” for ads?  Imagine getting a seller to pay YOU every month for you to run ads to THEIR own tenants.  So you are sending flyers/letters to tenants and the owner is paying you 10k/mo for example.

(get apartment building owners to pay YOU to market to their tenants watch at 141:19)

===> The story behind the most expensive hamburger ever sold in Karachi?  Karachi is the single most dangerous city in the world, a place where you can get blown up WHILE you’re getting blown up… I would know, I grew up there.  You’re going to learn how we get students to get paid 10k for a haircut, 5k for a hamburger and 20k for a picture of them and their pets.  This simple concept can be applied to anything and you can immediately get paid 10x more than you are right now for the SAME thing.

(learn this forgotten economic concept by watching at 311:38)

Isn’t it crazy to think ALL of this came from a simple “Bird Wedding”?

Small ripples accumulate over time and their impact gets compounded (1+1=11) and a great example would be our INPUT.  It is all about your mental diet, a tiny improvement can change your life.  It is not about how good you are, but how good you want to be.

Confidence rises to the level of your commitment, and vice versa.

It is amazing that something as simple as getting photographing my Babies’ wedding led to the invention a model where we can buy apartment buildings zero down – but that is exactly what happened – small ripples.  So COMMIT to make your ripples count.

So go through this class (I mean come on, it is FREE and unlike anything you’ve ever heard or seen or before I promise) and I promise you’ll learn a thing or two.

Why am I so good to you?

Even if we never work together I want you to be better off and so I promise you that the stuff you get from me will be the best social mobility and “Income Ascension” training that you’ve ever gone through this is epic and you won’t believe I give it away for free.

I know many people are struggling right now that is why I’m give you this stuff.

I’m here for you and my big secret is to adopt Rumi’s thinking when he said:

“Discipline and rough treatment are a furnace to extract the silver from the dross. This testing purifies the gold by boiling the scum away.  If you irritated by every rub, how will you ever be polished?”

We have to be GRATEFUL for the bumps and rubs.

It is the rubs that get us polished into the gems we are supposed to be.  So take this class seriously, there are scripts, downloads, examples, case studies, several videos of real life deals, etc. you can use this class change your life and reshape generations:

You can watch and read the entire class HERE.

Do it with LOVE for animals and you’ll…

Make the Universe Smile.

~ Azam


30 ways to buy a house ZERO down without a bank?

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Free Comic Book Reveals:

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