Copywriting for real estate investors, how to use better words to build your business.

Here was a comment I wrote on this video:

First of all, THANK YOU again for making this channel the number one channel for Indiana real estate on YouTube according google analytics and SocialBlade info for

Let’s get started…

I was seriously lucky for this and to be able to learn this because nobody in real estate knows how important copywriting and the skill of writing good copy is to your business.

I had never heard of copywriting until a few months ago and it was this class that helped me understand the power of the written word. The big factor in my success or anybody success is going to be your dialog that is all that matters and I’m living proof of that lol.

I had no idea what I was doing and I’m still learning a lot but I would go into conversations with one goal and that was just to help. It is all about your dialog, your words. If you want to be able to send out an email and make $10,000+ every time that you do, then you need to understand copywriting.

It may not seem like that for real estate investing but YES if you really want to make it happen then you need to know this and NOBODY is talking about or teaching it. Start saving junk mail, walking by the magazine rack and studying the headlines and pay attention to commercials and ads and think of ways to improve them. You’ll also be able to catch bs on the news better because EVERYTHING is a headline.

Everybody is trying to gain compliance from you, but now you can catch it better and use the psychology to your advantage. This class is long, detailed and brilliant. It changed my life. That’s why I got it to include here.

Also here is the .pdf with the letters you can download it for free HERE.

Thanks so much everybody! = )

~ Indy Anna

Copywriting for real estate investors, how to use better words to build your business.

Here was a comment I wrote on this video:

First of all, THANK YOU again for making this channel the number one channel for Indiana real estate on YouTube according google analytics and SocialBlade info for

Let’s get started…

I was seriously lucky for this and to be able to learn this because nobody in real estate knows how important copywriting and the skill of writing good copy is to your business.

I had never heard of copywriting until a few months ago and it was this class that helped me understand the power of the written word. The big factor in my success or anybody success is going to be your dialog that is all that matters and I’m living proof of that lol.

I had no idea what I was doing and I’m still learning a lot but I would go into conversations with one goal and that was just to help. It is all about your dialog, your words. If you want to be able to send out an email and make $10,000+ every time that you do, then you need to understand copywriting.

It may not seem like that for real estate investing but YES if you really want to make it happen then you need to know this and NOBODY is talking about or teaching it. Start saving junk mail, walking by the magazine rack and studying the headlines and pay attention to commercials and ads and think of ways to improve them. You’ll also be able to catch bs on the news better because EVERYTHING is a headline.

Everybody is trying to gain compliance from you, but now you can catch it better and use the psychology to your advantage. This class is long, detailed and brilliant. It changed my life. That’s why I got it to include here.

Also here is the .pdf with the letters you can download it for free HERE.

Thanks so much everybody! = )

~ Indy Anna

How’s it going guys Azam Meo here and this is a quick follow up to a recent story we did on a famous piece of copywriting.  Some of you have been telling me how much you enjoyed our other stuff on copy writing for real estate investors so…

I’m making this class for you and if you like or you want to see more just let me know and if enough you guys like it we can do more of these.

Copy writing for real estate investors.

Between this post and this other on how one letter made over $9,000 a month, I think has the single most comprehensive and easy to follow training on how real estate investors can use copy writing to grow their business.

So is probably the number ONE site on the internet for copywriting for real estate investors… THANK YOU for that.

Okay so this is copy writing for real estate investors…

How Reader’s Digest went from 4M subscribers to over 12M subscribers and what the secret this holds for real estate investors who can copy and paste this success…

… also you’ll learn how a teacher turned $2,500 into $35k, and does THREE times, as a real estate investor.

It is like I’ve been saying for year SOOO many people want to get into real estate and into business in general.  Folks around the world from all walks of life want to be business owners and entrepreneurs and real estate investors.

So what’s the secret?

Over the years I’ve learned your ability to use the phone and gain compliance is THE difference between success and failure.

Many will doubt that, and suffer.

Your “Compliance Dialog” really is the secret sauce, it is completely true man.  Whether that compliance is verbally over the phone, digitally over the internet, or email… or like in print (like this EPIC post) for example.

I said this back in the last copy writing class and it is only more true now than it was then.  I’ve said many times really, that is really all about your words.  You want to become a master wordsmith because compliance is king.

What is Compliance?

Compliance is talking people into doing stuff for THEIR own reasons, and the skill of talking people into doing stuff is the ONLY business skill in the world that supersedes all others.  If you learn to do this ONE thing well enough, you never need to learn to do anything else.

“Get good enough at talking people into doing stuff and you NEVER need to learn to do anything else.” 

– Azam Meo

It really is ALL about dem words…

In this case the words, the “dialog” in this case is compliance in print. 

So let’s look at how these guys at Reader’s Digest went from failing and down to 4M subscribers…

… all the way up to 12 million subscribers…

… so back in 1948 Reader’s Digest was losing their base of subscribers.  They had gone from over 6M subscribers and then fallen to about 4.5 million subscribers and things were looking bad, really bad. 

So they hired a copywriter Walter Weintz, and although he was already good… he was about to do something gangster that would cement his status as a legend.

Walker had a CRAZY idea…

Walker had a CRAZY idea…

So Walter had a crazy, CRAZY idea…

To promote Reader’s digest and get new subscriptions he wasn’t just going to write a letter, a killer letter BUT he was also going to attach two pennies to the letter that would be visible outside of the envelope.  Also he was going include a teaser on the front of the envelope that could be read from outside without opening the envelope.  This would be right beneath the pennies:

“If thou hast two pennies…”

Here’s what it looked like below…

So you would get this in the mail you’d see the two pennies.  These are actual, real pennies, and you could see them from the outside and the words “If thou hast two pennies…” beneath it. 

So that was on the outside and now I’ll show you the inside the actual letter in a second but first you should know just how successful this letter was. 

How successful was this letter?


Reader’s Digest would go on to use over 100 MILLION pennies at one time.

That’s OVER 100 MILLION pennies at one time.  One of the first problems they had was that there weren’t enough pennies in the entire state of New York, or even in the surrounding areas.  So they had to get pennies shipped in from all over the country and when THAT wasn’t enough…

They had to get even MORE pennies printed by the U.S. Mint.

They had so many pennies coming in from all over country that they had a special storage in a warehouse to hold all these pennies.  As the pennies added up, however, the weight of the pennies was too much and the floor actually collapsed under the weight of the pennies.

That’s how many pennies they were using…

That’s how many pennies they were using…

… they were breaking industrial warehouse floors and structures.

It was a lot of work to deal with these pennies and this is why so many people thought this was a terrible idea because on the surface it seemed like, to a lot of people, that this was going to be a disaster BUT it wasn’t…


In fact of all the pieces that Walter had written this wasn’t just a top performer for him, it’s not just the best letter that he’d ever written but it’s been…

One of the most successful marketing letters ever written by anybody, EVER.

Walter was a pioneer in creating what they called tokens, or lumpy mail, or 3D mail.  This is when you mail something physical with the letter.  In this case it was two pennies.  Using an item like this helps in getting attention, getting opened.

As we can tell you, and as anybody else who has ever used a physical item in their mail will tell you, this can have a massive increase in response rates and conversions.  Walter was one of the leaders in this innovation.

Adding this to ANY marketing campaign can be a BIG winner.

There is also something else pretty cool about this marketing piece…

Whenever you send letters out or do any kind of large mailing something that always happens is that some percentage of the mail gets returned, it is undeliverable.  In this case the letter was so successful, there were so many mailers sent, so many millions and millions of envelopes being sent that the returned mail was adding up to be a real headache to deal with.

Why was this such a problem?

Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but remember that in THESE envelopes there was MONEY.  Each returned envelope had two pennies so Reader’s Digest was not legally allowed to just throw away the envelopes because it is against the law to destroy or trash money

When Reader’s Digest got the mail back they didn’t know exactly what to do because it was already costing them extra to pay for the return mail and it would cost even more to pay people to open each envelope.

The asked the US Post Office to stop returning the mail

So they told the Post Office please don’t mail the envelopes back it’s just too expensive, instead just destroy the envelopes.  The Post Office responded by saying that it was federal crime to destroy money so they had to send it back.

Now Reader’s Digest had a bigger problem because they couldn’t destroy the packages either and now it had gotten attention in the media.  They calculated that if they hired people and made the space and time available it would cost about four cents to open each envelope and get the two cents out.

So they would lose even more money…

This became a problem for them, what should they do about all these unopened envelopes to get the pennies out? 

… And that’s another piece of brilliance in this story.

To deal with the returned envelopes a very enterprising young man at Readers’ Digest partnered with a local boys club.  They had the boys spend the countless hours opening each envelope and taking out the pennies and sending half of them back to Reader’s Digest, who then used them in the next mailings.

The deal with the boys club was that for every penny the boys club sent to back Reader’s Digest, the boys club organization got to keep a penny. 

A win-win, right?

With all those pennies the boys club was able to get a new building for their club.

It’s a great solution right.

So let’s talk about the actual letter…

As soon as you got it you could see the two pennies on the front and you read the text, once you opened and read the letter, this is what you saw…

Well first a quick note about this because you should know how BIG of a deal it is that I’m giving away the actual letters here (not just the old ones but the ones we use TODAY, right now!) and some people will blow that off.  Do not let toxic people like that around you, anybody who doesn’t value these gems is a fool and not worth your time or company.  Now back to the ad…

You see the headline:

The best reading pleasure for the next twelve months.

But let’s look at how the letter starts…

But let’s look at how the letter starts…

Dear Reader,

An ancient Persian poet said:

“If thou hast two pennies, spend one for bread.  With the other, buy hyacinths for thy soul.”

Poetry, perhaps; but hard sense as well!

Okay I’ll stop there and just point out a couple of lessons to take away from this already….

First the immediate mention of the penny and this is SO important because a lot of amateurs that I have worked with would get the idea of sending like a pencil, or glasses or even pennies…

They were smart enough to send something in their letters to get attention BUT…

They wouldn’t make a clear logical connection between what was attached to the letter and the reason for the letter itself.  I’ll tell you that in EVERY case you want to make a clear logical connection between the item and the letter.  Do NOT just take the cheap shot and just try to get attention.

That way you will ALWAYS have a higher response rate and conversion on the mailing.

So in this Readers Digest letter there is an immediate mention of the significance of the pennies and exactly HOW it ties into the letter.  So that’s the first lesson, the mention of the token.  This is the immediate connection between the attached item and the letter or piece itself.

The second lesson is to open with a famous quote.

Quotes are always a good way to open anything from a speech, a letter or even a conversation.  It’s a proven way to win arguments, state your point with an endorsement or even just make people laugh.

Quotes are awesome. 

Okay now I’ll read the rest of the letter non stop and just watch how Walter brilliantly merged these concepts in just one page and a few short paragraphs, this is brilliant syllogism.  So I’ll read it all and see what jumps out at you –

Okay so I’ll pick up here…

Poetry perhaps, but hard sense as well!

To buy “hyacinths” for the soul, to nourish your mind and heart with good reading ; to become informed, alert, interesting in what you say to others – is just as important as progress in your business or social life. 

And it needn’t be a task!  One compact little magazine – 12 times  ayear – will stave off mental stagnation, five ou something worthwhile to think about and talk about, keep you from being bored – and broings! 

That magazine is the Reader’s Digest.  So here (with our compliments) are two pennies for you.  We invite you to keep one as your change – and with the other penny, seal the bargain for the finest “hyacinths” you can find anywhere – the next 12 issues for the Reader’s Digest ! 

Just slip one penny into the pocket in the enclosed card and mail today.  We’ll send you the next twelve issues of the Digest – worth 4.00 – but we’ll send you a statement for only 2.01.  Thus you will get twelve issues for the price of six – and you get your change in advance.  This invitation cannot be extended again for at least two years. 

Therefore we urge you to act at once.  Only by taking advantage this opportunity now can you receive the next twelve issues of Reader’s Digest for two dollars. 

And the signature line and that’s the end – that’s good right? 

So I already pointed out the mention of the penny and the quote, but also did you notice the BRILLIANT use of those two pennies?

“Keep one as your change” and the other penny you send back to them, this is not just mentioning the item and tying the message with the item but also including the token as part of the response mechanism.

It is brilliant. 

Also they included the enclosed card so make sure you always provide the delivery vehicle or the response vehicle.  Make it easy to order.

The last thing I’ll point out here is the brilliant verbiage Walter used to describe the intellectual benefits, notice the use of action words, remember my rule of “verbs over adjectives” is a good one to follow.

Verbs OVER Adjectives.

Walter says “nourish your mind and heart with good reading; to become informed, alert interesting in what you say to others – is just as important as progress in your business or social life.”

The next paragraph he uses the publication in an interesting way, he weaponizes the magazine as an antidote it “…will stave off mental stagnation, give you something worthwhile to think about and talk about, keep you from being bored – and boring!”


Okay so as always there are lots of lessons from this copy and the way it was used, and like I said I below is a copy of the actual piece and envelope or you can send me an email and we’ll make sure you get a copy.  It really is brilliant stuff and you always want to make sure you that you are extracting, delivering and replicating brilliance in all your work.

So what does this all mean to YOU as a real estate investor?

So what does this all mean to YOU as a real estate investor?

How can you apply this? 

When it comes to the MFM, the Manufactured Franchise Model this applies well.  If you don’t know what the MFM is then you want to go through our other classes on that. 

We have modeled several different letters and campaigns after this powerful example.

One example is when we sent a penny in a see-through envelope and on the outside the tease was “this one penny can get you out of foreclosure…”

Then in the letter I explained that I was hosting a special workshop for homeowners in foreclosure and the cost of attending was just bringing that penny in, that would be their admission instead of the normal $300.

You save $299.99.

In that letter we used some of the same elements, the mention of the token, the use of it in the response mechanism, providing the vehicle, etc.  Here’s the thing about that though, I would not suggest doing that letter because although it kicked up our response and the ROI…

… there were people who got offended.

They were upset that their mailman or others would see that they were in foreclosure.  This is the kind of stuff that you learn in the trenches.  I was quite young when I wrote that and I didn’t even think about it that way or how it would make them feel.

Now I know some people will say…

… “Who cares, fu** them and FU** their feelings!”

… but YOU do not have my permission to be like that.

I’m willing to share this stuff with you guys but only for you to do good stuff with it, okay? 

Don’t be mean, please. 

For me we stopped doing it this way because even if we get higher compliance or make more money it’s not worth it if we are making people feel bad.  For people in foreclosure, if you’re losing your house then things can look really down. 

This is YOUR HOME after all, where you LIVE, breathe and are supposed to feel safe.

If you’re losing your home, life can seem like it SUCKS.

If you’re losing your home, life can seem like it SUCKS.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be losing your house then you’re probably not in the mood to go hopping through the meadow catching butterflies.  I don’t want to add to all that stress and pain.  I want to make people feel good NOT bad.

I recommend you adopt the same mentality, you don’t have to be mean or nasty, and if you have to be offensive to make your point then you need to get better at making your point.  I know lately it seems like some people think that treating people ugly is cool.

Being mean and ugly to people is NOT cool… or “tough”

Some people have the idea in their head that if they are mean it somehow proves how tough they are.  That is nonsense.  On a long enough timeline we all learn that lesson and the other the universal truth…

Love always wins… eventually.

So just be nice, it always helps.

So we stopped using that letter and found better ways to do it.

I brought that up so that you could get the idea of how to approach things and also that you stay conscious of how you make people feel and how important it is that you think about that.  You should be in business to help people and lift people up.

No need to make anybody feel bad

Never make people feel like you’re having a go at them or raking them over the coals or taking shots at them.

Just be nice, it always pays off.

I would’ve loved if somebody taught me that earlier.

Okay, so in another iteration of that same letter, and a better pulling version, we used the same penny and then we tested other coins.  Eventually we used a quarter and the teaser said:

“I will trade you this quarter for $100 cash.”

Then I explain that…

“I’m doing this class and if you’re there then you can bring the quarter as the cost of admission AND if at the end of the class I haven’t shown you at least five ways to escape foreclosure, stop the process dead in it’s tracks and totally turn around the financial hellhole that you’ve found yourself in…

… then you can march right up to me, stomp your feet and throw the quarter in my face and I will gladly give you a heartfelt apology and put a fresh $100 bill in your hands.” 

Notice the verbs and the imagery…

You have to make a mental picture.

Notice the verbs and the imagery…

You have to make a mental picture.

Also pick the RIGHT places and people to talk to so that when you make the value clear they totally get it and you aren’t screaming at a brick wall.  Often a minor change in WHERE/WHO you take the same message to can make all the difference.  Like the water bottle. 

Just pay attention to the words I used, specifically the verbs because that’s exactly what people want.  They want to be the judge on American Idol, the panelist who gives unworthy contestants the giant X, they want to see themselves as Caesar who controls the lives of gladiators with a simple thumbs up or down

When you run dialog, write copy or talk with any of your people you want to make sure that…

Always give them (at least the illusion) CONTROL.

One way is to dramatize their potential reactions.  Go to the extremes of pain and pleasure especially when it is at your expense.  You’ll see what I mean in a second when we talk about testimonials.

I’ll tell you  something else real quick…

… this is kind of a big secret because I’ve always been into martial arts, wrestling and boxing and stuff, but the reason I got into that stuff is because I got so sick of being bullied.  That’s one of the reasons I excelled at it and because I was so enthusiastic about and people noticed that I was a good teacher – that’s why I got into training and got opportunities and requests to train law enforcement and military and stuff…

It wasn’t because I’m so skilled at the physical part, it’s for the other reasons…

Namely my enthusiasm.

The secret thing about that is that honestly I am, in so many ways, a giant puss-n-boots

… and one way I found to deal with that is that anytime I’m in a gym if somebody ever asks me to spar or fight or anything, before even thinking about I made a rule to just say YES, always say YES…

… don’t think about it or anything, just say YES.

It is the advice I give all the people I train.

Don’t think about it because then you’ll look around to see the other guy or measure him up or wonder how experienced he is and…

… just FORGET all that stuff.

Just say YES.

That’s the only way you’ll get better.

Fight everybody, spar everybody, and learn from each round.

So anytime somebody asks to spar I always say yes.

That wouldn’t be so bad if I went to professional places…

… but another thing that I suggest is that if you really want to get better is do NOT go to pretty places.  If they have air conditioning or a sauna or if they make you sign a legal waiver or some kind of release then DO NOT go there haha…

Normally places like that won’t push you enough for you to get much better.  Instead you’re a lot better off going to a gym that’s in some guy’s neighbor’s garage.  You won’t see a nice neat row of treadmills there, instead you’ll see a row of pit bulls.

Think old school Ali…

Think old school Ali…

Yes it will be a bit of a mess but if you survive it then you’ll be a much better fighter, and person.  It is places like that where you’ll REALLY learn to fight, survive and be a champion.

So I was at a place like that.

I was working out and I was about to finish after a long workout.  In the days before that there was a girl there who was really excited because…

“My man just got home.”

I thought she meant from work…

… really she meant he just back from jail.

The “Man” just made parole from where he had had been locked up for assault and battery.  He also had a few burglaries and other stuff on his record.  He was in and out of trouble for years but now finally had had come back home.  He’d been back for a few days or a few weeks and she was there to cheer him on.

In jail he was boxing everyday, lifting weights and fighting, etc.

He was the boxing champ of his entire cell block.

So everyday for the past five years he’d been boxing and brawling rapists, murderers and other highly violent criminals…

… and he was beating them.


… he was beating the sh** out of them.

So when I was ready to leave a trainer walked up to me and said:

“You want to spar a couple rounds with the new guy?”

As soon as he said that I knew exactly who he was talking about…

I just knew…

I just KNEW…

… and I thought…


Everything in my body was screaming “NO!”…

… but I had to follow my rule.

That rule was so ingrained in me that before I had a chance to think or say anything remotely rational out of my mouth came the word:


(I knew it was going to be bad)

So there I was, already worn out and tired before we even started…

… and there he was… and man, this guy was huge.

I know people think I’m huge but this guy was seriously huge, he was 6’6″, with tattoos everywhere and he had an ankle bracelet to boot.  That’s the thing they make you wear when you’re on house arrest if you didn’t know.

On top of that, right before we started his girl asks him:

“Hey did you already take your meds for today?”

After she said that I looked at him, hope for a reassuring “Yes.”

Or at least something like “Of course I did, you know I’m a responsible citizen with deep regard for public safety.”

… but instead he just jumped up and down rolling his head in circles with eyes closed.  He totally ignored the question and to this day I don’t know if he took his pills or not.

Right before the bell was about to ring…

We were just about to fight…

As his trainer started to film us, the inmate turned to him and said:

Psychopath:  “No you can’t film this.”

Trainer:  “Why not?”

Lunatic from the Penitentiary:  “Because my parole officer doesn’t want me to be doing this, he says it’s not good for me rehabilitation.”

Yeah… so this was no joke you guys…

Now I know that the way that I’m saying all this you might think that I’m about to tell you that I fought through it and overcame the odds and beat the guy…

… so the moral of the story is that you face your fears then you’ll always win, right?


The bell rang.

We fought.

I got my ASS kicked.

It was bad.

Well, that’s not true it wasn’t bad.

It was brutal, awful and just savage.

I got worked man, it was bad news bears… it was bad… it was really bad.

I got beaten badly, very badly.

Not ideal.

… but here’s the thing, even though his trainer stopped filming, his girl did NOT stop.  She did film it and for some reason I asked if I could get a copy.  It was something like a collecting of career highlights (I never knew of THAT definition of highlight reel HA), except in the exact opposite way. 

I thought it would be good to go back and study the tape to improve or… I don’t know…

Why am I telling you this?

It was around that time, right after that fight I was writing a letter for business owners.  This was for clients who were restaurant chain owners.  We started working with local companies at first and then it was larger chains and eventually ones like Dunkin’ Donuts and Subways.

We used to buy and sell them and help the owners out as well.  On top of that we also did training programs with them.  The pricing was about $20,000 – $30,000 on the low end for the workshop.  I would do the training and we would help them grow their business and so for the workshop I would promise that it would be the most mind blowing, profit generating, revenue boosting thing they’ve ever been to…

They would LOVE it because…

… they would be able to sell their subway or whatever for 30% more than it’s worth, they’d be able to double their revenue without selling anymore donuts or food, how they could buy another dunkin donuts or McDonald’s that was twice as big as theirs with no money down and no credit checks, etc.

So I had all that in my copy…

… with testimonials by the way…

… but you know what REALLY sealed the deal…?

At the end of all these promises I said that if I failed to do any of that that I would give them a special gift…

… “Imagine a 6’6″ giant, career criminal who spent the last half decade beating to a bloody pulp the most violent, vicious criminals, gangbangers, murderers, serial killers and bank robbers in a 500 mile radius…

… Imagine what happened when I tried to be a tough guy, stared him down and got in the ring with him…

… only to be brutally taken down, unimaginably savaged, beaten and violated worse than the most horrific alien probe, and the crazy part is…

… It is all on video…”

Notice the heavy verbiage and the dramatics?

Notice the heavy verbiage and the dramatics?

That’s what I’m talking about dawg…

(actually he was quite nice when I got to know him so Life Lesson: always be kind)

So I let these people know that if I let them down in ANY way…

… I would send them this video of me getting beat up, badly.

Here’s the thing about that…

People walked up to me at the workshop, others had sent letters, emails, faxes and left voicemails…

… they weren’t unhappy…

None of them were.

(that’s not an exaggeration, nobody was unhappy and EVERY single one of them LOVED it)

I’m saying this and putting it out there on the internet so anybody can call me out on this but nobody will because what I’m saying is 100% true – NOBODY was ever unhappy, unsatisfied or felt that I under delivered or misled them in ANY way…

I’m just saying – I keep it ahunnit…

So if they weren’t unhappy what did they want?

That video of me getting my a** kicked.

They REALLY wanted to see the video.

I was shocked at how many people, and people who LIKED me, wanted to see this video.  Then we tested it in another campaign with buyers and we got response rate that went from 9% to 13% which meant over $25k.

An increase of over $25,000…

Just for a video of me getting beat up.

This remains to this day my most profitable fight ever.

I never fought professionally so this is the only fight I ever made money on, but it’s crazy right?

That’s how powerful this is, and how powerful it can be for you.  Please don’t downplay this lesson.  Down past all our politeness and humanity, sometimes we just want to see somebody catch a beat down, even a friend.

In this case here with you I’m giving away a pretty powerful letter in this class and then I’m giving away another in later in this class too and there’s a bunch of other powerful and profitable stuff here for you – I LOVE YOU GUYS – that’s why I’m doing it…

Even now though, there are people who ONLY take away one thing from this entire class:

“I want to see the video of Azam getting his a** kicked!”

You know if I got on the internet and to every person I met online I said here are two buttons you can press, one is that you can see a proven way to build a portfolio of real estate and retire 20 years early…

… the other button is that you can see a kangaroo kick me in the balls.

For over 90% of the internet, they will say…

“Show me your down unders”…

THAT is what they want.

And that’s okay, you can play that hand and still WIN BIG.

Use these examples in this class and in my other stuff and watch your compliance soar.

Here’s another way to model off this…

(… model… get it?)

… and this is a big secret when sending any kind of direct mail and it’s a version of something we’ve invented called a Self Serve.  A Self Serve is where you use the same pocket of consumers for both sides of a transaction.  We do this a lot with doctors offices and medical clinics where we will mail them and say something like:

“Do you want to sell your business?”

Then we subtract the replies that said “YES” and mail back to the exact same list and basically say “Since you don’t want to sell your business here is a list of businesses just like yours that you can buy or merge with…”

You can broker those deals and make good money.

I love doing this.

So in this case there is a big mistake that people usually make.  Really one of the single biggest mistakes that people make in ALL their marketing and communication with people is that that don’t use enough testimonials.

In general people in business and ESPECIALLY real estate investors don’t understand the importance of endorsements and testimonials.  Elsewhere I teach how to get and use killer testimonials even if you’ve never been in business…

For now just know this secret…

Just know that what others say about you is always more important and believable than ANYTHING you ever say about yourself.  This is especially true with people who are most like your target in situation, background and circumstance.   

You want people who have lived the same experience and can voice the exact same objections and trust barriers that your target has in their mind.  

Those are the best people to make your argument. 

With fight clubs I use testimonials from people who used to be really fat, just like me.  With doctors I use testimonials from other doctors in the same field, with real estate people I use testimonials from other real estate people of all experience levels.  I use beginners and experts and it’s important to use experts and veterans as testimonials so that you avoid a potential target saying “Oh I already know all that stuff” or “I’ve heard it all before”…

.. I also use people from all different AREAS to deal with the objection of “that won’t work in my area” and I also use different times in the market to make it clear that the “does that work today” question is is not a reasonable question. 

Not a resonable question to ask me at least.

My point is that you want your testimonials to do a lot of heavy lifting.  So use and MILK endorsements, recognition and testimonials a LOT more than you are doing right now, no matter how much you’re doing it right now. 

It is NEVER enough.

Think of it like eating vegetables, the more the better and you won’t do it too much.

So that’s one secret, use more testimonials.

Another one is that instead of targeting 5,000 people at a time, it is much better to target 1,000 people five times.  It’s like Sun Tzu, and we’ve adopted this for business…

“Mastery is not doing 1,000 things five times each, but doing 5 things 1,000 times each.”

Like Bruce Lee (one of honorary Homies) said:

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 different kicks, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

So repetition over range.

So repetition over range.

Which brings us to this letter…

One way that I’ve gotten so many testimonials is that I openly, boldly just straight out ask for them.  Even to (and past) the point of outright bribing people for them.  I have no shame.  So here’s an example of using this letter as a model…

This is called the Propaganda Sammich.

This is something that our team came up with a while back, and since they’ve invented this we’ve done all kinds of crazy stuff with it.  Here’s the basics of how it works.

You have a group of people that are going to get three, or at least three, mailings.

First you send the original letter or a campaign to a group of people.

Then you take the replies, the clients generated and we get some good testimonials and then for the third mailing we send the original letter along with all the new testimonials and we send that to everybody, the entire list.

So three steps here and propaganda gathering in the middle kind of like a sandwich, get it?

In real estate we’ve done this with fsbos, with Section 8 landlords, condemned properties, eviction notices, free and clear houses, and a lot more.  This approach can easily make you 3, 5, 10 times and even 100 times or more as much money. 

One of the testimonials that we use to use for this was from an exotic car dealer who’s mailing went from losing $20,000 to making him over $200,000 when we did it the right way. 

How is that possible?

With his list and mailing we did it all the same except we used he Propaganda Sammich, first he did over $500,000 and then over $2M.  The campaign went from losing $20,000 to making over $2 MILLION.  All from sending mail to the SAME list of people, the only difference is what he was saying to them.

Think about that, it’s the SAME people they mailed to, but the difference between $20,000 and $2,000,000 is just what he SAID to them.

All about the dialog y’all…

You know it’s amazing, I can take 100 investors a give them a list of sellers and a cell phone and at least 90 of them will come back with nothing or close to nothing.  Then I can take that SAME list of sellers, or that same newspaper and that same cell phone and give it to Millie, Zach, Anna or somebody else on our team and they’ll come back with…


… $100,000…

… over $150,000…

And they’ll be able to do it virtually overnight.

So what’s the difference?

(I’ve obsessed over this question for years)

It is ALL in their WORDS… the WORD man…

What you say, who you say it to and how you say it.

This lil’ trick, the Propaganda Sammich, think about the different to JUST this car dealer from losing $20,000 and convinced mail doesn’t work in your business…

“My clients buy $200,000 cars so they are too fancy shmancy for a letter to work on them…”

From that level of ignorance and lack of production to…

The SAME people get the SAME mailing but just with better words and you go from losing 20 grand to making over 2 million.

Craziness, right?

Okay so here’s more on how to do this and how it relates to pennies…

So let’s say we mail to a group of business owners or something and now it’s time for the second mailing to them.  Instead of using the regular mailer I will take the people that we DID work with, the replies from the first mail, and send them a second letter with two pennies attached and in a see-through envelope.

The tease on the outside says something like:

“Here’s my two cents, now about yours?”

“I’d love your two cents on last Tuesday…”

“Trade me your two cents for $100,000.”

In the letter I begin by flattering them…

In the letter I begin by flattering them…

“I’ll be blunt; the best way to convince rich, smart people like you of something is to have it come from other rich, smart people.” 

Then I explain that it costs money to send a mailing like this but I’m doing it because I want their feedback so that I can use it for the next mailing to all the people that I sent a letter to that did NOT respond to the first mailing.

You see how this works?

So I’m getting testimonials to use and I flat out tell them:

“I will use your name, rank, elite status, high profile and recent success with me in my next mailing for all your peers to see, so don’t be surprised if they start treating you better (or worse if they’re too envious)…

…  In which case please pass along my number because there’s no reason anybody (as successful and wealthy as you) should be deprived of getting to work with me.”

So it’s kind of a tongue in cheek mention, but I openly tell them that I’m about to BRAG about them and make them look like a genius.  This is important because by then they already know me so they know the deal and how I will love on them.

Later at the end I get real dramatic about the testimonial…

“So call me and leave a wildly enthusiastic and highly animated voicemail, please do it right now while this is fresh on your mind, immediately afterwards you will experience a childlike, euphoric high, you and I will be holding hands, tap dancing on rainbows and juggling unicorns…”

Again action words, right?  Right.

I want to create an image.

Oh and the $100,000 from the tease was done a few different ways.  One way is a raffle, I would give away a house or a block of shares or something that was worth well over the $100k.  Sometimes it is a lot less than $100k, sometimes more.

So then we would send these testimonials out in the next mailings.  Then at the end we would send everybody who did not comply this package of testimonials.  This way they can see…

“This is what you missed out on since my first letter to you three weeks ago.”

Remember these are ALL testimonials that I just got from people who took action on the mailing that this new recipients did not.  These testimonials are also people that they know and recognize.  The package of testimonials is from other doctors in their field, other real estate investors, other Wall Street types, college professors, linguists, piano players, etc.

You get the idea – it is people just like THEM.

One of the reasons this works so well and is so brilliant is because of the testimonials.  These success stories are from other people that they often see and/or talk to.  The package also makes it clear that…

“… this is what you missed out on since you last heard from me…

… don’t blow you chance again…

… you can join these folks…”

Good stuff. 

Sometimes people will ask why we use the pennies at all to get their attention since they’re already clients?  Well that’s because you can easily get 3-5x the response and you want as MANY testimonials for that third mailing so don’t try to save pennies to lose dollars. 

If you’re pressed on things then you can just Thug Life it and do what you can, but this is a more ideal way to do it…

You want your target to get in the HABIT of hearing from you and taking action.

Now I’ll give you an example of just how profitable this little model can be with real estate investors.  Also let me be clear, we are on thousands of lists as “insiders” or confederates as they are sometimes called.  We’ve worked with mailing companies for years and years and we are on so many lists as seeds, as plants.

I’m telling you that because this little technique I’m about to share with you is something that guys and gals on our team INVENTED, nobody was doing anything like this before they came up with.  So credit where credit is due, it was NOT me that came up with this by myself. 

The basic concept is easy to follow right?

First, you get a list and you send a creative to them, a mailing piece.

Then we send a second piece to the people who replied and who we were worked with, in this case we used the two pennies.  It would say something like:

“Here’s my two cents, I’d love to hear yours…”

So after we get some success stories then we send a THIRD mailing back to everybody on the list and it’s a bigger, more expensive package and it includes ALL the testimonials.

So this third mailing would say something like I just mailed/emailed real estate investors, doctors, business owners, etc. in this area a few weeks ago and I didn’t hear back from you, but I did hear back from some other doctors in your area…

… and since my last email/mail…

… here are some of the success stories that they experienced in their own words, this is what you missed out on and this will be your FINAL NOTICE, your last chance at this…

So this is a pretty powerful mailing and you can easily get 3-5 times the response rate by doing this.  Often you can even do a lot more than that.  I want you see what this means in terms of actual dollars and sense though… make cents?

As you know we call this one the Propaganda Sammich…

It is not really a sandwich in the standard way, but you get the idea.  One of the reasons this is so powerful is because of a little secret that you should remember with ALL your copy, all your dialog, basically anything…

Any time and whenever you want somebody to hear, listen and most of all ACCEPT (see my class on how the brain accepts new ideas) a positive message about you then you need to remember this:

It is ALWAYS better to have somebody ELSE say it.

It’s along this same reason that people will take a stock tip more seriously if they overheard it or if it wasn’t meant for them. 

So the MOST positive things that are said about you, should come from somebody ELSE.  This is also why letters from animals work so well, so I’ve talked about this before some of my best pulling letters are written by…

… My beautiful babies Eago and Zazu.

Eago, man he is hilarious, he loves attention and years ago learned that he could get from me anytime by cussing, so he cusses pretty much non stop, and not just at home either…

… he’s gotten us kicked out of places.

A more mature person would try to correct him and man I do I really do, or at least I did try because there’s always kids around.  In reality though when he starts cussing I just laugh so uncontrollably loud that it makes him keep going, a cycle of positive feedback. 

Eago is the one you came up with the term “L.C.”

To this day, he still says it if don’t get his food fast enough, play with him enough, turn on his heather quick enough, etc.  Really if anybody does anything he doesn’t like, or if he wants anything from attention to treats, he just starts calling us:

Lazy Cu**ts


… yeah…

It is just one of those things.

… ANYway…

My point is that when I write a letter from him, when Eago or Zazu is the “author”, a LOT of people just LOVE it because it is filled with all sorts of profanity (from Eago).  Those letters are also filled with personal insults about me, which is not a joking matter, when you have a letter from somebody else make sure they express the hesitations, objections and reservations that your target has.

Bottom line when you say something about yourself, say the bad stuff…

Then have other people say the good stuff.


Always remember this:

Anytime you say something bad about yourself people immediately believe it.

Bottom line when you say something about yourself, say the bad stuff…

Then have other people say the good stuff.


Always remember this:

Anytime you say something bad about yourself people immediately believe it. 

So when you say bad stuff about yourself you are training people to trust you and to believe you because you tell the truth.  If you don’t do stuff like this to train people to trust you, then it will only happen on accident. 

For example nobody has ever doubted that my house got raided by the popo…

So if you write a letter from your pet have them poke fun at you a little.  There are limits, obviously.  Don’t go too crazy, don’t have your dog say something crazy like…

“I wish my owner would stop beating his wife!”

That’s not nice, and you should remind your dog that snitches get stitches.

Just use your judgement and you’ll get better. 

Also one other big secret one the top questions people always ask about copy writing is how to write headlines.  One answer is that you can always use the words “How to” to start, the headline is really about a promise.

List a series of benefits about WHY somebody would buy/want your product/service and put that after like “How to (BENEFIT)”. 

Another great headline formula…

… especially when using the words or testimonials of others, is to make the headline an objection.  Take the main objection your target has and make that headline but in quotes so something like:

“I knew it would be too expensive and too much of a nightmare to switch my billing company…”

“I was sure there was no way to buy my first home with no money and walk away from closing with cash…”

“I knew that there was no possible way to sell my house for 10% more than it’s worth in less than two hours.”

Then the letter goes on to explain how this idea was invalidated and corrected by working with you.  It works so well because it is in THEIR words, somebody just like your target…

So that’s a good formula for a headline too.

Okay so this sequence is the Propaganda Sammich – let’s look at how these numbers work…

So let’s say we have a list of 1,000 people, and we spend $1,000 mailing to them.

Maybe they are sellers, maybe they are cash buyers, or maybe it’s not in real estate at all and it’s a list like we talked about earlier and it doctors for example.  It doesn’t matter who they are, just that there are 1,000 of them.

From the mailing maybe we have the people call, maybe they attend an event or something but in this case we’ll say that we send them to a website.  The CTA (Call to Action) is that we are going to send these folks to a website, a landing page.  Here they are to enter their name, email, phone number, etc.

Now the fun begins…

Then they get a follow up series, including a group of emails.  This is part of the Compliance Curve and it is what will walk them through the process to a transaction.  This is your Compliance Curve if you aren’t familiar on that go through my class on how to hire an agent that makes you $10k/mo for more on that.

The cool thing in real estate is that we have such a high transaction amount that you can target and make sure that you ONLY mail to people that are of a certain profit.  You want to target people who, If you do a deal with them it will make at least $10,000.

One deal = $10,000 minimum.

So even if you only convert on your mailing at 1% that is a win.  That means if you mail to 1,000 people you have 10 people who go to the site and opt in and go through your Compliance Curve.  These are going to be VERY high quality prospects.

Now if you convert at only 10%, not 20% or more, but if you just work with 10% of those people and you make $10,000 per deal that means you need to 10 people to make $10,000.  So each person that goes through the landing page is worth $1,000.

Each lead is worth $1,000 to you.

Now if you spent $1,000 getting those 10 people then then you spent $100 per lead.  So you are spending $100 per lead and making $1,000 per lead, so you spent $1,000 and made $10,000.   So for every 1,000 pieces those are your numbers from the FIRST mailing.

Now you send the second piece with the pennies to get the testimonials, even if it is just one.  THEN the THIRD mailing is done right, you’re following this and how the Propaganda Sammich works yes?  So from this process and the third mailing, we’ve seen the response jump up by 5x and even more.

Let’s just you got 3X the response…

That means the same 1,000 people, and it may be a little more if you send bigger mailing, but we’ll just stay with just 1,000 people.  Now instead of just 10 replies you get 30, so the cost is not $100 per lead but now $33.

Now even if you convert at just the same 10%,  (and you should do better because these people are further along the Curve but) even if you just maintain that same low 10%, NOW you are doing three deals at $10k each that’s $30k.

You just turned $10,000 into $30,000.

So from this same list the first mailing metrics are $100 per lead and at 10% you spend $1,000 to make $10,000 but NOW…

… by the third mailing you spending $33 per lead and at the same 10% and the same $10,000 you make $30,000…

So you spend the same $1,000.

In one case you make $10,000.

In the other case you make $30,000.

Which should you do?

(do you need a calculator…?)

Which should you do?

(do you need a calculator…?)

People online are always trying to get more traffic to their site, often in search of “free traffic”, or what they think is free traffic.  These are things like SEO, viral marketing, social media, “organic” growth, etc. 

However, the fact remains that the BEST way to build a business especially online is through BUYING traffic, it’s much more predictable controllable and scalable.  In this case once you get the right ingredients, the right creative piece to mail and the right moving parade list to send it to…

Then all you do is hit SEND every month.

After you hit send, you’ll get a steady source of leads and steady source of  transactions.


Sunny recently worked a student of ours and this was exactly what she did.  She went through these three mailings and she did it three times in less than 90 days.

Here were her average numbers:

Cost spend on all three mailings was about $2,500.

The profit from each campaign was just over $35,000…

… and she did this three times in less than 90 days bringing the total output to less than $7,000 and she made just over $110,000 – in less than 90 days.

Again that is over $110,000 in less than 90 days.

That is what predictability will do, THAT is the power of doing this right.

Once you have your team in place to deal with the calls, THIS is how you build and scale a business.  This is what we teach and train people to do. 

Earlier when talking about the car mailing, this is the exact same way they went from losing $20,000 on mail and thinking (knowing in their minds) “that doesn’t work in my area”…

… so they went from losing $20,000 to…

To making over $2,000,000.

It all came down to doing that ONE thing, and ANYBODY can do it.

Alright so those are some examples for foreclosure mailings and testimonial mailings, and medical mailings. So let’s do one more cool example, so one more badass example…

Actually before that I should go over something.  The first and really the main guy that I ever learned to write copy from was a nut.  My rule whenever I want to learn anything, and I’m so grateful that a LONG time ago I learned the value in doing this – I always find a good teacher, the best teacher I can find.

I do whatever it takes to find a badass that is doing exactly what I want to be doing.

Find the best and pay them whatever it takes, pay with time, money, both or more – do WHATEVER it takes.  Don’t be like the masses of LCs who look at it like a “cost”.  Poor people focus on how much stuff costs, the rich focus on what it makes. 

So I found the best copywriter alive and I paid him over $30,000 to train me. 

One of his famous letters was using a penny, it was at the top of the letter.  So he was a pioneer in this area and sometimes we’d use the two pennies, or one penny or a nickel or a quarter or a half dollar, etc. we just keep testing – it is a FUN game.

As my team and I were testing this we found a solid winner.  I know not all of you guys have the time, money or easily available resources to use a penny mailer.  Even if you do you should STILL act like you’re broke and always be hungry. 

Here’s a HIGH converting piece…

… that does NOT require a penny to pull off, and I’ll share that with you right now.

This was to raise private money for real estate and this came as a result of testing from one of the letters modeled after the two penny letter.  Eventually we were able to get away with no pennies and just a good tease on the front and sent to the right list.

This is the letter that Tricia used to raise over $25M in private money.

This is the letter that Tricia used to raise over $25M in private money.

This is also the same letter that Greg used to raise over $35 million in private money.  Also when we were paying Margaret for access to her clients she herself made over $10 million in the first 90 days just from providing list and endorsement…

“Oh Azam can you PRETTY PLEASE get me a copy of that letter?”


I mean yes, and it is in Word.

So here’s the letter…

First, notice the tease on the outside it read:

“If you have 100,000 and you are totally happy with the returns that you’re getting on it, then please do NOT open this letter.”

So immediately everybody opens the letter right?

Okay and here’s what they read on the inside:


“Last year I bought over 250 houses, this year I’ll double that.”

“… If you want to make 20% a year as one of my investors then you want to be at my lunch next Saturday because I’m picking new investors.” 

So a couple of things already, first notice the emphasis on the words “you want to be at my lunch”, these are called desired commands or implicit commands, notice I do NOT emphasize the word THEN.

I just start with the desired goal…

… “you want to be at my lunch” so in other versions we say “If you want to make 20% on your money then you want to give your undivided attention to this very important letter…”

The words we emphasize are “you want to give your undivided attention to this very important letter” so we take the desired thought or command that we want the target to have and we emphasize that – I’ll say that again:

We take the desired thought or command that we want the target to have and we emphasize that.

Another example…

If you want to lose 50 pounds in the next 90 days, then you want to watch this video right now

Notice this isn’t simply a command like “WATCH THIS VIDEO” or “BE AT MY LUNCH” but we go a step further by adding personalized desire “YOU WANT TO watch this video”, “YOU WANT TO be at my lunch.”

Also you rarely want to use the words I or MY and instead use the word YOU but in this case it’s important the target knows the author is a real person.  So that’s why we say YES I myself will be at the lunch, when Tricia and others have done this it’s the exact same except they just change the signature.

This is ME (a real person) writing to you.

That’s how people should see it, and it should actually be in reality.

And third, which is also really important is the word “PICKING”…

This makes it clear there is ONE of me and many of them.

It helps with positioning and framing.

Okay so moving on then the open is…

Warren Buffet’s closest friends and family have said that his biggest asset is his patience.  Buffet took $100,000 and got 20% a year on it for 40 years.  The result was about 40 billion dollars.  You and I have ways to go to catch up to him BUT…”

… and then I explain that the 20% is attainable.

In this case we don’t open with a famous quote but we DO open with a famous example and then here’s another excerpt:

“I won’t guarantee you 40% but I can confidently (and boldly, perhaps) guarantee you something else; a 20% annualized return on your money.

‘Yeah Right’ you might say, leaning back, crossing your arms and squinting your eyes. 

I can understand that response, and even if you don’t feel skeptical now then you would if I told you how much ABOVE that 20% that I’m getting for my clients and investors.  You want proof right?”

Now I’ll stop there for a second and point out that we’ve used this little Dialog Algorithm a lot.  , and ir w that I’ve used a lot and it works really well.  So if you know anything about how we invest and use private money and the real numbers we achieve then you’ll know what I’m getting at. 

The most basic goal that we try to get to begin with is about 30-40% annualized.

That’s way above the 20% that I mentioned earlier but I say 20% because I know 30-40% can sound crazy to a lot of these people.  So, again, the formula is that you mention something a little crazy but then right after I suggest or allude to something even crazier and even more unbelievable and whenever you do that…

… the next words out of your mouth better include the word PROOF.

You need to put proof (RIP) next because that is what everybody wants to know.  You should always think about that, whenever you make a claim or say something, anything even remotely positive or flattering about yourself, your product/service , your company, etc…

… or something positive about any benefit or feature that you have or are promising to your people…

Always picture somebody sitting there saying “BS!”

This will force you to always have PROOF.  That’s something that testimonials help with.  In this case they can come in to a lunch and see it for themselves.  The takeaway here is to mention something crazy, then allude to something much greater and crazier and then immediately hit them with the PROOF because the mental process somebody goes through is…

“Yeah maybe 20% is crazy…”

“… but wait what does he mean that he can consistently do better than that…?”

“… What’s behind that door…?”

It makes your target feel like they are missing out on a WORLD of opportunity and all it takes to get in that world is coming to the free lunch.  By the way, that happens to be true which more than helps.

So always coming back and using the constant “BS Voice” as we call it, will always help (force) you to get better and better with your compliance gaining.

Look above at how I described their reaction:

“Yeah, Right BS!”

You can go even further…

You’re full of it!

Take a hike…

Step back Jack!  (Jump Back!)

… don’t be scared of going back to 80’s insults

Don’t make me give you a knuckle sandwich.

Whenever you voice your target’s objection/s make it  confrontational.

“BS Azam!”

Whenever you voice your target’s objection/s make it  confrontational.

“BS Azam!”

So whenever you voice an objection of your target, make that voice in the meanest, nastiest most standoffish way possible.  Just like I was saying earlier about using testimonials and having them express an objection, you want to have and continue the conversation that your target already has going on in their head.

It is best when you express objections in a nasty, confrontational tone, like

“BS!  Yeah, right!” 

Make your target think:

“Well I don’t feel that strongly but since you brought it up what is your reply to that?”

Then notice words used, the visuals conjured:

“Yeah right you say, leaning back, crossing your arms and squinting your eyes…”

Notice the action words here: leaning, crossing, squinting

… it makes it impossible to NOT picture.

Verbs over adjectives.

When you write like this always think about verbs and nouns, nouns and verbs and nouns, not adjectives so much but…


A verb is an action word.

A noun is a person, place or thing.

When you use them together it’s nearly impossible for people to not picture, in their minds, what you’re saying.

That’s what you want; mind control

Make them see it, seeing is believing.

Then later on in the letter I touch on another universal truth that is true about every human being on the planet AND especially investors.  Everybody wants to feel like an insider.  The thing about insiders, what defines them really, is that they know other insiders. 

Everybody wants to be asked this question: HOW?

We all want to be asked:

How are you doing this… how did you pull that off… how?

Everybody wants to be asked that…


We all want to be asked HOW.

It is a lot like a a magic trick, I used to be really into that stuff and I still have a couple things up my sleeve because kids and adults are still so mesmerized by magic tricks.  When you do a trick that blows people away you are IN LOVE and waiting on pins and needles for them to say the magic word, to ask the magic question…

How did you do that?

You want and need people to ask HOW, it is exactly what you want to hear and a surprisingly large part of you will actually WANT to tell them the secret to the trick.  It is in all of us, we WANT to tell them how the magic trick works

Real estate investors are the same way. 

Especially the ones with lots of money.

They want to hear things like…

“How did you get that crazy deal on your house?”

“How did you get those custom made cars?”

“HOW are you getting those crazy returns in real estate?”

That’s what they want to hear, they LOVE it.  By making these investors insiders I’m not only giving them that gift but ALSO I’m giving them the second part which is the answer.  There is a dream answer that everybody wants to say in reply to that question.

Whenever real estate investors hear the words:

“How are you getting in on those crazy real estate deals?”

There is a DREAM answer that they want to be able to say.  Every human being on the planet wants to be able to say the same thing…

… it is the same answer that I gave Randall when he asked me if I could him get a big enough to fit two of every animal…

“I Noah guy.”

(… “I know a guy“…)

Okay, so we are giving them the chance to be insiders and that’s one of the big hooks. 

Also I should cover the signature portion too.  I will leave this off one version and leave it on another, basically we hand-sign the letter and then write the number or the site and then beneath that write the command again.   

Any handwriting on a typed letter will get immediate attention.  We have tested this so we now know not to put the number twice.  The signature is different depending who on the team is sending the mailing.

The letter is signed and we have the Call to Action again.

The call to action is having them call me to reserve the seat right now.  When others used this letter we just changed the name so it would be Tricia or Sam or whoever.  That would be the only change because they were also buying houses with me and so everything else was accurate and applied to them as well.

When Margaret or others would mail this to their clients they would get a share in the money too.

So this has been a pretty powerful little letter.  The actual money was raised by Tricia was well over $27M and we’ve had others that have used the same approach to raise money for real estate and all sorts of other companies and deals.  

For example…

We’ve done this for deals like bridge financing, IPOs, a whole bunch of mother grabbers have made all kinds of money with this.  Margaret’s take from using the letters was over $10M when we recorded her testimonial, which is another secret by the way.

Also I’m going to include another video from another great class Azam did on copywriting for real estate investors and how to tell great stories, that video is below.  About the testimonials though…

MILK the testimonials from rich people…

MILK the testimonials from rich people…

As you build your FANBASE and build a better relationship with better people you’ll have a better business.  You want to have and build better clients.  Then you can get paid just for introducing them to opportunities that they will love you for.

In Margaret’s case for example, the only thing she did was mail the letter out, and that was IT.  She didn’t even need to be at the actual lunch. 

And from this ONE letter she was able to pocket an EASY $10,000,000.

And that’s it, that’s all she had to do.  She didn’t even need to be at the lunch, so it was an easy way for her to pocket over $10 million. 

Okay so this class is longer than I thought it would be, but here’s just a recap on some of the highlights that we went over today…

We talked about a brilliant letter and some of the elements that made it work.  Reader’s Digest was able to go from nose diving and losing over a million subscribers to more than tripling their subscriber base.  They went from about 4 million subscribers to over 12 MILLION subscribers.

All based on Walter’s work.

Also remember how to use a token or a item in your mailing.  Keep in mind the rules of mentioning it and the other points we covered like using a famous quote or a famous example.  Use the token as part of the reply, using verbs, nouns and words that create strong visuals.

Remember to USE TESTIMONIALS because they work like crack.

You want and NEED to always be gathering and creating testimonials ALL of the time.  Get them and always use them.  More importantly, always create them.  Love your people and make it obvious how much you care.  Think about this epic class for example, who else is going to do this for you guys?


Nobody, only me…

“What a guy Azam is, I love him forever!”  – You

I know, I know…

I spoil you guys rotten.

Oh and I love you too, I’m SUPER THANKFUL for you.

Okay back to the summary…

Also remember that we covered how to use objections as headlines, especially when it’s a testimonial.  We talked about the Propaganda Sammich, the algorithm with crazy claim, crazier claim, then PROOF.

We went over using a token or an item like a penny in mailings for cash buyers, foreclosures, also for testimonials.  You should know the basic dialog structure to create images and emotion with verbs and nouns.

Verbs and Nouns…

By now you should know what verbs and nouns mean to your compliance gaining, especially when you add implicit commands and highlighting them in your copy.  We talked about how to open your messages for maximum impact, turning $1,000 into $10,000…

… and then sending that same $1,000 to the same list and turning it into over $30,000 we also talked about…

… How a student took $2,500 and made $35,000…

Then how she did that three times.  That meant that in 90 days she spent a total of $7,000 to make over $100,000… and she started with only $2,5000 out of pocket…

She turned $2,500 into over $100,000.

We went over all that and how that works so you should be clear on ALL of that.

We also went over a lot more like the $27 million letter and the lessons from that.  Also you want to make sure when you have a gatekeeper like Margaret that they can make an easy $10 million because no matter who you are or where you are in your business all it takes is ONE person to 2x, 10x, 20x your business.

Just the introductions and doors that this ONE person can open for you…

Can change your life.

Just ONE person.

You MUST ask yourself what you’re doing TODAY to be in front of them.

We went over a lot more too.

The students I work all know that all this is just the tip OF THE TIP of the iceberg…

I get into all this stuff so intensely so that you don’t have to go out guessing and Thug Life’n it – you want to have a direct and actionable plan for everything.  That’s why you NEED to get yourself trained, and I put so much stuff here at that you have NO excuse – even if you don’t have money just use the free stuff and epic FREE training that I give away just like this…

Also I’m including the entire video class below as well so you can watch it again here too.

I make this available to you because…


I make this available to you because…


I love you and I want to see you get on up…

This is also why elsewhere I’ve covered how you can do mailings like this with NO money out of your pocket, so you don’t have to use ANY money.  I never recommend using money to get your business started.  I ALWAYS recommend getting your first Models going with absolutely no money.

We covered a lot more too but I just want to make sure you guys are good to go and make it happen.

I want you out there and start stacking ‘dem Gs…

This was just to show you how far you can go with this ONE basic skill.  You repeatedly create income and ascension while you apply the brilliance from the concepts we covered today.

Also Walter Weintz passed away in 1996 I believe, so please spare a thought and prayer for him and his loved ones. 

Much Love to You Walter!

Gone but not forgotten may the brilliance live on! 

Also if you want a COPY of that letter, of that $27 million, just send me a testimonial, make a video or leave me a voicemail.  Make it a beautiful testimonial that goes way over the top and explains to a total stranger what they are missing out on by not falling in love with me.

Make sure you’re holding hands, tap dancing on a rainbow and juggling unicorns…

Be a little nuts in your message, show the love.

So take action and make things happen and then you can send that story to me, bring da ruckus because I really want to hear it.  Then I’ll send you the EXACT $27 million letter.


You’re twisting my arm… okay, okay…

I’ll just go ahead and give the $27 million letter anyway, and this will make the video testimonial that you send me EVEN BETTER.  From now on, you’ll never have anything bad to say about Azam because he took care of you so well…

Wow, I really do love you guys.

Thanks so much everybody!

Also please take a second to share this material with somebody that will find it helpful in building their Empire… 

Thank you so much!  = )

~ Indy Anna and Azam

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100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.