How to create passive income by transforming ordinary and BORING marketing into lead magnets by turning them into lead generating quizzes.

If you can generate your own leads then you have your own economy.  Every real estate investors and small business owner needs to know how to generate leads.  The better you are at generating and converting leads, the more your business will grow.  One of the best ways to build a lead magnet that delivers high quality leads to you every day like clockwork is to create a quiz.  Today we will talk about how to turn regular marketing into high quality lead generating quizzes.   

This is a CRAZY brilliant way to help small business owners around you and be a value creator. 

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How to turn $10,000 into over $100,000 a month using physics?

When I as a teenager I used to work at the Indiana State Fair and met some interesting people. There was a guy named Broccoli Bill who would grow pumpkins the size of baby pools, carrots as big as baseball bats and tomatoes bigger than a beach ball.  One day I asked – 

How do you grow them that big?

He put a normal apple in front of me and then another apple right beside it that was identical except the second one was the size of a basketball. Then he pointed to each of them and said something that I never forgot:

For these two apples everything I do is 95% the same, it is that special 5%.

Even as a dumb teenager I had some appreciation for the brilliance in that sentence.  Not nearly enough, but some.  A small input is responsible for a BIG output.  In the 1890s an economist from Italy realized the same thing about the local agriculture.  80% of the crops were coming from just 20% of the land.  Today we call it –

The Pareto Principle or “The 80/20 Rule”

This relationship is everywhere.  80% of the living is done in 20% of a house, 80% of crimes are committed by 20% of the population, in computers 80% of the bugs come from 20% of the code, etc. Most people have heard of this concept but it is JUST the tip of the iceberg.

What does this mean to a small business?

If a business is doing 10M in sales and they have 10 sales people then you know that on average 2 of them are bringing in 8M while the other 8 are fighting to bring in just 2M.  This can help you make much better decisions if you go further with the 80/20 rule and far beyond what most people think.

Here’s what almost nobody knows about this –

There is a mathematics concept called “self similarity” and it describes things that have the same relationship at different magnifications.  For example think about the way electrons orbit a nucleus and how it is the same way the earth orbits the sun which is also the same way the sun and our solar system orbit in the galaxy.

(for more on Self Similarity and how it relates to real estate business building check out the signs class

The same relationship under different magnifications

If you apply that to the 80/20 rule something really cool happens.  So 80% OF the 80% comes from 20% OF the 20%.  Which means 64% comes from 5% then if you do it again that means 51.2% of the result comes from just 1% of the input.

Just 1% creates HALF of the result.

Sounds like bs right? 

Here are a few examples.  There are almost 8 billion people in the world and we have about 200 countries.  So just 2 countries (1% of the total) should have about half the people.  India and China have about 1.7 billion each – almost 4 billion – almost exactly half.

This gets downright crazy because you’ll see this relationship EVERY where.

The global GDP is about 90 trillion, so 2 countries (1%) should be responsible for half right?  The US has a GDP of about 25 trillion and China’s GDP is about 20 trillion, add them up and it is 45 trillion or almost exactly HALF of the output is being produced by 1% of the countries.

You should NEVER forget this:

The 80/20 rule REALLY means that a 1% cause can create HALF the result.

So if a business is at 1M then half of it – 500k – came from 1% of the effort.  So when it WAS a 500k business it was just 1% away from doubling.  If you understand and apply this simple concept you can perform miracles.

That’s the Elevator for day – 

Elevator: Asymmetrical ROI = a 1% change can double a business.

We call these 1% variables “Asymmetricals” or part of the “Asymmetrical Apple” concept. 

Here’s a quick story of how this can help you change the world.

Clean water is super important.  In the last 100 years dirty water is responsible for more human deaths than any other single cause.  A person dies every 10 seconds from a lack of clean water. Clean water can reduce ALL deaths worldwide by over half.  

Yesterday’s wars were for land, today’s are for oil but tomorrow the wars will be for water.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

This is why our team works so much on water solutions in places like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.  I remember having a single bucket of water to last five people all day and it is why I am so GRATEFUL for every day I have with water.  I want to pay that forward.

“We built 100 water pumps that feed 2,000 people.”

That’s what a few government officials recently told one of our Heroes.  Think fast – what does that mean and what did he immediately know?  Based on what you’ve learned in this email what would be a safe calculation to make?  Our Hero said:

“So one pump is probably providing drinking water for 1,000 people right?”

The room fell silent.  They didn’t know.  After some quick research they came back and confirmed that one pump was feeding and providing water for about 963 people.  They were shocked that somebody would know that within seconds. And they all knew about the 80/20 rule.

You see how powerful that is?

It isn’t just “knowing” the 80/20 rule but it is understanding how deep it goes.  After studying what was so special about that pump we built three similar pumps that are now feeding over 700 people each.  So our THREE pumps are providing water for more people than those 100 pumps.

THAT is what leverage can do.

100 pumps feed 2,000 people.

Our THREE pumps feed over 2,100 people.

Again, THAT is the power of leverage and focusing on the Asymmetricals.

Speaking of which you’ve probably heard all about “leverage” – just like most people have heard all about the 80/20 rule – but today I have a special class where I get into the physics and math behind a LEVER and how leverage works.

This is how to turn 10k into over 100k (a month even) on a single real estate deal.    

You can do all of these deals zero down and without loans. I explain it all, here’s the full class:

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn:

===>  How to deal with objections BEFORE they come up? Imagine if you NEVER heard anybody ever argue or question you ever again.  What if every lead, client, buyer, seller, etc. automatically did whatever you said with no resistance, how would that feel?  I’ll show you a tiny picture drawing that can make that happen.

(find out how to never feel or look dumb on the phone again by watching at minute 6:19)

===>  The physics of a LEVER and how to use the math to turn 10k into 100k in real estate?  You’ve probably heard the term “leverage” but very few people really understand what a an actual lever is and why understanding the physics and math will help you master asymmetrical ROIs and finding that magical 1% that you want to focus on.

(find out how a LEVER can help you create 30k/month in passive income watch: 8:31)

===>  How many houses you need to make 10k/month passive. This is all about MATH and once you understand how the math and physics work then you can build your machine to hit any target and you KNOW for sure you’ll never miss.

(get the exact number of houses that you need just watch at minute 31:57)

And a lot more too, the class is about 45 minutes:

You can watch the whole class HERE.

If you want to see how to focus on the “Asymmetricals” and double or more business with less than a 1% improvement or increase then THIS class is for you.  I know people are struggling right now but you can choose to suffer or correct your situation.

Get busy and HUSTLE – reminds of something Dale Carnegie said about sadness:

“George Bernard Shaw was right. He summed it all up when he said: ‘The secret of being miserable is to have the leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not.’ So don’t bother to think about it! Spit on your hands and get busy. Your blood will start circulating; your mind will start ticking and pretty soon this whole positive upsurge of life in your body will drive worry from your mind. Get busy. Keep busy. It’s the cheapest kind of medicine there is on this earth, and one of the best.” 

Q: Azam you gorgeous human being, I want you to personally take me by the hand and show me step-by-step how to make $30,000/month in passive income?

Azam: Yes, well maybe for the right person.  I may be officially opening doors and working with a TINY group of new students.  If you want to be in that group just reply to this email and let me know why you think you’d be a good fit.  From 1-10 you should be a 19.

Oh yeah – if you want get trained by me personally to hit 10-30k/mo the directions are on that page and you can go to and follow the steps to see if doors are open for new students.  IF I open doors for new students, remember from 1-10 you should be an ENTHUSIASTIC 19. Until then check this class out and learn how you can do all of this zero down and without a bank or loans:

Leverage 101: How to turn 10 grand into 100 grand (a month) on a single deal.

(Reminder: to be student you should be an enthusiastic 19 from 1-10 if that’s you then you can see about applying)

I only want HUNGRY students.

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So that’s it make sure to go and get our list of over 100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers, how to buy and sell companies at light speed and retire in the next year with over 30k/month passive income coming in on auto pilot:

Also make sure you check out today’s class:

Leverage 101: How to turn 10 grand into 100 grand (a month) on a single deal.

It’ll help you make a bigger impact and –

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Leverage 101: How to turn 10 grand into 100 grand (a month) on a single deal.

In the meantime enjoy the class and understanding how leverage works.  Use math and physics in your favor and become unstoppable.  Find Asymmetrical ROIs and focus endlessly on the 1% that will double your income, make it happen, do it with enthusiasm and you’ll…

Make the Universe Smile.

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You have to control your mental diet.  That is why going through these Elevators is so important – so that you keep your thinking straight.  Malcom X understood how warped your thinking can be if you don’t control the influences, check out this brilliant quote below:

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100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

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