How real estate investors can make $5,000 a week from yard signs.

A real estate investor can make $5,000 a week from yard signs.  Yard signs are a great lead generator and if you know how to leverage it, you can trade it for income and equity in local businesses.  Today we’ll go over how to use ugly, hand-written yards signs to make $5,000 a week, we’ll cover who to call, how the math works, what the signs should say, how many signs you’ll need and how to get started today.

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Our mission is to make lifelong friends helping folks around the world create generational wealth with Indiana real estate and business building.

How to make five grand a week from yard signs.

Real estate investors: how to make five grand a week from signs.

This one is pretty badass.

It changed my life.

On Youtube video I left a comment that I will paste below.

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Here’s my comment:

Hi Guys,

If you never do anything else ever again WATCH THIS CLASS and take good notes because you can hit the 10-30k/mo goal with just signs.

I just did some brand new classes about ONE model with signs and working with new home builders. It is all based on what I learned here in this class. I’ve watched this at least 100 times and I have two notebooks full of notes.

This is brilliant stuff.

I hope it helps.

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How any real estate investor can make 5 grand a week from putting out signs?

This is one way that our special needs Heroes and other students are cleaning house just using ugly hand written signs to buy houses, businesses, cars, etc. This is a 90 minute class and here’s what you’ll learn:

===> There is a picture that I’ll show you that will make it clear how to use a couple of signs to buy your first business zero down.
(see the picture at minute 8:19)

===> How a young lady used a few hand-written signs to make 20k/month, you’ll see the exact signs and how many.
(to learn that watch at minute 28:38)

===> How did star student Anna (that’s ME!) buy a drivers ed school from using exactly ONE sign?
(to see how she did it watch at minute 55:48)

This is a packed 90 minute class and I think you’ll love every second go here now.

First of all, THANK YOU again for making this channel the number one channel for Indiana real estate on YouTube according google analytics and SocialBlade info for  We’re also building the world’s largest organization of Special Needs Business Owners and Real Estate Investors.

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How a real estate investor can make
$3,000 to $5,000 a week from putting out signs…

Azam Meo here…

… A couple of days ago I was in line at a gas station and two guys in front me started talking to each other.  I think they were friends.  The conversation they had was hilarious. 

Or maybe I should say the conversation they had was… interesting to say the least.  So I went to the trouble of transcribing the exchange based on my recollection, so here it is and you’ll want to pay attention because this was…

… An enlightening interaction:

Guy 1: What’s up?

Guy 2: Not much, just letting it do what you do? What’s up with you?

Guy 1: Yeah, just doing it like I do, letting it do what it do.

Guy 2: YEAH let it go like it goes, cuz that’s how it go

Guy 1: I know right? Doing it like I do, when it does what it do

Guy 2: Just let it do what it do, it’s what it does

Guy 1: You already know, I’m gonna let it go how it goes

Guy 2: That’s how we do it when it does

Guy 1: I’m going to do it like it do –

Guy 2: That’s what I said I’m doing it like it do –

It went on like that.

It was just crazy, it went on like for like three minutes all they said back and forth to each was some version of “doing what it do” or “let it do what it do” or the most possessive and personal “I’m going do what it does”…

I don’t know why I found that so funny, but I did/do.  It was like something from a Dave Chapelle skit, oh and both these guys were white by the way. 


… as the lined moved forward the guy in front paid for his stuff and then he did something very interesting.

Something that every single real estate investor, business owner and entrepreneur should pay close attention because they could profit wildly from if they just applied the lesson.  Today I’m going to tell what he did and what it means to your business.

Also there’s a video below from me with success stories…

These are stories from Homeys who went through this page (during the Quarantine times) and went out and made themselves money and got things rolling.  You can see the whole post here, the video is below.

Boys and girls this is how a real estate investor (or anybody else it’s not just for them) but…

… How a real estate investor can make $3,000 to $5,000 a week from putting out signs…

How a real estate investor can make
$3,000 – $5,000 a week from putting out SIGNS

Azam Meo here and today I’m going to answer a question that a lot of people have asked when it comes to putting out signs, today you and I are going to cover:

“How a real estate investor can make 3-5k a week from putting out signs… with no money down, no credit checks, no banks, no loans and starting with zero experience.” 

So that’s what we’re going to talk, now to start I should say that guys on our Team have become real artists when it comes to putting out signs, I’ve had some of the best copywriters and business minds in the world say to me…

“Azam, your guys do this better than anybody else in the world.”

And I have to say although I don’t want this to get back to the Team because I don’t want them getting lazy or resting on their laurels but I have to say that I agree.  The way these guys have mastered the use of signs – the artistry and obsession that they’ve put into this – it’s really unparalleled and the results speak for themselves. 

Today I’m going to show you not only to get your signs out and what types of signs to use but I’m also going to show you how to keep them up and how make sure that those mother grabbers make you money…

So the signs spit money in your bank account everyday. 

Now for most real estate investors, or people in general, when you put up a sign in a city, a neighborhood or even just a yard you feel about as welcomed as pedophile BUT there is better way to do this and you will NEVER feel like that again.

Ever?  Yes EVAHHH…

The bad news is that NONE of this will work in your area.  It works everywhere else, it works in all 37 states in ‘MURICA and in every country in the world (not that any of them matter) but in every other country in the world this works.  It works everywhere else but no matter WHAT you need to remember that none of this will work in your area so don’t even try.

It’s as pointless as recycling.

(that’s a bad joke, please take care of our environment… or else…)

But for the sake of everybody else, let’s get started

Let’s talk about the signs themselves…

… I recommend neon yellow, not just yellow but NEON yellow signs that are WRITTEN on, actual handwriting, if you have to sacrifice something I would first go with color because you can use white but make sure the handwritten is actually somebody writing with their hand.  Use a Marks-A-Lot thick marker and then write on the sign.

But wait… Just how profitable can a sign be?

A 24-year old held up a sign while standing in the background of EPSN’s College GameDay show while it was being aired.  The sign wasn’t to promote a football team or a college, instead the sign read:

Busch Light Supply
Needs Replenished
~ Venmo ~

It worked.

When he got over $600 he said it was life changing and more than he ever thought possible.  At that moment King told his friends and family that instead of getting beer with the money he would use it for something better.  Then more money came in.

And more…

That sign raised over $1 MILLION…


King decided to donate it to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, and Busch Light and Venmo decided to match his donations and the money he was able to raise.  All told over $3 million dollars was raised for the children’s hospital.

There was a catch though, the companies severed ties with King after old racist tweets were dug up.  The interesting thing though is that the reporter who dug up those tweets and found them, Aaron Calvin, got his own dose of that when, in response, internet users dug up racist tweets of his own that led him being fired by the Des Moines Register

At first it’s a basic story of the pot calling the kettle the n-word… but Calvin tells a different version of events, which may be more accurate.  

At any rate…

You can raise $3 MILLION for a children’s hospital with a marker and a piece of cardboard

So what else could you do if you really focused?

Examples like that are extraordinary and maybe not so repeatable, but the rest of the stuff I go over in this class is not repeatable and predictable, but easily doable as well…

… anyway for the signs I’m going to teach you about…

… use a Marks-A-Lot thick marker and then write on the sign.

Once you get going you can send these off to a sign shipper and have them recreate your handwritten they basically take a picture of it and then paste it on the NEON yellow sign.  They sign should be poster board sign not those small city politician signs, those are OKAY for directionals but not for your main signs. 

So that’s the actual sign itself.

Okay so this concept for today, I think it was Sunny who first invented this, and more recently Jenn and Millie have had some tweaks to it.  So let’s imagine Jennifer buys and sells houses and she has a house that she is trying to sell. 

She is going to use signs to sell her house BUT since she is badass she is not going to just guess she is going methodical, surgical with her signs. 

She’s going to go gangster.

So she does a little basic research online at sites like, your state’s DOT site, go to your local news stations and find real time traffic maps, heavy traffic areas and historical congestion centers.  You can also compare that traffic to sites like and Trulia so you find not just traffic but average income ranges of the people in those areas.  So you can find out where lots of people with money will be stuck – this is brilliant.

Also you can get apps for this like, Inrix with accident/construction zones, Waze uses a buddy system, Glob, etc.  


You can just Thug Life it…

… you can just guess and put some out and see what happens.

Just TEST.  You can also get even more anal about this and search for areas that have recently gone through job loss, like a factory shutdown or something or areas with higher divorce rates or the most couple counselors.  Also new construction areas are good because the sellers don’t have equity for years usually, or areas with high job turnover, high eviction rates, high housing ownership transfers and turnovers, higher crime rates, etc. 

You can stay on top of developments so if there’s a drive by, robbery or if a whistle blower comes out and tells you Monsanto is dipping local kids school lunches in radiation or whatever

… you can use your signs in accordance. 

Now when it comes to the headline testing, I won’t get into all awesome badass ways that we’ve tested headlines on signs because that’s outside or our focus today, but just know if a sign is in a traffic area and you’re getting eyeballs it will ALWAYS pull if you use a better headline so you always want to test that. 

We’ve had signs that read “Don’t want get shot? I’ll pay cash for your house today.”  Or “Is he leaving you? Mike will buy your house for cash today.”  We had a student in Texas that put out signs that said “My wife is a whore, must sell my house now!”. 

So this is basically “KICK me I’m down!”

That house sold in two hours by the way.

And you can get media attention, people taking pictures putting it on facebook all sorts of crazy stuff happens when you get crazy. 

By the way notice that I don’t just say CASH FOR HOMES?

Here’s why you shouldn’t say “Cash for homes”…

It is better use the word “I” or an actual name like Mike – or, and this is the case with mail and on websites, say something like “I’m Jenny and my husband Mike and I buy and sell houses” it helps to humanize you and increases response. 

OKAY anyway after doing some basic research to find out where to put these signs up –

So after doing some basic research…

This research take takes less than three minutes by the way, so after that Jenn goes to the homeowners whose yards are in high traffic areas and she says:

“Hi, I’m selling a house in the neighborhood do I mind if put a sign in your yard for the weekend, I’d really appreciate it.”

Now that’s easy enough to understand and follow right?  Well remember the root of genius is simplicity, so when we multiply simplicity and create more and more iterations that’s what creates the masterpiece.

One Sign = One Million Signs

In other words if you understand how to get one sign up, then you know how to get 5 or 10 signs up.  If you know how to gain compliance from one person you can gain compliance from one hundred, one thousand, one million, etc. 

That’s the secret to creating income on demand, just take compliance and transactions on a small level and scale out the result because the same formula, the same cause can great a much larger effect simply with more repetition and scalability.

Do NOT underestimate the power of a SINGLE sign

There’s a post I (Anna) did where I went over the challenges that we’ve been doing to see how much money can be made from a single sign.  The record is just over $15,000 a month for nine months straight.  From a SINGLE sign.

There’s also “Dude with Sign” the now famous Instagram account with over SEVEN MILLION followers that went viral after a guy took pictures himself holding up cardboard signs with handwritten message on them.  Some of the messages were basic like “Your dinner doesn’t need a photo shoot” and other messages were more public awareness like “Wash your hands” during the Covid-19 craziness.

Yeah, all that from ONE guy holding up ONE sign at at time…

The “Dude with Sign” guy has been on Ellen, Jimmy Fallon and made many other appearances.  And if you can’t trust Ellen’s judgment what is the world coming to, am I right…?  Right…?

The point is that a SINGLE sign can change your life, improve the world and create generational income.  Like I explained earlier once you get the power of a single sign you can apply and multiply that impact,  the same cause can great a much larger effect simply with more repetition and scalability.

It is the key to everything.

What I mean is that in this class if you understand what I’ve already covered then you know how to make millions of dollars, this’ll become more clear as we move along. 

In fact, because I love you guys so much I’m going to explain this even more and I’m going to go over something that I’ve already gone over elsewhere but like I said this is one of the biggest secrets that I’ve ever learned so it can really help you.

So let me say up front:

If you understand what I’m about to say you will be able to turn any business into a cash cow and build business after business… after bidness after bidness after bidness…

This is crazy brilliant.

So here’s the deal, and you definitely want to watch the SA Class and the money class.  Actually you should be going through everything because I go over this much more in depth but here’s a quick refresher because this is so important…

So imagine a straight line.

In geometry if we have a straight line that has a defined start point and defined end point then we also have a defined middle point, or midpoint

A Cantor Set is when we take a line like this and we take out the middle third of the line so end you up with two lines.  Then if we do the same thing with each of the new lines and we take out the middle third of them, we get four lines.  Then if we do the same thing with each new line, we get eight lines.

 … And the process continues…

… And the process continues…

We keep taking out the middle third of a line and then do the same thing with each newly created line.  What you end up with is the illustration in the video, it is called a Cantor set and it was introduced in about the 1880s

So it’s been around a while, now if you look at this set the interesting thing is when you zoom in. 

So let’s say we want to look closer at an given part, what will you see?

When we zoom in any one part what will we see?

The exact same thing as if you zoom into any other part, right?

Because with each new line the same thing was done now if we zoom again what we see is…


… the exact same thing.

So any one area is just like any OTHER area…

… the exact same thing.

This is what’s called “nowhere dense” and with this Cantor set it goes on forever and we see the same thing regardless of the magnification level.

In the world of mathematics this is called Self Similarity

Self Similarity: you see the same thing regardless of magnification.

This also relates to Scaling Invariance or Independent Scalability – and on planet WBE we call it Badassery.

This is because THIS IS EXACTLY how you build an empire.

This is because THIS IS EXACTLY how you build an empire.

You want to have uniform execution and predictability, right?

Well in order to do that you have to understand this, you have to understand Self Similarity.  It is a power whose force is undeniable and once you learn about this and start looking for it, you’ll see examples of this everywhere.


You can see this everywhere you look.  Self similarity is all around us in nature for example, look at something as ordinary as a tree.  A tree really is a miracle, if it was any bigger it would fall over but if it was any smaller it would whither and die because it wouldn’t get the sunlight and nutrients that it needs. 

Then look at the relationship between the stump of a tree and a branch, that branch is the stump of the next branch, which is the stump of the next branch.  It doesn’t end with the last branch because then you can look at the individual leaves and we same the pattern of branching in the veins of each leaf.

The common tree is a MIRACLE.

Even in the case of this tree,we see the same relationship present at different magnification levels.  We see self similarity. 

It doesn’t end there either because we can take it down to a subatomic level.  Just think of an atom for example, you have electrons orbiting a nucleus, then zoom out and look at the way the earth orbits the sun, and then the way the sun and our solar system orbits within our galaxy.  The atom is it’s own little galaxy.

We see the exact same relationship at different magnifications.

Just think of the difference in magnification that we just went through, from the entire galaxy all the way down to an atom.  Even through those dramatically different levels of focus we see the same pattern, the same relationship repeating itself. 

Self similarity is beautiful and it is everywhere.

Self similarity is beautiful and it is everywhere.

Although they don’t have the same bio mass of the above ground portion of the tree the roots are about three times bigger than the tree and all the main roots branch and each branch is the root of it’s own branches, and those branches are the roots of their branches.

It’s like a the leaf of a fern tree, you are look at a leaf but if we zoom on one leaf we see the same thing as the whole leaf.  And with the tree, we were zooming in but if we zoom out…

… what do we see then?

Well we’ve only just recently learned what happens when you zoom out of a tree, and this is important lesson.  Here’s an important lesson: whether it’s opportunity or anything else, the better you are at looking, the more you will see. 

As humans, as all of mankind we study self similarity now more than ever.  The more we study this process the more we learn about it and the more examples of this formula that we find.  There are more examples, and patterns and… like with the fern tree we see that these systems and…

… mathematical formulas that are as old as the earth.

… these mathematical formulas that are as old as the earth.

Just like opportunity, there are millions of gems still waiting to be discovered.  We just have to get better at looking.  There was a famous study done by (Geoffrey West, James Brown, Brian Enquist) West, Brown and Enquist and they discovered something pretty fascinating.

They studied forestation, permaculture and vegetative mapping.  They went to a dense forest and they took measurements of a single tree.  They found that the distance between each of the branches and then the distance between each branches individual branches was roughly the same.

It doesn’t stop there…

They also found that the differences in size and circumference of the smaller and the bigger branches was the same in the same proportion of the distance between that tree and the nearby trees.  This wasn’t just distance and length but the proportion of circumference and size (get your head out of the gutter) of all the surrounding trees was directly related to what they found on the single tree.

Does that make sense?

One tree is a MAP of the entire forest.

So the difference in size and distance of each branch on one tree represented the exact difference in size and distance of other trees around it.  The arrangement of branches was the same proportional distance of how all the trees in that forest were distributed in relation to that tree.

You see what I’m saying?

One single tree was a map of the forest it was in, every tree was it’s own forest, you could be blindfolded into a forest and pick a tree and mathematically determine the layout of the entire forest.

Isn’t that amazing, something as seemingly random as forest growth it all looks out of control and chaotic but there is a method, and mathematical and predictable method…

… and whose self similarity we’ve only started to understand. 

It’s an amazing when you look at the tree all the patterns and recurring properties we see there when you zoom in but then when we zoom out we see the same similarity.  The same perfect calculated math that’s expressed on that tree is also expressed throughout distribution and size of each and every tree in that entire forest.

If you believe in God, this is his signature.

If you believe in God, this is his signature.

It’s an amazing when you look at the tree all the patterns and recurring properties we see there when you zoom in but then when we zoom out we see the same similarity.  The same perfect calculated math that’s expressed on that tree is also expressed throughout distribution and size of each and every tree in that entire forest. 

So like I said, if you believe in God, this is his signature.

Not surprisingly it also supports the argument the other way, these findings can be used to support God, science or both.

And this concept of self similarity isn’t just in structures and nature, we also see it in our bodies.  The rib cage, your spinal column, your lungs and all the way down to the cellular level and blood vessels and branching and in your veins.

Yes, in your VEINS…

We see in our social interactions and engagement, go to any city anywhere in ‘Merica or anywhere in the world.  Go to a small town and look at any male adult, he is probably doing whatever his father did, and his son is going to what he is doing. 

We see this with income plateaus and lack of social mobility and how barely anybody ever breaks out of the narrow financial channel, for generations people are stuck within a similar income range.  You absolutely need to go through the SA class for more on income ascension, social mobility and how terrible the data is and your real hopes of making a difference in your financial status.

Everybody is in danger

Even if you’re doing really well, a lot of the people convinced they’re doing great are in the most danger.  Anyway you want to go check it out, the SA Class because  I go over this a lot more.

Also the idea of using self similarity and borrowing from nature to build science is not something that I came up with, the smartest people in the world are doing it in a field called Biomimicry.  This is where scientists copy stuff from nature, there are a lot of examples

Take the Humpback whale for example…

… it is one of the largest mammals in the world and yet for years scientists were trying to figure out why he Humpback whale was able to move so well, it’s agility was confusing.  It was like an elephant jumping around like an agile cat.

They figure out the Humpback’s secret

Then they realized it was because on the front of it’s fins there were these bumps, it made a huge difference.   A company named Whalepower started making wind turbines with this same concept.  Notice the self similarity in both cases of the whale and the turbine.

The ridges increase lift and decrease drag, it allows for 20% more efficiency and can run at lower wind speeds which has increased the amount of locations that can be powered by these blades.

Studying the whale’s fin led to electricity for millions

Here’s another example from the ocean, if you’ve ever seen a giant ship then you know one of the biggest problems they have is that they rot.  Algae and other bacteria will eat away at the ship and over time decay will make even the most intimidating ship into nothing more than useless junk.

There’s something very interesting about the shark though, it spends all it’s time in the water and yet algae never grows on it.  It never even grows on DEAD sharks.  Why?  We don’t see algae growth like we do on whales for example. 

How come algae never grows on sharks?

Well after careful study of the shark’s skin it was found that their skin has a very unique coating.  It has a bunch of ridges, like little ribs.  These are tiny microscopic structures that make it nearly impossible for bacteria to reproduce and live there.  These ups and downs are a protection, so for bacteria it’s like trying to build a houses on a mountain range of ice.

This is saving millions of human lives

This is saving millions of human lives

A company called Sharklet technologies has developed material based on this shark-skin diamond pattern.  They material is now used in emergency rooms for surgical equipment, in kitchens for food preparation and even for basic things cell phone cases.  This special coating can eliminate over 80-90% of all bacteria.

Yes it can kill over 90% of ALL bacteria, but how?

This isn’t some spray, or fluid or a wipe or liquid ointment or any kind of treatment.  This is  simply the tiny, microscopic grooves that you don’t see or feel with your fingers, and in the video I show you what they look like.  They are helpful in disrupting bacteria growth.

These are tiny ridges, this micro-pattern is what interrupts bacteria from breeding and living and in the picture notice the diamond shape pattern right?  Well when you zoom in you see that those diamonds are made of smaller diamonds,   zoom in and those diamonds are made of even smaller ones, and what’s this called?

Self Similarity, right?


And this same process of creating a rough service so bacteria doesn’t get an easy landing, this is the same way you deal with lazy people, or haters, traducers, the naysayers the LCs people who want to steal your shine bruv.  This is also how you fight laziness creeping into your mind and handicapping your dendrites. 

You create a rough edge that it makes too hard for LC stuff to land or build.  The way you create that rough edge?  Through better questions.  That, however, is a whole other class.  Okay so the sharks was another example.

Here’s one more just make this point –

The picture in the video is a butterfly, and man, the butterfly is a badass.

Like Ali said “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

We love Mohammad Ali, rest in peace Champ.

This specific one is a Morpho Butterfly, and believe it or not it is actually NOT blue.

See butterfly has tiny scales and we’ve recently learned that these are kind of like solar cells, and scientists in Japan and China have built actual solar panels and technologies based on these structures.  These new solar panels are faster, easier and more efficient than previous ones.

So houses, businesses and governments are being powered better based on this research.

Also in the case of the Morpho, the reason it looks like is because of tiny structures.  It has a layer of these tiny scales, or cells and see what happens when we zoom in, see how within those lines and within those cells we see more and more and more cells  Then within those boundaries we see more and more boundaries and spaces…

The closer you look the more there is to see. 

This structural coloration is beautiful.

Beautiful stuff man.  So what happens is that light comes in and then it bounces off these structures and on the way out it gets bent and reflected on the layers.  So when the light comes out it looks blue or some other color depending on the angle you are looking.  It’s like a peacock’s feather or a big soap bubble.

These cells are better at reflecting light than any natural pigment known to man.  So companies like Apple and Qualcomm have studied this to build their screens.  So again when we zoomed you saw the  self similarity right?

This shizzle is errywhurr

The point is that self similarity and biomimicry, self governing and replicating systems, all this stuff is all around us and it is based on this stuff that you want to build your business. Now I love talking about this stuff and there is a great website you can go to to learn more

Just type in a question like how does shark clean it’s teeth or how does nature clean water and you’ll get a bunch of answers and then example of scientists have copied the concept from nature and are using it in real life to help the peoples.

Save the planet…

Save the world…

Now this may seem at first, on the surface,  to the (Bane voice) uninitiated, like it does not relate to what this class is about.  What the shizzle does this all have to do with putting out signs?  Well, this is ALL related.

Remember intelligence is defined as the ability to make connections.  The more you relate information and the better you do it and the easier it is for you to see connections, the smarter you are.  In your brain that’s what dendrites do.  You fire dendrites and grow them, and when you nurture them you get smarter.

My humble request of you…

So I ask you please, as my brother and sisters, please do not do yourself the disservice of writing this off and instead get better at making these connections.  You know often we’ll have interns or Tots that we interview and as part of their interview or screening process we’ll have them find examples of systems in nature and make a connection to how it can help us in business.

They don’t all do a wonderful job honestly, but the fact that they try and that they’re enthusiastic about improving this skill, that’s the important thing.

Three BILLION years in the making… (at least)

The oldest business in the world is about 1,000 years old, it’s an old Chinese restaurant I think. That means that if you model after business you are basing your approach on practices that are, at best, 1,000 years old.

On the other hand when you employ biomimicry and modeling after nature then you are modeling from over…


… 3 billion years of success.

So 1,000 year track record versus…
a 3 BILLION YEAR track record, the choice is clear.

So here’s what I mean and how this directly relates to putting out signs for example…

Let’s look at what what started us talking about self similarity, that Cantor Set.  So most people will look at this and think nothing of it or they won’t appreciate the brilliance but when you look at this you should get butterflies. 

(butterflies, get it?  Because of the… oh forget it…)

You should get excited because THIS what you’re looking at, it’s like in The Matrix that screen of ones and zeroes, this right this is how you build your business.  See if you had to recreate what you’re looking at most people would look at a section and they would start drawing.

What they don’t know, and what you do know, is that any one section goes on forever.  Fractals tend to do that.  If you were trying to recreate it, where would you start?  You would have nowhere to start right?  So what you quickly realize is that the ONLY way you will recreate this is if you understand the formula behind it.


It is ALWAYS about the formula…

It always about the formula… this forces you to focus on the CAUSE…

It is not what you are seeing, it is about what created what you are seeing.

And understanding that formula, and then applying iteration after iteration, THAT is what creates the masterpiece.  And remember it’s what’s called nowhere dense, and I’m going to alter that meaning completely for our purpose and put it this way if somebody tries to compete with you they will never get the drop on you until and unless they learn your formula…

I can tell you that even if they do learn the formula they sure as hell won’t do it or follow it.  Even if one part of several parts of your business get taken down are you really affected or hurt?


This is because the formula allows you to build AND rebuild instantly.  By being nowhere dense you are nowhere vulnerable and you can rebuild any time you want.  Each cell, each set runs as it’s own business and it’s all based on a simple formula, one simple algorithm governs every set, and ever set within each set.

Look at it this way, let’s go back to Jenn and you understood how she put up one SIGN right?  That was easy.  She asked somebody if she could use their yard for a weekend to sell a house in the neighborhood.

Easy Breezy…

Now over time she can extend that time from a weekend, to have a a sign out for a week or even longer, but let’s just say that sign is up for a week.  Later she can come back and buy these people dinner, or she can pay them based on how many calls she gets or money she makes, or she can basically just rent that part of their yard. 

So this should be totally clear, right?

It is easy to see how this can be applied just ONCE right? 

Well what did we just learn with self similarity? 

That if you can go through one successful iteration you can build a masterpiece with just more iterations of the same algorithm.  So if you can take one line and take out the middle third then you can do the exact same with 10 lines, a hundred or thousand. 

So Jenn got one sign up and then uses the
SAME process to get her signs up in 5-10 high traffic yards. 

Then every few weeks she comes back around into that area or neighborhood.  The cool thing is that she has these locations LOCKED DOWN and she builds a TIGHT relationship with each of these people.  She only targets high traffic yards and maybe it’s more than 5-10, although if they are good locations she shouldn’t need much more.

Now once we hit our target income, let’s say in this case it’s $20,000 a month (and I’ll talk about how to hit that number in a second) once she hits that number she takes those signs and puts them in a block.

One Block of Signs = $20,000 a month.

This is basically going to be a SET, you see what I’m saying.  Now she can go deeper in that area or move on to another area.  If she moves and build 5, 10, 15 or more signs or different blocks of signs that means that she can go through each one in cycles.

She can use each block for a week or a few weeks and then come start over with each seller or each yard being used a few times a year.  Maybe once every few months, every three months, four months, six months, etc. 

You see how this works right? 

If you have 12 blocks, or 12 sets you can use one every week and start over so a seller only hears from you once every three months.  We basically secure specific locations for signs and we do enough to make sure that she makes the amount of money that she wants. 

Then we are adding to the cycle or going back through and repeating the cycle.  So you either go deeper in that set or build another set, either way we are always creating predictably and regularity of transactions.

Predictability is the KEY.

Now remember to understand all of this all you need to understand is just one.  It is the CAUSE of the masterpiece the formula, the algorithm that you want to focus on.  By developing the relationship with a single person and by diversifying in different areas and going deeper in current areas, this is how you create what’s called Income Immunity.

Whenever you have a money maker, let’s say you have a stream of income that is $20,000 a month or whatever, as soon as that happens you want to build high walls.  With lots of towers and extremely paranoid, trigger happy guards.

Yes, trigger-happy guards.

The way that you do that, the way that you secure your income and create Income Immunity is by stacking policies.  Stacking policies to reinforce a predictable result and stabilize transaction flow.  In other words you want a bunch of different, well documented ways to achieve a desired goal.

So in this case the more ways you have to get your signs out and the better you are keeping them up and producing good calls, the more Immune the Income from them is. 

Here’s another way to think about it…

Look at Jenn’s relationships and how she’s leveraging them to get her signs out and keep her high yielding signs up, just think about it.  If you were to try and compete with her, how you would you do it?

The real secret is that most people will look at the result, the fact that she gets a ton of calls and nobody ever tears down her signs and that’s all they’ll look at because the untrained are always focusing…

… on the EFFECT not the CAUSE. 

Because you’re going through my stuff you understand the cause, but just about nobody else will ever figure it out they won’t try to determine the cause because they’ll be too intimidated by the result.

Like a scared trick-or-treater, they’ll be too scared to even TRY compete witch you…

So Income Immunity is a brilliant thing.

Now let’s talk about the actual signs, I know I said that we’d go over ONE way to make a 3-5k/week but since I’m something of a superhero you and I are going to go over more that just one.  In order to determine how to make any amount of money, in this case 3-5k we need to know how much each transaction is worth.

In this case we’re talking about real estate, but this works with anything, but in real estate each deal that you do should make you at least 3-5k.  The lease options are on the lower side of immediate profit and they are the faster type of transactions, but even then we should make…

… at least 3-5k and we should make it fast. 

So one way to make money from this is the most obvious, let’s say you have a house you want to move.  In fact ANYTIME you get a house you want this process of signs to be triggered so that you can continue to make money from the deal long after and outside of the money you make from the house.

So you can sell a specific house and then take all the leftover leads all the other consumers, the buyers and work with them. 

That’s just ONE way to make money.

Number TWO is one of my all time favorite to make money not just with signs but just in general, this is just badass it’s called the Self Serve.

The Self Serve is badass.

Any good student of our has heard me talk about this, many times probably.  It is just so brilliant.  So in this case let’s say you take your signs and you look for sellers so your signs would say something like:

“Janitor Jenn here and I’ll make a guaranteed offer on your home in the next 24 hours”

Or something like that and then you take the replies and after you pick up 5-10 houses you use the exact same signs but you change them for buyers and then you sell the houses that you just bought using the same signs but just changing the headline.

I love it, it’s gangster

So that’s number TWO, the second way to hit $5,000 a week with signs.  By the way in the last class I told you about a student who went out and on his very first day he made over $6,000, I don’t mean 6k in 24 hours but I mean 6 grand on the first day that he was accepted as a student.

As in the day that he got started before he went to sleep.

Before he went to sleep he had made $6,000.  Think about that.  He did by putting out signs for sellers and then after he got a few houses he just changed the signs to move the houses he just picked up.  BRILLIANT.

Okay, the NUMBER THREE to way make $5,000 a week with signs…

Number three can be done with a Self Serve too…

Remember a Self Serve just means that you are going to use the same pocket of people to serve both sides of a transactions.  You are going to get the buyers and sellers and you find them both from a single consumer base.

Oh also I made another great class on how to badass stuff with signs…

Below I’ll post the video and you can also check out and watch the full post on 16 ways to make $10,000 a month with signs 

So number THREE is that you are going to use the signs but to handle the calls that come in you are going to HIRE somebody, or more specifically you are going to Reverse Hire somebody.  Whenever you Reverse Hire somebody you are going to pick somebody to do all the work but instead of paying them they pay you.  

Reverse Hiring: you hire somebody to do stuff, but instead of paying them they pay YOU

Reverse Hiring: you hire somebody to do stuff, but instead of paying them they pay YOU

So here you will Reverse Hire a real estate agent or an investor to handle the calls.  So a good example of this was an agent we had Tom.  He went to his broker and basically said:

“Look I can get a bunch of buyers and sellers so let’s pick the best agents in the office to handle the business, then I’ll get a take of everything that they do.”

So he used each block of signs and handed off the work and just got a Stack of Checks. 

Now in his case in order to hit $20,000 a month or $5,000 a week, and I’m telling you this just so you see how attainable this is, all he needed was 6 calls a WEEK per sign.  So if one sign produced less than a CALL a day he was making 20k/month.

Less than ONE call a day = $5,000 a week.

Now his signs were doing a lot more than that and he was making well over $20k/month but the point here is that when you have the math down and you know you only need six calls per sign, you can go into badass mode. 

The better you are at getting more signs out and improving the number of calls the more Immunity that Income has, get it right?

You don’t have to be an agent either you can start working with agents or buying brokerages or you can get your license and never list a house or take a buyer out you can just hire or Reverse Hire other agents to do the work and get paid that way.

So those are three ways and to do that and you can see
how you can make $5,000 a week with signs. 

We’ve had students who have made that and much more, by just following this simple steps.  BUT guess what, none of those is the one that I’m here to talk with you about today, that’s right, we’re going to go over a whole other way to make $5,000/week by doing signs this way.

So back to Jenn, remember her and Millie made some changes on this Model that Sunny invented.  So she’s out there and she has blocks of yards that are bringing her calls and she improves and tweaks it so that she gets 5, 10, 15 calls or whatever number that she needs to…

… make her at least $5,000 a week

… that’s making her at least $5,000 a week…

Now because she is trained to be a badass she always looks for more opportunity, so let’s say that she goes to a busy restaurant.  This is something called a Revolving Door Gatekeeper.  This basically means that a place like a restaurant has people coming in and out all day long.

So Jenn realizes that a lot of those people are her ideal target and almost none of them will even see her signs. 

So how can she use her signs to get access to those people?

How can she turn that consumer source into leads and then into transactions.

Look at all those people at that restaurant and think about how she can leverage her signs to get to them?  How can she use her signs (which none of them will see) to do business with the restaurant’s customers?

Good question right?

Here’s an example of how to do this…

Let’s say this busy restaurant starts doing something different.  Whenever they give somebody their bill they will also include an oversized little card from Jenn that will say… what exactly?  What will that card say?  The same thing on her signs right? 

Yes, it’s basically a mini-sign and depending on whether she wants buyers or sellers that’s what card will say and what she’ll have them put out with every single bill.  In exchange for doing that Jenn will change her signs to promote a free meal, or a Thursday night special or something for the restaurant.

You see how this works, right?

You can use this “Trade Technique” to get those signs to reach a much broader audience than just those signs by themselves will reach.  Now how much money can you really make doing this?  Well I’ll give you a few numbers to think about, let’s say that on average for every real estate deal that you do, no matter what kind of deal it is, let’s say that you make $3,000 – $5,000. 

That means that you need about one deal a week to make $5,000/week roughly.

Now let’s say we’re talking about sellers and let’s say that you need to talk to 15 sellers who call you in order to do one deal.  Let’s also say that you talk to half of the people who call you, so if you get 30 calls in one week then you’ll do a deal and make 3-5k/week.

These numbers are awful by the way, they will be much better in the real world, but we just want to be conservative…

… So even if you SUCK and need 30 calls… 

So even if you SUCK and need 30 calls… 

So let’s say that 5% of the people that get your card will call you immediately, that means if you target nicer restaurants that serve at least 100 people a day then you get 5 calls a day or 30-35 calls a week.  On average by the way in a 6-8 hour shift a waitress will serve about 50 tables, that’s just on waitress for one shift.  Keep in mind that you’re going to the entire restaurant so 100 people a day is not difficult.

The other thing is the card, you’re going for the kill with a direct offer. 

If you change that and offer education like…

“How to sell your home for 10% more than it’s worth…”

“Five ways to get out of foreclosure…”

“My husband Mike and I buy and sell houses, for a free consumer report on how to sell your home in the next five days (any area, any condition) you can call…”

When you do that kind of stuff your response rate will go up several times, so can you may easily hit your 30 on that first day.  But I digress, the point is that once you know your numbers all you are doing is making sure that you adjust your activity to meet your numbers.

Once you know your metrics and you know your numbers you know what you have to meet in order to make that target of 3-5k/week or whatever other target income you have set.  Now if you’re just starting out you can use the numbers I just went over…

… or you can just Thug Life it…

… so you can just pick a number and just guess and calibrate from there.

This isn’t just with restaurants either, you can do this with any business, but especially any Revolving Door Gatekeeper just look around and when you see a business that has a lot of people coming in and out every day that’s a potential. 

A lot people that you want access to are with these kinds of gatekeepers, you can work with all of them.  The world of opportunity is enormous.  This can be jewelry stores, computer stores, clothing stores, etc. and whenever you see ANYBODY it is go time.  Any time you see any business that’s using signs or doing any kind of street marketing like that…

… then you KNOW you’ve got a deal just waiting to happen.

We have a student that did this with tax preparation services, around tax time you’ll often see people with signs out in front of accountants and H.R. Block type of businesses.  So our student did a deal with one of them and they gave out his info to every one of their clients. 

He started making over $10,000 a week during that high traffic time. 

What about video game stores?  The average age of a gamer today is over 35 years old.  One of our favorite peoples in the world is DwayneX and he’s built an empire around video games he’s done well over $50,000 from video game competitions. 

We have another student Charlie who did the basic approach that I’m talking about now with signs out promoting the video game store and in exchange they promoted him to their clients and he go over 150 leads the first week.

He did well over $5,000 a week but…

… there weren’t that many people that came in the game store, so how did he do it? 

Well here’s another Compliance Move…

… you can have the business that you work with not just go to their current foot traffic but they can go to their database of previous customers as well.  Gamestop for example has over 20M MEMBERS, not just subscribers but PAYING MEMBERS on their list.  Other video game stores can have thousands and tens of thousands of people on their list. 

Now when you do a deal like this you really want to make sure that the people you are working with also get taken care of, so you want to make sure your signs produce for them or you do more signs or you send out an email to all your buyers for them or help them in some other way to make sure…

… that they feel like they got the better end of the deal, all about the relationship…

… they should feel like they got the better end of the deal, all about the relationship…

This is all about that relationship because, well first of it is the right thing to do and what goes around comes around, but also you want to work with them later again and again.  So let’s say you have 5 or 10 or 15 different businesses like this that means you can do one a week and just repeat the cycle so that you only work with one business a few times a year.

The bottom line is that whenever you see a business that’s packed and that’s really busy that has people coming in and out and you want access to the those people, you can use SIGNS to get access to all of those people.

Yes, just with SIGNS… how badass is that?

Once you know your numbers then you’ll know that as long you get 10-30 calls a week you’ll hit at least 5k/week.  So you’ll know exactly what ingredients are necessary and you’ll only work with businesses that provide that volume.

Easy Breezy, right?

So let’s do a quick recap…

First one VERY important thing that we talked about what was building your business with self similarity, elements of biomimicry and self repeating, self governing systems. 

We also talked about the importance Income Immunity which is stacking policies to make sure we have a predictable flow of transactions and…

… money coming in every week.

We also talked about making sure we build a solid relationship with the folks where we put our signs and how to do our research to make sure we pick well trafficked areas.  We also talked about making sure we calibrate our lead flow so that we hit our transaction and income targets easily.  Then taking those transactions and that income and building those high…

… heavily guarded walls.

Then we talked about creating a block or a set that produces income independently from the whole.  This way every part is a whole and every whole is a part, brilliant stuff.

Then when we looked at picking a business to work and JV with.  We want a business who has clients that we want, that’s the first main thing.  Then we want a business that matches…

… one or all three of the following criteria:

FIRST they have a bunch of people coming in and out of that place – a RDG or Revolving Door Gatekeeper.

SECOND they have a good list of their clients and…

THIRD they are using signs already or some kind of marketing, remember anytime anybody is using a sign you can take that same sign and go hoodrat with it.  You can really turn it into a massive money maker for everybody involved. 

I had a guy once say to me:

“Azam I thought I knew about how to use signs, but when I compare your results with signs to our results with signs, your signs make mine look like the Holocaust!”

I was like “Come on man, that’s an understatement…”

No I didn’t say that, I was more like “Well, the difference is that the signs actually happened…”

Wait WHAT am I talking about… I don’t know, it’s getting late… and by the way you can get away with that when you’re part Jewish… Wow what do you guys have me talking about – STOP IT


So one more thing…

So One More Thing…

Let’s say that you don’t use signs at all…

Let’s say you go to a gas station for example and you just pay the owner, or the manager for a small test you pay them for every call they get you or every deal you do that comes from them.  They hand out your over sized card to their customers with with every receipt.  They hand it to every customer or they slide it in front of customer like a lottery ticket.

That can be a good money maker too…

Which brings us back to those two guys in front of me at the gas station…

That is what the guy in front of me at the gas station did, at the very start of this class he was who I was talking about that’s what he did.  I knew the student who was working with that gas station and the clerk gave him a card and the guy read it and called the number right in front of me. 

Now maybe he isn’t the ideal target but you never know.

It’s a huge lesson though…

The greatest deals in the world are never advertised and this is a killer way to get to them.  Imagine you go to every gas station in a 30 mile radius of your market and you build a relationship with them.  Over time you get higher and higher compliance with each iteration, your sphere of influence grows and you add more Immunity to your Income, you see that right?

These relationships make you harder and harder to compete with.  People will see your network of business cards EVERYWHERE and assume you’re just too big to compete with.  Remember if you can work with one gas station, you work with dozens, hundreds, thousands and even more…

Self Similarity Baby…

You will see this everywhere in nature, in business, in your body…

… here’s an example of two different snapshots if they weren’t labeled would you be able tell them apart?  And think of the difference in scope, one image is of NANOMETERS in brain and the other take from space of the galaxies

Think of the difference in magnification here…

Self Similarity Baby…

This is the power you want to use…

And when you use this in business and enter industries armed with this training…

… you can monopolize any given market.

You can do this with haircut salons, furniture stores, you name it.  One of our students Jackie has been doing this with furniture stores for a while.  They basically trade clients and every month or so the furniture stores goes to all their clients for him and he goes to all his buyers for them so he makes money with buyers even if they never buy one of his houses. 

Jackie has consistently made over 30-35k a month.

What about Randall?  Yes, what about Randall… I mean yes let’s talk about Randall…

So Randall was our audio and video guy for years.  He handled a lot of our tech stuff and he had a DJ business on the side but it was struggling UNTIL he started applying the stuff that he learned just from editing our videos and audios and together. 

He took some of our basic stuff and applied it to his business and it blew up.  Overnight Randall was “stacking all kinds of Gs”.  Then he applied, and was accepted as a student.  Yes he really want through and paid and everything…

… and became an actual student.

One day he wanted to do a test so he started working with other DJ companies, he had them put a sign up at all of their parties.  The sign said that they could buy a house with no credit checks and another for sellers that said:

“DJ Randy will pay cash for your house, call me for a cash offer today.”

Now at parties people always look at the DJ and they go up and talk to him during breaks and make requests, etc.  The DJ can even mention you as a sponsor of theirs.  Now if a group is doing enough parties every weekend or every week or every month then you can hit your numbers easily.

Now you can pay the DJ outright or you can do something else that Randall did.  You can help your buyers schedule a home coming party, a house warming party for they move.  This way your DJ can get extra business too.

I interviewed Randall about this and the title of our chat was:

I interviewed Randall about this and the title of our chat was:

“How a DJ slash real estate investor makes over $50k/month without going to any of the parties or seeing any of his houses.” 

It’s brilliant stuff.     

You want these deals to go with regularity and like clockwork, but you have to wind them up.  Get micro-compliance then broaden the effect, expand the boundaries to include encompass more and more. 

That’s the name of the game. 

Just like we talked about hiring somebody or Reverse Hiring somebody to handle the calls, after you go through a few iterations of this you can hire somebody to do all of this for you.  You can build a team that does everything.

Steps to build a business:

Step One: Find out the EXACT steps to make money.

Step Two: Get other people to do ALL of it.

You want to build these cells, these individual sets can be built and you can hire somebody to build them out for you.  So when you hire somebody to build this and you hire people to handle the business you can be totally subtracted from the situation.

In fact, and here’s a big secret…

… I always talk about making 10-30k/month but the reality is that it’s not very much money, right?  At least that’s what the ignorant will think.  The fact is that it depends on how you make it. 

I recommend using MODELS to build your business and to base your income upon.  Each Model should get you to at LEAST $10-30k/month and as you build more and more you get better with each one, with each iteration. 

What you end up with is…

… the same thing…

Self Similarity. 

At it’s best each set isn’t just making you 10-30k/month but it runs independently and the income GROWS over time. 

So let’s say that one day while you’re minding your own business and being a badass all of a sudden out of nowhere your house gets raided by an overzealous and totally out of control government apparatus and whatever money isn’t taken from you is frozen and you have NO MONEY…

… you’re left with nothing.

If that happens (or HAPPENED) to you and you have to start over totally from zero, if that happens to you then you can rebuild it like a badass because you know the simple algorithm.  You want to be so well trained that…

… you can rebuild immediately and with nothing.

The ease of this comes from knowing that even the most intricate and seemingly complicated masterpiece is always based on a simple algorithm.  Learn the algorithm and you’ll always have control over your financial masterpiece.  Focus on the mastering the CAUSE, because then you can create any effect you want.

And before you even axe no none of this will work in your area and yes it’s all illegal and of course it doesn’t work in “today’s market”…

… So before the LC even asks, just know this…

… Gotta love dem LC questions…

The LC will always pat themselves on the back for finding a fly in the ointment, even if they put it there. 

“I’m so smart that I know it doesn’t work in my area.”

They’ll even want you to be awed by how smart they are to not pursue opportunities.  Their self sabotage builds their own ceiling, and they want you to admire the design.  Don’t be proud of your negativity, brag about it or expect compliments for it… when you adorn yourself in negativity don’t show it off because it’s not a necklace, it’s a noose.

Too many people will tie the noose around their own neck and want you to wear matching jewelry, don’t do it.  I don’t to want wear your matching jewelry.

“I don’t want your gonorrhea.”

– Hemingway
(or maybe it was Lil’ Wayne, 
I was always get them confused)

You guys just don’t let the LC guillotine your enthusiasm…

… Learn to recognize the difference between a necklace and noose…

… The LC doesn’t…

Okay, and finally remember this…

Controlling the negativity of the LC is like tying a pit bull’s leash to a golf ball.  Most people are so happily married to their limitations that they’ll wonder why (and make fun of you if) you’re still single.  Divorce your limitations, take their disapproval as a blessing.

You can do, get and become whatever you want, and I mean what you REALLY want because you are already getting, pursuing and going after the things that you REALLY want.   Behavior never lies so your everyday actions, words and hunger are always in the shape of your true aspirations.

If you’re not getting what you want get out there get it man, make it to what it do.

If you’re lucky enough to be watching this and you have a full stomach, a roof over your head and the Godsend of good health then you’ve already got an unfair advantage over nearly human being on the planet and that has EVER been on the planet. 

You are generations ahead of every single person who has ever lived on the EARTH.  There may be that voice in your head, the echo of the LC that says this is too hard, or it’s too complicated and you’re not smart enough, or it’s telling you that…

… you could never compete with Azam Meo’s sexual magnetism…

… and even if only two of those three voices are wrong, there is another voice in your head that tells you that you can go out and do this and make a change in your part of the world.  That voice is telling the truth.  Go out there and help somebody, help some sick kids or starving people.  You should want to make money to make a difference. 

It doesn’t just have to be about money, just help somebody who looks like they need it, somebody who’s looking down or like they need a boost.

Give more compliments, be generous with your flattery…

… make somebody feel good, every day. 

And remember if I’m crazy enough to open the doors and work with students and if you convince me that I won’t regret working with you, and that you’re not an LC and all that stuff then it’s a no brainer and you gotta jump all over it.

Okay, that’s it for now, go out there and help somebody and let me know how it goes.

Thanks and Much Love!

– Azam

P.S.  The video was at the top of that page, here is again the entire class is like over 90 minutes you can watch it all below, I’ve included it for you… what a guy I know… I know…

So that’s it for now, make sure that you go to and get our list of over 100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers, how to buy and sell companies at light speed and retire in the next year with over 30k/month coming in on auto pilot: go there and you’ll…

Make the Universe Smile.

Thanks so much!  = )

~ Indy Anna
Love (at)
(YES that’s my actual Direct Line and I really do answer lol, so please text me first Thx!)

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Also here is a post on how I did this and I flipped a house off Zillow for 30.  Also you can check out the post on five steps to flip a house right off Zillow for 40 grand.  You can also check out our other epic post on 57 ways to make money with vacant land.

Here’s another post on how a Hero flipped a house off Zillow and made 40k in a few weeks while he was learning to read.  Also you want to check our post on the EPIC $25 million letter and the copy writing lessons for real estate investors, you'll love it.  Also you can see how ONE letter is making me $9,000 a month.  Also you can check out the post on 101 FREE places to advertise your houses.

Also check out the "SA" class and your REAL chances of create social mobility and income ascension with your real estate business.  Brilliant stuff.  Also there is a great post on the ONLY way you'll ever make 30 grand a month as a real estate investor and/or business builder.  Another brilliant class with a free downloadable Investor Guide is about 19 Ways to Make $10,000 a Month by Helping Tired Landlords.

Plus make sure you check out Azam's post on how to hire a realtor that makes you $10,000 a month... while you sit back with your shoes kicked up on your desk and fingers folded behind your head.  Also there is a great post on how to make five grand a week from putting out signs.

Also we have some great posts on 30 ways to buy real estate with no money down.  That is a two part series so make sure to watch the second part on the 30 ways to buy real estate zero down and with no loans or credit.  I also get questions about our "Epic Flipping" and how to turn $1 into over $25,000 by flipping ordinary items for exponentially high ROI.

And don’t forget our EPIC page on 100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers, we are making the number one page in the world on FREE ways of finding motivated sellers.  Also check out how I find motivated sellers from code violation properties, and also how I make over $1,500 a week giving investors access to that list

Speaking of lists, for a list of the "Good People" and My Indy Anna Homeys - this is a FREE list of EVERY possible contact that you'll ever need to build a real estate business in the Indianapolis or the Midwest.

You can also get a LONG list of every contract, piece of paperwork and legal document that you'll EVER need for your real estate business all FREE to download.

Also perhaps the most important class Azam has done is on the "Frequency of Thought" and how to use the laws of quantum physics to rewire your brain, attract brilliance like a lightning rod and be the best version of yourself.  Check out this epic 3-hour class on Quantum Real Estate.

When I first go started I thought wouldn't it be great if somebody put together ONE list of every possible contact that I would ever need to build a passive income with Indiana real estate - or any Midwest real estate?  Well that's exaclty what I did with our “People Page” here it is:

A totally FREE list of every possible real estate professional contact you’ll ever need to do unlimited deals, start and scale your real estate business and create generational passive income with real estate anywhere Indiana or the Midwest.

Stay here at and you’ll become allergic to being an LC and addicted to improving the world and creating Income Ascension and Social Mobility for you and yours… 

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Make the Universe Smile.

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Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.