Real Estate Investors: how to buy small businesses zero down by writing better lead generation ads?

Very few real estate investors grows their business because most of them do not look at their business AS a business.  Any great real estate investor should be able to buy and grow just about any business.  Today you’ll see how to use the skill of copywriting to write better lead generation ads and use that as leverage to buy small businesses zero down.     

Nothing determines the direction of your life more than your THOUGHTS – today can help.   

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Generate a business more/better leads – and you can OWN it.   

If you can help a business generate more/better leads then you can use that alone as leverage to buy all or a piece of that business and create a side passive income of 10-30k/month.  An easy way to do that is to add a better lead generating headline to marketing, today you’ll see exactly how.

This will create an unlimited source of deals for you right at your fingertips.

This is my “Weekly Newsletter Experiment”

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Our Mission:
My friends and I help real estate investors create 10-30k/month in passive income from buying real estate and small businesses zero down and without loans.

A big WIN this week – One of Heroes passed last week, he was 17 and it was not a surprise but it is part of the reason the email didn’t go out on Monday.  The WIN was that I was going to call the week off but so many other Heroes pushed me to still send it even if it was late – so we did.

I don’t want to admit that, it hurts and is kind of embarrassing because I shouldn’t be moping when it was him and his family who went through the pain.  Too many people think I’m bulletproof though and truth be told I get down too, I just try not to stay there.  

Together – we’ll all make it.

This week’s lesson: How to triple a business with a single headline.

If you double the number of leads a business gets then you should double the revenue and more than double their net profit if the extra leads came at no cost. Growing a business that dramatically with no investment is one of the easiest ways to get equity and passive income from that business.

Can you do ALL of that just by writing a single headline?

Can you really write a single headline and have it pay you 10k-30k/mo for the rest of your life? Yes, and today I’ll show you exactly how and how you can easily spot these opportunities all around you.  It starts with “High Bar” versus “Low Bar” marketing.

What do you see most small businesses doing in their ads?

A liquor store will offer a daily special, a restaurant will offer a free dessert, a nail salon offers a discount on manicures, etc.  The problem is that in order to respond to the ad you pretty much have to be 90%+ committed to buying already.  

That’s a very “High Bar”.

I was lucky enough to be trained by the best copywriter to ever live, “The Prince of Print” as he was called and he came up with this idea. The “High Bar” is bad and instead you want to create a “Low Bar”, over the years I’ve added much to this concept, but the core is his idea.  

(See, when I steal I give credit)

Here’s how you create a “Low Bar” and forever change a business:

The liquor store finds out their best clients are people who are throwing parties, the restaurant’s best clients are couples, the nail salon’s best people are germaphobes.  Now we can write much better headlines:

“Five Tips to Throwing an Unforgettable Party.”

“Nine Secret Phrases that Create a Lasting, Passionate Marriage?”

This was one of my favorites that more than quadrupled their appointments:

“90% of harmful bacteria enter your body through your hands:
Here are three signs your fingers are infected.”

Those are “Low Bar” examples.

To reply to one of those headlines you do NOT need to be ready to buy or get up, change your clothes, put on your mask, find a babysitter, yell at your kids, get in your car, fight traffic, look for a parking spot, wait in line, hold your pee until you get home, etc.

A low bar means you can generate more and better leads.

Now you have a group of people that you can add to your Compliance Curve.  That is an automated follow up sequence, a DRIP campaign designed to do all the heavy lifting of converting.  It will educate, indoctrinate and convert leads into clients without you lifting a finger.

Why do we always use education?  Three quick reasons:

You are immediately positioned with authority.  From childhood we’ve been programmed to respect, admire and (most importantly) OBEY teachers.  By definition a teachers knows more than you and we give their guidance a great deal of authority.

You need to give people a better ruler than PRICE alone.

The number one ruler that a buyer will default to using is price, you don’t want that.  The FIRST step in creating inelastic pricing is to help them create better criteria and standards to compare.  Fail to do this and you’ll always compete on price.  If you can get them to listen, you can teach them that price is irrelevant.

Nobody else will do it, so you’ll show up like nobody else.

This is probably a main reason many business owners listen to me – ego.  You’ll kill your competition if your team talked like this, right? If you want to get paid like nobody else, then you need to show up like nobody else.

Remember you can ADD this to current marketing so there is ZERO cost.

Here’s another great real-life example –

Imagine you go to your local dry cleaner and instead of seeing the normal ads and ignorable headlines that go under the radar unnoticed, you see something different.  You are a business person who is climbing the success ladder and you see this headline:

Fortune 500 Fashion Coach Reveals:
Seven (surprising) dressing habits of billionaires.

What would you do?  Remember you are business person.  OF COURSE you have to know more.  So you click, tap, swipe or scan the QR code with your phone and you are immediately sent the following story:

In 2008 the two most famous people in the world had a secret meeting.

One of the men had just come out with something called the iPhone, his name was Steve Jobs. The other man was an until recently unknown senator from Illinois who was running for president and had “zero chance” of winning –

Barack wait-is-that-seriously-his-middle-name Obama.

Later in his memoirs Obama said that one of the big secrets he took away from the meeting was something few people would expect.  Jobs told Obama that being “thrown away” at birth and up for adoption as an orphan (twice) made him want to become important one day.

Apple products are perfect so that nobody would ever want to throw them away.

Let that sink in for a second.  You can take whatever pain, trauma, heartache, insecurity and chaos you’ve been through and USE it to change the world.  Steve Jobs left us with that very powerful lesson.  To be even more not-throwaway-able he read books and –

Steve Jobs studied the most successful, achieved leaders in history.

Jobs read about Rockefeller, Da Vinci, Mohammad Ali, Napoleon, Gandhi, Harriet Tubman, Tyson, Socrates, Albert Einstein, Confucius, Marcus Aurelius, Plato, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Aristotle, MLK, Haile Selassie, Hero of Egypt, Seneca, Joan of Ark, Rosa Parks, Epictetus –

Even Jesus, Moses and The Prophet Mohammad.

These people from different backgrounds, countries, religions, times, etc. probably have NOTHING in common except for one thing, maybe the only thing.  Steve Jobs identified this ONE thing that they all had common and asked Obama –

“Do you know what they all have in common?”

Obama, who was hoping to one day add his own name to that list, leaned forward:

“What is it Steve, I MUST know, what do they all have in common?”

“They wear the same thing every day.”

Jobs went on to explain how many of those people agreed with Einstein when he said that he refused to waste any mental energy on what clothes to wear.  It is for this reason that Steve Jobs always wore the same black turtleneck, blue jeans and New Balance tennis shoes.  

From that moment Obama always wore either a blue or grey suit – nearly EVERY day.

In a Vanity Fair interview Obama said: “I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing because I have too many other decisions to make.” Trump also always wore a blue suit, white shirt and red tie – nearly every single day.

Once you start paying attention you’ll notice this trend with many high achievers.

You’ll see it with famous Hollywood powerhouses like James Cameron (Terminator, Titanic, Avatar), Steven Spielberg (E.T. and Jurassic Park) or director Christopher Nolan (Inception, Batman, Interstellar, etc.) who told told the New York Times –

“It is waste of energy to decide on what clothes to wear.”

John Tierney was a co-author of a New York Times bestseller called “Willpower” and in the book he explains why so many high achieving leaders choose to wear nearly the same clothes every day of their lives:

“Decision fatigue helps explain why ordinarily sensible people get angry at colleagues and families, splurge on clothes, buy junk food at the supermarket and can’t resist the dealer’s offer to rustproof their new car. No matter how rational and high-minded you try to be, you can’t make decision after decision without paying a biological price. It’s different from ordinary physical fatigue – you’re not consciously aware of being tired – but you’re low on mental energy.”


So the letter goes on but first let me ask you are YOU sold on the fact that this dry cleaner is like NO other dry cleaner that you’ve ever been to?  The build up here was for an “Executive” service that included regular delivery of the SAME shirts, ties and jackets with dry cleaning included.

Their net profit went up over 7x in less than 30 days.

I’ll explain more details on this in today’s video.  Not only did we get more leads, but they were much better leads.  This ONE headline beats “10% off dry cleaning” doesn’t it?  That is the power of being able to write a SINGLE headline that generates more/better leads.

There are THREE steps to doing this-

First, you need to talk to their BEST clients and find out what they want.

Second, you come up with an EDUCATIONAL (free to deliver) headline to use as bait.

Third, you test the hell out of it and keep calibrating it until you are getting new/better leads.

If it is not feasible to talk with their best clients just talk to the business owner and get their feedback on what their best people want, search Amazon for appropriate books and read the reviews, do the same on Google, eBay, Facebook groups, etc.

You need to test different lead magnets because the right one will change everything.

Just look at all the advertising that mentions useless things like extended hours, larger selections, discounts/coupons, years in business, “join our newsletter” with no reason why, “follow us on…” again for no reason, certifications, industry awards, etc.

Nobody gives a sh** about any of that stuff.

Learning how to do this is so exciting because the opportunities are everywhere.  You’ll start to see low hanging fruit everywhere you look.  This is how we train our students and Heroes to CREATE (not find – but create) opportunities seemingly out of nowhere.

Here are a few more real life examples of turning HIGH bars into LOW bars:

After talking to a karate school’s best clients a student added a headline to their ads.  Instead of just saying “Come in for a free lesson” they added the following:

Parent’s Guide to Bullying:
Five Tips to Raise Emotionally Strong Teens Who NEVER Get Picked On

If you paid attention to my class on “Building Authority” you know that the above headline would be much stronger if we replace “Parent’s Guide” with something like “UFC World Champion shares secrets of bulletproof confidence” or something like that.

For the rest of the examples I’ll use the Authority trick, you’ll notice the power.

A Hero worked with a wedding photographer, and they stopped just advertising their willingness to take pictures of your wedding, or their rates, hours, etc. instead they added the following:

Vogue Magazine Photographer Spills the Beans:
Three selfie tricks that make you look 25 pounds thinner.

Another student worked with a computer repair center, so instead of saying they fix your PC, iPhone or tablet they added:

Pentagon Cybersecurity Expert Reveals:
Four Signs Somebody is Spying On Your iPhone.

An online computer instructor listed all of the programming languages he taught, his certifications, education, etc. but it was useless and not producing leads until he added:  

Silicon Valley Billionaire:
“How I learned to program in less than 30 days.”

A yoga instructor stopped talking about all the cities in India she studied, putting up pictures of her in a rickshaw, accolades from yoga temples, etc. – instead she just added the following to her current marketing and ads:

US Gold Medal Gymnast:
“How Anybody can do the splits in 14 days.”

Another Hero/student worked with a company that provides books, lesson plans and other resources for parents who homeschool their kids.  Instead of just offering a 10% discount, a referral code or “Season’s Greetings” – they added:

MIT Physics Professor explains:
How to raise your child’s IQ by 20 points in 30 days.

If you’ve been following the progress and updates of my students then you know the details of these experiments and in each one I’ve listed they MORE than doubled their target businesses. In each case these headlines created equity and passive income for the students.

It is just the start, the better you get the more you can make – that’s the Elevator for today:

Writing a single headline can create centuries of generational wealth for you and your family.

Speaking of which, wouldn’t it be great to have a class where I go MUCH more in depth on how to write like this and use words as weapons?  More examples and exactly how to find/create authority and write KILLER headlines, wouldn’t that be nice?  Here’s a class where I go over –

Exactly how to introduce yourself like a BADASS and with Authority?

Here’s the class:

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

===> What NOT to say when people ask “What do you do?” – I’ve NEVER met anybody in real estate has a good answer when you ask them what they do or WHY people should call them instead of a competitor.  I’ll tell you EXACTLY what to NEVER say again.

(learn what NOT to say by watching at minute 5:47)

===> When I hit rock bottom I was kicked out my OWN bank – I lost all of my money and didn’t even have enough money to fill up my gas tank and when I went to get my money from my bank my OWN banker called the the cops on me.  This was heartbreaking but with a happy ending.  

(find out about my rock bottom and how I got out of it 22:38)

===> The first words out of your mouth when you talk to a new lead – Test this out and you’ll immediately 2-3x the leads that you convert.  These are the exact words that you should start using when you first meet a lead, use these words and you’ll be magnetic.  

(get our exact scripting and email by watching at minute 34:19)

You can watch and download the whole class right by going HERE.

Quote of the Week.

I’m reading a book called “The How of Happiness: a scientific approach to getting the life you want” by Sonja Lyubomirsky.  Sonja is a researcher and professor of psychologly at the University of California and has spent almost 20 years on increasing happiness levels:

“It is a truism that how you think – about yourself, your world, and other people – is more important to your happiness than the objective circumstances of your life.  People who are consistently grateful have been found to be relatively happier, more energetic, and more hopeful and to report experiencing more frequent positive emotions. They also tend to be more helpful and empathic, more spiritual and religious, more forgiving, and less materialistic than others who are less predisposed to gratefulness. Furthermore, the more a person is inclined to gratitude, the less likely he or she is to be depressed, anxious, lonely, envious, or neurotic…”

Then she explains how easily this goes from WHAT you do to WHO you are:

“All that is required to become an optimist is to have the goal and to practice it. The more you rehearse optimistic thoughts, the more ‘natural’ and ‘ingrained’ they will become. With time they will be part of you, and you will have made yourself into an altogether different person.”

— The How of Happiness

Practice GRATITUDE and eventually it’ll be automatic –
you’ll be a more GRATEFUL person.  

That’s the second Elevator for this week, since last week was late you get a bonus one:

Elevator: Practice GRATITUDE until it is automatic.

Brain Game of The Week.

These are great for “Fire the Dendrites” and they train your brain to work better with logic, communication, problem solving, pattern recognition, critical thinking, and decision making. These are used in IQ tests, job/admissions interviews, government recruitment programs, etc.

This an old famous one and it is amazing how many different answers people come up with when the correct answer is very easy and simple to figure out.  

Here it is:

A storeowner bought an item for $5 and sold it for $6 then he bought back the same item for $7 and sold it for $8.  How much profit did the storeowner make?

I’ll post the complete answer next week.

Q: Azam I want you to personally take me the hand and show me step-by-step how to make $30,000/month in passive income?

Azam: Yes, well maybe for the right person.  I may be officially opening doors and working with a TINY group of new students.  If you want to be in that group just reply to this email and let me know why you think you’d be a good fit.  From 1-10 you should be a 19.  For now:

How to introduce yourself with bulletproof confidence and authority like a badass.

In the meantime enjoy the class use it to both create passive income AND buy small businesses zero down, follow the steps use and take better pictures and you’ll…

Make the Universe Smile.

~ Azam

Oh yeah – if you want get trained by me personally the directions are on that page and you can reply to this email and let me know why you think you’d be a good fit IF I open doors for new students, remember from 1-10 you should be an ENTHUSIASTIC 19. Until then check this class out on how any real estate investor can create 10-30k/month passive by introducing yourself better:

(Reminder: to be student you should be an enthusiastic 19 from 1-10 if that’s you please reply and let me know)

Q: Azam I want you to personally take me the hand and show me step-by-step how to make $30,000/month in passive income?

Azam: Yes, well maybe for the right person.  I may be officially opening doors and working with a TINY group of new students.  If you want to be in that group just reply to this email and let me know why you think you’d be a good fit.  From 1-10 you should be a 19.  For now:

In the meantime enjoy the class use it to both create passive income AND buy small businesses zero down, follow the steps use and take better pictures and you’ll…

Make the Universe Smile.

~ Azam

Oh yeah – if you want get trained by me personally the directions are on that page and you can reply to this email and let me know why you think you’d be a good fit IF I open doors for new students, remember from 1-10 you should be an ENTHUSIASTIC 19. Until then check this class out on how any real estate investor can create passive income faster with a better introduction:

How real estate can introduce themselves like a badass.

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In the meantime enjoy the class use it to both create passive income AND buy small businesses zero down, follow the steps use and take better pictures and you’ll…

Wait a second –

Oh yeah – if you want get trained by me personally to hit 10-30k/mo the directions are on that page and you can go to and follow the steps to see if doors are open for new students.  IF I open doors for new students, remember from 1-10 you should be an ENTHUSIASTIC 19.  Until then check this class out on how any real estate investor can create 10-30k/month passive with the 10M letter:

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I only want HUNGRY students.

In the meantime you can go through the previous Elevators:

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(“How one letter writing DRIP campaign made me $15 million)

Elevator: You are 20 times more likely to get rich if you think hard work alone will you get there.
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So that’s it make sure to go and get our list of over 100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers, how to buy and sell companies at light speed and retire in the next year with over 30k/month passive income coming in on auto pilot:

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How this one letter is made me over $10 million?”

Use beautiful words, letters and arrange them well – you make a bigger impact and you’ll –

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Make the Universe Smile.

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You have to control your thoughts as they create your feelings and how you FEEL is what determines what you’ll do and if you build YOUR dream or not.  Remember, you’ll build a dream in your life, just make sure its yours…

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