Create $10,000 a month passive income with real estate drone photography.

Every real estate investor should look into having a drone photographer business.  Imagine if you had a portfolio of images and videos that were recorded, uploaded and producing “rent” every day without your involvement.  Being in real estate it is very easy to be a “digital landlord” and use real estate drone photographers to create digital assets for you.  Today I’ll walk you through every step of how any real estate investor can do what I did and create a $10,000 a month passive income with drone photography. 

We are so lucky to be alive in this time of digital assets and one should NEVER take this for granted or as “common occurrence” it demands high levels of GRATITUDE. 

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Drone Photography Passive Income for Real Estate Investors.

If you are in real estate then you really need to look at drone photography – wouldn’t it be great if right now you had hundreds of digital assets like videos/pictures online that were earning rent for you – and you never took a single picture or video yourself? Today I’ll show you Anna did this:

“How I’m making over 10 grand a month from drone videos without using a drone.”

If you don’t know: My friends and I help real estate investors create passive income from buying real estate and small businesses zero down and without loans.

This is my “Weekly Newsletter Experiment” and we have about 5 weeks left.  As of right now there are about 2,300 people who read these emails and about 10% of you click to the page, more of you should be clicking because the stuff I share is good I promise.  This week:

How any real estate investor can create passive income with drones – zero down.

For people in real estate this is especially easy because you have access to all the home photographers anyway.  Today you’ll see how to get high quality footage taken FOR you (without paying anything out of pocket) and uploaded and sold so you only pay from profits.

You need to get pictures/videos uploaded FOR you automatically.

Once they are put up on the right sites they work like magnets and while most will not sell/rent for much (or maybe anything) it is a numbers game.  You just make keep putting up more and more and with volume and quality it compounds and before you know it – 

You have digital assets bringing you rent every month.

Today I’m going to show you how to get ALL these pictures and videos done for you and uploaded and even sold and rented so you don’t have to life a finger.  Imagine one year from now – a portfolio of digital properties bringing you rent every month.

Let’s start with a story about COLORS –

If you show an American light red and ask them what color it is they will say “Pink”.  If you show them light brown and ask what color it is they will say “Orange”.  But if you show them light green and ask them what color it is they will say…


That is because in America we don’t have a name for light green the same way that we do for red and brown.  There is no pink or orange version of green.  In parts of Russia they don’t have a name for light red, so when they see pink they call it “Red” the same way we do with light green.

This is a side effect of something much bigger.

If you went to one of the Russians and put a bunch of red dots in front of them while one was actually pink, they wouldn’t even SEE the pink dot.  Everything would just be red.  The same way that if you saw a group of green dots with one light green you would not even SEE the light green dot.  

Everything would just be “green”.  

However, there is a tribe in Africa, the Himba people, and when they are shown a light green dot among normal green dots, they immediately pick out the light green with no problem  That light green sticks out to them the way pink sticks out among red to us.  Why?  

They have a NAME for light green.  In other words: 

If you don’t have a name for a color then you won’t even SEE it.

We can be colorblind based on our vocabulary.  

We don’t see colors that we don’t have a name for.  Your vision depends on your vocabulary.  We only see as well as our language allows.  I read about this in a book called “The Story of Colour” by writer and lecturer Gavin Evans.  This colorblind effect is part of a theory called:

Linguistic Determinism: your language determines the way you see the world.

This theory has some pretty fascinating implications.  Your brain rewires itself and actually refuses to acknowledge or even SEE a color that you don’t have a name for.  Your brain will just call it “Green” if you don’t have a better name for it and then it will make you SEE it as the same shade of green.

This brings up another interesting question:

What else are you NOT seeing because you don’t have a name for it?

There is something else that works just like colors, and that is OPPORTUNITY.  This is something that we are always stressing with our inner city youngsters that we work with.  Once you get trained and have better NAMES and labels for them, you can see opportunity all around.

Our language – or lack of it it – can make us opportunity blind the same way we can be color blind.  Thankfully we can train ourselves with better language to do the opposite and SEE colors/opportunities everywhere.

That’s the Elevator for today:

Elevator: Colors are like opportunities – the more you can name, the more you can see – improve your vocabulary,  improve your vision.

You only (or are at least more likely to) see opportunities that you have a name for.  

So the more opportunities you know about – the more of them you’ll see.  This is partly why we have different names for “Models”.  By having more and better names for opportunities, you are better at finding them in the world.

Once you NAME an opportunity you’ll see that “color” everywhere.

A single gem – just a SINGLE name for an opportunity – and you’ll start to see it everywhere.  Today you’re about to learn about a Model that can change the way you look at pictures, open houses, drone photography, etc.  This is a TOTALLY different way of “landlording” in general.

Today we’ll talk about the Drone Models – specifically photography and video for passive income.

If you want to see how to make 10-30k/month passive with drones check this out: 

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn:

===> The drone industry is about to explode – think about “search engine marketing” back around 2003, THAT is where the drone business is right now.  There will never be a time where it is easier to make big money with drones than right now.  This is why we are buying/building so many companies in this space.

(find out just how big this market is about to get by watching at minute 8:33)

===> How to become a “Digital Landlord” – instead of just owning houses or real estate in the physical world you can own and rent out digital assets that bring in cash flow every single month, THIS is the future and you can create these assets with no money..

(learn about “Digital Assets and Landlording” by watching at minute 12:38)

===> How to get high quality drone photographs and videos for free and without every operating a drone – you need to be able to get good, high quality and in-demand footage that sells well every day, week and month after month.  Here you’ll see nine ways to get all the footage that you’ll ever need all without spending a dime.  This is why folks in real estate have an advantage over others.

(find out all nine ways to get digital, cash flowing assets online for free at minute 17:29)

You can watch the whole class HERE.

I’ve been reading Randy Pausch’s book “The Last Lecture that he wrote when he found out that he only had a few months left to live and this line stood out to me:

“Time is all you have. And you may find that one day you have less than you think… Everyone has to contribute to the common good. To not do so can be described in one word: selfish.”

Randy Pausch

This is the YOUR time to make it happen, I’m shocked that something as simple as pictures with a drone can bring in enough money every month to buy a mansion – all on autopilot and without you ever needing to operate a drone or even LOOK at a picture/video.

It is shockingly easy.

Speaking of which:

Q: Azam I want you to personally take me the hand and show me step-by-step how to make $30,000/month in passive income?

Azam: Yes, well maybe for the right person.  I may be officially opening doors and working with a TINY group of new students.  If you want to be in that group just reply to this email and let me know why you think you’d be a good fit.  From 1-10 you should be a 19.  For now:

How real estate investors can make a passive income of 10k/month with drone photography.

In the meantime enjoy the class use it to both create passive income AND buy small businesses zero down, follow the steps use and take better pictures and you’ll…

Wait a second –

Oh yeah – if you want get trained by me personally to hit 10-30k/mo the directions are on that page and you can go to and follow the steps to see if doors are open for new students.  IF I open doors for new students, remember from 1-10 you should be an ENTHUSIASTIC 19. Until then check this class out and learn how you can do all of this zero down and without a bank or loans:

How real estate investors can make a passive income of 10k/month with drone photography.

(Reminder: to be student you should be an enthusiastic 19 from 1-10 if that’s you please reply and let me know)

I only want HUNGRY students.

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So that’s it make sure to go and get our list of over 100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers, how to buy and sell companies at light speed and retire in the next year with over 30k/month passive income coming in on auto pilot:

Also make sure you check out today’s class:

How real estate investors can make a passive income of 10k/month with drone photography.

Use drone, beautiful pictures and brilliance and you make a bigger impact and you’ll –

Make the Universe Smile.

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How real estate investors can make a passive income of 10k/month with drone photography.

In the meantime enjoy the class and understanding how leverage works.  Use math and physics in your favor and become unstoppable.  Find Asymmetrical ROIs and focus endlessly on the 1% that will double your income, make it happen, do it with enthusiasm and you’ll…

Make the Universe Smile.

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You have to control your mental diet.  Understanding the power of pictures will make you appreciate, notice and even CREATE beautiful things more.  As humans the ultimate tool of impact and doing good in the world is our ability to inspire.  Jim Carrey said the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency.  I love that.

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100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.