Make the Sizzle Worth More than the Steak.

There are some powerful concepts we will touch on this class, from now on you’ll be able to generate leads and convert them higher than any competitor.

In this class we’ll talk about:

How a child’s toy helped finance McCarthyism? A man learned his lesson the hard way and it cost him billions, you can avoid the trap that nearly everybody in business (especially in real estate) are falling for everyday.  Plus you’ll see how to make a fortune helping others avoid this pitfall.

A car dealer doubled his income without selling more cars – he actually did sell a lot more cars when he made this change but ON TOP of that he doubled his income in a non-car related way.  I love these deals.  When you see how cool this is and how quickly you can do this from ZERO, you’re going to thank me.  You’re welcome.  ; )

Over $400 a day giving away computers? This is badass.  We’ve had multiple students apply this technique and it works like crack.

And more crazy cool stuff like how Sunny built the fastest growing home security company in the UK and China and how you can do the same thing with your bid’ness…

… Plus a creature that actually lives forever?

(it seriously might be true)


Now you want to make sure you go through the pages and debriefing below because if and when applications are being accepted you can be ahead of the game…

You can qualify yourself with the IQ test, the psych profile and get a better sense if you’d make a good student.  It is also required that you go through this program:

That will help introduce you to my stuff and help get you grounded.  Lots of powerful material there.  Okay, think that’s it for now.

As always love to hear from you – Thanks for all the support!


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