Marketing for Real Estate Investors: Get Motivated Seller Leads By Making Your Lead Generators So Valuable That People Would Pay for Them.

Business building relies on lead generation.  Most real estate investors either fail or only make money accidentally because they got lucky with market conditions or timing, very few make money on purpose.  If you learn how to build the right business skills you can make real estate success inevitable.

One of the most important skills that you need to learn is LEAD GENERATION.

You can do this brilliantly when you make your lead generation so valuable that people would pay for it.  Make the sizzle worth more than the steak  There are some powerful concepts we will touch on this class, from now on you’ll be able to generate leads and convert them higher than any competitor.

In this class we’ll talk about:

How a child’s toy helped finance McCarthyism? A man learned his lesson the hard way and it cost him billions, you can avoid the trap that nearly everybody in business (especially in real estate) are falling for everyday.  Plus you’ll see how to make a fortune helping others avoid this pitfall.

A car dealer doubled his income without selling more cars – he actually did sell a lot more cars when he made this change but ON TOP of that he doubled his income in a non-car related way.  I love these deals.  When you see how cool this is and how quickly you can do this from ZERO, you’re going to thank me.  You’re welcome.  ; )

Over $400 a day giving away computers? This is badass.  We’ve had multiple students apply this technique and it works like crack.

And more crazy cool stuff like how Sunny built the fastest growing home security company in the UK and China and how you can do the same thing with your bid’ness…

… Plus a creature that actually lives forever?

(it seriously might be true)


Now you want to make sure you go through the pages and debriefing below because if and when applications are being accepted you can be ahead of the game…

You can qualify yourself with the IQ test, the psych profile and get a better sense if you’d make a good student.  It is also required that you go through this program:

That will help introduce you to my stuff and help get you grounded.  Lots of powerful material there.  Okay, think that’s it for now.

As always love to hear from you – Thanks for all the support!

~ Indy Anna and Azam

Azam Meo here, the hottest celebrity on the planet, here with today’s WBE Lesson:

Make the sizzle worth more than the steak.

Every product or business has features and benefits, stuff it has and stuff you get.  I was told and taught that features tell and benefits sell.  Your focus should always be on the result, a woman does not buy make-up she is buying a younger face.

… a man is not buying a car he is buying looks from his friends…

… a woman doesn’t want to go out with me she just wants to make every other woman jealous

… I’m kidding, kidding – of course she (obviously) wants to go out with me for a trillion better reasons.

You get the idea.

If you call it selling then you want to sell them want and give them what they need and if you’re good then you understand concept of sell the sizzle and not the steak but if you want to be great then you make the sizzle worth more than the steak.

Every piece of communication that a business ever has – every ad, every script, every piece of dialog – spoken, printed, electronic or otherwise…

It is all an attempt at gaining compliance from somebody.

It may be a vendor, partner, client or anybody else. 

There is always somebody that you want compliance with.  So the first step in compliance, the seed of compliance that is always necessary – the thing that you need before your words ever have a hope of getting what you want – at all starts with one very important thing:

Getting attention.

That’s why when companies talk, they spend billions using fancy colors, celebrities, expensive commercials, headlines, half naked people, totally naked people, people fornicating – all of that is used to get attention. 

Compliance is a function, it’s a derivative, it is preceded and comes from attention.

As a masterful Empire Builder you should always strive to make sure your dialog gets the right attention.  And the single best way to get better at getting attention is to make what you are using to get attention with worth more than what you are getting attention for.

I’ll say that again

The single best way to get better at getting attention is to make the thing that you are getting attention WITH

… worth more than what you are getting attention FOR.

There are many famous examples of this.  Dubai for example uses things like having the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, as the attention getter Dubai and it itself has become famous worldwide and synonomous with Dubai.  Again…

The single best way to get better at getting attention is to make the thing that you are getting attention WITH worth more than what you are getting attention FOR.

This is a skill that you can build…

Picture of Burj Khalifa and the Dubai islands showing attention getter is as valuable as the attention receiver

The better you do this, the better you can generate leads.

Here’s a story time example…

This story is about Joshua L. Cowen.  A little over 100 years ago he was an inventor, he had brilliance and he was passionate but the problem was that he wasn’t making much money from his ideas.  He once came up with a way to light flower pots that sold well.

He made a long metal tube that was filled with batteries and at the top it had a light.

The idea was to put the light, vertically in a pot so that it could shine up on the plants.  Josh thought this would be a good for stores to use in their display windows.  They could use the lit pot to get attention to marked down inventory or sales or a new product line –

The light would be the attention getter.

Then along came a Russian inventor named Conrad and he saw Josh’s idea and he bought it from him and as soon as he got his hands on the flower pot-lamp thing Conrad knew exactly what he was going to do with it.

Instead of putting vertically in a flower pot, he put it horizontally in people’s hands…

This is known today as the flashlight.

Conrad made millions and millions of dollars with Josh’s idea, but Josh didn’t get any of that fortune.  You may already notice the irony – Joshua’s invention was supposed to be used by stores to get attention…

… but he missed the fact that the item itself was…

… worth as much or more than the stuff he was trying to attraction attention towards.

So he missed out on the flashlight, and in general he didn’t have many homeruns that he was making money on.  So even though he had some ups and downs but it wasn’t all bad and this pattern is the norm for many inventors.

Plus, Cowen did have some success…

His first patent was a device that looked like a flash light but it used powder instead of a bulb, he thought it would be helpful for photographers.  It never caught on with photographers but instead the waterproof properties of his device were used by the US Navy to make underwater mine fuses.

Cowen made some money with that.

But his breakthrough came when one day when he was making a motor for a small fan and when he looked at the motor he thought it would also work really well with one of his toys.  So he made a small motor for his toy and then combined the two and he came up with his own, new toy.

Then he took this new toy to a store owner.

Josh thought that the store owner could use the toy in his window or put it on display and attract attention to the store’s other products.  So what do you think happened when the store used Josh’s toy to attract attention to their other inventory?

People started buying the attention getter – the TOY.

People bought the the toy and not the stuff the toy was supposed to be getting attention for.

You see a pattern here, right? 

Immediately, it was actually overnight that more orders came in for more his new toy and some people even wanted to buy his business.  But Josh learned his lesson sell the fruit and not the tree.  He realized that this sizzle was worth more than the steak.

So instead of selling his business, he sold his toys.

And his toy went on to make history…

He would eventually become the world’s biggest toy maker and his toys are still sold today.

And it all started from this simple element – making the sizzle worth more than the steak.

Make the attention getter itself something of value.

Now although he did on accident, imagine the power this has when you do it on purpose.

Let’s say you give something away…

… Whether it’s a freebie, a trial, a discount, a bonus, an evaluation, an estimate, whatever – the main purpose of doing that is to get attention – but what if you make the thing that you give away worth as much or more than the actual product?

This is a skill that I want you to develop.

You can use this with physical or actual things like:

Free Stuff:

This can be related or unrelated to the main product/service of the business.  You can bundle these up and make them valuable on their own (Val-Pak as an example) and just as or more desirable than the product.

“You’ll get one year of free oil changes at Jiffy Lube.”

Concert Tickets:
“A FREE ticket to any event at Deer Creek Music Center…”

“Just for attending you get a complimentary dinner for two at…”

“You’ll get a free month’s payment on any new car from…”
“No payments your first three months on your new house…”
“Here’s a FREE book of coupons of over $100,000 discounts on local businesses.”

Special VIP Treatment at Other Businesses:
“Show this card at any of these clubs downtown and you never pay a cover charge.”

Travel Specials:
“Plus get a special round trip flight to Vegas with hotel room and meals included all for $150.”

Free Bonus:

This category is for stuff that IS related to the main product.  This can be for more of the product or an upgrade or something else related or complimentary to the main product.  This is a great way to create a package that is unique, attractive and credible – creating an offer they can’t refuse. 

“I personally provide a lifetime guarantee if ANYTHING goes wrong call me.”

“Special granite counter tops when you show them this email.”
“FREE first class upgrade on any airline ticket from…”
“Get a new iPhone for free…”

“Use these email automation until you get 50 leads for FREE.”

Complimentary Products:
“Your car comes with free car washes for the next year.”

Membership Benefits:
“As a Builder you get discounts at these stores…”

Other Stuff:
“100 hours of royalty free tracks for FREE.”

More stuff:
“Get an extra week’s stay for FREE.” 

Free Consultation:

This is providing an “appointment” that has a specific promised outcome that in itself would be worth paying for.  IT is best to use authority to create a good hook as explained in a previous class.  These are perfect for JVs and creating immediate income getting paid for appointments. 

Legal Audit and Grading:
“Former IRS agent will grade your books.”

“Professional nutritionist will provide you a FREE customized diet plan.”

“Indy 500 pit crew manager will personally inspect your brakes and safety system.”

“Pulitzer Nominee will review your manuscript.”
“Get your wardrobe reviewed by Hollywood fashion consultant to the stars…”
“My accountant will look at your business and find at least an $10,000 or more for you yearly.”

“St Louis Rams head doc will check your spine for early cracks and damage and give you fixes.”

Guaranteed Outcome:
“After a 15 minute diagnosis and action plan, YOU will see that I can 3x your business or you get $5,000.” “After this strategy session with billionaire consultant, follow his 3 steps for 10k/month… GUARANTEED.”
“Come on this free training call and if you don’t think I can double your practice I’ll pay you $1,000 cash.”

It is also very easy to do this with EDUCATION.

No matter the business – EVERYBODY should be doing this, if for no other reason because NOBODY else will and it makes it easier to monopolize your market and destroy competition.  Your education process should be so good that it could be published and sold.

Five Signs You Have Termite Damage.

The 30 Second Breathing Life Test To See
How Old Your Heart Is.

How to Raise Emotionally Strong Children With
Bulletproof Self Image.

Harvard Dean of Admissions Reveals:
Top Three Study Habits of 4.0 Honor Roll Students

Exactly What to Say to Your Bank If You‘re in Foreclosure
And Need Them to Back Off.

Make the Lead Generator So Good That People Would PAY For It.

A good test is to see if the title would be something that people would buy on Amazon or in a bookstore.  You can find similar books, read the reviews and get an idea of what you should and should not include.  This is how you KNOW you’ll get evergreen leads.

Because you made the magnet worth as much or MORE than the product.

Description of lead generators that are so good people would pay for them

Why is it SO important to make the lead generator so valuable?

Because being able to do this not only means that you can make money at will – and even pull money out of thin air – but you can create new companies at light speed.  You can build new income sources and be able to totally destroy your competition easily.

So easily that when you look at them all you’ll see is a house of cards on a crooked table.

There are so many applications and so many secrets around this that there’s now way I’ll have time to get into even 5% of it but here are just a few student examples:

One Hero was in real estate and her and Millie did an experiment based on the fear mongering in the media, she started offering a free safe with each home she got four times as many calls.  Four times the leads, OVERNIGHT – what a thing, right?

This is how FAST you can increase revenue with your companies.

They almost doubled her income because she sent some of the extra calls to other people in real estate. Think about the logic there, it’s not like somebody goes out to buy a safe and they come back with a new house, and a safe isn’t worth more than a house – at least not a normal safe.  Or a normal house.

It is also unlikely that they’re thinking:

“What’s the point of buying a safe unless I have get a new house to put it in?”


The idea got enough extra attention that she was able to see an increase, among other things she was able to move a lot more newly constructed homes.  She realized she on to something so went to her past clients and offered them safes and even higher quality (and more expensive) built in safes.

All said she nearly tripled her net monthly income – TRIPLED it.

When that happens, you start to realize how powerful this lesson is.

That investor paid over $25,000 to be trained by Millie, and has now made more than that in a week whereas before she had never made that much in a month or even in any given TWO months.  Now they are doing all sorts of other stuff –

But she said that this little secret was worth more than ten times the 25 grand she paid.

TEN times.

That’s how much this is worth and the value of getting properly trained with gems like this.

Let’s move on…

A car dealer Hero has been with us for a while but before we met he was losing business to a competitor.  That competitor was catering to a growing a immigrant community, so we started including a free consultation with an immigration attorney and they called him a:

“Citizenship Specialist.”

What do you think happened?

They saw an immediate change, and more people came in for the appointment than for the cars and the client base of his competitor migrated right over and forgot all about the other place in fact he even had employees of his competitor come over for appointments.  What a goal, right?

The goal should is to be so good that your competitors own employees start coming to you.

How badass is that?

The appointment setting worked out well.  It led to more business for the attorney which they were paid on.  In less than 60 days he was making as much and sometimes more money from the attorney appointments then he was from the cars.

A car dealer doubled his income without selling any more cars?

They didn’t raise their prices or even spend a single penny more on marketing, advertising or anything else?  This “Citizenship Specialist” thing is also being used by students in Europe in Australia because they have those same issues too – it’s been really effective.

And you don’t have to do this with another business either.  Anybody who is trained by me will tell you that we don’t sell anything to anybody, we don’t close or make offers.  Instead, we help people get what they want and when we gain compliance and people do what we want it’s because it’s what they want..

For their own reasons.

So you shouldn’t call anybody on your team “salespeople” and there are so many reasons for this (people love to buy but hate to be sold) but I won’t get into all that right now.  One thing you always want to have is a process that takes people from being a stranger to becoming a client…

To somebody that you do business with.

If you use better dialog with that process and if you name it and position that process better you can have the same effect that we’ve been talking about.  You can have it perceived to be worth more than the underlying product.

The process of buying something can be seen as worth more than buying the thing…

ETI the Lead Converting Robot turns leads into sales

Again your LEAD GENERATOR can be worth as much or MORE than what they called for…

… if you do this right.

Another Hero did the same thing with his gym.  He was working with Zach and they started using a “Free Heart Attack Test” and overnight they started booking more personal training sessions but then they used my favorite title:

“How much time do you have left test – Your Life Expectancy Test?”

People were flocking in so fast and because of their enhanced dialog they started getting business from medical professionals and clinics.  It was the first time in 8 years that they had to hire other trainers to handle all his extra business.  Of course Zach made a killing as well.

Speaking of Zach, imagine if I told you that I sat down with a professional statistician, a forensics expert and a team of law enforcement personnel and we studied all the robberies and break ins over the last 35 years and they determined that…

There are obvious weak points robbers look for.

There are five major points in a house and about 9 out of 10 – over 90% – of all break-ins and intruders will use one of those five points.  If the average robber doesn’t find one of those weaknesses in a house he’ll usually just move on…

So think of this “Robbery Test” or “Home Invasion Vulnerability Test” or…

The “Five Point Burglar Proof Checklist”…

This is part of a model that Zach and Sunny invented and it’s how they built the fastest growing and second largest security company in the UK and in China and whenever they turn the faucet on in America they set records here too.

Hearing that now, don’t you want to know what those five vulnerability points are?

You see how in many ways that’s more valuable than actually getting a security system?  Just like with the gyms and trainers don’t you want to know how much time you have left?  Wouldn’t it be helpful to know how long – medically speaking – that you will likely live?

See how simple dialog changes the game here?

By the way you learn really important stuff doing this, when talking about life expectancy for example it was the first time that I heard that lobsters live forever.  They don’t age or have any natural predators so unless we kill them a lobster can live forever, it supposedly never dies.

A biologist told me that, and although there is some debate about it that’s just a really cool thing to know isn’t it?  The point is that whether we’re talking about security systems or personal training or whatever – there is always an application for today’s lesson.

And now we have other students and Heroes who make 10-30k/month helping OTHERS…

Just from helping gyms and trainers put this in place for their business.  So when you get trained better with this you can start yourself or help somebody or buy and then build a business – and have an entirely business around helping other businesses do this.

I mentioned Australia earlier, one of our good friends and Heroes Kristina has been doing something really cool with this Model.  Imagine that you have a restaurant or bar and with every meal you give away a computer…

Well that’s kind of what they did.

They gave away raffle tickets to a computer.

They gave them away every week and it went so well they started giving away several computers a week.  Once the word spread to schools and other places, the restaurant – which never had a waiting time of more than 10-15 minutes – had a 2.5 hour wait on a Tuesday night.

Kris would take all the entries who didn’t win the free computer and they used a “firesale priceon refurbished computers.  I think the price was like less than $250 and the computer store could afford to do this because they were selling them in bulk.

Even if you didn’t win a free computer you could get a killer deal one.

She started doing this in Australia first and then in Florida too.  Max did an interview with her and the money she was making just from the computers was over $400-$500 a day.  That doesn’t include the money other Heroes have made when they did this with cars… it is crazypants…  But for another day.

This is part of something call the Coupon Model – and it is also an example of today’s lesson.

Do you see how this all works?

That’s how powerful it can be when you think of something better to get attention with.  Also, it doesn’t necessarily have to be worth more than the actual product but just the fact that you are trying to make something that much more valuable – that alone will get your dendrites working in the right direction.

You can start just by picking random companies and brainstorming with them.  You can build companies just around doing this for them, some of the examples we just used were Builders and students who didn’t own any of the companies to start with but…

By controlling the transaction…

… (remember that’s all a business is; an interest in a transaction)… 

They were able to build a company from nothing. 

This stuff is all skill it is NOT talent.

And like any skill it’s just a matter of getting trained.  So remember if you want get trained personally one-on-one and in a manner that is so effective that when I sit down and I explain to you what these guys and gals are doing and exactly how they are doing and you can do the same thing

… you are going to be so fascinated and focused on every word that I’m saying that if somebody tries to interrupt me you are going to staple their tongue to a wall – if you want that – and you want it bad, bad I’m talking with a desire darker than sin…

… but in a good way…

If you MUST change the outcomes in your life and you want and NEED get trained by me, and what good, decent human being with even an once of ambition wouldn’t?… Then you need to make sure that if and when applications are being accepted…

You are all over it like fat people on free cake.

Ambitions are the wings of ideas, you need both.  When you develop your empire building skill – when you develop this skill better, everywhere you look your eyes will be drinking up the milkshakes of opportunities that are all around us every single day.

This isn’t for everybody, but if you’re sure it’s for you then hopefully we can work together

To apply to get trained go to

Picture of Training

Now back to the toymaker’s and his business…

So about Josh Cowen

Here’s a side note about Josh by the way, after his business took off and just before his death, Josh retired and he sold his shares in the business to his nephew.  The nephew’s name was Roy Cohn and if you don’t know who that is then you haven’t studied McCarthyism.

If you don’t know what McCarthyism is then you haven’t studied history.

Roy was the infamously well known and notorious attorney during McCarthism, he was BFFs with demonic Senator Joseph McCarthy.  Cohn was allegedly a closet homosexual, when he died of AIDs there were people who celebrated his death.

Roy has gone down in history as a pretty bad guy, you may remember him from the HBO movie “Angels in America” where his character was played by Al Paccino.  We also the unethical attorney that Trump use to complain about as well.

What an interesting twist right?

It is just kind of weird that a guy like Roy was the benefactor of an empire made around toys…

Toys, a guy like Roy… but forgive and forget right?

Besides all that was a WHILE ago, an unrecognizable time when…

… the government was completely out of control and politicians lied.

So about Joshua  and his toy and his habit of making attention getters that are worth more than the intended attention recipients of said attention… 

Remember that Russian guy who came in and bought his flashlight idea for pennies and then went on to make fortune after fortune?

That’s a cool story of it’s own…

Well that guy’s name was Conrad Hubert and his company, the one that he sold the flashlight through and made fortunes with – that company is still around today and it does billions of dollars a year and has over 10,000 employees…

You and I know it as Energizer.

Yeah, so Joshua missed out there, but what became of his toy

I’ll bet that if I tell you his middle name, you wouldn’t even have to axe.

You should be able to guess what his toy was when you hear Joshua L. Cowan’s full name – and the company named after it that also went on to make billions and created a toy that is still on display and bought/sold with high demand today – his middle name was Lionel…

And that’s the story of Lionel Trains.

Okay kids so that’s today’s lesson:

Make the sizzle worth more than the steak.

Explanation of getting what you want so you don't have to want you get

And finally remember this…

Potential is a novel and without the pain of progress you will only know a single page.  Most people are unhappy, but not unhappy enough to do anything about it.  If you’re not on the hard road to mastery, then you’re on the easy road to mediocrity. 

Too often people validate their inaction by calling the consequences of their laziness concealed intentions.  Ambitions aren’t determined by exertion, exertions are determined by ambition.  Don’t want what you get…

… Go get what you want.

Hope that helps everybody, remember to…

Make the Universe Smile.

~ Indy Anna
Love (at)
(YES that’s my actual Direct Line and I really do answer lol, so please text me first Thx!)

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