How to create a predictable source of leads and sales with a lead generation and converting quiz, and taking a business from zero to over $20M?

As a real estate investor or business builder your revenue is based on your ability to generate and convert leads predictably, a well produced quiz can do both.  Today you’ll get a masterclass on how to create a single quiz that can change your business and your life while creating generational passive income.  We’ll go over scripts, headlines, real life examples and more so that by the time we’re done you’ll know more about using quizzes as a lead generator than any of your competitors. 

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We are creating the world’s clearest instructions to empower any human being on the planet can start from zero and create a passive income of at least $30,000 a month.

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Now for today’s class on using a lead generation Quiz to build a $20M+ business…

“How I took my business from ZERO to over $10 million from a SINGLE lead generation Quiz.”

Beautiful Azam Meo Explains: 

  • Everything you’ll ever need to know about using quizzes to generate and convert leads.

  • Exactly how to script quizzes for maximum compliance in person and over the phone as well.

  • How to grow companies (over $20M for example) and create generational passive income with QUIZ  

“I took my business from zero to over 10M when Azam Meo told me to do THIS.”

Pop quiz: who said that and when?

You get five gold stars if you knew the answer without looking it up.

Okay, five seconds…




… One…

This was a $20,000,000 testimonial success story.

Alright, so that was a testimonial I got way back in 2007, you know the good ole days before anybody had ever of Covid, the metaverse or kale.  The person who said that was Jarod, a brilliant Hero of ours.  I took his story I took that sentence and I used it as a headline in a promotion.

The headline was to promote a business building workshop that I did for a very small group of clients.  I only allowed 30 students in the room and it sold out immediately.  Each attendee paid $20,000 to be there and on DAY ONE I asked them what they wanted to learn the most.

The number one answer?

That they wanted to know how Jarod made that 10M.

The headline said “I took my business from zero to 10M when Azam Meo told me to do THIS”

They wanted to know what the “THIS” was.

What was he talking about?

That was the big question for day one that everybody wanted answered.  I’m about to tell you that answer but first I want to give you a little quiz and see if you can figure it out because I really should make you work for it, right? 

One of the students who was at that $20k workshop was Daisy, all the way from Australia.  On that first day Daisy said that once she learned this one thing, this little secret ALONE was worth 100 times the cost of the travel and the event.  All that value from this little secret.  So here’s my question to you…

My one question quiz to you: Do you know what the answer is?

That may seem kind of weird right? 

I mean how would you possibly know already right?

Well actually the answer is so deceptively brilliant and so easy to miss and under appreciate, that I won’t blame you for missing it and don’t worry I’m not going to drag this out and keep you in suspense.  In fact I’m about to tell you the answer right now, in like 10 seconds…

Well actually that’s not true because I’ve already given you the answer.  I’ve said the answer three times already.  The answer to the question: how do you go out and start from zero and make over $10M-20M?  What is the big secret behind this…

How to make over $20M?

This clever gem of brilliance is perfectly hidden in the camouflage of the obvious…

… the big secret is to come up with and use…



A Quiz.


I’m Azam Meo rhymes KO so you want to know a simple way to take a business from zero to 10M and beyond?  I had that testimonial, more recently Anna just made another class of a Hero who did the same “THIS” and is making $1M a year. 

 A quiz change everything for a business.

I know some people think it is too hard to make these changes but that is why YOU need to care enough to make it happen.  Things are only improved and changed by people who CARE enough to.

Another Hero Anna profiled did the same thing, got out of all debt, and is now making in excess of $10-20k/month.  We have regularly had Heroes who’ve done this ONE thing and they immediately make $10-20k/month.

How do you take business from zero to $10M and beyond?

We already went over the answer with no delays, no cliffhangers and no more build up…

… here’s the answer…

You need to come up with a QUIZ.

That’s it, to come up with a QUIZ.

We call this technique…

The Quiz Model.

There are two main ways to use a QUIZ.

One is as a lead generator and the other is to convert leads.  You either GENERATE or CONVERT leads.  We will focus on CONVERTING LEADS today.  The famous English poet and short story pioneer Alfred Coppard once described a particularly lazy character in a story by saying that he:

“Ate like Satan and worked like a gnat.”

That’s exactly how most small business owners feel about the results from their marketing.  They’ll complain like the Devil but work like a gnat to fix the problem.  By the end of today’s class you’ll see how to use a simple quiz to magically take normal LC marketing and turn into a monstrous and predictable source leads and revenue.

I’m going to tell you FIVE stories today and by the end you’ll know exactly how to come up with a powerful QUIZ that converts leads into loyal clients, how to disempower all your competition and make each one of your competitors look like a rotting pile of feces.

You’ll see crazy examples of exactly how to use a SIMPLE QUIZ to create passive income.

That passive income and generational wealth will basically last forever and it will be nearly impossible to disrupt your income.  That’s what these five stories will help you understand and create.  So let’s get started:


The World’s Number One Bird Watcher.

The World’s Number One Bird Watcher.

As you guys know I LOVE birds…


My Beautiful Babies Eago and Zazu.

They are Solomon Island Eclectus Parrots.

They are on the endangered species list so on our team we’ve done all kinds of work with birds like breeding eagles, setting up a sanctuary for falcons in the Dubai, supporting a number of bird rescues groups, etc.

One of my favorite people to read about is a woman named Phoebe Snetsinger.

Phoebe was a famous lover of birds, one of the most famous lover of birds actually.  As a professional bird watcher who had seen and documented over 8,300 different bird species, Phoebe was a legend.  Unfortunately Phoebe passed away before before I ever found her work or got a chance to meet her.

Phoebe was a badass.

Phoebe was a well known author, researcher and lecturer and I learned a lot from her work about birds.

I know some people may be kind of surprised that bird watching is a real thing but a LOT of people are into birds.  We connected with clients like Wes Craven and Hugh Hefner though bird watching.  In fact, at the end of Scream 5 (the first Scream movie that was NOT directed by Craven) the first credit reads:

“For Wes.” 

(with birds chirping in the background)

Anyway – bird watching really is a thing and it (much like myself) is kind of a big deal. 

The Guinness Book of World Records called Phoebe the world’s number one bird watcher.

Phoebe had seen and documented more birds than any other person on the planet, she’s been very inspiring to me and a lot of our work.  When I lived in MO I went of my way to do deals in her old neighborhood “Webster Groves”.

We did some rehab projects in her name as our little way of giving back.

Phoebe was badass.

Just think about it, there are about 9,500 different species of birds and she was the only human beingon Earth that had personally seen and documented over 8,000.  Crazy right?  It wasn’t just her either, three of her four kids have built their OWN legends up in the world birds.

Phoebe’s daughter Carol researched birds in Alaska and the northwest, her second daughter studies owls, her son Tom worked for the US government and studying endangered species of birds…

This entire family is like the most famous and the most expert family in the world when it comes to birds.

What’s my point and why am I telling you this?

Well put a pin in that I’ll come back to it later…

For now let’s move on the next story…

Story Two: Big Peas Will Never Sell.

Big Peas Will Never Sell

In the 1920s Ward Cosgrove was an executive on the board of the Minnesota Valley Canning Company when he traveled to Europe and learned about a very large garden called “The Prince of Whales”.  After tasting the giant pea and having his employees do a taste test, Cosgrove was convinced that if he brought it back to America it would be a huge success.

But that’s not what happened.

Happy with the taste but unhappy with the peas giant size retailers, grocery stories and food chains rejected the pea saying “Big peas will never sell”.  Cosgrove heard the same rejection across the country, not a single store placed an order and his own marketing team told to him they were out of ideas.

“You should just drop it…”

That’s what he was told, encouraged to throw in the towel.  Cosgrove did not listen as he believed in his idea and wanted to see it through to the end one way or the other.

Eventually Cosgrove did something magical…

This thing would change his life and the direction of his company…

… What did he do?…

Cosgrove came up with…


Armed with his quiz, Cosgrove went back to the stores and asked them a series of questions.  They were told that the purpose of the questions and quiz was to help them optimize their floor space.  In reality this quiz was a disguised way for Cosgrove to find out what their criteria was for ordering stuff.

In other words what I have to do, what boxes do I have to check for you guys to order giant peas.

So he got basic answers like “Oh we look at consumer demand, industry practices, seasonal items…” blah, blah, blah… but THEN somebody said we also go buy…


THAT was the goldmine.  Ward Cosgrove knew that was his secret golden ticket and that he had to go straight to the customers.  The plan was to go directly to the consumers and educate them.

Cosgrove, combined brains with a Chicago ad execute named Leo Burnett (we’ll come back to him later) and instead of running away from the size of the GIANT peas they leaned into it and called the brand Green Giant.  The company hated the name, the president at the time, Bill Dietrich said:

“Whoever heard of a green giant?”

It wasn’t just him. 

The company lawyer Warwick Keegin said that name was too generic and since both green and giant were adjectives it would be hard to trademark.  So he suggested using the word REAL to differentiate.  It was the adman Leo Burnett who settled the disagreement.


By creating a character with a big smile and valley to roam and for him to speak the famous words “HO, HO, HO.”  Instead of the REAL Green Giant, he called him…

The Jolly Green Giant.

It is really hard to overstate just how successful this campaign was on influencing customers to go to their stores to request AND DEMAND that they order Jolly Green Giant peas.  The demands grew beyond the peas and eventually included other vegetables, so this was a game changer for the entire industry.

How influential was the Jolly Green Giant?

In the 60s the controversial rock and roll group The Kingsmen made a song called The Jolly Green Giant about the Giant’s sex life.  The song went viral and was #4 on the billboard hot 100…

The famous Advertising Age magazine ranked all the top advertising icons from 1900-2000 and they ranked the Green Giant number three beaten only by the Marlboro Man and Ronald McDonald…

In the 70s the US government was building the nation’s first transcontinental highway and the president of Green Giant at the time, Thomas Wyman, worked (successfully) to get the highway rerouted to by a giant statue that he got local businesses to pay over $50,000 to build…

A 55 foot tall statue of the Green Giant that been a tourist attraction for over 40 years.

That gives you just a taste of how successful this campaign was.

Eventually the Minnesota Valley Canning Company changed their name to The Green Giant Company.  They were enormously influential in shaping industry practices on vegetable production, grocery promotional incentives, advertising and sale.

The company was sold in 2015 for over $700M.

Today they have 400+ employees with about $500M in annual sales.

(Remember, Cosgrove was told to drop it and move on)

The successful man is the one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.

The success of Green Giant is BONKERS, right?  Reminds us that if they doubt how far you can go then go so far you can’t hear him anymore.  Keep in mind that the seed of all of that, the MAIN catalyst for the Jolly Green Giant orders and later success…

The ROOT cause was the QUIZ.

That’s how powerful a SINGLE quiz can be, but it doesn’t stop there which brings us to…

Story Number Three:
From two employees… to over 9,000.

From two employees… to over 9,000.

Now remember that ALL this crazy success that Green Giant came from right?

It all started with a QUIZ…

… but the ramifications, the ripple, didn’t stop there.

Remember that adman from Chicago that I said we’d come back to, Leo Burnett? 

As I said this was his first client and since the Jolly Green Giant was such a success it changed Leo Burnett’s life and eventually changed all advertising and marketing in America and then around the world.

With the wind at his back and fueled by this first success Burnett and his company went on to create the Marlboro Man, Tony the Tiger, The Maytag Repairman, the United Airlines slogan “Fly the Friendly Skies”, Allstates “You’re in Good Hands”, The Pillsbury Doughboy, the Keebler Elves, Charlie the Tuna for Starkist…

“Sorry Charlie”

That famous phrase actually comes from the Starkist commercials with Charlie the Tuna. 

When Burnett started the business it was just him.  With Jolly Green Giant’s success he went from two employees and one client to doing over $100M a year… back in the 1950s.  Yes in the FIFTIES.  Today the Leo Burnett Company is one of the most biggest and most famous advertising companies in the world…

They’re like the Coca Cola of ad agencies…

No, that’s not right it is more like they are…

The of ad agencies.

Yeah, that’s better.

Today Leo Burnett is a multi billion dollar company that has more than 9,000 employees in 80 offices in 70 countries.  Again, remember that when you see Leo Burnett today, the seed of ALL of it was The Jolly Green Giant…

… and the base of that was a silly little QUIZ.

We have no idea the ripple effects we cause, your job is just to make them.

Remember this was all from a FAILING idea.

Most people will try to succeed until they fail, the champion fails until the succeed.

Azam, why do you know so much about this?

Good question.  As you may know I was trained by the best copywriter to ever live.  I paid him a small fortune (over $30,000, a lot for me at the time) and I was one of the only students he ever took under his wing. 

Part of our agreement was that I never told anybody partly because he didn’t want anybody to know that he was for hire.  When I started writing he told me to get a job at big advertising firm and he said told me go in through the back door.

Go in the through the back door?

(get your head out of the gutter)

It means that instead of going and applying and getting a regular job with a title that I could brag about, I would go under the radar.  I would basically agree to be a ghostwriter, a hired gun if you will.  My job interview wouldn’t be based on my resume, it was to write some copy and turn it in.

If it converted, I was in.

No background check, no resume, no fancy title – nothing.

So I turned in my (brilliant and spectacular) work and I went through a few more writing jobs for them and they (obvious and of course) loved it.  How they got over the fact that a mind so brilliant could be contained in a body so beautiful is anybody’s guess but somehow they did and…

They hired me.

I was officially an unofficial copywriter for the Leo Burnett Company.

I never met him by the way because he passed away in the 70’s.  It is interesting though because people at companies like that usually hate people like us because they’re very elitist – think top hat and monocle – meanwhile we write headlines like POUND HER ALL NIGHT LONG to sell Viagra…

Having said that, I think that Leo Burnett would’ve loved me. 

At any rate when I was there I wrote for a number of clients in all kinds of different industries.  That really helped me sharpen my skill.  When you sit down with a new company or industry you take a second and build the voice it helps change everything… 

Working with these big companies and C-suite executives helped me understand communication, positioning and revenue better.  So when I worked with small businesses (my main focus) I was more effective at that which leads us to…

Story Number Four:
A 10 Questions Quiz That Made Me $15 million.

“10 Questions Quiz That Made Me $15 million.”

So when at that time when I was ghostwriting for big ad agencies I was NOT doing it for the money because you don’t get paid that much.  Instead I was doing it for the experience and for the ability to test headlines and copy and be able to get real time data.

So our goal was to come up with tricks that would get people to tear out the articles, keep them around and share them with others. 

One of the BEST ways to create “viral” content?  A Quiz.

So I would proof read copy, ads and marketing materials and then I would always ask myself:

“How can we this turn into a quiz?”

I would also have the junior writers under me do the same thing.  Then to test if the quiz was a good one I would take a few copies of the quiz and leave it in the breakroom on the table.

We called this the The Quiz Test or the Tape Test.

I would sit back and I look for people to do three things:

First, they should take the quiz themselves.

Second, they should take a copy and tape it up on their desk or cubicle.

Third, they should share it in some way whether asking the questions, comparing answers, etc.

We need them to SHARE it in some way.

I was always looking for engagement.

I would sit back and watch our entire floor interact with “The Quiz” and that would tell me how good it was. That’s a good example of a resource you would ONLY have at a big firm.  But you don’t need to have that live petri dish if you are trying to come up with a quiz.

You need to have a bunch of LIVE guinea pigs to do your research.

You can use pay per click, informal testing, play it by ear, use the templates in this class or just Thug Life it and guess – just pick a quiz headline and test it.

How do you actually come up with a GOOD QUIZ?

Here’s how to come up with a QUIZ and how you can turn ANY piece of marketing into a lead generating and lead converting quiz.  If you get good at this then you’ll always have opportunities just waiting around for you, remember when you’re trained we don’t look for food we look for ingredients.

So here are the FIVE parts of quiz:

ONE: You need a HEADLINE with teeth.
This is some benefit they really want and/or pain they want to avoid.

TWO: You need a CHALLENGE.
This is something like “How many do you know… How many of these are you doing… Can you spot the best idea… Are you doing this right now… which these mistakes are you making… etc.”  That’s the challenge part.

THREE: You have an Authority.
This is the story behind who came up with these questions and WHY.

FOUR: We have the actual quiz itself.
This is where you find the actual questions, self-assessment or evaluation.

FIVE: The Grading and CTA.
Lastly we allow them to add up their results and categorize themselves and then based on their answers and then based on their category you suggest the next steps for them to take.

First let’s look at the first THREE parts in action.

An article about how to turn a man on becomes…

21 Ways to Make a Man Jealous:
How Many Do You Know?
8 porn stars reveal their secrets…

You should be able to recognize each part:

Headline —>  21 Ways to Make a Man Jealous:
Challenge —>  How Many Do You Know?
Authority —>  8 porn stars reveal their secrets…

Another article was changed so instead of trying to advertise marriage counseling we turned the ad into a lead generation quiz:

34 Relationship and Divorce Attorneys spill the beans…

How to win back your Ex…
Hollywood Divorce attorney:
“Here’s how clients got their spouse to change their minds… how many of these ideas have you tried?”

Another Challenge:

“See if you can figure out why these work so well?”

People love romantic ones too so an article on dating tips becomes:

Five Signs He is Falling in Love With You But Won’t Admit It…

People LOVE quizzes like that they love quizzes about love or how to spot if somebody is lying to them, so an ad about a relationship book we turned into a quiz:

10 signs he is cheating on you:
LAPD lie detector explains how to spot deception.
How many of these giveaways have you noticed?

Again people LOVE quizzes about LOVE…

By the way…

Speaking of love…

We always say that if you are in love with that special person and they are in love with you then cherish every moment because one day before you know it…

You’ll block each other.

An advertisement promoting self defense workshops becomes…

How to disarm a robber in the blink of an eye?
Special forces operative shares black belt moves that “turn civilians into weapons”…
This 10 point checklist could save your life.


What to do if somebody pulls a gun on you?
Top 7 tips from a Special Forces combat expert…
How well would you do?

Another Challenge:

How well would you protect your family?

By the way those last few ones were the quizzes we used as lead generators for Indiana’s first kickboxing and boxing schools.  In fact they were the biggest lead generators for a number of Indianapolis area professional fighters and gyms.  ONE little quiz totally reshaped the entire fight community in Indy.

An ad about I buy homes turns into…

In foreclosure?
Five signs that you can still stay in your house without selling or needing to move…
Or Another Headline:
Three ways you can beat the bank in your court and have the judge give you the house free and clear.
Supreme court clerk breaks his silence, see if you any of these apply to you:

Okay so you should be able to spot the Headline the Authority and the Challenge part now what about the other two parts the actual QUIZ questions themselves and the Grading part.

Well remember that these two parts will be determined by how well you establish the first three parts.

Now that you know the FIVE PARTS of the Quiz…

There are three kinds of QUESTIONS to use on the actual quiz itself.

First = BINARY – This would be simple yes or no questions, checkboxes or a pre-flight safety checklist.

Second = NUMBERS – This is where questions have more than one answer and different answers carry a different value that is usually added up to score how well one did.

Third = Coaching and Homework – This is where you not only quiz your target but you give them the exact scripts and dialog to use on your competitors to make sure they get the best deal. 

The third category which is by far the BEST and highest compliance gaining.

So which one do you use?

It depends on where you are in the Five Crowds right now…

Our focus is mainly on either lead generation or better lead conversion.

So for lead generation you want a BINARY because it is very low commitment, then for lead converting you use a NUMBER quiz and then for BOTH and for immediate positioning you want to use the Coaching and Homework Quiz.  We call it Coaching and Homework because you will be Coaching them on what to say AND how well they do.

The Homework Quiz comes with Self Similarity because it has a quiz of it’s own within the quiz.

So then at the end you want to have a way for them to check how they did and then how much help they need based on their answers.  This is how you can disempower ALL your competition.  If you tell your average seller:

Sure definitely check with your agent in the meantime I can send you a list of questions that the Attorney General suggests you ask your realtor to avoid scams…

Everybody (including you reading this right now lol) WANT that script.

You’ve probably seen many of our examples: 

Five signs that it’s time to buy life insurance for your family?
World famous cardiologist: warnings signs you’ll die in the next three years…

Are you an alcoholic?
Oldest living AA sponsor says these 10 questions can save a life…

Is your husband addicted to porn?
Marriage counselor lists warning signs to catch before it is too late…
The same with headline:
“Is your wife/husband cheating on you?”

Do you have an endangered or undiscovered species of bird in your backyard?
Smithsonian archeologist says it is more common than you think…
Have you noticed any of these seven signs you have secret Dinosaur in your neighborhood…

Five questions to ask your Financial Advisor before trusting them with another PENNY.
Reformed Wall Street hedge fund advisor dishes on the top secret signals that you’re being ripped off… Ask THESE Questions:
(Then provided bad answers and good answers)

How do you get your business to over $20,000,000?

How do you get your business to over $20,000,000?

So imagine you want to work with medical groups and you keep trying to get appointments but they are blowing you off.  So instead you send a letter and a follow up campaign and then when you meet them you go through an evaluation/Quiz:

Do you need replace your medical billing company?
Five Signs you can (and should) replace your medical billing company and how to do it in less than 72 hours without missing a beat?
Millionaire surgeon admits “I nearly went bankrupt because I ignored these warning signs”…

That single QUIZ was how they boosted their compliance and totally changed their sales presentations goals.  Everything changed because after this change they were immediately positioned as interviewers.

That was the quiz that Jarod and his team used to build his business from zero to $10M…

Then past $15M…

Then over $20M.

This was based on how well they converted when they sent the quiz and then went over the answers in person.  So instead of trying to get an appointment with people and beat them into submission, they tried this much better approach.

It is much better to generate a lead with a Binary Quiz and then after they’ve raised their hand they get a Coaching Quiz.  This way by the time you talk to them they have already seen your brilliance in action AND they screened competitors and saw they were LCs.

I LOVE training sales teams to start their appointments with a quiz.

This helps with positioning, easing pressure, making sure you stay on script, involving your target in the closing process as they are engaged and it makes closing natural because you add up their scores and categorize them immediately afterwards with them.

So instead of asking leading questions and feeling gross about the sale you use these exact words:

“I have an evaluation quiz here and we’ve found if anybody answer yes to three of these 10 questions then we can normally double their business, would you be offended if I asked you these 10 questions and we grade your answers together?”

Everybody asks for it and then you give them the answer key before you start and you explain:

“Based on the answers to these 10 questions you’ll be in one of three categories. Category One is that you’re doing great you have a great solution for your medical billing needs and maybe we can help you in some other way.  Category Two means you have some room for improvement and we can make a few suggestions.  Category Three means that you have major deficiencies and immediate corrective actions are needed that will not only stop the bleeding and bring you back to health but that will also potentially double or more your revenue, does that make sense?”

Then at the end you add up the answers and then we Grade and categorize.

Then the closing is as simple as saying…

“So the next step here is…”

Then, just like that, voila…

A 30-90 minutes sales presentation was condensed into less than five minutes with over 5x the closing rate.  The salespeople were now advisors and counselors.  Your face always says what your words don’t, and so does your TONE.

When you’re not selling and you’re actually helping it changes everything.

That’s how J-Dog and his team went from zero to $10M, $15M and $20M beyond… that’s how powerful a quiz can be…

You can build a $20,000,000 juggernaut with just ONE quiz…

YES – A QUIZ – that’s my milkshake that brings them boys to yard.

Also if you guys want to see even more real life examples go to

We have an Empire IQ test to see if you’ll ever make 30k month or 100k/month with you real estate business and if you look at it is just a series of Yes/No questions.  What would you call that?

That’s a Binary quiz, right?

That means it is meant for lead GENERATION.

Then we have a NUMBERS quiz that is the personality QUIZ to see if you would make a good student.  This personality classifying was done with the help of an FBI Profiler.  This is to help a potential student determine if they will ever make $30k/month.

That is meant for lead CONVERTING.

Then the most badass of all quizzes…

The Coaching and Scripting Quiz… A Homework Quiz.

“Do you need to replace your Indy property management?” 

In this quiz I make it clear that this document is for out of state investors who own Indianapolis real estate and it is how they can grade their current property managers.  We include exact scripts, questions and a quiz as well as the grading.  Investors can download and use it all for free.

People have been LOVING it.

As Anna explained in the class on it, that document and quiz was downloaded about 20 times a day in the first 90 days.  That may not sound like much but when you consider how qualified those leads are it is pretty crazy and valuable.

Of course after using the Homework the realize that their people suck and they want our help finding good people.  That’s why Anna has been helping them get connected with good people and better Indy property managers. 

And she’s gotten over 200 doors managed?

That’s the business just from the leads this little quiz has delivered.  People love it when you go above and beyond and teach them about an industry so they can be an insider.  They want to learn the basic vocabulary and terms.

They want to know what to ask and – like I said the exact scripts to use – they want their spouse looking at them saying…

“How did you know that?”

They want to be able to say the same thing I say when somebody asks me if I know somebody who can build an ark…

I Noah guy…

… why does the shopaholic always go to the boat store?

Because there’s always a sail…


I know, I know it is just that…

I like big boats and I cannot lie.

Anyway guys Anna is on track to have picked up and outsourced over 250 houses for out of state investors.  Remember that we only manage properties that we and our Heroes buy but if we did those manage those properties ourselves then we would instantly be one of the biggest property managers in the entire Midwest…

And it would’ve all come from a single QUIZ y’all.

A single quiz really CAN be that powerful and there is NO competition.

How can I say “No competition”?

I can comfortably say that and know that even now there STILL won’t be any competition for us.  None of those people are willing to do what we’ve done with  We annihilate those turds lol – and so will you when you follow our lead and build your Nobody Mountain.

A quiz can change your life continue to pay you for generations…

We are all shadows on the wall of life, make yours extend beyond your lifetime.

In fact I’ll even go a step further and share a BIG secret and why keeps setting records every day with traffic.  Even with relatively low traffic there are multiple pages on the site that Heroes on our team are able to make over $100k/month.

The secret to SEO and getting leads for free automatically?

The secret to SEO and getting leads for free automatically?

First you need to attract the right kind of traffic.  That’s obvious but then you need them to do three things:

1.)  First, they need to STAY on the page.
This tells search engines that the people are getting something valuable out of their time at your site. 

2.)  Second, they need to click on other pages. 
This means that not only are you relevant while you solved their problem but also you have have OTHER stuff that is helpful and relevant to your target.

3.)  Third, you want them to DOWNLOAD stuff immediately.
This is just about the BEST kind of engagement and sends a message that your site is trustworthy and reliable on top of being helpful.

That is partly why we don’t force email opt-ins to download stuff at

By the way you can go get some of these quizzes right now for free.  You can go and see them producing in the real world and how they are framed and positioned.  Notice that you can download quizzes at for FREE without have to opt-in. 

You should do that for the same reason you should hit LIKE and SHARE…

It tells the degenerates at google that we actually help people which will get them to put our material in front of other people that can be helped.  

Anyway, what have you learned today?

We talked all about The Quiz Model…

You now know the five parts of a quiz, the three kinds of questions, several real life examples, how to use quizzes for lead generation and converting, how to use a quiz’s “downloadability” to dominate all of your competition… What does that look like when you do it right?

No human being on Earth can search anything about Indiana real estate investing…

… and NOT come across our BRILLIANT stuff at

Also remember you now have the exact template to turn ANY marketing or marketing piece into a solid lead generating machine by making it a QUIZ.  If you’re at zero you can do this right now start looking at marketing around you and just ask yourself HOW…

How can I turn this into a shareable quiz that people would keep and find useful?

If you’re already marketing it’s not too late.  The LC will belly ache “Oh man I wish found out about this earlier…” but look –

Nobody can go back and change how your story started BUT you can start today and change how it ends.

I mean going from zero to managing 300 doors from a single QUIZ – that is crazy pants, right?

Okay, now time for the last story…

Story Number Five:
Everything happens for a reason…
You can only connect the dots looking backwards.

Story Number Five:
Everything happens for a reason…
You can only connect the dots looking backwards.

Alright, so this is bonkers…

So now I’m going to tell you something that absolutely blew my mind.

Remember back in STORY number one I told you about the world’s most famous bird watcher and how much I love and have been influenced by Phoebe Snetsinger?  I explained that I always thought about how great it would’ve been if I had met her or been able to help her.

I LOVED the idea of being able to have had an impact her like she did on me.

How beautiful it would’ve been to use my skills like copywriting, phone stuff, compliance, etc. to help her cause in some way.  It would’ve been great to give back to somebody who had such an impact on me.

It would’ve been great to have been able to use my unfairly allocated sexual charisma to help her in some way.  I always thought man it would’ve been great to have been able to pay her back in some way but I hadn’t come across her work or got my Babies until well after she was gone.

That’s how I felt all these years but then VERY recently I learned something CRAZY…

Remember I even went to her old neighborhood and did real estate deals that we still own to this day.  I wanted to help her old hood just as a respectful not to her.  Also remember that I went over the history of The Jolly Green Giant and how it was all based on a quiz.

I did a lot of copywriting around this lead generating secret.



It turns out that Phoebe Snetsinger was actually born Phoebe Burnett.

Phoebe BURNETT as in Leo Burnett…

… As in she was actually his daughter…



What’s more is that during the time when I was doing quizzes and copywriting for her dad’s company she was a client of theirs.  In the last few days I’ve been going back and searching and trying to see IF I could find anything that I did that was for her or her company.

I’ve made some calls and sent emails to old colleagues and contacts trying to see if we could find any old stuff that was done for Phoebe or her company.  It was so long ago that as of right now nothing has come up BUT one thing is for sure that even if I myself didn’t write for her…

One of the teams I was running DEFINITELY did write for them.

Our teams had been doing pretty much all of that kind of work at the time.  That is the crazy part about this, because all these years I always thought about how great it WOULD have been to have worked with Phoebe and the whole time I never knew that I had worked for her dad’s company…

Maybe I already DID work for Phoebe without knowing it…

… and what I probably did was the VERY same thing that was the base of her father’s multi billion company…

I made her a QUIZ.

The Cat’s in the Cradle, right?

How crazy is that…

This has been blowing my mind…

Everything is related, everything happens for a reason – do beautiful things for others and it will always make it’s way back to you tenfold… I hope I came up with a QUIZ that changed her business and really improved her life man, I’m sure I did right because I’m bad MAN…

Go to the world’s clearest instructions on how to create $30k passive income.

These are usually CASH deals.

So that’s it for now, make that you go to and get our list of over 100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers, how to buy and sell companies at light speed and retire in the next year with over 30k/month coming in on auto pilot: go there and you’ll…

Make the Universe Smile.

Indy Anna
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(YES that's my actual Direct Line and I really do answer lol, so please text me first Thx!)

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100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.