Wholesalers are the red-headed stepchild of real estate – here’s how to build a wholesaling real estate business CORRECTLY…

(and make 100 grand a month doing it)

Whenever somebody says that I’m too hard on wholesalers I know for certain that either they are a “wholesaler” themselves or they haven’t been in real estate for very long.  Everybody hates wholesalers.  Everybody?  Really?  Yes.  Most of the reasons everybody hates wholesalers are pretty accurate.  Here’s how to build a real estate wholesaling business CORRECTLY and ETHICALLY and make six figures a month by making/helping friends.

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My mission is to make lifelong friends helping folks around the world create generational wealth with a passive income of $30,000 a month with Indiana real estate (without leaving your house) while we’re also building the world’s largest organization of Special Needs Business Owners and Real Estate Investors.

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Our mission is to make lifelong friends helping folks around the world create generational wealth with Indiana real estate and business building.

Now for today’s class on paying off rentals in 2-3 years or faster…

How to wholesale real estate CORRECTLY and ethically and build a $100,000 a month real estate wholesaling business.

This is part of our series:

19 Tips for Out of State Real Estate Investors to Create A $10,000 – $30,000/Month
Passive Income In the Indy Market, Tip #6:

Why does everybody hate wholesalers?
How can I really make $100k+/month ethically?

Nearly all wholesalers are degenerate LCs,
here are FIVE steps to do it CORRECTLY and
build a six figure monthly business from zero…

You can download the above Beautiful Guide in .pdf form HERE

This isn’t just for out of state PASSIVE investors because ACTIVE investors are more likely to actual wholesale real estate.  It is still a good idea to know how wholesaling works and why you want to steer clear of nearly all wholesalers.  This class will help you get better and pick better people.

This is a new series just for OOS PASSIVE Indy real estate investors –
Who have at least $100,000 cash, great credit and 3-5 years.
– Have a specific Passive Income/Equity (L/P) target and Asset Acquisition Plan
– Passive VS. Active Difference: Lead Gen, Lead Conversion and Fanbase Building
– TIME: the MOST important financial decision you’ll make is to create passive income.
– T3 = Team – Targets – Timeline: $30,000/month goal in ONE sentence? (Forever Fund)
– It call comes down to how you BUILD YOUR TEAM Passive Income = Equity x Production

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Tip 4: How many houses do you need to make 30k/month?
Tip 5: How to turn $10,000 into over $100,000 on a single deal?

Check the Wholesale Map

Is It Really That “Bad”?

Notice the Language and WHO is behind it…
“Illinois Real Estate License Act was initiated by the Illinois Association of Realtors, part of the National Association of Realtors (NAR)”

“… the new legislation requires a fee, specific disclosures and adherence to a strict code of ethics and was endorsed by the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors…”

“Oklahoma proposed a new bill called the Predatory Real Estate Wholesaler Prohibition Act…”

Top THREE Reasons EVERYBODY Hates Wholesalers:
1.) They don’t provide enough/any value
2.) They don’t disclose info or flat out LIE
3.) They are illegally lazy (nobody likes and LC)

Relationships You NEED to Wholesale CORRECTLY:
Before Buying: SOW, realtors, inspection, HML, appraisals, contractors, etc.
During Buying: GC, sub-contractors, HML draws, buyers/renters, PMC, etc.
After Buying: Refi team, management, new appraisal, listing, title, etc.

Here’s how the LCs will try to “wholesale”
– They just SPAM: PropStream list, daily unsolicited emails/texts/calls, hire VAs…
– They bring no “Secret Weapon”, reliability, uniqueness, commitment, value…
– They have almost no knowledge of the market or specifics

Remember there are only three ways of “Equity Creation”:
1.) Pay down debt
2.) Increase income (Production)
3.) Increase asset value (Liquidity)

To Wholesale Correctly You Need to Do One of Two Things:
1.) Generate Leads that Nobody Else Has
2.) Build Relationships That Nobody Else Has

19 Ways to Find Your 77s:
Google – LinkedIN – Twitter – Search.Twitter.com – BP – FB groups – YouTube – Yahoo – Bing – Title Companies – County records – Signs – Contractors – Online Sponsor Ads – MLS/Realtor.com – PMC – CL – HML – BigReia.com/People

Five Steps to Become 100k+/Month Wholesaler
1.) Make a list of the above people and contact at lease one person a day
2.) Do a GXM and see one deal fully through from start to finish happily
3.) Repeat and each time take one thing off their plate, Part 1-3
4.) Gradually take over each Part until you can do a full deal
5.) Build a list of 100 77s and you’ll be making 30k/month

Repeat Steps 1-3 Until You Can Do 4 and 5.

Big Secret Lesson: GXM – HELP PEOPLE

“Making money is a happiness; making other people happy is a super happiness.”
— Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”
– Maya Angelou

You want happiness for an hour take a nap,
you want happiness for years inherit a fortune,
You want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.
– Proverb

Is 100k/month really that hard? Galaxies of potential within us all:
“Whoever looks into himself as into an enormous world space and carries galaxies within him, he knows how irregular all galaxies are: they lead right into the chaos and labyrinth of existence.”
Nietzsche (The Joyful Wisdom)

Be what you seek: Extraordinary
“Before you look for the woman of your dreams, be the man of her dreams.” – Captain Bad

Others endured REAL oppression for you, you keep the LC you tolerate:

“The whole history of the progress of human liberty shows that all concessions yet made…have been born of earnest struggle…This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle.

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will…

Find out just what a people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them. . . . The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

– Frederick Douglass

Repeat Texts and SINGLE Email: Remember, ENTHUSIASM makes up for everything.

Text One: Hi , do you have an internship program or some other way I can work for you for free, I really want to learn the business and would love your help. Thanks! = )

Text Two: Hello, I texted you earlier about working an unpaid internship for your business so that I can learn the basics of the real estate business? I’d really appreciate your help in pointing me in the right direction – Thanks! : )

Email Follow Up:

Hi there,

I was hoping I could work for you with some kind of unpaid “internship”? Nothing formal and I’m open to helping you however I can and with whatever you need like making/returning calls, putting up signs, showing houses, doing county records research, stuffing envelopes, mowing lawns, picking up dry cleaning, cleaning around the office, moving furniture, etc.

Like I said whatever you need, I’m eager to learn the real estate business so if you have a better idea please let me know. Thanks so much for helping! = )

IN Summary: How to NOT be an LC and wholesale like a Champion
– How to know if you’re an LC SPAM wholesaler is about to FAIL
– The secret to wholesaling correctly? These two questions
– Three main reasons everybody HATES wholesalers
– Upcoming changes in laws that you MUST know
– The relationship you MUST build to “wholesale”
– Wholesaling officially defined for beginners
– The “100k/Month Income Immunity Test”
– Three characteristics of LC Wholesalers
– The ONLY three ways to build equity
– 19 Ways to find your Fanbase of 77s

So in summary:

(You can download the above Beautiful Guide in .pdf form HERE. )

I’ve told you why an essential business occupied lease could be a wise commercial investing choice or at least why some commercial investors are looking at these specifically, what defines a commercial deal with an essential business occupied lease, and told you of an example pulled straight from the MLS this week.

You can download the above Beautiful Guide in .pdf form HERE

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100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

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