What is micro-flipping real estate? Is micro-wholesaling legal, $1,500/day from speed wholesaling?

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what is micro flipping, speed wholesaling rapid house flipping, fast flipping, fast assignments/assigning, speed flipping, etc.  So here’s what you need to know about micro flipping and a fast way a Hero used to get started with a version of micro flipping/assigning and make $1,500/day.

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What is Micro Flipping in real estate and how do you Micro Flip a house?  Is Indiana real estate Micro Flipping possible? 

So I’ve gotten a few questions about this over the past few months and I’ve been meaning to one class that explains this: What is Micro Flipping?  Is micro flipping real?  Should/Can I do micro flipping?
– So I asked around and spoke to a few people about this (THANKS to all who helped) and I have some answers.
– This will be a grounding education about micro flipping and the opportunities and whether or not you want to do this or pass.
– I’m not an expert at ALL with this stuff so please correct me if I miss something.

So what is “Micro Flipping”?
– Also called ‘micro wholesaling’ or ‘speed wholesaling’ or ‘micro real estate’ or investing – there are different definitions based on who you ask.
– The broad definition is that you get a property and you turn it around SUPER fast, this may include closing on the property or just moving the paperwork and contract assigning.
– The three main areas of MF: iBuyers (Big Business), Leads and Speed Wholesaling

First I’ll talk about the iBuyers and Big Business one, the pioneer company involved here is Open Door.
– This company is run by super genius billionaires from Silicon Valley and after seeing their success Zillow and Redfin also started iBuying or MF.
– What is an iBuyer?  They have enormous data that they go through to find slightly under appreciated assets in a market, they buy and sell based on algorithms and they do almost everything remotely and over the computer. 
– They buy houses on the market and pay high prices and then list these houses immediately for small profits, maybe $1,000 – $2,000 for example.  These are massive operations and you probably don’t want to do this or compete with them.

Second, “Lead Brokering”?  This is weird.
– I’m including it because a few of you have paid tens of thousands to learn this and nobody is making any money so beware.
– Basically you get or compile a list of “motivated sellers” for let’s say 10 cents per leads and then you have an investor pay you $1 per lead so you make 90 cents and try to do hundreds or thousands of deal
– I don’t really understand this too much so I’m going to leave it alone and you probably should too.  In preparing for this class I did a few of these deals but you aren’t really helping the investor, agent or the seller very much.

Third, Speed Wholesaling:
– This is generally what people think MF is, there are two main versions; to close or NOT to close.  Usually you won’t actually be closing you’ll just assign the contract to an investor.  This is the most reasonable and profitable of the “normal” MF methods.
– So how is this MF different then regular assignments to an investor?  It is faster.
– To do this you would need to do your research and by crystal clear about moving forward, generally you go through a BIG list of sellers or property owners and you try to find the “nugget” and then assign the deal.
– Example: you get a list of foreclosures and cross that with the behind on taxes people or a list of people with high equity, tax liens and in divorce for example (this is called list Overlapping or Stacking) and then you go through each of them (usually call or text) and then sign any deals and instantly assign those contracts over that day.
– Below is an example and keep in mind this is ALL spam and why the laws are changing.

This is what so many investors are doing and not only is it usually illegal (or soon will be) but you are just spamming people:
– To be clear EVERY investor I know of that is doing this is not making very much money and they are spamming thousands of people a day.  Here’s the process: get a list from PropStream and do overlaps and get it down to a thousand or so “leads” then email, SMS text, ringless voicemail, have a VA call them all up about selling their property.
– Also you can use free skip tracing services to get contact info like TruePeopleSearch, WhitePages or just search them and message them on facebook.
– You go through hundreds or THOUSANDS and eventually get somebody (maybe) who wants to do a deal then sign the contract (using eSign or something similar) then find a cash buyer with a service like propstream or something like that.  Or use the MF software that the “guru” provided.
– Then they move the deal for 1-3k or so and move on to the next.
– To understand why this is so bad just ask them what kind of replies they get and they’ll tell you they get 100s of nasty replies asking to STOP and be removed.

They rarely have any relationships, but that is how they are doing it and besides us I don’t know of anybody doing it differently but I could be wrong so please let me know if I missed something. 

A Hero asked me about this as I was doing this class and said isn’t this MF and isn’t it better?  $1,500 a day “Micro Flipping” correctly?
– Another way is if we text people who RAN ads for rent and fsbo
– We take the “Yes” replies and move them to an investors (who we have a relationship with) he is trained or trains the Hero how to make the calls and he PAY $100 – $500 for that introduction
– This is a fast way to make an extra $200 – $300 a day.

But what about when you run out of ads?
– We have a team of realtors who go to their clients and others in their office 1-2 times a month and ask expiring listings about doing a lease option
– We take the replies and move them to an investor for $300 – $500 since those are more qualified people, we have multiple Heroes who can build their realtor teams and clear $500 a day easily
– But why not just train the realtor to find put up the signs, do the lockbox and show the house?
– Now we aren’t just MF but in the SAME time (without doing any more work) and now making 3-5 times as much, $2-3k/day with the SAME input
– Right now in the first month he went from zero to over $1,500 a day with the same approach and NO SPAMMING or harassing anybody and building REAL relationships

Anyway in conclusion:
– MF the way OpenDoor is doing it and paying 98% of the asking/value may be a revolution in real estate
– Most of the other talk about MF seems like BS and the same spammy no-value adding nonsense everybody does but again I could be totally wrong and I would love to be educated.  Every investor that I’ve worked with always prefers the Models we use over this same worn out (and soon to be outlawed) approach.  The reason these investors and I buy homes people resort to spam stuff is because they don’t know how to build a real business or have any business building skill developed.
– I also went over a better way to “MF” and make $1,500 a day

So hopefully that answers all your questions about MF please let me know if you have any questions, you can email me Love (at) BigReia.com or text me anytime 317-969-5619 remember that is my direct line and yes I actually do answer so please text me first.

Thanks so much!  = )

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