The N-Word Experiment: the impact of changing a SINGLE word in one’s dialog and how it can reshape generations.

This is going to be a much different class than usual, this is what happened when I was recently asked to help inner city folks stop saying the “N-word”.  We have done extensive research on economic disparities, income ascension, social constructs, etc. so this NOT just a stab in the dark.  If you watch this, please watch it all because the results we’re seeing are pretty amazing.

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Now for today’s class on replacing ONE word in your dialog…

Nword Experiment
Stereotype threat experiments
List of experiments of identity and label effects
Nigerian success rates
Dopamine stress relief problems
Replace Nword with KING
Examples and stories of KING identity difference

Words Matter:
The N-Word Experiment.
How Compliance Dialog is about much more than just making money…

I am not what I think am.
I am not what you think I am.
I am what I think YOU think I am
– Claude Steele psych professor at Stanford, Aronson/Spencer, “Stereotype Threat” as it relates to academic performance box check
– Joy Losee social psychology professor University of Dayton Replication
– Martens and others: affirmations can OVERCOME “Threats”
– Mathew Effect: scientists get more credit if they have credit and…
– Preferential Attachment: any system with new capital, resources, assets, power, influence, etc. will be distributed based on current accumulation of said resource… regardless of merits, achievements, etc.

Also you can download the above Guide in .pdf form by clicking HERE.

So WTF does that all mean?
– Pygmalion effect, we act in accordance to expectations of others
– We assume the characteristics of the role we think others assign to us
– We act in congruence of status, achievement and other behaviors of role
– Once we put a label on ourselves we will act in accordance with that idea
– Ali and fighters in general rely on their inner HERO to determine reactions

Another way to get an IDENTITY melted in your mind: Brainwash
– The “Asian Anomaly”, same poor area but they go right to the top how/why?
– Or “colorist” effects and how it doesn’t explain the big Nigerian successes
– This tells us that all external effects CAN be overcome all in-house FAM
– Few beat social GRAVITY that brings us down (500 years, Terman, SA)
– If you tattoo the RIGHT message/identity on one’s brain all good

Three Lessons:
1.) You will act in alignment with expectations (3P Layers)
2.) You can brainwash yourself to have better ones for yourself/others
3.) Identity (HERO) can lead to preferred outcomes and Default Accumulation

So I was asked to help replace the constant N-word usage
– We needed something “cool” that would actually be used
– Not just a random word like “Ninja” but something with meaning
– After MUCH deliberation we came up with PERFECT answer: KING

Three Quick Stories
– A King needs a queen… job and then SCHOOL
– King needs a THRONE and that comes from studying
– Kings have royalty in our bloodline and royals don’t do stupid ish

Also you can download the above Guide in .pdf form by clicking HERE.

Thanks so much!  = )

Make the Universe Smile.

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