What can Carbi B (and her WAP) teach real estate investors? Indy real estate investors pay attention.

Cardi B released the song titled “WAP” and there is a brilliant lesson to take away  from this for those real estate investors who are are paying attention.

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What can Indy real estate investors learn from Cardi B’s music video “WAP”?

Why should (Indiana) real estate investors care about Cardi B’s new music video WAP?
What brilliant lesson can you learn from this and apply to your business TODAY?
What secret skill should EVERY real estate investor learn?

(this on skill will put you ahead of almost all investors in your market)

So let’s get started…

In case you don’t know Cardi B is a female rapper and in the last week she released music video for her song titled “WAP”

WAP is an acronym that stands for “Wet Ass Pu**y” (WAP)
– The song and video is very sexually explicit and over the top and it was the center of much controversy
– There is a big lesson that smart real estate investors can learn from this, if you’re paying attention

To understand this you need to know how the viewer graph looked for the first few days after the music video was released
Cardi B is a big name in the rap and music world so the video did well and was big
– HOWEVER something interested happened after the first 24-48 hours when the viewership was starting to plateau and even decrease (typical for videos like this) but THEN… the views went sky again and the video got even MORE views then upon release
– The music video and song went on to break and set new records on youtube, spotify, iTunes and more

So what happened that caused the spike? They tried to BAN Cardi B.
– This created headlines like “Thousands of mothers demand youtube remove Cardi B’s latest music video, did she go too far?” or “I felt like pouring Holy Water in my ears after listening to this, it must be taken down!” and “Why are so many countries refusing to show Cardi B’s music video?”
– Those are actual headlines from the first two pages of Google if you search Cardi B WAP music video, and they create more interest and desire than anything Cardi would say herself
– This is how I know and many other of my co-workers know about it, it isn’t the video that has made it go so viral it is the reaction

So what’s this mean to real estate investors? Remember that one skill I mentioned that will put you way ahead?

Well that skill is copywriting.


There is a copywriting skill that Azam teaches called: “Get Yourself Banned.”
– This technique is super powerful when you use it correctly
– This the same reason that subhumans online are making MILLIONS from selling “Covid-19 Cures” and no matter how many times they are shut down or arrested they can use that as evidence they are the victims being silenced or “banned”
– Obviously don’t do that kind of stuff, but always pay attention and learn lessons from stuff like this

You may recognize these headlines from Azam:

“Local investor banned from Wall Street for life after sharing these two secrets of the ultra wealthy…”

“Local board of Realtors tried to ban my marketing system after my competitors called it an ‘unfair advantage’…

… here’s the three things they don’t want me to tell you…”

“Local car dealers banned this customer from every lot in town after he used these CIA negotiation tactics to buy his new car…”

The “ban” can have a broad meaning:
– But it MUST come from a group or person who your target dislikes, distrusts and wants to see lose
– From now on take a note of any warnings, polite suggestions or “violations” of rules that you get from superiors, executives, “boards” and anybody else because you can use that “ban” as evidence a useful solution is being withheld from the public
– I’ve made many notes of all the groups and organizations and people that have tried to suppress or “ban” our business building practices with our special needs Heroes… this is partly why I brag about them so much

Azam’s mentor was the best copywriter alive and he developed this headline, it is along the same lines as a “ban” but promises that nothing illegal is happening:

Wife Of Famous Movie Star Swears
Under Oath Her New Perfume Does Not
Contain An Illegal Sexual Stimulant!

Versions Azam modeled after that include:

“Real estate millionaire swears under oath to reveal all his money making strategies to the public for FREE…”

“Million dollar salesman swears under oath that he does not use illegal mind control on his clients…”

“Local restaurant owner swears under oath that his famous soup does contain addictive ingredients… in his new book he reveals secret recipe for the first time…”

Here’s how I have been using this:

For our special needs training:
“Competing school board tried to ban these study habits because ‘parents keep asking to transfer their kids’…”

Private money and investing bird dog stuff:
Banking insider told me to:
“Watch your back, my bosses are coming for you because they don’t want you teaching people these money secrets.”

The real estate listing letter:
“It just makes everybody else look bad!”
Every year my real estate broker holds a contest with more than 10,000 realtors to see who can sell houses the fastest…

Here’s why they’ve banned from me from even entering the contest.

Here’s how you can do this right now:
– Find a way get “banned” and turn yourself into the poor Little Guy against some giant faceless, nameless group of bad people, get into “Good Trouble” as John Lewis (RIP!) said
– Then use the “ban” as a positive and position yourself as the one fighting for the common man and as the whistle blowing truth teller surrounding by shady men in black types who are trying to muzzle your voice
– Test this in your headlines, marketing and dialog and see how well it improves your compliance

So that’s it guys, make that Schmoney, don’t be an LC… or a WAP I should say.

Remember the takeaway from this lesson is that Cardi B’s music video did not take off like this until AFTER they tried to ban it. Few things spark fascination and curiosity like forbidding, or trying to forbid, something. Make yourself that forbidden desire.

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Make the Universe Smile.

Thanks so much! = )

~ Indy Anna

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