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So many people kept asking me about the old “Story Time” chunks.

Peoples have asked me about bringing back the “Story Time” or the “Stories of Greatness” that we used to do.

These were always a lot of fun so…

Today we have a STORY (time) of two men.  Two very different men.  There’s a whole bunch of cool stuff here…

Two men, one changed the world and the other died a broke alcoholic find out the shocking difference between them.  Learning this difference will make it clear that MONEY SMARTS is a skill not a talent.

(To learn the difference watch at 8:38)

How to hire somebody and have them make you $20,000 a month, and you only pay them AFTER they bring you the $20,000 a month.  This is how you should do all of your deals.

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A young lady used my stuff to make 15 grand a month.  Then she built a woman’s shelter zero down and now pulls in over $35,000 a month with it.  How is this possible?

(Find out how she did, watch at 15:57)

How an inner city teenager come up with a genius way to make $10,000 in less than a week.  Learn how we use the same Model now to by medical clinics.  You’ll also see how one student is doing over 40 grand a month with the same thing…

(40 grand a month for three years… the secret is at 21:19)

How could any class be complete without a a great lesson from one my  favorite rappers, DMX.

(Learn where my dogs at 28:38)

And there’s a whole bunch more – I’d love to hear how it helps.

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So please make sure to let me know how you guys are using to change lives.

I LOVE the feedback coming in, a lot of you guys are going through the classes again and again and making shizzle happen in your local hoods. Inspiring, and soon I’m going to start sharing those stories with everybody…

… if you want me to brag about you let me know what you’re doing with our stuff and how you’re changing lives.

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Notes on why smart people die broke because they don't learn how to make money

Azam Meo here with today’s WBE Lesson:

Social Mobility is a SKILL – Money brilliance is a skill, just like making money.

People often mistake skill for talent because if they see somebody doing better or more than they are, it feels better to justify the disparity in accomplishments with the randomness of natural talent than something deeper.

If they were to look at the achievements as a result of skill and training then they would have to admit their own shortcomings.  So it much easier to downplay the importance of skill and training.  Making money is no different, it is a skill and so is brilliance.

You can train your brain to get better and getting better.

Most people don’t understand that the brilliance of making money and building companies is a skill that can – and should be – learned.  Any financial cost that is paid to learn this skill is a tiny investment that any smart person should happily pay with gratitude.

You just have to make sure that you learn from the right person.

Creating income is a skill and what many people call natural intelligence or natural brilliance is neither enough nor necessary.  You want to learn the right skill, brilliance is a skill.  Brilliance can be narrow, but it is a skill, hopefully you’ve studied enough of our stuff on neuroplasticity and how the brain works…

Regarding the  dendrites and other functions of the brain and getting smarter.

This is all skill.

You can focus on what you want to get smarter at, and if you don’t get better at the skill of making money then it won’t matter how smart you get in other areas.  If you don’t then you’ll only get money on accident

Don’t do that, instead every action that your company takes should be done on purpose.

Let’s talk about two similar men and two very different experiences…

The first guy’s name was Taylor and he was a genius, a real genius – Azam Meo levels of genuis.  Ever since he was a child everybody knew how smart this boy was.  Throughout all of this, however, there is one problem he always had:


Even though he was a genius, Taylor had constant money problems.  He was in and out of debt, chased by collectors, forced to borrow money to live on, involved with endless lawsuits that prevented him from being paid…

Taylor even had to borrow money to fight his lawsuits… just to get paid.

Every business that he started ended in failure.

Taylor had several jobs but was always under the threat of being fired overnight.  He even missed his son’s funeral because of finances.  That is when his depression and alcoholism started, eventually his relapses caused him to get medical retirement.

Every business that he started would eventually fail.

With one business he was having troubles making ends meet so he sold his life insurance policy but that wasn’t enough and the bank started calling his loans due.  After that his personal and business assets were repossessed and the IRS even came down to his building and physically locked the place down.

That would the be last setback.

After the last disaster Taylor things got much worse and the combination of failure, family problems and addiction all added up.  He slipped back into depression and became an alcoholic again, this caused health problems that he never recovered from and that’s how he died.

It is a sad ending.

Remember, this guy was a genius.

Picture explaining why many smart hard workers die broke

Genius will not make you immune to money problems.

It is amazing how his biggest problems could be traced back to money.  It is crazy how much of a problem lack of money caused this guy, Taylor’s story ended tragically because of it.  It is a great lesson that even the brilliant can have money problems.  

So let’s keep that in mind, we’ll come back to him…

Now let’s look at our second story.

Our second guy was a genius too.

It was obvious from an early age with him too and his legacy lives on today but it started with his love of electronics, physics, chemistry and all sorts of brainy stuff.  As a child he won a local contest by inventing a magnetized car lock… he did that as a child.

Then as a teenager he was teaching his math classes and at 15 he figured out a way to send images through the air.  This was kind of like our other story with Caselli, but this wasn’t sending images over cable with was sending images through the air… BRILLIANT.

This was an idea he was obsessed with:

Sending images through the air.

One day while plowing his father’s field he looked at the rows that he just made and he realized that he could catch light in the same way, line by line, and send it somewhere else just like that – line by line.  By the time he was 21 he had done exactly that…

He sent a picture through the air and he even got a patent on the idea.

His name was Philo Farnsworth

Farnsworth is considered a father and one of the main inventors of today’s television.  Farnsworth also invented the image dissector (isn’t that a cool name?) which was a video camera tube that took images and converted them into electronic signals.

This is how the Olympics were broadcast from Germany in the 30’s.

… although that’s not what Germany is remembered for doing back then…

This is how the world was able to watch the first footsteps on the MOON (take THAT Russia) and it was  an image dissector that used to send the images back to earth.  The technology he developed with this thing, the image dissector is still used and modeled today with movies, TV and even the internet…

Philo was brilliant.

… Russia I’m just playing with y’all you, I love you guys…


Farnsworth also started multiple businesses and he had several high profile jobs and positions with high profile companies and universities.  Everywhere he went he left his mark, he had inventions or breakthroughs with everything from…

… infrared telescopes, submarine awareness systems and fog reduction pulses for large boats all the way to improved defense warning, radar precision hardware and even found a way to sterilize milk using radio waves…


Yeah, he LOVED to steal my ideas and take credit…

Also, he came up with something called the PPI to assist in airplane tracking – that laid the groundwork for what is today’s air traffic controller system used around the world.  He also dabbled in nuclear fusion (who hasn’t) and he invented a machine for nuclear fusion processes.

One of the toughest problems with fusion research, I was just thinking about this the other day, is that when the fuel hits the walls it loses the enhanced temperature needed for fusion reaction… Any idiot knows that but what Farnsworth figured out is that you could focus electrons…

… and they could act as a wall.

Then that pressure combined with the high velocity introduction of fuel helps to, you can see where this is going I’m sure, would keep the plasma centered which is ideal for nuclear fusion, right?


He called this, obviously, Inertial Electrostatic Confinement.

This concept and term that he came up are still used today you probably hear it all the time if you listen to rap music.  I think it’s the static ball that you touch and hair sticks up or it might be a way to heat your home or maybe it just kills a bunch of people, I don’t know.

I’ve included a picture above… 

Moving on

Farnsworth was a nut.  He has been honored with plaques and statues and inductions and awards and recognition all over the place here are just a few examples…

The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Hall of Fame, The San Francisco Hall of Fame, The TV Academy Hall of Fame, he also had a TV and Pioneer Museum in Idaho, one of the first image dissectors ever is in on display at Fry’s electronics in Sunnyvale, CA…

Farnsworth Peak is a mountain named after him.

Brownfield, Maine has streets and buildings named after him, he has a plaque at the Walt Disney Epcot Center, his old home in Fort Wayne, Indiana also has a plaque, there’s a bronze statue in the US Capital Building…

The parks and recreation department put a plaque where his lab used to be in San Francisco.

George Lucas’ companies of Industrial Light and Magic, Lucas Arts and Lucasfilm are all headquartered at the Letterman Building – so this building is a big deal and in front of it is a statue of Farnsworth.  Aaron Sorkin wrote The Farnsworth Invention and it won an Academy Award and an Emmy award.

In 1999, Time magazine had him as one of the “100 Most Important People of the Century”…

(right below me)

And in 2006, long after his death…

He was awarded the Eagle Scout, his wife accepted the award on his behalf.

There’s a lot more stuff too but you get the idea.

Farnsworth was a genius and he’s regarded as a genius and he left his mark.


Pictures of Philo Farnsworth and his inventions

What created these are two radically different outcomes?

Compare Philo to our first guy, Taylor.

Taylor who constantly struggled with money, depression, lawsuits, alcohol, domestic problems – and I’m not going to say that he drank himself to death because it was a combination of all these problems – but alcohol was a big factor.

When you compare Taylor to Farnsworth it makes you wonder what’s the difference?

Taylor suffered so much just because he didn’t know how to make money, that was his main problem.  Then look at Farnsworth and his accomplishments and it seem like they don’t even seem like they belong in the same category, right?

Let alone here on the same page, right?

Take a look at these two and you have to wonder what does Taylor have to do with Farnsworth?

Here’s the answer…

Taylor’s full name is Philo Taylor Farnsworth…

… that’s right, these two Mother Russia’s are the same exact guy…

Taylor is Farnsworth, Farnsworth is Taylor, Finkle is Einhorn – okay, you get it…

Taylor is Farnsworth.

That means throughout his entire life even a guy as brilliant Farnsworth was always struggling with money and it caused the problems that eventually killed him.  And guess how money eventually sent Farnsworth out of business and into depression, addiction and his death…

Guess how much money it was…?

The solution to many problems lies in creating social mobility

The difference?  Just $20,000 a month.

That was it.

Just 20 grand a month.

It is amazing that a genius like Farnsworth would be brought to his knees and his business would eventually be destroyed just because of $20,000 a month…

Isn’t that amazing?

There are a few main reasons this is so important.

First it really makes it clear that making money and intelligence can be totally divorced.  If the skill of making money was based purely on intelligence then there’s no way a guy like Farnsworth would’ve been broke and had the experience he had.

Remember he had to miss his own son’s funeral because of money problems.

So brilliance is never enough and isn’t even necessary.

Most people believe the exact opposite, but not you, at least not anymore right?

The second big lesson is to understand that even though Farnsworth was a success by any objective or material measure, this was a very troubled person and although all his issues depression and alcoholism may not be totally related to financial issues…

It has been been proven again and again that having to go through constant money problems is a catalyst for things like depression, alcoholism, substance abuse, addiction, mental illness, etc.  Imagine how much more he could’ve done and how much better quality of life he could’ve had…

If money wasn’t such an issue.

Remember he spent much of his time fighting legal battles and borrowing money to fight legal battles.  His life would’ve been much different and he would’ve had much more time and energy to innovate if money wasn’t such a problem. 

Lastly, and this is probably most important, he isn’t alone and it is not that hard to fix.

You owe it to the world to help solve these kinds of problems. What is probably the most striking thing about Farnsworth is that what finally took him under and led to his drinking complications that led to his illness that eventually led to his death.

The amount of money that we’re talking about wasn’t millions of dollars it was only about $20,000 a month and, again, he isn’t alone.  I talk to folks all around the world and with both and younger and older people alike there are so many people with so much brilliance that never get the right education.

It comes down to that EDUCATION and TRAINING.

They are just missing the right training to identify, create and capitalize on the right opportunities.  They just don’t get a chance, and that is the main reason why my friends and I do what we do.  I want everybody to have the chance that was given to me.

Lack of opportunity is really tragic and it’s one of the biggest driving forces in everything I do.

This is also everything that all my friends on our team do.  Also when it comes to working with students I’m ONLY interested in working with students who understand this global problem and you want to help spread opportunity instead of just making money for themselves.

Look, I want you to get rich, that’s obvious BUT on top of that you need to be helping all the people like Farnsworth around the world.  Making money is a SKILL and since it can be learned that means that it can be taught. 

The greatest gift world has ever known is education.

It is interesting if you look at ALL religions you’ll notice an interesting pattern.  It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not because even IF all religion is man made it is telling that even when we think God is talking to us – where he really is or not – among the FIRST messages is…

Knowledge and Education.

The first word of the Quran is “Iqra” which means to read, learn, seek knowledge, etc.

In the Bible the first book is Genesis and the main story of Adam and Eve is about the “The tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil.”

Hinduism has a holy book called the Veda which translates to “knowledge“.

Buddhism is one main goal of “enlightenment” or higher existence based on knowledge and the name “Buddha” even translates to “enlightened one”.

Taoism, from China, focuses on alignment with the universe for maximum wisdom and knowledge.

For all of history EDUCATION has carried the highest value.

Every religion focuses on knowledge

It call comes down to EDUCATION.

You can be one of the givers of that gift.  If I have any overall theme that all my stuff is about it is about THAT – it is all about giving a gift of generational significance.  It is what being a Social Architect is all about and what your highest aspirations should include.

You know one of our Heroes sent me a quote that somebody sent him.

I don’t know who came up with it but it’s really interesting, it’s a question, and can help put things perspective, so think about this:

“What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of somebody that can’t afford education.”

It is a powerful concept and it points to a problem that my students and I fight to solve.  And you can start just in your community, and you’ll see people just like Farnsworth all around you – people who have real brilliance but because of money problems that brilliance is never brought to fruition.

There is dormant brilliance all around you and within each of us.

Sometimes it just needs the escort of opportunity.

You can be the trigger for that you can…

Be a shepherd of brilliance. 

The difference that you’ll see in people will be obvious.  It is like being in love, you instantly light up a superhighway of thoughts and emotion.  It is like a fluorescent caterpillar within you that comes to life, even if you never knew it was there.

It was there, it was always there.  No matter how neglected, ignored, second guessed or doubted – even if you don’t know it is there or believe it is there – it was and IS always there.  That potential is always there but few people are lucky enough to realize it.

You can help be the catalyst for that, the catalyst of potential.

First you need to fix your income situation, which you can do at the same time as helping others.  Then your focus should be on becoming the rising tide that raises all ships around you.  We train our Heroes to do this – here is a great example…

We have something called the…

The Brilliance Challenge.

Here’s how it works…

Not long ago there was a student, a young woman, she turned into a great Hero.

So she was at a dead end job and even though she had my stuff for a while she never did anything with it.  She never got serious about creating income until one day her friend needed a ride and when she picked up her friend she hit a nail and got a flat tire.

Because of that flat tire she missed a day of work and the cost of missing work plus the cost of getting all her tires changed meant that she wasn’t able to send her son on a trip.  When that happened and her son found out what happened her son said…

“Why did you have to go give your friend that ride?”

He said it kind of under his breath but at that moment something occured to her and she realized the pain of her predicament.  Somehow she created a life scenario where money was such a problem that her son was questioning why she should help people.

She realized that she was in a financial situation that was so fragile that all it took was a tiny nail, just a tiny nail could make such a big difference.  Seeing the disappointment on her son’s face, her own embarrassment with her finances and then to see her son develop a bitterness towards…

Being a helping hand to a friend.

That was the moment that things had to change…

Picture shows nothing changes until standards change

That was her moment to raise standards.

She snapped.

Finally, she got disgusted enough to do something about it.

Remember at this she was at a dead end job (as if there is any other kind) but then she slowly started doing some real estate stuff with Millie.  They started finding lease option tenants for homes and she was splitting the down payment with her agent.

It was HER who trained the agent to do these deals by the way.

For more on how she did it check out my class on how to hire a realtor who makes you $10,000 a month.  With that Model, you could take pretty much any house and do a lease option with it and there a lot of ways to do this but a common way is that you would get the down payment money.

That is usually at least $3,000 – $5,000.

Then the seller or owner gets the monthly payment and the backend money when the buyer refinances the house.  So that’s what Katie started doing and she trained her agents to do most of everything so in less than 30-60 days she was making money.

About $10,000 – $15,000 a month… in less than 90 days.

Cool, right?

It gets better. 

After that, they started working with a local womans’ shelter and it took some screening but eventually she found two solid gals and she brought them under her umbrella.  Together the three gals built a business but they also took a portion of their money every month and paid it back.

They put money towards building a new women’s shelter.

This is a whole model that I teach on it’s own.  There are so many reasons to do this but one of them is that the government loves when you do stuff like this and they make it so worth your while that it is really silly to NOT build your companies like this.

Nobody does it, nobody knows about it.

So she expanded and started going for larger deals and working on several deals at a time.

Very quickly Katie and her Transaction Tech Heroes built a company and a group at the same time.

Today her income is over $35,000 a month.

The group that these three girls started is now double the size and they help twice as many woman as the original shelter group.  Think of all the people that they are helping NOW that they were not being able to help BEFORE…

That is pretty cool in itself, right?

That would be enough to share their story…

BUT wait… there’s more…

Since Kate was a good student, every month they have a Brainiac Competition.

The Braniac Competition itself is a huge secret on its own and it can make a HUGE difference in what you’re doing right now.  Anytime my students work with any group of people I always suggest training them to do a Brilliance Challenge Competition.

This is something everybody in that group of people that you’re working with should promote as well.  They all promote this contest and this is a challenge to everybody and they all know that once a week, or at some predetermined interval, they compete with each other to share the best, most brilliant ideas.

Crowdsource Brilliance – it is really unbelievable how many great ideas people have.

It is also a great way to take challenges that you personally are having and ask 500, or how many ever people, to come up with the best answers.  Remember none of us is as smart as all of us.  This is one way that we’ve been able to invent so many models and ways of buying and selling companies.

The Brilliance Challenge – none of us is as smart as all of us.

There is more to it than just asking people for something.

Remember people love giving advice, people love feeling smart and people love getting recognition.

There is a rehearsed way that you want to do it with expected intervals, participant recognition, defined goals, preset expectations, specific viral ingredients to spread the word, exact instructions on how to present their ideas…

There is a science and a dialog to how to do this properly.

Just like anything it is all about being trained to do this correctly.  In this case she was on it and she held The Brilliance Contest and then increased the interval so every other week or sometimes every week everybody would meet and bring their best ideas and solving a problem.

So one day a young man showed up and he had some great ideas about how to use video chatting with different classes at his school.  He also had a great idea on how the school could use an internal network and they could work on making art where several kids could share and work on a single canvas.

They could make additions and pass it around…

Picture showing why it is so important to get more people developing solutions

None of us as smart as all of us.

So the result would be a collaboration of artists and it could be done and sold very quickly.  This was also a great way for artists to display their work on an internal social network within the school system and get exposure. 

I’m not as familiar with all of his ideas, but I know he was sharp kid who brought some real brilliance.  His biggest problem was that he was broke.  This is another big compliance move.  When you have a potentially hungry and ambitious Hero but you’re not sure how to work with them…

… or how they can make money, or even if you do know…

This is still a great exercise and a great qualifier and even a great teacher to have them, the individuals, come up with a solution.  Millie and her explained some of the real estate stuff to him and they told him what the challenges were with the Model and then they asked him to come up with a solution.

So they asked him to develop a solution and a role that he could play in that solution so that he could make money.  This is a powerful lesson, remember that with each company you build you want people to be able come in and work with you and be able to get rich building an empire within yours.

They should be able to get rich working with you.

Instead of looking for ways to cut corners or to cut people out of money and pay them less, which is what just about everyone else does, you want to do the opposite.  Find excuses to pay your people more and more. 

If you don’t know how to do that, meaning if you don’t know how to hire somebody and pay them $20,000 – $30,000 a month for example, then this is a great way to start.  When you explain the situation and then have them come up with the answer then they fill in blanks with THEIR ideas.

You provide a canvas and a brush of opportunity and let them illustrate their ambitions.

This also helps avoid those nasty situation where you’re trying to sell people on why they should work with you.  You’ll be out there trying to convince people that you can help them make big money and nobody will (or should) believe you. 

I’ve seen so many people that get caught in that trap, so this is an effective way to start extracting brilliance and building your team.  Not only can you have people bring their ideas but they can also help plan execution. 

They can come up with the ruler to measure them with.

In general when you treat people as if they have great ideas, and when you realize that everybody you meet knows something that you don’t know, when you focus on revealing buried, forgotten or neglected brilliance within people, you will have a unprecedented level of compliance with them.

People hate to disappoint, expect brilliance from them and they will deliver it.

In this case, this kid from the inner city, with no experience or background in real estate…

Came up with a brilliant idea that we ALL have used, modified and improved and this idea has made my students millions of dollars.  So here’s part of it and how it works…

He came back with the idea of going to areas where Kate and Millie were focusing on buying houses and he would go into his school and print out a bunch of flyers to send home with the kids, so each parent would get a flyer.

The flyers basically said the school was partnering with some real estate guys and they were going to start buying and selling houses and the partners, the friends of the school, were going to split the money with them. 

They set this up to help improve the school and as a creative fundraiser.

So if any of the parents had a home that they needed to sell or if they knew of somebody who was in trouble or needed to get an offer on their house in the next 24 hours – and they can call right now.  As a side note think about the credibility this adds to whatever you’re doing.

When you’re doing it with a school, let alone their child’s school – it helps.

It gives you immediate authority.

Now once the replies came in, what do you do with all those houses that you buy?

Then you go back to all the exact same parents with another flyer that has a list of the homes that are now for sale or rent.  You can also try moving the house on your own by the way, with signs or your buyers list. 

You may recognize this technique – it is called a Self Serve.

What is a Self Serve?

Description showing what a Self Serve is

Any transaction has two main parts: a consumer and a provider/servicer.

A Self Serve is when you use a single group of people to serve as both sides of the transaction.

If you remember we used to target medical clinics when we were buying and selling companies in that space.  For a Self Serve you’s send out a letter or some marketing piece where you talk about buying any practices for sale, second you subtract the replies and go back to the same group of people…

And let them know that since they don’t want to sell their practice…

Here are some medical practices for sale that they can buy.

You can make yourself the gatekeeper, this can be extremely profitable.

At a recent workshop, we had a Hero who outlined exactly how he has been doing a Self Serve about twice a year and over the last three years he’s made over $40,000 a month.  That is only doing a ONE Self Serve twice a YEAR.

Over $40,000 a month for the last three years.

We have been teaching this technique for a while. 

The Self Serve is brilliant.

We have been doing these for years but we never did it this way with schools and flyers, he added a great twist and applied that brilliance in a new way.  When you buy and sell houses like this, usually the least profitable way to do this is to assign a lease option.

When you do that you should make about 3-5k on each deal.

Even if you make less and it is just a few thousand dollars, this is so profitable because you’re doing several deals at once.  Since we started this, as always, it has been improved and improved.  You can imagine what happens when you work with a superintendant so instead of hundreds of parents…

You can reach thousands and then tens of thousands of parents from several different schools.

Then think about having parents work as volunteers to make calls, put up ads, post signs and even raise money from donor lists, they are also a great army of volunteers to fix up houses, like on those TV makeover shows where a group of people fix up a house overnight Habitat for Humanity style…

By working with volunteers it is done faster and cheaper.

Not only can you get the houses fixed but you can also get private money to fund your deals from the same source that you get deals from.  There is so much more to this that I won’t get into right now but you see that this is like a shockingly profitable endeavor.

My main point is that the seed of all this came from this ONE tweak with a Self Serve.

That was the snowball that put the avalanche in motion.

So you can get sellers, buyers, investors, construction crews AND the money for the deals all from the same source of people.  THAT is the power of understanding how a Self Serve works and how you can use one group of people to get yourself and a group you care about paid in passive income for YEARS.

So those are the basics – and you how do you think this young boy did?

So his cut alone was over $10,000.

How one deal can make 30k/month for three years

30 grand a month… for three years and running.

From ONE deal?

And $10,000 in a weekend?

It would’ve been more than that but they made him save and invest the rest.  After this, his entire family was able to move and he’s been able to help his sister’s family execute the same thing as well.  Also, she had had a son and I really wanted to know the details about this but I don’t have them all yet but…

I do know that he has some contract either signed or in the works with the Tesla.

They have built some generator or something that is going to help carmakers do more, we’ll go over the full details later once I have them and it isn’t that big of a big deal and maybe it won’t be a huge success or maybe not the next TV but my point is that look how far removed this kid is from our first Hero…

It started with his mom, then her brother who came from a group that two woman set up with her, then the flyers… you see the domino effect that she was able to have?  THAT IS MY POINT – this young boy was actually working full time.

REPLACING income really helps.

It wasn’t until he was able to replace his income that he devoted his time to his hobby of building generators.  That probably would have never happened with this Model.  Think about all the potential he has in the future to do even better and more crazy stuff, you see the power here?

None of that would happen if they weren’t able to figure out the money part.

That is the impact you have with this stuff.

Here’s some examples of the flyers and marketing materials we use.

Motivated seller flyer to get houses
Flyer to sell houses with a Self Serve
Standard flyer for motivated sellers

Motivated seller marketing like this can be done for free.

Those flyers You can downloand those for free.

That is the impact you have with this stuff.

You know me and I always like to have specifics, so I want to know the details about this generator thing so tomorrow night I’ll be sitting down with them and recording more on this for you guys.  Earlier today I asked for a recent example of this lesson and there are so many to choose I just picked this one.

This embodies the spirit of what I’m talking about and this is what we’re all about.  This is a skill and anybody that is hungry can learn to do it.  By mastering this yourself you can be that ladder for entire community just like our Heroes today have been.

Be the rising tide for all the ships around you.

So think about this for a second…

First there was Kate and look at all the people she was able to help with Millie.

Their first stop was was the woman’s shelter, then the couple of gals she started working with, then all the women in the separate group that they started and they helped the initial group to serve over twice as many people as before…

Then there was the Hero with the school flyers who will, for the rest of his life, will know how to dictate his own income.  Then there was his entire family and there were the other people involved in the Brilliance Challenge that Zell did with his sister.

Then the Hero who got the chance to get his generator idea partly funded.

Think about all these people for a second – you see the ripple effect?

They all had untapped brilliance in them, Kate served as the lightning rod to get it out.  Now they will never be in a situation where being broke is anything other than a choice.  These people had brilliance in them just like Farnsworth…

… and just like Farnsworth they would’ve been sentenced to a life of financial darkness BUT…

Not anymore.

Which reminds me…

Be warned of the LC, you need to be trained to spot them and isolate them quickly.  And if you find yourself mimicking their behaviors, adjust accordingly and immediately for the line between acting like an LC and becoming one, is paper thin.

You don’t want to be anything like those mother grabbers.

They don’t see challenges as something to beat or rise above, but as reasons to quit.

So seeing even potential obstacles gets them as excited as a child going through a pack of new baseball cards, brilliance is wasted on them because they’ll take a gem of brilliance and scrutinize every facet like it’s a rare diamond until they find some reason to invalidate it.

They’ll be very impressed with themselves for finding reasons to quit before starting.

Why optimism is so important

Avoid the LC at ALL costs.

The LC thinks going through the exercise of downplaying, minimizing or dismissing brilliance is an accomplishment.  They’ll high five themselves for being so much smarter than everybody else, for being savvy enough rationalize their inactivity they’ll say things like:

“See I told you stuff doesn’t work.”

“I knew it was too good be true.”


“That doesn’t in work in my area.”

They never realize that they are doing the all too common practice of dismantling ladders of opportunity and using the material to build the bars for their own prison.  The world’s strongest prisons don’t have bars, the world’s most docile inmates, don’t know they’re in prison.

If you aren’t aggressively identifying and distancing yourself from LCs…

… if you don’t see LC behavior everywhere…

You are on the way to becoming one.

They carry around an invisible phone book of excuses, not accomplishments.

Everyday they’ll add another listing.  They will always find a reason to do less, never more.  To immunize yourself you must squash the negative momentum starting now, don’t choose darkness, but embrace the pain comes with running and embracing the light – and spreading that light to others.

Like DMX said:

“We each have a star all we have to do is find it,
once you do everyone who sees it will be blinded.”

Right now all around you there are people with Farnsworth-type of brilliance but it will never be revealed.  You can help them get to the other side, no matter how desolate or hopeless it may seem to them you can help them shine.

You can laser through the shadows like fresh sunlight through a dark barn.

They will thank you for it, we will all be better for it and owe you – we’ll all owe you.

You’ll get to see the transformation right front of you, you’ll see their self image and confidence fill up like a glass of water.  If you want to know how easy it is to have a negative impact on people, just turn on the TV.

It is easy to get people down and that’s why so many people do it, because it is the lowest common dominator.  But real brilliance, not just in making people feel better, but helping them actually get better and DO better…

The better you sharpen that skill the easier it will come to you…

And the BIGGER IMPACT you will have.

You’ll know and SEE the real difference that you’re making.  People will see your cape from a mile away, your helping hands will lift the otherwise destitute.  When you talk shop and about the difference your work is making, you’ll have all the certainty of somebody spelling their own name.

Finally remember this…

Uncompromising rigidity is the best gift you can give your desires…

Graph showing you will only achieve by feeling good doing the right behaviors

It is all about uncompromising rigidity mentally, emotionaly and spiritually

Any goal, financial or otherwise, is the result of choices and microdecisions that you are making every minute of every hour of every day.  Don’t allow the blubber to lazy to suffocate your aspirations, slice through laziness with the blade of willpower.

Also remember if you want me to take you by the hand and personally train you…

… and to train you one-on-one in all manner of badass shizzle, then go to WeBuildEmpires.com see if applications are being accepted, because if they are, you should be all over it like a New York politician on woman of the night.

I mean just think think about everything we covered and touched on here…

We talked about Farnsworth and why it always good to know history and business history…

Then we touched on everything from setting up a woman’s group with no money out of pocket, building your team by transforming people with no voice into badass performers, using Brilliance Challenges to rebuild communities and an intro to the powerful Self Serve technique…

How to save schools, families and companies from devastation.

We also covered how just a couple of deals a year can pull in over 40 grand a month…


Also remember the concept of Income Dictation, where people come to you and tell you how much money they want to bring you how if they bring you 50k a month let’s say, you would pay them 25k out of and AFTER the 50k or 100k or whatever they bring.

This is how revitalizing broken education systems and disadvantaged youth and spreading opportunity can bring up the most vulnerable among us.  This is how you can build a serious business around all of that – and a whole lot more.

This was only 30 minutes into the video above.

Since making these classes available I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from folks who go through these classes again and again with a fine tooth comb.  They study this like law students the night before a big final, and I know that the general rule is that I should tone it down and not go over so much here.

Instead I should tease you or give you just enough material to make you need to buy more, but I don’t want to do that and I know and appreciate and how much you appreciate that I don’t do that… EVER.  I want to see that are you drowning in opportunity all around you.

The right person uses these classes as weapon.

WeBuildEmpires.com social mobility training

Education can be a weapon used for immunity and protection.

Use this as a weapon against mediocrity, a shining short torch to navigate through financial darkness.  It is like at the end of Die Hard 2, you set a blazing runway of potential and opportunity that others can see and follow for miles.

Again this was only 30 minutes imagined what happens when you are immersed in this stuff.

I’m talking way more than just a half hour…

… for hours, days, weeks and even months.

Think about the type of person you are able to become, a secret SUPER HERO.

This about a lot more than just making money.

I wonder how can anybody just LIKE this?  Or let themselves allow for anything short of an obsessive pursuit to getting yourself trained – you gotta love this stuff…

… or maybe not

This is definitely NOT for everybody and most people have their head in the sand and will just wait and hope for somebody else to take care of business.  Make no mistake – you are always categorizing yourself, you are self sorting yourself, you’ve already decided what you are…

Every moment of every day your actions just reinforce, solidy and confirm your identity.

You can always make a better choice.  It is never too late to decide on being a better version of you and then focusing all your resources on being that person.  Whenever I work with anybody my first goal is to make sure that they see a path and then you can choose who you want to be.

So please make sure you go through the Social Architect class that’s on the application page.

For the right person it is obvious you are in the right place.  The application process and everything we do to screen students is like a dating site.  I know who I want and what I don’t want, I know what I can work with and I don’t want to work with.

You can easily qualify yourself because for the right person it is easy.

For the right person they aren’t going to wait until applications are being accepted, they are going to be begging and all over us to get them going immediately.  They’ll fight tooth and nail, climb over barbed wire, gargle broken glass and let Edward Scissorhands trim their eyebrows…

For a chance to get the application process going and potentially become a student.

The Bottom Line: please take this stuff seriously, take a step towards changing somebody’s life, even if it is just a step.  Take that step in a new direction or move just a little faster.  Today make a more  pronounced difference in the life of another.

Much Love.

~ Indy Anna and Azam

Indy Anna
Love (at) BigReia.com
(YES that’s my actual Direct Line and I really do answer lol, so please text me first Thx!)

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Make the Universe Smile.

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Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.