Teenage real estate investor makes 10k in a week after applying THIS lesson from TV inventor.

So many people kept asking me about the old “Story Time” chunks.

Peoples have asked me about bringing back the “Story Time” or the “Stories of Greatness” that we used to do.

These were always a lot of fun SO –

Today we have a STORY (time) of two men.  Two very different men.  There’s a whole bunch of cool stuff here…

Two men, one changed the world and the other died a broke alcoholic find out the shocking difference between them.  Learning this difference will make it clear that MONEY SMARTS is a skill not a talent.

(To learn the difference watch at 8:38)

How to hire somebody and have them make you $20,000 a month, and you only pay them AFTER they bring you the $20,000 a month.  This is how you should do all of your deals.

(To learn how to hire people like this watch at 19:19)

A young lady used my stuff to make 15 grand a month.  Then she built a woman’s shelter zero down and now pulls in over $35,000 a month with it.  How is this possible?  

(Find out how she did, watch at 15:57)

How an inner city teenager come up with a genius way to make $10,000 in less than a week.  Learn how we use the same Model now to by medical clinics.  You’ll also see how one student is doing over 40 grand a month with the same thing…

(40 grand a month for three years… the secret is at 21:19)

How could any class be complete without a a great lesson from one my  favorite rappers, DMX.

(Learn where my dogs at 28:38)

And there’s a whole bunch more – I’d love to hear how it helps.

You can watch it all right now above.

Like I said I really appreciate all the great feedback and how much you guys are making happen and how you’re changing lives with this stuff – it’s inspiring.

So make sure you let me know how you guys are
using this to change lives:

I LOVE the feedback coming in, a lot of you guys are going through the classes again and again and making shizzle happen in your local hoods. Inspiring, and soon I’m going to start sharing those stories with everybody, if you want me to brag about you let me know what you’re doing with our stuff and how you’re changing lives.

You can qualify yourself with the IQ test, the psych profile and get a better sense if you’d make a good student.  It is also required that you go through this program:


That will help introduce you to my stuff and help get you grounded.  Lots of powerful material there.  Okay, think that’s it for now.

As always love to hear from you – Thanks for all the support!


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