What do I say when people ask me what I do?  Here’s how to introduce yourself with words that IMPACT, compliance and people eating out of the palm of your hand.

The distance between where your business is and where you want it to be is all in your WORDS, your Compliance Dialog.  Today we will talk about how to introduce yourself with impact and make sure your words command attention, influence and high compliance from all you enter your world.  You no longer have to hunt as you’ll be HUNTED for your work, business and passions.

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Now for today’s class on introducing yourself like a badass…

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Student Hero successes from introducing themselves better
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How external motivation makes us depressed versus intrinsic motivations
The Five Stories of Compliance
Five Fill-in-the-Blank ways to introduce yourself
Examples of better introductions with a Hook
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The 5Ps of creating your Hook - BigReia.com
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Three Hook Tests to make sure you are saying it right with impact

Real Estate Investors and Business Builders:
What to say when people ask:
“What do you do?”

Five fill-in-the-blank sentences that will HOOK people in seconds, so you stand out with unforgettable words that impact.

You can download the above guide in .pdf by clicking HERE.

Introduce yourself like a badass, a few Hero examples:

“Team Azam, I put your headlines to use and for the first time my Linkedin profile actually produced leads! … Got two potential contracts and one signed for sure… all said I should make at least $20,000 in the next year…”

“I got my first business cards printed with my HOOK on them and for the first time 20 years I got two ‘referrals’ and 3 extra deals in the first month… $15,000…”

“My BNI meetings aren’t making me as much as I would like or as much as I thought but thank you so much Anna right after I introduced myself the correct way I got my biggest booking yet for $6,000 and a few $2,600 referrals… all in one night…”

5Ps of Your HOOK: Passion – People – Problem/Solution – Pain/Pissed Off – Purpose
Establish EACH one of these and make a list so you can reference it anytime you write/talk
Now we will talk about FIVE ways to use this so that you always WIN the intro

The Hook Triad

Your Mission and Purpose Should INSPIRE (that starts with you)

Edward Deci in Why We Do What We Do:

“The researchers found that if any of the three extrinsic aspirations— for money, fame, or beauty—was very high for an individual relative to the three intrinsic aspirations, the individual was also more likely to display poorer mental health.

For example, having an unusually strong aspiration for material success was associated with narcissism, anxiety, depression, and poorer social functioning as rated by a trained clinical psychologist… In contrast, strong aspirations for any of the intrinsic goals—meaningful relationships, personal growth, and community contributions—were positively associated with well-being.

People who strongly desired to contribute to their community, for example, had more vitality and higher self-esteem. When people organize their behavior in terms of intrinsic strivings (relative to extrinsic strivings) they seem more content—they feel better about who they are and display more evidence of psychological health.”

The Five Stages of Awareness and Five Stories
Unawareness – Share Story of Hero (Origin)
Aware of Problem – Share Story of Pain and Solution
Aware of Solution – Share Story of Shortcut, Secrets and Product Parts
Aware of Product – Share Story of Successes, WINs and Record Breaking
Aware of Fanbase – Share Progress of Movement and Opportunity to Experience

Superhero Transformation: What MOVEMENT are you leading/creating?

“Like a Cadillac for your mouth.”
Share Story of Origin.

5Ps of Your HOOK: Passion – People – Problem – Pain/Pissed Off – Purpose
1.) I help (PEOPLE) (PROBLEM/BENEFIT) without (PAIN)
2.) You know how (PEOPLE) want to (BENEFIT)? Their problem is (PAIN) and I help (PEOPLE) (BENEFIT) without (PAIN)
3.) I was a struggling (PEOPLE) and I was so sick of (PAIN) then I figured out (SOLUTION) and so now my mission is help other (PEOPLE) do the same thing…
4.) When I was growing up we (PAIN) and I always said that if I ever got out of it I would make it my MISSION in life (Purpose) sure do whatever I could to help (PEOPLE) avoid the (PAIN) and (BENEFIT/WIN)
5.) We are building a world with no (PAIN) OR with (SOLUTION/WIN)

Superlative: Biggest, fastest, first, largest, quickest, highest ranked, most used, etc.
Aspirational: we ARE building… our mission is to ONE day… In the next 5 years…
Guarantee: weaponize how much you care by PROMISING results or else…

Turn Your Hook Into a Purpose, Mission and MOVEMENT

Normal: I buy and sell houses
Better: I help homeowners in Dallas sell their home quickly and for top dollar without paying a realtor.
Better Yet: I started this to help sellers in Dallas sell their houses quickly and for top dollar, now we are the fastest closers in the state… Our mission is to be the single fastest cash closing for Indy homeowners…

Normal: I’m a real estate attorney
Better: I help landlords double their ROI by paying less in taxes
Better Yet: I’m on a mission to make sure landlords pay the absolute least amount possible in taxes, in fact; I guarantee you that there is no legal way for a landlord to pay less in taxes.

Normal: I’m a doctor/surgeon
Better: We help paralyzed people walk again.
Better Yet: We are building a world with no more wheelchairs, ever for anybody.

Examples, identify what each is using:

Khan Academy: For every student a classroom. Mission is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Smart Cups: The world’s first printed beverage.

ThinkX: Underwear made with period-proof tech; Aborbs up to four tampons’ worth.

Pela.Earth – From waste to dirt in as little as four hours.

Pet Policies: The world’s first way to buy apartment building just by using better pet policies.

BigReia.com: The clearest instructions in the world to help anybody create a passive income of $30,000 a month.

Indy Anna: I help real estate investors make money (guaranteed) with Indiana real estate without leaving their house.

So again define EACH clearly:

Passion: Why do you care? What happened in your life the ORIGIN STORY of why YOU care and why we should care that you care? What have you done in life because you cared so much?

People: Who is helped and why? How well do you know them? What do you in common identity?

Problem: What are ALL the problems that are solved? How deep are the effects of hte both the solutions and the problems? Compared this to other options?

Problem and Pissed Off: What upsets your people more than ANYTHING? What effects of the PROBLEM go noticed and unnoticed? What is the conversation/wish they have in their head already?

Purpose and Solution: What MOVEMENT is your business starting? How will the world be different if/when you succeed? What higher calling is it your DESTINY to answer?

This is how you BREAK FREE from programming and CHOOSE your own path, don’t be just another copy cat DRONE and help others do the same – your WORDS…

… our society rewards the LC thinking, this is NOT an accident:

“Now that we know how positive reinforcement works, and why negative doesn’t, we can be more deliberate and hence more successful, in our cultural design. We can achieve a sort of control under which the controlled…nevertheless feel free. They are doing what they want to do, not what they are forced to do. That’s the source of the tremendous power of positive reinforcement—there’s no restraint and no revolt. By a careful design, we control not the final behavior, but the inclination to behave—the motives, the desires, the wishes. The curious thing is that in that case the question of freedom never arises.”

– B.F. Skinner

You’ve done it correctly when they FEEL it

“You are the sum total of everything you’ve ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot – it’s all there. Everything influences each of us, and because of that I try to make sure that my experiences are positive.”

Maya Angelou

Three Final Hook Tests:
Telephone Test?
T-Shirt Test?
HFT Test?

In summary, when it comes to Introducing Yourself with Impact and Influence:
Five Fill-in-the-Blank answers to “What do you do?”
Exactly how to bring up your HOOK in conversational NOT bragging ways (Hook Triad)
The 5 Ps of developing your HOOK and making sure your words brainwash and do inspire
Examples to model after and how to isolate the different parts of the perfect HOOK in life
The three “Hook Tests” to use from now to make sure your words have impact and compliance


You can download the above guide in .pdf by clicking HERE.

Make the Universe Smile.

Thanks!  = )

~ Indy Anna
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(YES that's my actual Direct Line and I really do answer lol, so please text me first Thx!)

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Free Comic Book Reveals:

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