Why remotely invest in Indiana real estate from outside of the area, and how?

Remote real estate investing is not new, neither is remote investing in Indiana but what is new is the volume of investors wanting to invest in the Indiana real estate market.  Today we’ll go over a few reasons that make the Indy real estate market so attractive to investors from out of the state.

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Now for today’s class on remote investing in the Indy market from out of state…

Remote real estate investing- Is virtual real estate investing for real? Indianapolis remote real estate investing- how to start.

The term ‘remote real estate investing’ is newer than it’s meaning by a few decades.  While buzzing around the internet and podcasts for only a couple of years now, the actual practice has been around prolifically since shortly after the fruition of the Federal highway Act of 1956, when folks could easily connect by personal cars to other major areas across the US as we emerged from poverty into a thriving economy once more.

While the means of physically moving across the country became easier and accessible for more folks, the pay rates and cost of living on either coast remained different than those of the Midwest and South. While this isn’t an economic history lesson, it does explain the ‘why’ of remote investing or virtual investing today.

It is MUCH easier to live, financially speaking, in the Midwest and Indiana specifically.

Wages and cost of living remain in discrepancy among the coasts – latest data reports still show not only the highs of coastal living above those of the Midwest and South, but go onto further show the Midwest and South as less than National average – according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics:


The upswing in remote investing and virtual investing became more prevalent when we moved swiftly into the digital age.  This allows investors to shop at home for investment properties in more affordable regions.  I’ll be getting to where remote investing in Indiana comes into play with this in this class.

Indy Anna Explains:
What remote investing & virtual investing means
Why remote investing in Indiana & virtual investing in Indiana is ideal for some
How to get started in remote investing & virtual investing in Indiana

Remote investing and virtual investing are one in the same, but I wanted to be sure to include both terms as folks use them interchangeably.

I spoke with some of our folks on the People Page:


I talked with them about how and why Indiana is a favorite place for remote investing, and here’s what they had to say.

Remote investing in Indiana allows for investors to take advantage of a few crucial items for investors beyond their own market:

Fair market value & purchase price
Landlord friendly legislation
Easy to understand & 2% property tax cap rates for out of State/out of country investors

A lot of the people we work with do come from both the East and West coasts and I’m going to pull some examples of why this is the case. 

To be clear, these examples, numbers and images are for education purposes alone and are not to be construed as marketing materials or financial advice.

This is a 2/1, 1,112 SqFt home for sale in Oakland, CA – listed at $585K

This is a 2/1, 1,373 SqFt for sale in Jamaica, NY – listed at $459.9K

This is a 2/1, 1,440 SqFt for sale in Indianapolis, IN – listed for $129.9K

These homes of similar properties between the coasts and Indiana, are prime examples of market value differences.  It is very clear to see why being in the Midwest allows for more leverage in purchasing than on either coast.

The cost difference is the first major reason investing remotely in Indiana makes sense for a lot of folks.

Secondly, we have more landlord friendly legislation here than in other States. While we still have laws to protect tenants, at the end of the day our laws favor landlords.

Here’s what you won’t see in Indiana;
Rent rate caps/maximums
No State statutory limit on security deposits
No legal obligations for landlords to pay utilities -some neighboring States to Indiana require water to be paid by landlords, etc.
No State requirements for storing security deposits – some States require interest bearing accounts be used
45 full days to return a security deposit
No State mandate on late fees
Many more lol

Now, I’ve made a LOT of other classes on the benefits to investing in Indiana- be sure to check those out as well after this one for more help.

The reason the Indy market benefits many investors is due to the fact that we have more affordable opportunities than most out of State or even out of country investors have within the ‘boundaries’ of their own marketplace.

This isn’t limited to purchase price alone, but other factors include:
Tax rates
Tax rate caps – be sure to check out that video as well
Labor laws
Let me go back to the examples above for you now, the taxes are as follows;
The Oakland, CA property; $4390
The Jamaica, NY property; $2737
The Indianapolis, IN property; $626

As you can see these are HUGE differences on these similar properties versus the Indy market.

Now, let me break this down for you in a more eye opening way.

That $626 for the Indianapolis IN property, if this were the semi annual tax amount, that would be $1,252.   Now I’m basing that on an owner occupied Indiana resident at 1% tax rate cap.

IF you were an out of State investor and were under the Indiana non-owner occupied non Indiana resident tax rate cap rule of 2% AND if this were ONLY the semi annual tax amount, you would still be ahead of the base tax rate for both coastal properties:

$626*2 as in semi annual payments then multiplied by *2 (as in % for the tax rate cap applied as OOS investors) = $2,504 In other words, it’s clear to see why Indiana taxes are beneficial to investors.

So, how do you begin remote investing in Indianapolis?

Ideally, as we’ve talked about in numerous other classes, it’s your boots on the ground here that will be your biggest asset.

Now, we’ve made some other classes on updates with projects, as well as the entire process our team uses in phases- those are going to be really helpful for anyone looking to get started here.

This doesn’t work for everyone, but for those who truly desire to invest passively, we can schedule a time to chat. I’ve covered the basic criteria for this before as well- but I do want to be clear, even if we never end up working together, or you fall into the educational phase of things, I’ll make sure you have all of the resources you need to get started with remote real estate investing in Indianapolis.

So to recap, we’ve covered:

What remote investing & virtual investing means
Why remote investing in Indiana & virtual investing in Indiana is ideal for some
How to get started in remote investing & virtual investing in Indiana from out of state

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Free Comic Book Reveals:

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