Real estate investors who want to build a business that makes you $100,000 a month: take this 10 question quiz and see how you score. 

It is amazing how just asking one better question can totally change your life, especially if you’re a real estate investors.  Over the years I have obsessed over investors who build a successful real estate business that makes them $100,000 a month and those that fail, in order to learn the differences.  I’ve put those insights into this 10 question so that any real estate investor can see if their business is on the way or ever will make them 100k/month. 

You can take this short, simple 10 question quiz below for free.

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Real estate investors: take this 10 question to see if you’ll ever make 100k/month:

Notes on the 10 question Empire IQ Test to see if your business will make 100k per month

Quiz for real estate investor to see if your business will ever make 100k/month.

You can take the quiz and download it for free HERE.

Simply answer these yes/no questions with as little thought as possible, keep track of
your “yes” answers and how many you have, your score will range from 1-10, you
can use the scale at the end to see what your results mean.

1.)  I am regularly contacting “Doublers” and ideal JV partners for my business. 
I have identified at least 3-5 people who would at least double/triple by business – make me two to  three times as much money as I’m making right now – if they said ‘Yes!’. I know exactly who these people are and I have a concerted, proactive and highly targeted machine in place to contact them for compliance.

[ ] Yes [ ] No

2.)  I have automated hiring of top producers.
Hiring/interviewing or the trial phase of new employees or team members is done at my company  without me having to talk to a single person – I hire/train people without talking to them – then when somebody is showing potential I spend time interviewing them. Because this machine is in place, I spend a specified chunk of time ‘interviewing’ top people for my team.  When somebody starts on my  team I know the exact ROI I will make, I will pay them X and make back 2-3X in the first week for example.

[ ] Yes [ ] No

3.)  I have mapped out how all lead generation an conversion should happen with detailed Checklists, Scripts and Drawings.
I have a book of tightly scripted Policies, charts, diagrams and checklists that can be handed to a fifth grader that explain in simple, yet highly specific terms exactly how my company is to be run – every  week I evaluate current Policies and test new Policies, each week I’m testing at least one idea that can  double/triple my compliance rates and my net income.  

[ ] Yes [ ] No

4.)  People on my team have a detailed blueprint on how to make $100k/month.
I have outlined detailed and foolproof guidelines for each member of my team so they know exactly how they can make over $100,000 (or 10k-$30k) a month, I regularly hold meetings with them and help  them stay accountable by Policizing their best ideas and testing them.  I know how to start hiring  them immediately without paying them a penny until they’ve made me money – when I do pay them it is out of the money that they’ve paid me.

[ ] Yes [ ] No

5.)  I can/have run my entire business with a single conference call once a week, if that.

[ ] Yes [ ] No

6.)  I cold call everyday WITHOUT exception.

I appreciate the skill of cold calling and know the statistics, therefore everyday my company is using the phone to make new contacts, solidify/reignite relationships and grow my business – this is done with regular training, accountability and Policy-testing.

[ ] Yes [ ] No

7.)  Every contact me and my team have is ALL scripted.

Every conceivable form of dialog, from email, phone, website, voicemails, VBs, etc. all forms of initial contact, follow up contact, etc. – any and all marketing, communication and dialog that my company  has with anybody, is 100% scripted, Policized and tested weekly for improvements.

[ ] Yes [ ] No

8.)  In one sentence I can explain exactly what needs to be done or happen for my company to be ten times the size it is now.

I have clearly identified the best growth opportunities and prospects and paths to improve my leads, conversions, relationships, expenses and revenue and I can voice the best ones in one sentence – and so can my team.  For example: 10 more signs a week, 100 more leads a month, 10 conversations a day, etc.

[ ] Yes [ ] No

9.)  I have a clear business “exit” defined.

I know where we are in the business cycle, I have identified the largest players and have a vested interest or ownership in each of their companies, furthermore I know who the potential ‘buyers’ of my company are, their criteria and I know exactly what needs to happen for my company to be sold, funded or taken ‘public’. (this leads to immunity from potential ‘Depressions/Recessions’)

[ ] Yes [ ] No

10.)  I’m doing what I love.

[ ] Yes [ ] No

Then some bonus questions:

11.)  I have isolate causes, charities and/or non-profit organizations that my business can and has partnered with?

[ ] Yes [ ] No

12.)  I have tested at least one way to double my business in the last 90 days?

[ ] Yes [ ] No

13.)  All of my past and current clients, leads, acquaintances, potential JV partners, vendors, client
referrers, etc. all hear from me at least once a week?

[ ] Yes [ ] No

14.)  I know the exact DAILY activity that my business must engage in for me to make at least $30,000 a month? (five calls and two signs a day for example)

[ ] Yes [ ] No

15.)  My mission statement is in the form of a “hook” (can be printed on a shirt that people would WANT to wear) that makes it clear how my business is improving the world and changing lives and anybody on my team can repeat it verbatim?

(Examples: We are building a world with an average human life expectancy of 250 years, I built a robot that buys and sells houses for you while you sleep, The largest group of special needs business owners,  the number one youtube channel for Indiana real estate – My mission is to make lifelong friends helping folks around the world create generational wealth with Indiana real estate, etc.)

[ ] Yes [ ] No

16.)  I have a “Welcome Package” that thanks new people for joining my movement and my people have a nickname (Azamologists, Homeys, etc) with common goals and shared behavior identified so  they know what is expected of them so that we can build a lifelong relationship? 

[ ] Yes [ ] No

17.)  My business is really a movement disguised as a business and this movement is solving a specific set of problems in the world and any of my clients and team members can you exactly what that is – we have a defined transformation planned for our clients and it is in the form a multi-part guarantee (an “Oath to Clients”) that conveys our values, beliefs, goals, movement and transformation?

[ ] Yes [ ] No

18.)  I have tried to dramatically change the life of at least one of my new leads this week?
[ ] Yes [ ] No

19.)  I volunteer for at least one hour a week?
[ ] Yes [ ] No

End of Test.

Add up your “Yes” responses together by giving yourself one point for each, then total your score from 1-10. Then you can use the scale below.

Grade Yourself See Your Results:

This will give you a good idea of where your business is at and what you should prioritize if you want to build a real estate business that makes you $100,000 a month.  One way to do this is just fix a few at a time, if you fix just THREE items and turn them into “Yes” replies you should be at 10k/month at least.

3 or more
You are a genius and among the most disciplined business owners I’ve ever met, you should be making at least $100,000 a month.

You have an eight figure business and make a few hundred thousand dollars (or more) a month.

7 or more
Your focus isn’t on your money as much as it is how much other’s in your company are making, how large your company is growing and how well you are serving others.

So how’d you do?

I’d love to hear about it, and hopefully we can connect on some projects.

Just for being such a good sport and playing, I want to give you…

A Surprise Bonus

Everything explained and outlined above is a skill. None of it is talent, intrinsic or inherent from birth. It is all a matter of using just a little discipline, a little willpower and a little ambition to follow through with what you focus on.

You’ll notice that I strongly advocate meetings and ‘Policizing’ your business for maximum growth. We  all know that we can do more, help more, contribute more, etc. but we almost never do.

How many times have you started a diet or exercise routine…

… and been so vehemently intent on sticking to it, but then…

A week later you’re back to business as usual.

What’s the problem?

Three words:

Repetition, Accountability and Discipline.

This is the RAD Model that we’ve developed to slowly grow, improve and master your skill, income and  ability to perform at gradually better levels. It is easily one of the biggest ‘secrets’ I know to making any dramatic change in your income or life.

It is with this model that you can slowly take your company from zero to whatever threshold you desire, the three diagrams below will explain this more. This kind of training is how you avoid your business  from becoming a statistic, this is how to get your Empire going.

If you want me to personally take you by the hand…

If you want me to personally take you by the hand and put each one of these in place (and a lot more) in your company and show exactly how to start buying and selling companies and real estate the way that my friends and invented…

… no money down, no credit checks, hitting 10-30 grand a month on each deal that you do, etc.

So first I train you and then you and I partner together…

If that’s what you want you can get all the details, qualify yourself and make sure that you are one TRILLION percent sure that this is for you (yes that is mathematically possible, silly) and that you ready to bring the right version of yourself to the party then you can look into applying for a spot.

You can apply for this and get all the details here at

Here’s a breakdown of the R.A.D. Principle illustrated and explained:

Repetition, Accountability and Discipline introduction of how immediate improvements happen with new skills
RAD Model skille plateaus explained
RAD Model all three parts explained

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Stay here at and you’ll become allergic to being an LC and addicted to improving the world and creating Income Ascension and Social Mobility for you and yours… 

Thanks so much!  = )

Make the Universe Smile.

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Free Comic Book Reveals:

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