Real estate investors and wholesalers: How to make 10k/month from ONE cash buyer, real estate investors keep missing this.

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This is a quick video I made about  a Hero’s experiment…

Real estate investors and wholesalers: How to make 10k/month from ONE cash buyer, real estate investors keep missing this

Indy Anna Explains…
– The big obvious secret that so many real estate wholesalers are missing and how you can make well over $10,000 a month year-round working with just ONE cash buyer. (No they don’t have to be rich)
– How you can avoid investor objections like “You are making too much money on this deal”.
– How you can have “A Beautiful Conversation” and never pay a penny for your marketing ever again.

Here’s the obvious secret:
– Build STRONG relationships with each of your buyers.
– I know that sounds simple but every single one of my investors has been in real estate for at least a decade longer than me and they were working with people who have much more experience and have done many more deals with me. So why do they still want to work with me? Because I take care of them.
– If you do this right you can do deals again and again with the same cash buyers, almost no wholesaler will do multiple deals on a schedule with their cash buyers.

Here’s how to do this:
– First you need to know how to have “A Beautiful Conversation” as I’ve covered before and in many other videos so you can check those out because your dialog will determined everything.
– Part of that is you come up with an “Income Blueprint” for each investor, do NOT ever talk about any given deal until you have talked about their big goals and their big WHYs.
– Now you want to have a schedule of how many and what kind of assets and deals they need to be doing to hit their goal.

Categorize them and then schedule acquisitions around their goals.
– Usually you want people with good careers that make at least 100-200k a month, have a solid retirement account and have their residence paid off or a plan to do that. Sometimes the plan I work with them is to help them get those things done.
– The top things we need to identify is how much money/credit they have and what we need to do first. I want to see them out of debt and pay off their house so we come up with an exact number for that, then planning for their “wants” like vacations, college savings, upgrade to house, etc.
– Lastly we focus on the “Fantasy” stuff like buying that big mansion. This is the same plan we use for students the “Foundation, Fence and Financial Fortress” if you are familiar with that plan.
– So now we have attached a dollar goal to EACH of those milestones and I know their deep motivations and WHYs and the emotional investments and ROI that they want.
– We also start volunteering for a group of their choice, this gives us something to talk about and check in with.

Before I EVER do a deal with them I do a “Tag Along”:
– First we talk on the phone, then they get my videos, book, articles and other Compliance Curve material.
– Then we have develop their Income Blueprint and they ready to go.
– BUT I have them included in the email, calls and paper trail of another investor just like them. So now they can see a full deal from start to finish and they can see somebody else make $15,000 – $25,000 or whatever they made. I used to do this for free but so many people asked for it and some were LCs so I had to change that. If you do a Tag Along make sure you know the people because they will see all the details of the deals and can cause problems.
– So after all of that they are usually pumped about doing deals and they really want to work with nobody else.
– This is how you build your Nobody Mountain, show up like nobody else and “Create the Standard.”

It is vital that you relationship with them is tight or the rest of this won’t work because I’ve never met anybody else in real estate that is doing deals this way:
– I was getting swamped with requests from investors so I offered a new way for them to do deals and that is for THEM to pay for the marketing, hiring and lead generation/closing for the required number of deals.
– Let’s say we need to do two deals a quarter and make 15k on each one, so that is 30k every 3-4 months. To do one deal I need let’s say 20 leads and each lead costs $30 to generate and $20 to convert so $50 x 20 leads = $1,000. This may come from mail, pay per click or anywhere else. I usually double or triple that just to be safe, so let’s go with $3,000.
– So I have many investors pay for that $3,000 and they know what is happening, that they are paying for me to get them deals and cut to the front of the line. Then I assign them the deal as usual and make generally $5,000 – $15,000 at least.

They do the deal, make money, sometimes it takes longer than the 3-4 months but not usually and then guess what?
– They come right back and want to do another deal and re-invest that SAME money.
– So you don’t need “rich” people to keep cycling back the same the same $10k-20k every few months
– One of my investors from December has made me over $70,000 so far this year just in the assignments, he has paid for the ads and staff to take the calls as well so there is no cost for me and he knows the whole situation.
– Why would he do this? One of his primary goals is to invest in the inner city and help military families, so I help get him deals like that and they are worth more to him than an ordinary investor.
– This is also why just having a “buyers list” is not as powerful. How many wholesalers have this kind of relationship with their buyers?

So yes you really can make well over 10k/mo from a single cash investor.

Thanks so much!  = )

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