Nine ways to make $10,000 a month from lease options. Do lease option assignments and sandwiches now.

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This is a quick video I made about  a Hero’s experiment…

Nine ways to make $10,000 a month from lease options. Do lease option assignments and sandwiches now.

Indy Anna Explains…

– Five ways to find motivated sellers to do lease options with.
– Knowing exactly how many calls you need to make $10,000 a month.
– The five things I do to get sellers calling me for FREE.
– My 14 step process that I use so that the machine makes at least $10,000 a month and it takes me less than an hour a month.
– Nine different ways to make money from doing lease options… and a lot more so let’s get started.

Here’s what you will be doing:
1.) You will help sellers by agreeing to do a lease option on their property.
2.) You will then sub-lease that property to a tenant buyer who will pay you a down payment and/or assignment fee
3.) Depending on the situation you may assign the entire deal over to the buyer or you may do a sandwich lease and stay in the middle getting the property for one monthly price and purchase from the seller but with the buyer paying a higher monthly and/or back end purchase price.

I’ve made other videos on how lease options work:
– For our conversation we will consider all of these the same lease option, lease purchase, rent-to-buy, lease with option purchase, rental agreement with option, etc.
– There are main parts are a down payment, a monthly price and a back-end purchase price.
– You will usually assign the deal and get the down payment and if there is a profit in the monthly payment or back-end purchase price you can choose to stay involved with a sandwich lease or something like that. For today we will just talk about down payment.

To build your real estate business to make a passive $10,000 a month with lease options while you spend less than an hour a month on this part of your business… you only to do three things:
1.) A process to find sellers that want your help to do a lease option.
2.) You need a realtor (or somebody else on your team) to do the marketing and showings of the house.
3.) You need your team to close the deals for you and follow up with the all parties involved.

That’s it. This really isn’t that complicated and anybody can do it. Before I go any further I should say:
– I’m new at this and everything I’m about to share I learned from Azam.
– Once I learned it I just did it, I did exactly what he said. I just listened and followed directions and did exactly what I was taught.
– I say that because now I’m in a position where I have trained and taught a few hundred real estate people and no matter where they are or what Model we teach the number one thing the LC always thinks is: That won’t work in my area.
– As a test I’ve run this Model in NY, California, Florida, Texas, overseas markets, throughout the Midwest and many other places.
– It never ceases to amaze me that no matter where I go I can always find somebody that will tell me that this doesn’t work in their market. As the saying goes whether you think that you can or that you can’t, you’re right.

Now let’s talk about how to find motivated sellers for lease option deals, here are five ways to do this:
1.) Talk to FSBOs and “For Rent” ads. From the for rent ads you should have about 1 out of 3 to one out of 5 that want to do a lease option, very high compliance.
2.) Help investors and landlords. You want to build as many relationships with as many investors and landlords as possible. If they just want to rent or do a lease option on their own then help them do it as a GXM (just volunteer and do it for free) and later you’ll be the first person they call when they want to sell or do a lease option. I get at least one deal every 48 hours from this one source.
3.) Realtors send me sellers who need to move but can’t afford to list their house. Remember it takes equity to fix up and then list a house (10% or more usually) so when a seller needs out but doesn’t have time/money to pay to repair and list then they may be a perfect candidate for a lease option.
4.) Real estate and eviction attorneys. I have mine tell their clients (who are in the middle of paying for yet another costly and time sucking eviction) that I can help them find tenant BUYERS who can provide the same income and back end profits without ever calling for repairs.
5.) Property management companies. The worst call they have to make is to one of their clients who is the owner/investor of a property and try to explain why there is another eviction or another month of vacancy. It helps enormously when they can say they have a friend who can help today.

If you do those five steps above, you can easily make over $50k a month.
– Notice I didn’t mention things like facebook or google ads even though we use them too. This is because it is better when somebody introduces me to the seller, when other people add people to my Compliance Curve they get indoctrinated before we ever talk which makes the first conversation more of closing conversation.
– Also I prefer to work local companies and build those relationships because it helps the economy but it also creates immunity from being being “slapped” by google or anybody else.
– I can rebuild the entire machine with just a few phone calls and it produces consistently every week and every month. Very easy to regenerate.

So that’s how you find sellers, here are the only three things that you ever need to do to find buyers:
1.) Signs. Go to because we have covered how to use signs more than any other education resource in the world lol.
2.) Ads. You can use free places like Craigslist and other local sites.
3.) Your buyers list. Keep in touch with all of your people and eventually you won’t need any other resource to move all of your properties.

To make $10,000 a month you need to know your numbers, here are the five things I do to get enough calls to make at least $10,000 a month:
1.) First you need to know how much each deal is worth, when starting just guess-estimate. Maybe each deal is worth $3,000 or $5,000 or more, for me it needs to be at least $5,000 net right now. You need to determine your minimum and work from that.
2.) Second I need to know how many calls I need. So I need to do at least two deals a month, so out of those five ways to find the sellers I need to produce enough calls and leads that translate into at least two deals a month. This is my monthly Objective.
3.) Confirm how many calls it takes for a deal. When you are starting it will take many more calls than it will later, eventually you should be able to do at least 2 deals from let’s say 10 calls.
4.) Train your people to introduce well. Often I get my calls by the realtor, investor, property manager or whoever saying something like “A good my friend of mine has the number one Youtube channel for Indiana real estate and she may be able to help you…”
5.) Targets Start the Compliance Curve automatically. Once introduced, the target seller gets videos, audios, books, my consumer guide and other Compliance Curve material… and when they are ready they CALL.

These are easy calls because they are pre-sold and already in love with Indy Anna, remember:

“You don’t just want sellers who are motivated to work with instead you want sellers who are motivated to work with you.”

– Azam

Now once the call comes in:
1.) I have 3-5 realtors who take the call, get the LOI paperwork signed (you can get this paperwork for free at the link below) and get a lockbox on the property and a sign in the yard.
2.) The also do four more signs one at the two ends of the street and/or in the other two in the highest traffic areas.
3.) If we don’t enough calls they do 10 more signs, then 20 and then 30. I haven’t had to further than that.
4.) The realtor and/or their assistant also start to run ads on Craigslist and any other free local sites I’ve gone over with them.
5.) They also have access to my buyers list so they can contact appropriate buyers as well.
6.) The buyer calls come in and we qualify them and show the property to the best buyers.
7.) Within 30 days we should have the property moved or there is a problem, so once we have a buyer ready to go the realtor will take them to title company and “close” with our attorney. They bring their money down and sign their part of the closing with or without the seller there. This way a buyer can see a property and “close” that day if they are ready.
8.) The seller signs their part of the deal and the buyer moves in.
9.) Everybody gets a courtesy call and an “insider line” they can call if there are any questions, problems or anything they need help with.
10.) The leftover buyers are still worked with and sent through my L/A Model if they approve. Some of my realtors may get paid one month’s rent, a flat fee, an hourly rate or sometimes they don’t get paid at all from the lease options and they get paid from the L/A Model buyers.
11.) We also move buyers through to credit repair if necessary.
12.) Any other VIP buyers with money may go to my title company and put their money down into a holding account. They can get the money back any time but this way the money set aside for their move is out of their account. This can really help and it lets you know you have a serious buyer if they put $15,000 down on a house they haven’t even seen or found yet.
13.) The VIP buyers with the most money are now given instructions to find their dream houses and bring them to us as well as riding with an agent. Once we have a lead they entire process starts over.
14.) Every week my realtor or whoever is in charge will report how each Model is going and how many deals are being done and then we pick one area to improve.

How do you make money doing the For Rent Model and lease options our way? Here are NINE ways to make great money doing this.
1.) The down payment. ($5,000+)
2.) The monthly payment. (hundreds a month, maybe thousands)
3.) The back end purchase price. ($20,000 at least)
4.) The L/A Model. ($10,000 a month)
5.) Lease option buyers for other properties. ($5,000+)
6.) Nosy sellers that want you to do the same thing for them. ($5,000+)
7.) Helping renters find rentals temporary housing as they build their credit and money up. ($1,500)
8.) Getting paid from other investors for finding them a lease option tenant buyer and splitting the down payment. ($2,500+)
9.) Credit repair. This is often overlooked but it shouldn’t be because I have a few Indy Anna Bird Dogs making $500 – $1,000 a month from this and it is totally Subtractive. They make more doing this then they did owning rental properties LOL. I have one company that has paid me over $10,000 – $12,000 every month so far this year and I do absolutely nothing for the money my realtor just sends appropriate buyers over to the company and they pay me.

Let’s summarize and recap, here’s what you and I just went over today:
– Five ways to find motivated sellers to do lease options with.
– My five step process that I use to get the motivated sellers calling me.
– My 14 step process to build your machine so you don’t have to lift a finger and you can train your team do close these deals without you.
– The three things you need to do to build your business so that it runs without you.
– The nine ways to make money with lease options and hit your $10,000 a month and beyond.

So that’s it guys, that’s how you find the sellers, the buyers and build your team to do this for you and a bunch of ways to make money from these deals. It really is that easy to build a machine that runs without you and makes you $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 a month and more. I know people are struggling but if you stop being an LC you can use this amazing time to do some really remarkable things.

I hope this helps.

Make sure you go to for more on all of this and the best training on the planet when it comes to creating Social Mobility.

Make the Universe Smile.

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100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.