The best real estate deals are made NOT found.

(stop looking for boomerangs, start making them out of sticks.)

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Dennis the Menace started as a comic strip in March, 1951.  It was very successful and later adapted into TV shows and movies.  Today, about 70 years later the comic strip still runs and is printed in over 1,000 newspapers, in over 40 countries and in 19 languages.

Here’s a second from Dennis the Menace:

– There is a scene when Dennis throws a boomerang into Mr. Wilson’s (his old cranky neighbor) yard
– The boomerang doesn’t come back
– Dennis goes to get it and runs into Mr. Wilson who asks what he’s doing

Dennis:  I threw my boomerang over here.

Mr. Wilson: And?

Dennis: It didn’t come back.

Mr. Wilson: If you throw your boomerang and it doesn’t come back then it’s not a boomerang, it is just a stick so leave it.

That is the attitude too many investors have about deals

– All these “investors” are all looking for the same “great deal” or “motivated seller” they have generic criteria like 70% LTV
– If they find anything that doesn’t perfectly match that they toss it aside
– They are looking for gems and the PERFECT deal and anything outside of that they will throw aside

They bring nothing special to the table so they are looking for the same thing as everybody else.

– The better you are at creating deals the less you need to make money
– You need to develop an arsenal of “Secret Weapons”
– This will allow you to do what Azam always:

“Don’t be somebody who looks for the extraordinary, be somebody who looks at the ordinary finds the extraordinary.” 

– Azam Meo

In other words don’t waste time trying to find boomerangs, learn how to make boomerangs from sticks.

I’ve spoken with almost all of you that are watching this:

– This channel was first made for people that I personally spoke with, not is is growing
– Almost everybody I meet has more experience than me, you probably have done more deals than me, have more funding than me and have been in real estate a lot longer than me
– The biggest reason why so many of you struggle is because you are looking for boomerangs instead of learning how to make boomerangs from regular sticks

The best business minds, thought leaders and Ultra High Achievers have this in common.

– They CREATE the extraordinary from seemingly ordinary
– Steve Jobs didn’t “find” the iPhone, he created
– Roy Disney was once asked if he was sad that his brother never say Epcot Center and the full Disney park he said something like “No because my brother did see when this was all swampland, and the only reason you and I see it today is because he saw it.”  Walt Disney looked at swampland and say Disney Land.

“The ultimate resource is resourcefulness.”  – Sun Tzu

– It is NOT about finding/having the most money or funding or “motivated sellers”
– Finding motivated sellers is not nearly as profitable as the skill of getting sellers (and others) motivated to work with you
– Others will see a pile of sticks but YOU see a pile of boomerangs, the difference?  How well trained you get

A bird dog of mine found a “dead deal” that was on the market for 14 months

– The seller had talked to about 20 investors and realtors
– There was “no deal” because the seller needed the money to pay off farm equipment so his price was solid
– I asked my bird dog to go through his list of “dead/no deals” and he mentioned this one to me
– I asked him how much the seller owed on the farm equipment, and what the payment was
– Then I talked to the seller and agreed to make his payment ($310/month) until it was paid off or sold, now he didn’t need the money and it became a deal

We moved the deal (and assigned the payments) in less than a week and made $6,000 each

– Not a fortune but that’s not the point, this WAS a deal
– I asked the seller how many people asked him why he wanted the money, he said at most two people, out of 20.  NONE of them asked about how much or the payment
– The sellers will not say “I have a zero down deal if you will just ask me the RIGHT question and take over my debt payment on this farm equipment.” 
– Why won’t they say that?  Because the best boomerangs are in disguise as sticks

Killer deals are everywhere, you just have to get better at CREATING them.

Thanks everybody!  = )

~ Indy Anna

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