Real Estate Investors: How to start a drone photography business that makes you an extra $5,000 – $10,000 a month by using your current footage?

Nearly everybody in real estate is using drone photographer in their marketing but few people understand how profitable it can be when done correctly.  According to Goldman Sachs market research the drone technology sector will by 20-30x in the next five years alone, topping over $100 billion.  If you’ve ever wanted to get into a high growth industry at the ground floor then drones present a unique opportunity, especially since you are probably already involved with them.  Today we’ll cover exactly how our team are building passive income machines with drone photography and any real estate investor can do the same thing.

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We are creating the world’s clearest instructions to empower any human being on the planet can start from zero and create a passive income of at least $30,000 a month.

Our mission is to make lifelong friends helping folks around the world create generational wealth with Indiana real estate and business building.

Now for today’s class on making 10 grand a month passive income with drone photography…

52 Passive Income Real Estate Tips #4:
Real Estate Investors: How to Make $5,000 – $10,000/Month in Passive Income With Drone Photography

Azam explains how to build a side hustle income of $10,000+/month with drone tech.

– How any real estate investor can build 5-10k/mo easy in passive income
– The CRAZY opportunities with Drone Tech and why it won’t last long
– How to get started right now, no loans and zero down

You can download the full Guide in a .pdf form HERE.

One Sentence Summary:
You will take the media that you and others create and use to market houses and you sell it, this includes drone photography, pictures and videos.

Today’s Three Main Ways To Make Money With Drones
1.) Drone Operator
2.) Drone Photography
3.) Other Various Drone Uses

But WHY Mess With Drones Right Now?
(Why I changed my mind about this)

52 Passive Income Tips for Real Estate Investors and Business Builders
Tip 1: How to take a business from 0 – $100M+
Tip 2: The “Eggciting $10M Letter” with instructions
Tip 3: How to make 30k/month for the next three years from ONE buyer

You Need to Become a DIGITAL LANDLORD – The Future of EQUITY CREATION is… DIGITAL:
Digital money and equity is the next (and current) gold rush
Being a “Digital Landlord” means having digital PROPERTIES
These properties are assets like sites, images, video… and drone footage
You want to own MORE of the internet/digital world, then focus on HVT and equity

The Magic Formula for Digital Properties:
– Create HIGH demand content or properties/assets
– Have them all created at zero cost and with regularity
– Continue to upload them and let your holdings accumulate and compound

What you are about to learn:
– Why drone photography (and why drones generally)
– How to get loads of drone footage, without paying for it
– How to sell all your drone footage quickly and repeatedly
– How to hire and build your team so this runs fully without you
– The best order of operations to structure this for passive income AND equity

Why mess with DRONES right now?
(This is what changed my mind and why this is so profitable)
– There is a MASSIVE opportunity gap right now
– You can cheaply and easily get started and scale
– Once you move on from photography to OTHER uses

The Table of Contents for Today:
– How to COLLECT high quality footage
– How to SELL all of your footage with residuals
– How to get involved with other high growth Drone Tech
– How to create long term equity and passive income from this
– How to do ALL of this without every operating a drone yourself

Quick Reminder About Our MAIN Goal Here:
(Never lose sight of this)

They Payment Pie – These are the only three ways that you’ll ever get paid:

1.) What you DO. (Paycheck/Job)

2.) What you DID. (Residuals/Royalties)

3.) What you OWN. (Equity and Dividends)

How do people usually get paid?

For MOST People = What you DO

For Wealthy People = What you OWN

Remember this Formula: Passive Income = Equity x Production

(Check out the class and see the Passive Income Pyramid)

How to Get and Collect Good Footage
– Either you order it or use somebody else’s
– Nine ways to get footage with zero out of pocket
– Nine of the MOST popular shots and instructions for photographer

Nine Ways to Get Footage Without PAYING anything out of pocket:
– Go through previous footage of brokers
– Take current footage of any agent/broker
– Work with other Providers with ads; law, travel, cars, etc.
– Do a GXM and be the assistant to a broker/photographers
– Help local photographer to market their current footage better
– Develop footage specifically for a broker and then split licensing
– They pay and you allow other broker/investors to use your footage
– Contact current creators on sites and partner with them to do marketing
– Trade lead generation like signs or referrals and you get exclusive rights

Nine Most Popular Types of Footage
(Photographer Instructions):
– Luxury houses
– Sunsets/Sunrise
– Local Famous Landmarks
– Unknown/Unusual locations
– City skyscrapers and buildings
– Traffic time lapse at sunrise/sunset
– Storms and before and after dark clouds
– Workouts like running or climbing mountains
– Any “Epic” drone footage (clouds, storms, land stretch, etc.)

You can download the full Guide in a .pdf form HERE.

How to SELL Your Footage
– Get on the SITES and build 77 relationships
– Go through Nobody Mountain steps
– Attract and Ascend

Go through my post on vacant land:
– You’ll see all kinds of sites that we use to buy/sell footage
– Research to see how in demand your area/houses is right now
– Shoot to suit: Take what is already popular and see how you can do that

You can go through that brilliant post on vacant land here.

Nobody Mountain Ingredients:
– Have and Generate LEADS that nobody else has
– Have and Generate RELATIONSHIPS that nobody else has
– Have and Generate CHECKLISTS and Practices that nobody else has

Get on The Sites and Execute NMM:
– First BUY and offer to help
– Send samples and ask for feeedback, offer to give away
– Repeat WEEKLY with TARGETS and other Centers of Influence

How to get involved with other high growth Drone tech?
– First do a GXM (Viral Volunteerism) in other arenas
– After iterations you’ll have idea of growth opportunity and enthusiasm
– If you follow the steps we outline they will be chasing YOU as you screen 77s

Seven Other Profitable, High Growth Drone Tech Uses
Disaster Relief: Helped with search and rescue and medical supplies
Precision Spraying – disinfectant, agriculture, etc.
Surveillance and Security Monitoring contracts
Real estate and damage Inspections
Wedding Photography
Drone Deliveries
Survey Reports

How to create long term equity and passive income from this:
– Realize that nearly ALL current drone stuff will be gone soon
– You should invest in companies/arenas that are MUCH larger and more firm
– If nothing else you CAN do the real estate, just remember the EQUITY is the goal

How to Create Passive Income and Equity
– Keep residuals (shaky and no equity)
– Pay off your rentals and keep collecting footage
– Take the Money and Start OTHER Drone Long-Term Plays

How to do ALL of this with ever operating a drone?
1.) First use your OWN houses and get footage
2.) Train photographer and get regular content
3.) Also do a GXM with local investors, agents, lenders, etc.
4.) Build your TEAM and 77s and sources of more footage to use
5.) Build relationships on the sites and offer help to build momentum
6.) With regular footage and relationships, improve footage and custom shoots
7.) Begin screening other potential drone uses in your area maybe bigger demands
8.) Begin dealing with those other companies (or not) and establish a full equity plan 9.) Repeat steps 1-6 and then 7-8 and if you don’t fall in love just use residuals for GRS

Digital Property Manager and Lead Nurturer:
– Build relations with top creators and do GXMs
– List the highest search and most demanded footage
– Communicate to the Photography team the new “Targets”
– Upload, tag, name new assets and get feedback and spread LOVE
– Focus on HIGH quality assets with HIGH demand with HIGH value targets

Intro Email:

Hi John,

Just bought your footage of the dome, it is beautiful and I really appreciate the work that you put into it. I’m in real estate in the US Midwest so I see all four seasons, rain, snow, leaves changing and I have drones in suburbs, cities and farm areas. I’m also around the Indy 500 race track, rare farm areas and one of the flattest topography areas in the world.

Do you have any use for any of that? I would love to help.

If you let me know what to keep an eye out for I can shoot something for you and send it over, no charge or watermarks or anything I would just love to help if I can. I’m also not at your level yet so if you think I’m missing something please let me know lol.

You’re extremely talented – Thanks for sharing! = )

Nurture Emails/DMs:

Hey Guys,

Here’s some new footage based on the feedback you guys gave me I used the flare more, sunset times and better focal length for flat or shadowed images. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the feedback and I really am super excited to see what the buyers say.

I’ll post their comments and feedback here as well so you can see how well your brilliance paid off for me blatantly stealing it lol. Thanks! = )

NEXT Message in Series:

Hi John,

I noticed your new footage and from talking with Mike and Roger they suggest color grading might help it sell better, I’m attaching an example just to see what you think. Thoughts? Thanks! = )

A Few Final Notes:

Just some stuff to think about when you wonder if you should execute on this and/or other Models… or wait it out because of your area, it is too difficult, you don’t have time/capability, etc. 

“Hesitation is the Abortion of Potential.”
– Azam Meo

“Think about the eye of a hurricane, or the calm still center in the middle of a cyclone. No matter how intense the storm or what’s swept up in its gale-force winds, that calm, blue center is always there. This is the metaphor I like to use when talking about the space between stimulus and response. We all have this quiet center within us. Mindfulness reconnects us to this center space, where we fully experience the present moment and have access to the transcendent wisdom that’s often associated with conscious flow. In his book Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl famously described it this way: ‘Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.’”
– George Mumford
Kobe and Jordan’s mental coach

“Retire into yourself as much as possible. Associate with people who are likely to improve you. Welcome those whom you are capable of improving. The process is a mutual one. People learn as they teach.”
– Seneca 
More brilliance from Seneca here

You should know all of this now:
– How to COLLECT high quality footage
– Nine ways to get footage without paying for it
– How to SELL all of your footage with residuals
– How to get involved with other high growth Drone Tech
– Nine ways of finding the most profitable footage to create
– Seven OTHER profitable drone businesses to start zero down
– How to create long term equity and passive income from this
– How to do ALL of this without every operating a drone yourself
– Creating passive income and have the business run without you

You can download the full Guide in a .pdf form HERE.

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Free Comic Book Reveals:

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