How to retire in the next year with 30k/month by buying and selling small businesses no money down.

Retiring early is a skill and in this class I’ll show exactly how to retire at light speed by buying and selling local small businesses, all with no money and no loans.

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Retire at 30k a month
Intro to Retire Early 30k
Retire Early with 30k Monthly Second Intro
Retire Early 30k Monthly Third Intro
How anybody can create equity for 30k a month
To make money you need to make things more valuable
What has Covid taught us about money concentration
Examples of the Control Economy
Rockefeller quote - Ownership is nothing,Control is everything
Explain the Three Money Buckets
Production and ROI on business versus real estate equity
How to create equity and convert it
Five steps to get all the equity that you need
Email example of converting income to equity by trading houses
Explain Terman IQ Study and why intelligence won't matter
How to create liquid and productive equity
Summary on how to retire early with 30k a month
Quote on building your empire before somebody hires you to build theirs

How to retire in the next year with 30k/month by buying and selling small businesses no money down, no loans without leaving your house.

You can watch the class above and follow along by downloading the guide for (for FREE) HERE.

How to Retire (Early) With 30 Grand a Month. Guide to retiring:
How to start from zero and “retire” at lights speed with a steady income of $30,000+ a month coming in every month.

There has never been a time where Asset Accumulation is easier (or more profitable) than right now,
here’s what you can do about it…

How anybody starting from ZERO and “retire” at warp speed with a monthly of income of $10,000 – $30,000 a month.
– FDR created a safety net after research and depression
– You gather a bunch of money over time, invest it
– Still over 90% fail to have enough and/or ROI
– Conclusion: Social Mobility is DEAD
– Yet, that is what you must do

Forever Fund
– Accumulation of money/assets that makes you 30k/mo
– @5% you need 2M – 6M to make 100-300k/year
– Now the question is how to make $6M?

These are the three takeaways here with MONEY:
– First you have the AMOUNT/EQUITY
– Second you have the INVESTMENT (where it is)
– Third is the ROI or the Production of what it is making

The best way to make is to… MAKE money.
– The reason people struggle is because they just don’t
own/control enough stuff
– Any time you increase the INCOME of an asset you
increase the VALUE
– Value = Equity = Own/Control

So what has Covid-19 taught us?
There are two Americas…
Amazon- profits up 100%
Walmart – profit up 80%
Target – Profit up 80%
Lowe’s – Profit up 74%
MSFT, FB, Apple, Google – all record highs

Small business: 31% closed and revenue 50% down
Massive wealth transfer from small to conglomerates.

The CONTROL Economy.
Uber is the biggest taxi cab company in the world, and they own ZERO cabs…
AirBNB is the largest hotel company in the world, and they own ZERO hotels or rooms…
The largest apps and software vendors in the world, don’t create any apps – google and Apple…
One of the largest shipping companies in the world is Amazon they own ZERO trucks or planes…
The largest media company and media owner in the world is facebook, they create ZERO content…
The largest telecom companies in the world are skype and zoom – they own ZERO phone/internet lines…
The largest movie house in the world – Netflix – owns ZERO theaters or even screens YOU provide the screen…
Apple is the largest cell phone company in the world and they have ZERO broadband and cell bandwidth of their own…
Google/Alphabet – sometimes the most valuable company in the world, 1T business and they don’t make anything – they don’t sell anything…

“Ownership is nothing, CONTROL is everything.”
– John Rockefeller
(who stole it from Azam Meo)

It has NEVER been easier or more profitable to control assets than right now.
Historical: want to have a thriving dermatology business with no physical location?
To create income and equity isn’t just helping a business it can BE the entire business.

Retire With 30k/month?

One sentence: you build and then use your business building skill as leverage to fill all Three Money Buckets.
– You have to master growing business
– Get the real estate stuff as your punching bag
– Get income up and get out of ALL debt including your house

Three Money Buckets
– Money Now (Transactions)
– Money Over Time (Residuals, Royalties, Dividends)
– Money Later (Equity and/or some liquidation of that equity)

Money Now:
– Get it to 10-30k/mo
– Get out of ALL debt including house
– Then establish FLOOR INCOME for the LONG term

Foundation —> Fence —> Fortress

Money Over Time:
– This starts with the FLOOR and only moves up
– Now we create Income Immunity and multiple oil wells
– At the end of this stage you don’t want money now turn it OFF, you want residuals and/or equity

Money Bucket Three – EQUITY:
– You always focus on two things: Liquidity and Productivity
– Liquid: how easily and quickly can it be converted to cash?
– Productive: how much ROI is it producing by itself?

What about real estate equity and productivity?
– 1% houses are rare at 150k+
– With debt service wealth accumulation unrelated income
– Over time a higher net (10-12%) but takes cost absorption

A local business may not be very liquid OR productive, to fix this we can build to suit and CONVERT our equity.

To convert equity we have many choices:
– We can use it as a down payment to acquire zero down
– We can assign to a group that wants to acquire for a set amount, we can assign just like a lease option or offer
– We can use it as a means to get shares in the bigger, acquiring company

What about CREATING equity and then converting it?
– 20k/mo from the L/A Model is worth…?
– You can attach to a business and get part of the growth
– You can trade it for more liquid assets or create more productive equity at will as leverage
– You can also write an offer/option on a business, increase value and/or assign it fast
– In that case the option itself also has an equity value and be used and leveraged

Five Steps to Get This Going Right now:
– Use Models to get 10-30k, out of debt, FLOOR
– Once you don’t want money/income fill in Bucket Two
– Next HUNT for EQUITY plays and highly Liquid/Productive
– Equity Risks: Stable… I don’t know about this… bruh you nuckin futs?
– Dissect L/P of companies and look for industries and companies with BUYERS (local, global and in between)

Billionaire Thinking: think of the future of X (UHA), what sectors/industries are evolving and NOT involving and what impact do you really want to have?

Converting INCOME to EQUITY:

Hi there,
I have a successful mortgage business that produces over 50k/mo, I was thinking about trading my business for your house.

If that is something that you think might work for you please let me know and we can talk about it.

Thanks so much! = ) 

What is the Difference?
Lewis Terman study about IQ tells us everything we need to know.
Nothing will determine how far you go more than where you started.
ALL of our stuff is about Bridging this gap you MUST understand significance.

To Create Liquidity:
– Be the buyer (leverage)
– Create the Buyer (merger, assigns, Execs)
– Find the Buyer (local, international then in between)

Create Production:
– Use “Preferred” Shares
– Segment company (Model, growth, etc.)
– Combine and/or Trade for preferred position
– Finance a sale or a transaction in whole/part
– Allow main company to buy back their shares

Business Growth:
– More Transactions
– More Profit Per Transaction
– Different Transactions

So in Summary:
– You need to own/control more sh**.
– To make 100-300k you need 2-6M at 5%
– To get that $6M start with Money Bucket ONE then…
– You want EQUITY – own/control assets and CREATE income/value at will and on demand
– Focus on the first risk group so that once established your PASSION leads
– The HIGHEST equity is RELATIONSHIP EQUITY, focus on the Fanbase Formula
– Empire Mission: See the opportunities, Build Your Ladder and Help others with their ladder

Everybody is building a dream, if you don’t build yours somebody’ll hire you to build theirs.

You can watch the class above and follow along by downloading the guide for (for FREE) HERE.

This is a great class about building enough passive income AND equity to retire in the next 12 months.  The strategies that Azam will cover here are revolutionary and unheard of, these are some of the Models they developed and invented and I’ve been able to (helpfully) improve upon.

This is really great stuff and I hope enjoy it. Investor Guide to…

Retiring in the next year with over 30k/month by buying and selling small businesses with no money, no loans and without leaving your house.

You can watch the class above and follow along by downloading the guide for (for FREE) HERE.

I’ve watched this myself a few times and have gotten so much out of it.

Again, you can download the guide HERE.

The material in this class really helped me and I helped to put some of it together and many of Heroes are having great results by focusing on this particular skill acquisition.  Please let me know how it helps you and how else we can help you impact more.

If I can help with anything else please let me know.

Thanks so much!  = )

~ Indy Anna
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