How to rent successful marketing campaigns from one realtor to another for $10,000 a month.

…and how to deal with your haters better.

I get a lot of questions about how to deal with people that may not be your biggest fans.  Many people think that being confrontational or loud is “tough”, so to prove how brave they are they will confront issues with an unproductive approach.

If you understand today’s lesson below then you will have a much better understanding of what it takes to gain compliance from detractors and potential detractors – you should enjoy the process because the harder it is for people to avoid compliance with you – the better you are doing.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ll go over –

===> Instead of (BLANK) the voices of dissent, you should (BLANK) them, and you’ll see why this get people eating out of the palm your hand before you ever talk to them

===> A shocking secret under New York City that was once believed to be placed there by aliens, and why the reason for it’s secrecy is as surprising as the subway itself and you can use the lesson in your business today.

===> How a lonely agent spent months with no income increases but then after he learned this lesson he was able to more than double his income and add over $2,500 a week without look at a single house, talking to a buyer or listing a single extra house, you’ll see how used today’s lesson, exactly what he did and how you can do the same thing…

Azam Meo and Indy Anna here with today’s WBE lesson:

Destroy Enemies With Friendship.

A chinese emperor once he called his rivals his fellow friends, a general in his army said:

“Why do you call them our friends, they are enemies and we should destroy them.”

The emperor replied:

“When I turn an enemy into a friend have I not destroyed an enemy?”

… Wow…

The single most effective way to destroy an enemy is to turn them into a friend.  Do not pick or invite unnecessary battles, even if they seem, or actually are, easily winnable as the frequency and compounding friction can be devastating.

Given how avoidable these costs are continuing needless combat is a form of self sabotage.

Do not let your ego get in the way of progress.  Non supporters can quickly become enthusiastic supporters when your agenda includes advancement of theirs.  Do not silence critics, help them amplify a different message. 

Here are two examples, first a NOT IDEAL example: 

Azam quote on need to understand an enemy to destroy them

In New York City, around 1910, the subway was just coming around…

Construction workers were digging to build it.  At about 20 feet below street level the workers found something shocking.  Something so amazing, astonishing and unbelievable that there were some people who thought…

That it was put there by aliens.

It was thought by many that this thing was put there by some supernatural force

… yeah, so it was weird…

… even for New York

Which makes you wonder…

What the hell did they find?

When the workers were to build a subway, what they found was… yeah… it…

Was a subway.

Yes, an already existing subway that almost nobody seemed to know anything about.  And it wasn’t just any subway but they could tell that at one time this was a really nice subway.  Although it was old and abandoned long ago they could tell that at one time this subway was really nice.

In it’s day this subway had a beautiful waiting room, a grandfather clock, pretty chandeliers, a fancy piano it even had a fountain that used to be stocked with real life fish.  It was so nice that the New York Herald printed stories about it and the New York Times called it:

“The most novel, if not the most successful, enterprise that New York has seen for many a day.”

BUT WAIT A SECOND, how could that be?

How could a subway have been built, and even run, this thing actually ran successfully – so how could this have been built and run?  On top of that it was built with such impressive craftsmanship and had gotten so much attention not just from passengers but even MEDIA.

Hundreds of thousands of people paid to see and ride it.

All this attention – this thing was actually famous…

So given all that how is it that decades later it was buried and forgotten

… and nobody knew anything about it?

That’s a good question…

So here’s the story behind the secret subway…

It started with Alfred Ely Beach, he was a real genius.  It is important to remember his brilliance while we talk about what happened.  Beach really was a genius and that’s an important part of his story when you see how it turned out – that he really was a genius.

What the hecks do I mean by genius?

Here’s what I mean…

Beach designed the main parts the typewriter that are still used today, he started one of the nation’s first schools for freed slaves – The Beach Institute today has been deemed a socially and historically significant museum site – he also built one of the most successful and brainy magazines ever…

It is still around today…

It is called The Scientific American.

He also had a business with very famous clients who paid him for his help and guidance, his clients were people like Samuel Morse, Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison.  Those guys paid Beach to learn from him.  Do you get the idea?  This was guy was a genius at THAT level.

This guy was like the Azam Meo of his time.

Picture of subway and question of why nobody ever heard of the first one

Wow, is he REALLY so brilliant that he could be compared to Azam Meo?

That seems like a stretch I know, but…

There’s one other thing that he did…

So Beach saw the traffic congestion in New York and he thought there must be another better for people to travel.  So he came up with an idea of using a giant underground tube, the giant tube would be powered by a giant fan.

When the fan went in one direction it would push the tube and then when the fan went in the opposite direction it would pull the tube back.  This the same way that you would push and pull liquid through a straw.  So that was his idea –

And this was way back in the 1860s…

It was right after the American Civil War era

So just place this way back in that time frame.

Remember when the construction workers were building the subway it was around 1910, right?  But Beach’s idea was way before that in the 1860s… so how can we explain this delay in “discovery”?  Well that’s that’s an interesting plot twist… because as brilliant as the subway was – 

There was a problem – a very big problem.

The problem was a guy named William Boss Tweed.

He was a corrupt politician who basically ran New York City – 

I know, I know, an immoral politician in New York City WHAT!?!?!

Tweed was notoriously corrupt, even for New York.  You may remember his character from the Martin Scorcese movie Gangs of New York, he was a well known figure on the scene.  Tweed was at the top of the chain, he was the big dog, at one time he was the third largest landowner in all of New York City.

Tweed was rich, powerful and politically connected.

He was also neck deep in schemes like bribery, money laundering, rackateering and he was even convicted of stealing over two BILLION dollars in today’s money from taxpayers.  Eventually he would die in jail but before that Tweed was in power during Beach’s time.

So for anything to get done in New York City it needed Tweed’s approval.

… but Beach didn’t want to pay Tweed money, or bribes or give him any credit.

Beach thought of Tweed as a lowlife thug, somebody that Beach didn’t have to get permission or approval from.  Beach thought that his idea was so brilliant that he didn’t need a moron like Tweed anyway.  Beach decided to dig under the city himself and secretly build his own subway…

(we’ve all been there right?)

Beach’s idea was that he would build a subway that was so elegant and so well designed and so effective that everybody would come around and fall in love with the idea. They would love it so much that the city would give him the money that he needed to complete his subways all over the entire city.

Once the public saw Beach’s masterpiece, he was certain that everybody – even William Tweed – would come around.  So Beach spent over $50 million in today’s money and a few months later in February of 1870, yes WAY back in 1870, Beach opened his subway and everything went according to plan.

The public marveled, the media was in love and it ran like a dream.

It seemed like his vision was going to get the approval and attention that he wanted.  There was just one problem… how do you think Tweed reacted to the success of the subway?  Did he admit public defeat and retire to his study to re-examine his flawed thinking?

What do you think happened? 

Picture of Ely Beach and his subway, explaining that he was brilliant but didn't make friends

Here’s another way to think about it…

You already know how the story ends right?  You know that decades later the subway would be found buried and forgotten but now you know how much of a success it was.  So on one hand we have the fact that it was successful, that it was brilliant, beautiful and successful…

People love it it was ahead of it’s time and it actually worked.

Even though nobody thought it was possible, it DID work.  To think that this was almost half a century before the Model-T Ford, it makes all the skepticism understandable.  Regardless, Beach actually got this thing to work.

So all that was on one hand so you have to wonder what was on the other hand…?

What was the counterweight to all of that what was on the other end of the scale that outweighed and nullified all of the positives?  What was it?  What was over there on that end of the scale?  Think about it…

… and what what do you come up with?

You got the answer yet?

Of course you got it, everybody got it…


Tweed hated the subway and he looked at it as a personal insult.  So he did everything in his power to shut it down and cause problems for Beach, and at the end of the day it worked.  Tweed used all his influence, all of his power and connections to muck up the plans.

Tweed made sure that if Beach got the permits he didn’t have the money or if he got the money then he didn’t have permits.  In the end because of the troubles that Tweed caused Beach’s idea was never completed…

It was eventually buried and forgotten.

Tweed’s media contacts helped keep it forgotten and the brilliant Alfred Beach died nearly broke.

Takeaway: There are many lessons to learn from Beach’s subway but what is probably most important is to note is his brilliance.  This guy was a genius and he was RIGHT, his idea worked and executed it with brilliant precision.

Even for a city as cutting edge and advanced as New York, the subway was generations ahead of it’s time.  He was something of a Steve Jobs not just with brilliance but he also had the design sense and work ethic to make it usable and lovable.

But even Alfred Beach type of brilliance was not enough…

Steve Jobs type of brilliance was not enough…

… Azam Meo type of brilliance was not enou-

Well, that probably would’ve been enough…

… but okay fine, let’s pretend like even that would not have been enough.

The problem that Beach had, his fatal oversight was a single friendship that he failed to make and by all accounts William Tweed would have been easy to deal with.  He had settled for just wanting a little credit, a little acknowledgement and, relatively speaking, small money.

But Beach had dug in his heels, and then so did Tweed.

This didn’t just cost Beach, or just the city of New York but it cost the entire subterranean movement decades of lost opportunity.  And it buried the name of the pioneer Alfred Beach.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not blaming or attacking or Beach, I’m a huge fan – I’m just pointing out there were better options.

So that was a not ideal example, let’s move on to a more ideal example.  This doesn’t just come down to compliance but also WHO you choose to target and gain compliance from.  Your skill in this area will determine how far you go in business and life.

We all send ripples, in the end we each end up as one, the impact of yours depends on COMPLIANCE.  

The overall lesson here comes down to COMPLIANCE.

Image explaining that Compliance Gaining is the most important business building skill

The perfectionist professor.

Next is a professor who was a bit of a perfectionist.  He once raised the standards of his class so dramatically that students protested – they actually protested and the protests grew – it became a big problem.  The professor COULD have stuck to his guns and been a pain…

… but instead of being stone walled about it…

The professor worked with each of them very deeply to raise their performance.

This led to more skilled graduates and the once bitter students developed respect for the professor and his methods.  He learned an important lesson from doing this:

That he could change the hearts and minds of his critics by helping them achieve more.

This was going to be an important lesson for him to remember because through his work he discovered a startling and unpopular truth and sharing his findings was going to create enemies.  At the time people thought that germs came from disease…

… but the professor found out that germs did not come from disease but they caused disease.

This idea would change so many long held beliefs that resistance was expected so it wasn’t a surprise that many people among the scientific community rejected the professors idea.  They attacked his credibility, methods and conclusion.

The professor knew that the secret to getting the compliance that he wanted relied on his ability to work with his enemies and not against.  So although he could’ve fought back, or proved them wrong or publically outwitted and humiliated them – if he did that it would only strengthen their resolve.

To deal with his detractors, he went in the opposite direction.

Using the same tact as with his students, the professor went out of his way and regularly gave credit to others and publicly honored his colleagues and predecessors.  Instead of fighting with them he would invite them to contribute and when his idea would prevail…

He would still applaud others for their effort and intellect.

For example, one day his assistant was supposed to inject a group of test chickens for a cholera experiment, but instead the assistant went on vacation like an LC.  When the assistant came back he saw that instead of dying from cholera the chickens were able to fully recover.

This idea was startling:

That a small, manmade exposure to a disease could cause the body to protect itself from the larger, natural exposure.  The professor not only gave his assistant credit for the idea, even though it was caused by his negligence not his competence, but then on top of that he called resulting idea:

A vaccination.

Image explaining how Louis Pasteur helped and gave credit to others

The term “vaccination” was a reference to Edward Jenner.

This honorary nod to the well known scientist name Edward Jenner and it made a big difference.  Jenner is the famous doctor who treated smallpox and is said to have saved more lives than any other single person in history (except for Azam Meo of course) and his work is still widely referenced today.

On the show “The Walking Dead” the character Dr. Edwin Jenner is a reference to Edward Jenner.

Anyway, Jenner was already famous at the time, so famous in fact that many were jealous of the doctor and tried to invalidate his work and steal credit for his ideas.  The professor’s work was advanced enough past Jenner’s work that he didn’t have to give Jenner credit.

This was also a time when scientists were notorious for stealing work and taking credit for the sake of publicity.  So the professor’s choice to do the opposite and credit both his assistant – think of how many people credit to their assistants – but he gave credit to his assistant and then he also…

Gave huge credit to Jenner and even used his name of “vaccination”.

That is a term that we still use today and it was a name the professor knew that would always be associated with Jenner.  To do all of that, especially during this time of scientific credit stealing, made professor’s actions even more significant.  Some would say stupid, be he did it anyway.

That wasn’t all he did to share credit and raise others up.

The professor also made sure that he helped the progress of others by sending targeted portions of his work to targeted people who would benefit most from it.  One such person who benefitted immensely was a surgeon names Sir Joseph Lister.

Lister was fascinated with the professors research on germs and based on that he became a pioneer of sterilizing surgical instruments before surgery (trying saying that ten times).  Lister’s contributions created an immediate drop in surgical fatality rates.

Lister permanently changed the medical world.

He also became so synonymous with cleansing that in the 1870s an antiseptic mouthwash was named after him…


Do you see how much of an impact the professor had?

The difference in the professor’s approach to obstacles is obvious right?  He became the rising tide that raised the ships around him. Instead of attacking others and the work of others he helped to advanced them.  By raising their performance he was able to turn enemies and critics…

… and he even turned POTENTIAL critics into allies proactively.

That’s how he was able to turn all the resistance that his idea was getting into eventual, enthusiastic acceptance.  That acceptance would’ve happened anyway, just like with Beach’s subway, this idea would eventually be accepted because both the professor and Beach were right.

BUT the professor collapsed the timeline and made acceptance happen much faster.

This was a much different approach than our first example.  And it doesn’t take as much effort as you might think.  You will be surprised at how easy it can be to win people over, and the cost of not doing will often outweigh the price your ego may pay for doing it correctly.

Small actions over time accumlate – CONSISTENCY will always beat intensity…

Diagram explaining the different in intensity and consistency and they consistency always wins

Here’s a great example of this in action…

A student worked at a real estate brokerage and although he wasn’t broke, he wasn’t  much better.  I teach something called the Manufactured Franchise Model (MFM) and he used a very, very small part of that Model and  he talked to a very successful million dollar plus producing realtor.

The goal was to find out exactly what the agent was doing and what brilliance that Roger could borrow – with permission.  When this is done correctly, people will openly share their secrets and help you implement them.

So Roger found out that a big secret for the agent was a mailing piece.

To replicate these results Roger started using the same letter AND exact criteria the agent used for the mailing list that he sent the piece to.  That is all that you need to replicate results.  Once you have those two things you can recreate any outcome those two things…

The mailing piece and the mailing list criteria…

Roger had enough to get started, make sense right?  Roger got the mailing piece to send and the instructions on who to send it to.  By the way even though I’m just glossing over this it’s a brilliantly powerful concept and anybody can do and it is a simple way to make a killing, a KILLING.

Roger got what he needed and it was going to be a great success BUT…

He had to get permission from his broker…

… and there was the problem.

Anytime this idea came up, the broker would find flaws in the idea.  The broker always found some excuse to invalidate the idea, things like differences in market demographics, pricing variations, legal issues or some other reason to downplay the potential effectiveness and profitability of Roger’s idea.

At first he was determined to prove his broker wrong, so he would find counter arguments to every point that his broker brought up.  Or he would try to get support of other agents or he’d engage in detailed explanations with his broker and try to explain to the broker why the broker’s conclusions were wrong.

What was he doing?

He was creating a TWEED, right?

Trying to convince the brokerm, was giving his enemy more conviction.

This went for months and then over a year… with no results.

But because he was a good student and he wanted to improve…

He talked to the always brilliant Sunny and he learned from his mistakes.

After that, he appreciated the situation for what it was:

An enemy that needed to be destroyed… with friendship.

After a minor adjustment in his approach he had a five minute game changing conversation with his broker about ideas on how to grow the business.  At the end of that conversation Roger walked out of the office with a plan that the broker was excited about.

A plan that his broker appreciated the brilliance of and a plan that he would go on to REQUIRE that the best agents at the office begin implementing immediately.  This idea the broker had was…

… The same exact idea.

That’s the power of today’s lesson.  You can repeat THE SAME thing but after participation from your target and with them thinking it was (at least in part) their idea, the response is totally different.  This is a great way to bring about MFM deals.

MFM deals are a perfect way to create passive income forever.

Diagram explaining the Manufactured Franchise Model

Creating friendships from enemies helps to do MFM deals.

There are MANY things much more important than money, time affluence, health, meaningful relationships, contribution, impact, etc.  The power of creating a friendship and allowing your brilliance to come through somebody else’s words, so convincingly that they think the brilliance is theirs.

Even if that means they just get to put their name on a winning idea – perception is reality.  If they feel smarter, then they are smarter.  This is a skill that anybody can develop, after a little practice Roger did it in less than five minutes.

Don’t get me wrong this takes practice, the dialog, pacing and tonality is important.

But once you get it then it’ll be easy breezy and it’ll pay you for life.

After Roger had the cooperation and not competition of his broker, some of the best agents at the brokerage paid for the campaigns to be carried out.  Then they paid Roger based on the deals that they closed.

In less than 45 days Roger’s net income was over $2,500/week.

That’s how a real estate agent went from zero to an extra $10,000 a month without talking to a single buyer or seller or even going to a single closing, and it call came from a five minute conversation…

Once he understood how to have it.

Roger has actually doubled those results with the broker’s help.  The broker has become one of his biggest cheerleaders now.  That is what happens when you destroy enemies the right way.  Remember, the best way to have people invested in the execution of an idea…

… is to have them invested in the creation of the idea.

The most permanent way to destroy an enemy is turn them into an ally.

This was echoed from our two examples earlier.

Beach fought his enemy tooth and nail only to have him multiply in strength and numbers and although his brilliant idea of a subway was generations ahead of it’s time his brilliance was buried, literally buried, and forgotten and he died nearly penniless.

The other man, the professor, made sure that he created or aligned himself with the greatest minds of his time.  He knew that the mental acceptance of his groundbreaking ideas would only come from mental investment into them.

Instead of fighting his resistance he used the momentum to shape the energy in a better direction.

Description of how strongest forces are like the strongest people in that they transform energy

Transforming energy is a skill.

The better you get at this, the further you’ll go.  Going through heartbreak, rejection, disappointment, discouragement, failures, setbacks, being broke, handicap, injury, health issues, relationship problems, death of a loved one, etc. 

It is ALL about what you do with that energy.

The professor redirected his haters and helped them amplify better energy…

This is also why he created an institute to gather specialists of all kinds to share brilliance, today there are over 30 of his institutes in more than 25 countries.  Today the professor is legendary, a father of immunology and directly and indirectly responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of millions…

Perhaps billions of people around the world.

Remember how Edward Jenner is considered to be one of the people who saved more lives than anybody else?  Well, the professor might be number two or three, whatever rank, he is up there.  His work is saving lives everyday and he has saved more lives than almost any other human being ever.

His name in America is often associated with milk but his work went way past that his name was…

Professor Louis Pasteur.

That’s the story of how the father of immunology changed the world.

Statistically at least two people in your family would be dead if it wasn’t for his work.

Finally remember this…

Whenever anything stops growing that is the exact moment that it’s starts dying.  If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse. Staying where you are is always easier than getting to where you want be, but if you don’t get where you want to be… then you’re going to belong where you are.

Remember that: If you don’t get where you want to be, you’ll belong where you are.

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Picture of Training

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Make the Universe Smile.

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