How to flip a business and make 250k in 30 days, Covid-19 opportunities like this are everywhere.

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This is a quick video I made about  a Hero’s experiments and a deal I did, many more success stories like this to come…

How to flip a company and make 250k in less than 30 days, why Covid-19 has created opportunities like this for everybody.

Indy Anna Explains…

Want to know how to flip a company in less than 30 days and make a quick 250 grand?
How exactly can you help all the business suffering from Coronavirus right now?
Is buying and selling a business easier than flipping real estate?

So let’s get started!

The current situation with Coronavirus and the Covid-19 pandemic:
– About half of all restaurants in America are going out of business
– Of all small business almost HALF OF THEM are also about to close permanently
– There is no end in sight because right now in America we have an especially toxic brew of corruption and morons
– This will only get worse and right now the small business owners and entrepreneurs in America really need help
– And big businesses are dropping like flies too, companies going under include Pier 1, JcPenny, Gold’s Gym, Nieman Marcus, Hertz, Tuesday Morning, 24 hour Fitness, GNC, Cirque du Soleil, Brooks Brothers, California Pizza Kitchen and many more…

During this SAME time however:
– A badass company like Apple is set to become the first company to ever be worth over $2 TRILLION dollars
– Why? Because they focused on their Fanbase and keeping them happy and having a nurturing relationship as Steve Jobs the entire point of a company is to build a loyal customer base
– By the way right now we are doing models and throwing down all the money made from a few Models all into Apple stock with is about to do a 4:1 split but you have to own the shares by the 24th I think so do your due diligence and if you want in make sure you understand the deadlines, ANYWAY…

Today we’ll talk about one way to help save the world and make a pile of money at the same time, so here is how this works:
– When a business is going under you can work with them and use their CLIENT LIST (remember all a business really is comes down to transactions they conduct with a list of clients)
– You work with another company to monetize that list
– You then help the failing business SELL their “business” (client list) and you split the money with them

Here’s an example, and I had to make this video a few times because the business involved didn’t want me to share some info but this is what I’m allowed to say:
– A furniture store was going out of business, they had several thousand customers in their database, in their “Fanbase” although they didn’t treat and nurture the people too well
– I found a dental group and we created a “Transaction Timeline” that starts with a free tooth cleaning
– A percentage of those free appointments become clients and also get some sort of oral surgery, a client is worth $300-500 or so while a surgery is worth on average $2,500
– So a “free” appointment may be worth $300 for example, this is the number that you want to establish
– We started with a small segment of the furniture’s Fanbase and then we used that to determine how much money it would be worth for the dental group to buy the “company” or the Fanbase

In this case the value and price we agreed to was over $300k
– The dental group wanted to pay over $300k for the furniture Fanbase and for me to work with their staff on how to convert the Fanbase over to the dental group
– I asked the furniture store owner if he needed cash now or wanted to wait, he wanted income so we waited, but if we took cash now the price was $250k so we could’ve made a fast $250k cash and I would’ve split that with the owner 50/50
– Instead we are getting $3,000 – $5,000 a month and up to $10,000 a month based on the transactions we help them do, so there is a base and then a performance bonus that we are getting every month for financing the sale of the business

The furniture store owners were about to lose their house
– This is a great way to help SAVE local small businesses
– This is also a great to way to make fast money and build up companies and make them stronger
– You can put these deals together quickly and easily, this whole deal was done in less than 30 days and it was entirely over the phone I’ve never stepped inside or met with any of these people

I trained a group of teachers and instructors just like me to do this, it was over Zoom and there about 150 people who attended
– I wanted to help them out because I know they are hurting as so many people are, it is true the rich are getting richer and nearly everybody else is suffering right now because of Covid-19
– I put a link to the instructions and transcript and it was sent to all of the 150+ attendees, and for fun I tracked to see how many people would click through to page two (this was Azam’s idea lol)
– Of the 250 people who know how many people read through to the second page? Four. That’s it, out of 150 people only four could be bothered to learn how to make 250k in less than a month without leaving your house… the LCs make it too easy for the rest of us LOL

Take this time to re-evaluate who you listen to, right now is a special time like no other in history
– This is the time that truly skilled business builders can make fortunes overnight, I just did a 250k deal making a few phone calls in between cooking, grocery shopping and working full time… while wearing a mask lol
– Anybody who thinks these are “tough times” is not somebody you should be listening to, many of you asked me interview youtube people and I have 10 or more interviews and they all have many more views/subs than I do but they are all struggling so I don’t feel comfortable promoting them
– This is why finding the right mentor and trainer is so important, I know what it is like to think you’re nothing or never going to make your dreams happen but I was smart enough to be GRATEFUL when I got the chance to live my destiny. Go to and create Social Mobility, you will never get a chance like this in your life again.

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