How much do hard money loans cost and how can I calculate my payments? Indy real estate examples.

Whether or not you get a hard money loan or not, you should know the costs of using hard money and how it compares to your other options.  In this class I’ll go over a real-life example deals but to start here’s what I’ve been learning about HML.

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This is a quick video I made about  a Hero’s experiment…

How much do hard money loans cost and how can I calculate my payments? Indy real estate examples.

Indy Anna Explains…
– My little experiment with the financing and HML/PML loans and how you’ll see the naked truth about funding and financing deals.
– How much does hard money really cost and how can to calculate how much money ou need and what your monthly payment will be on the hard money.
– Also more on our 20k-30k Indy flips and a few updates and how to get involved.

So I’m learning about hard money loans.
– I’ve never done a deal like this where it was just me, ironic since I’ve actually been a HML but there have always been others involved so this time I wanted to learn it from the ground up.
– To buy with hard money is almost like buying on a credit card (which we did lol, check out our class on that) and it is new to me so I invite you to correct me if I get something wrong.
– First we’ll talk about the requirements, costs and then the monthly payment.

The hard money loan requirements:
– Often they want to see money down, usually about 20%.
– Then the rehab will be split into categories and you will be given a draw but the first draw you come out of pocket for.
– So if the first draw is $5,000 – $10,000 for example (common) then you need the down payment AND this amount, in the examples we have not this is close to $25,000 – $35,000 of immediate cash needed.

Now the monthly payment, this is how two of my HML calculate it:
– Let’s say it is $90,000 at 13% = $11,700
– 11,700 / 12 = $975 a month (interest only)
– Then you pay $150 per inspection for the draws so that could be $450
– Then with 1-2 points that means you are paying at least $975 a month and over the course of 3 months your total costs are easily $4,000 – $5,000.  So you can easily be paying $300 – $400 a week as soon as you close so you MUST have a team that can move fast because time is not on your side.
– That is on TOP of having 25k-35k up front.

This can still make sense if you are making a good spread, it is just important that you know how expensive this money is.
– As part of my experiment I’m helping many of you do these 20-30k Indy Flips but I’m also doing them myself.
– I’m using all the main methods of buying to compare the profit: cash, partner, private money, hard money and wholesaling.
– This way you guys will see exactly how much money is made (these are all similar deals) and what routes to money make the most sense.

I’m doing this because you asked for it and I haven’t seen a breakdown like this, you’ll see exactly how good/bad these deals turn out based on the financing and then you can judge for yourself the best way to acquire.

Also remember “The Rolodex Model” you can see it at:

– As you’ll see we’ve been doing entire Models and buying bulks of houses just by using the resources and contacts on that page.
– I think there are about a dozen or so new real estate investors who did their first deal by using that page as a Self Serve.
– So remember even if you aren’t financially in a place to be an investor just yet, you can start from zero and do deals just by helping the Homeys on that page so feel free to use it anyway you like.

Okay so stay tuned and you’ll see even more great progress as build the Indy Anna REIA even more and please remember I’m learning too so if there’s something that you notice I’m missing please let me know.
– I’m only going through the whole process of different financing because you asked about it and so that I can help you see the whole picture.
– This is much more work than necessary but if it helps you then it is worth it.
– To be an investor you can email or text me: Love (at) 317-969-5619.

Also remember to…

Make the Universe Smile.

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100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

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