How I’m making $10,000 a month from an email list of 100 people, any real estate investor can do it.

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This is a quick video I made about  a Hero’s experiment…

How I’m making $10,000 a month from an email list of 100 people, any real estate investor can do it.


Indy Anna Explains…
– The number one asset that any real estate investor will ever get, build or acquire.
– The fastest, easiest, cheapest and best way to build your email list.
– How you can easily make $10,000 a month with just 100 people.

So what’s the biggest asset a real estate investor will ever have?  Your Fanbase.
– You want to have a group of people that know, like and trust you. This is your audience, your people your vibe will attract your tribe. You want to build your “Fanbase”.
– This is NOT just a list of emails, you want to have their phone numbers, addresses, etc. Then you want to keep in regular contact with them.
– I have taught this to over 100 people in the last two years and I’ve seen others on the team teach this to many investors and well… and almost nobody does it.
– Some people start this out but they quickly get distracted and let this go away.
– Many investors still make money and that’s great, but it is only a fraction of what they could be making if they did this right.

Fanbase Formula in three simple steps:
1.) Make friends.
2.) Keep in touch with your friends.
3.) Find cool ways to help your friends.

Whether you want to wholesale deals, do lease options, get motivated sellers, do commercial deals or ANY other type of real estate deals you can do and apply this:
– Go to our Epic page on 100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers because I go over the exact dialog and emails that I use.
– The main thing is that you understand the blueprint and that you will be keeping in touch with these people (pretty much) forever.
– If you don’t have an audience or a Fanbase you will always have to start over with every business. There is NO property that will be as valuable, have as much equity or that will appreciate more than your Fanbase.

Here’s a simple way to build your Fanbase:
– From now on with every conversation you want to grade them on a scale of 1-10.
– First you want to determine how much you like them, you want “7” or higher, then the second number is how well they will treat your people and how much money you’ll make again you want to have a “7” or higher.
– So you want to build Fanbase with 77s or higher. These are people you make friends with, stay in touch with and help.

You do this by having “A Beautiful Conversation”
– This is an emotionally charged conversation that is focused on changing and improving your target’s life.
– You ever have a conversation that makes you feel better about humanity? That is the exact type of Dialog you want to have, remember the most attractive thing in the world is OPTIMISM. Make people feel better their capacity to achieve in life.
– We spend several hours of training going over the exact content, tone and cadence on this so I don’t have time to get into this totally right now but we are using the skill of having “A Beautiful Conversation” to change lives and slowly the world.

So that’s a 77 somebody also asked “What’s a Nobody Mountain”
– We used to talk to realtors and other people in business and we would find out what they were doing to get leads and convert them.
– We would list all the things they do to generate referrals, leads, more business and so on. We would add up all their activity and call it a “Bob Mountain” or “Sarah Mountain” and it represented the 2-3 or 5 things that they did.
– One of our Heroes was learning about Azam’s “Create the Standard” training and he said “We need to build a Nobody Mountain” and it stuck.
– This means that you need to build so many Compliance Assets, Training, Checklists, “Sunshine Policies”, lead generating methods, courtesy call scripts, etc. that your “Mountain” is so much higher than anybody else’s that nobody would ever think about competing with you. You show up like nobody else.
– This channel is a good example, when I talk to anybody in the Midwest and then they start to see how many videos I’ve made, the posts at, the book, our PSN Heroes, and the list goes on… they are blown away and it puts me in a category that nobody else is possibly going to compete with us on. This is much easier to do than most people think.

How many “77s” do you need to make $10,000 a month?
– Azam says that we should say “100” but to be honest you’ll get there with way less than that, if you don’t quit like an LC lol.
– We do a lot of experiments and I think you can probably do it with just 5-10, but I’m not sure.
– I can say for sure that nobody has needed more than 50.

A recent Hero did this experiment to test the number of 77s are needed to make $10,000 a month wholesaling real estate:
1.) Interview three agents, lenders and/or investors a day, one of each to start.
2.) At first you won’t have many 77s because you don’t know what you’re doing, neither did our Hero so it took 3-4 days before getting a solid one 77 each day.
3.) Once you finish a conversation send them a video recapping their “Three Big Whys”, that you think they are 77 and the exact way you are going to try to help them.
4.) In this case the Hero helped a realtor and an investor market their deals and screen the cash buyers. This is called the Domino because now you can screen the new leads and look for 77s there too and they will count towards your 100.
5.) Out of 11 investors who called there were 4 who were solid 77s. (Remember this is people you like AND think you’ll make money helping)
6.) The investor sold the property to another investor but NOW the Hero asks if he can tag along and help with the errands and things like that as well as keeping his new 4 investors in the email chain so they can see exactly how the deal goes from start to finish.
7.) At the same time he helped a realtor get some buyers and another realtor with seller appointments.
8.) The investors were happy to get a behind-the-scenes look at the deal and two wanted to give their money early for the next one.
9.) The Hero helped another investor do a deal and now his Fanbase had over 10 cash buyers.
10.) The Hero moved another deal with an investor and this time actually made money on this third deal (the rest were just GXMs) and he made $2,500 and it took 35 days exactly.
11.) Now from ONE email a week with deals (a Self Serve, meaning the deals and the buyers come from the same group of people) he does 1-3 deals a month. The total number of “77s”? 37.

Our Hero is now making a consistent $10,000 a month with 37 people on his email list.
– It took less than 45 days to set up.
– The single best way to build your email Fanbase is by TALKING to them. How many people who email have you actually spoken with? You open those emails right?)
– This is just from ONE Model of wholesaling there are many others that can now be done with the same people. Next you want to raise the bar for what it takes to be a 77, for me now I make sure we have spoken and done at least three deals together. This will make your Fanbase even better.

Building your Compliance Assets and keeping in good contact will change your Dialog:
– Part of the reason people are so scared of the phone is because of what they think they must accomplish, if you just focus on makin a friend and then letting your Compliance Assets, emails and Nobody Mountain do everything else then the conversations are easy and fun.
– Instead of looking at going up a giant staircase, you just take the first step and with “A Beautiful Conversation” they will devour your emails and now the staircase turns into an escalator of compliance.
– So all you do “cold calling” for is to make a new friend, this is how we get even inexperienced teenagers to perform well above “pros”.

So to summarize recap:
– The single biggest asset for a real estate investor is your Fanbase.
– You want to build your Fanbase with 77s and build your Nobody Mountain so you are the standard that others compare against, show like nobody else and you’ll gain compliance like nobody else.
– I promise you that if you do NOTHING else but have 100 77s you will make $10,000 a month.
– Remember the Fanbase Formula: make friends, keep in touch with your friends and help your friends.
– I also went over the 11 steps one Hero took to make over $10,000 a month with just 37 people on his email Fanbase. When you do deep with your relationships you don’t need to go wide in numbers. Our Hero (and many others) have hit $10,000/mo with 50 or less 77s.

This is not hard to do, make sure you go to and become a monster of creating Social Mobility.

Thanks so much! = )

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100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.