“How I made 70k from a game of Tug of War and I didn’t even play.” Motivated seller leads for FREE.

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This is a quick video I made about  a Hero’s experiment…

“How I made 70k from a game of Tug of War and I didn’t even play.” Motivated seller leads for FREE.

Today Indy Anna Explains…
– How to Tug of War competitions and use them to get free motivated seller leads
– The exact three steps to make sure that you make at least $10,000 – $30,000 from each TOW Battle that you do
– How a Hero just did a TOW and made 70 grand and is taking her family from nearly homeless to the top 1%… just by doing TOWs?

So first of all this doesn’t have to be a “Tug of War” but you want something that can be done really cheap and without much set up or cost.  Here’s the three step process to doing this:
1.)  I often use a “Tug of War” (TOW) battle and I have two well known groups compete for charity.  Examples would be cops versus firefighters, teachers versus students, republicans versus democrats, or one neighborhood against another, etc.  (these should be neighborhoods in your target acquisition area)
2.)  The groups will promote the Event with flyers, social media posts, calling, etc. and people will pay/donate to attend and we give sponsors the chance to pay as well.
3.)  The “back of the flyer” and MAIN sponsor is “Anna Buys Houses” and so promoting the event becomes a lead generator for me.

So that’s it.  You need to have at least two groups to start so look for groups that are (or want to be) known in the community for doing good.  

This is why cops/fire fighters works so well.  Anything that can be positioned as “Cats versus dogs” is good.  So here’s how I find the teams:
1.)  Get your local (VERY local) newspaper online magazine and look for advertisers, also call the local paper and ask them
2.)  Contact your favorite local charities that would host the TOW and ask them for team ideas, who should play against each other?
3.)  Just think about it, I mean seriously this isn’t that hard lol.

Now with your battle teams decided, here’s the five steps I use to screen them:
1.)  I contact the first group (like cops, teachers, a neighborhood/homeowner, etc.) and ask them who they think would be a good, similar fit for them to play against.
2.)  I immediately suggest a TOW but ask them if they have any better/cheaper ideas?
3.)  Find out how many people would be up for it and what dates looked good and what charities they want to help.
4.)  The second to last thing I say that part of the TOW games and getting the trophy is that they will go door to door with flyer to promote the event.  Among other things this helps them get established as helpers in the community.
5.)  I schedule our next call and by then they should have a final roster and we can finalize the date.  During this time, with the TOW, people, dates and door knocking almost confirmed,  I do the exact same thing with the next group.

To promote the TOW, the first three things can work well sometimes but it really comes down to the last two:
1.)  Of course they can all post on social media but that can have very different results.
2.)  They can also tell all of their current members and people about it as well.
3.)  The charity or organization can also help promoting and telling people about it.
4.)  CALLING, to do this we need to have some list within the organization or a related group or previous donors from our previous TOW that we can rely on
5.)  DOOR KNOCKING, this is going to your target areas and hitting every door with a flyer for the TOW on one side and your message (and other sponsors potentially) on the back side.

How profitable can this be?
– Let’s say you get a 3% response rate and you need 10 calls to do a a deal and an average deal makes you $10,000.  These are very conservative numbers.
– With 500 flyers you would get (3% response rate) about 15 calls, 1,000 flyers and you would have 30 calls and you would do three deals and make $10,000 on each or about $30,000.
– Some of these numbers may change but just stay on top of it and adjust as necessary because my Policy Set today is based on these same numbers.

Three steps to make sure that you make $10,000 – $30,000 (or get 1,000 flyers out)
1.)  First, makes sure each Team has least 10-20 people that will help get these flyers out.
2.)  Have your target areas selected and now pick a Saturday and Sunday and 2-3 hours per person per day.  One person should get to 10 doors an hour or 30 in three hours, times two days and that’s 60 houses per person.  With 10 people that is 600 doors, with 20 people that’s 1,200.
3.)  Make sure you have at least one weekend, or two “Knocking Days” because no matter what you at least want to know the results so you can calibrate.  Even if they raise “enough” money from other means MAKE SURE this part of the campaign is done over the course of two days.  This is important because you want to be able to recreate results and have your Policies and Checklist creating predictable results.

7 ways for and your charity groups to make money:
1.)  The money donated from the “outsiders” and people the door knockers visit.
2.)  Money and donations from the current members of the charity who find out about the event when the charity tells them about it.
3.)  Money from the supporters of your Teams (like cops, karate studios, first responders, etc.) who want to participate.
4.)  Sponsors can pay to advertise on the back of the flyer with you.
5.)  Sponsors can also pay to host the event at their place of business (like a car dealer, paintball field, real estate office, etc.) and get free publicity and Goodwill from that.
6.)  Sponsors and other companies can also promote the event to their customers and clients and get more tickets sold and money donated that way.  I started telling my sponsors to do this because it helps them look good to their customers when they promoting local folks and causes.
7.)  We also have a level of sponsorship where all the teams where a company’s shirt.  Sometime that sponsor’s message is “Anna Buys Houses” lol.

Okay so now how can YOU make money:
1.)  By doing deals with the sellers who call, the immediate income from that obviously.
2.)  Remember you will make at least 2-3x as much money with a better follow up so make sure you do that correctly after having “A Beautiful Conversation”
3.)  You can also refer business out to realtors, other investors, etc. and create revenue that way
4.)  By building your Fanbase you can use it as leverage with other companies, transactions and jVs.
5.)  Doing this right allows you to OWN an area and cycle back for more TWO and other community events, so you can recreate wins and build an entire 10-30k/month around this cycle.

One of Heroes just did this in the inner city and she is in the process of making over $70,000 in less than a month.
– It was from using the checklist I went over above for 1,000 doors, but she had more peopel and they went out on three weekends.
– They did this with cops and so it helped the community because for many homeowners and residents it was their first civil conversation with police and it allowed police to show a different more caring side.
– So she did four immediate deals and one that is pending and another possible one too, the most profitable deal was $25,000 and she made about $50,000 from three deals including that one.
– This deal specifically is special to us because her family has been on government support for her entire lifetime and now they finally see a way to end the generational cycle… with a game of Tug-of-War with cops lol.
– That is the amazing thing about these Models, when people are hungry they can make major improvements in their lives and with the people around them so please take the BigReia.com training seriously because you can create social mobility and income ascension if you’re ready to be trained.

So what did you and I go over today:
– First you saw the three step process in making this Model work
– Next I showed you three ways that we find teams and five steps I use to screen them
– Then you saw the five ways to promote your TOW Battle and exactly how profitable these can be
– Then I went over the three steps to make sure that you make at least $10,000 – $30,000 from your TOW Battle, those are the exact Policies we use on our team.
–  After that you saw the SEVEN different ways your charity groups can make money AND five different ways for you to make money from doing this.
– Lastly I went over an inspiring story of how one of Heroes just made $70k from this and is pulling her family out of poverty, brilliant.

Make sure you spend time at BigReia.com and become a masterfully trained Architect of Social Mobility… plus check out our EPIC page on 100 free ways to find motivated sellers, you’ll love it and just like the Tug of War the stuff you’ll learn at BigReia.com is not being taught anywhere else in the world.

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