How to take a company from zero to $100 million, and make $5 million in the process.  52 tips number one.  

This is the first of 52 upcoming tips on passive income, today we will talk about the lesson “Always Get Equity” and how it relates to create a passive $10,000 – $30,000 a month.  You’ll also see how a Hero made over $5 million and how anybody can learn and apply our business building skill for equity that is productive and liquid.

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Now for today’s class on how to make $5 million by taking a business from zero to $100 million…

Always get equity introduction to the 5M student
Singer Sewing machine history
Lesson from Singer Sewing Corporation history
Student makes $5M from Fireball -
Money and Payment Pie
Always get equity using The Equity Equation
Always find the sunrise
Reading and speaking with High Frequency opens doors

52 Real Estate Tips, #1:

Always Get Equity
This is the secret ingredient to
Income Ascension and Social Mobility.

“How I made $5M taking a company from zero to over $100m in sales… DRINKING and WHORING.”
One Year = $10,000+ Passive Income
A lesson every week with specific ACTION STEPS
As always I’d love to hear from you…
Both Passive/Active Investors
Here are THREE Helpful Stories…

The Singer Sewing Machine Company
Isaac Singer was a nut, Edward Clark noticed brilliance and TRADED
The BEST decision Singer made was to work with Clark as he changed everything
Instead of trying to be like Singer (the inventor) it is much more profitable/predictable for Clark

So what did Clark do for Singer?
The Hire/Pay Plan: the first payment plan ever in America
Singer became America’s first multinational company – Paris, Brazil, UK, etc. 1861
Created trade-in program to make competitors products seem trashy and useless LC
Female demonstrators (trained seamstresses) hired to use machines in front windows
Also one of the first companies to do gender-based marketing as powerful woman own clothes

This paragraph changed ALL American advertising:

“Why not rent a sewing machine to the housewife and apply the rental fee to the purchase price of the machine? Her husband cannot accuse her of running him into debt since he is merely hiring or renting the machine and under no obligation to buy.”
(The Hire/Pay Plan – hire purchase plan $5down/3-5month)

For the Trade-Ins:
“These worthless machines now stand directly in the way of the sale of good ones. Their existence causes great pecuniary loss to us… inferior or wholly worthless.”

Second Story:

How to make $5M by growing a business to over $100M
Fireball only popular since 2011
This was from CHECKLISTING (MFM, Policizing, Doublers/Hectuplers)
An easy, duplicatable way to make $5M but it is not very liquid or productive

Third Story:

$20/month turns into 20 grand a month?
Fireball only popular since 2011
This was from CHECKLISTING (MFM, Policizing, Doublers/Hectuplers)
An easy, duplicatable way to make $5M but it is not very liquid or productive

The Payment Pie:
These are the only three ways that you’ll ever get paid:

You get paid from what you do.

You get paid from what you did.

You get paid from what you own.

For MOST People:  They are poor because they get paid from what they do.

For the WEALTHY:  They are wealthy because they get paid from what they OWN.

Passive Income Pyramid:
GXM – Transaction Agreement – Get paid per sale
Residuals – Get paid for previous work/transactions
Royalties – Get paid for NEW business and transactions
License Agreements – Rent Brilliance out for Both Residuals and Royalties
Equity – All three Money Buckets

Equity Equation:
Assets are ONLY as good as their INCOME (Transaction Control)
Control and Benefit of TRANSACTIONS and APPRECIATION
Increase Income = Increase Value = Increase Equity
Asset Control + Liquidity + Productivity = EQUITY
Best leverage for SHARES = Business Building

“Somebody got to explain why I ain’t got sh**.” – Tupac
We know why… they SA Class, The Terman Study, ALL is generational, etc.
The Hustle Train you must focus it on the RIGHT things, Builder skill
Segment yourself as ACTIVE or PASSIVE investor and move right
Two things determine value of EQUITY: Liquid and Productive
The only two ways to EQUITY: Money (Hire) or Skill (Build)
Society designed for “Self-Disenfranchisement” resign AF
Good news: HUNGER is enough to rise and beat odds

Other classes to go through:
The SA Class
The “How to Buy a Business That Makes You $30k/month”
The other classes on the Forever Fund concept and applying it today

Beauty is like opportunity… guard your mind like your body…

“There’s always a sunrise and always a sunset and it’s up to you to choose to be there for it … Put yourself in the way of beauty.”
~ Cheryl Strayed (Wild)

“If someone handed your body over to a passerby, you would be annoyed. Aren’t you ashamed that you hand over your mind to anyone around, for it to be upset and confused if the person insults you?”
– Epictetus

The same happens when somebody learns of IA:
“Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens
to allow in more light.”
~ Vera Nazarian

Action Steps:
Identify your Forever Fund amount and Liquidity/Production
Identify your role as Active or Passive investor
Determine Hire or Build to Equity Equation

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Free Comic Book Reveals:

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