How to get real estate brokers to pay you $10,000 a month for a single letter.

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How to real estate brokers to pay you $10,000 a month for a single letter.

How can I get paid monthly royalty checks?
How can real estate investors create residual income without buying properties?
How are you guys buying dermatologist clinics zero down?

So this is a real simple way to get paid residuals so you do the same work once and get paid every month for it.

You may remember the MFM Model where you get a realtor to pay you 10k/mo by selling/renting them back their own testimonials?  This works like that except it is with the sales presentation.

The model is VERY simple
– Take a presentation of a top producer
– Transcribe it and add pictures, captions, charts, etc. EVERYTHING that is need to to follow along so it is like a “Slideshare” presentation
– Then send it in the mail to the prospects that they don’t close

I know that sounds really too simple and like something they are already doing, but out of 300 realtors and over 50 brokers in the Midwest not a single one of them were doing it.

How I make money:
– I get paid on the transactions that they do from the enhanced “Compliance Curve” item
– I also get a percentage of the sales if multiple realtors are using it
– To work with one broker and get 10k/mo, we sat down and did the math so I know how many presentations and leads are needed every week and every day

Can they do this themselves?  Yes, but they wont’ lol.

Remember the lesson from Netflix and HBO
– Netflix passed HBO in revenue and made over 1B
– They only took home $70M while HBO took home over $500M
– The difference was that Netflix didn’t OWN/CONTROL enough of the assets

You want to HBO-it and control/own these Compliance Assets
– If you work with five realtors you can take the best parts of each presentation
– Now you have your own Frankenstein version that you control 100% and don’t need to pay anybody on
– So I go back to the realtors and let them I test several versions and this is my Heavy Hitter Champion and they can use it for free to start

This is the same thing with dermatology groups
– We grow their business with better compliance from their clients AND from other medical groups to send patients
– So we used the best presentations from the best sales people, we modified and created the best of the best
– Now we can rent it back to the places
– The good money for us has been going to other non-competing dermatology groups and renting to them

“We have worked with practices just like yours and this series of letters, scripts and policies can double your patient base and quadruple your revenue in 90 days flat.”

So that’s it, very simple
– Take the best converting “sales presentation” and transcribe so it can be perfectly delivered
– Now call it something else and NOT a ‘sales presentiation’, instead if is a “Consumer Guide to Picking the Best Realtor” or a “Consumer Awareness Guide about the the Most Dangerous and Fastest Growing Type of Cancer in America” (skin cancer) or a “Free Book”
– Then get a few examples and test them all to find the Heavy Hitter that works best
– Rent it back to the ppl and/or to others
– We are paying off once of our Special Needs HQs with a single campaign, it will pay off a 250k house this year
– We have a few dermatology groups paying us in shares (ownership in the business) and brokers who are doing the same, once you have enough transactions they will want to lock you in and see the other things you come up with

This is easy you guys you can do this, I promise!

Thanks so much!

Make the Universe Smile.

~ Indy Anna

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Free Comic Book Reveals:

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