Azam Meo has the highest definition of success AND the highest success rate with students, so how do we train real estate investors so well?

If you want to learn to do anything then the best path to mastery is to get trained, but not all training is equal you need to train under somebody who has a well established definition of success and a history of achieving that result with students.  Here’s how we do so well with training and creating Heroes.

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Now for today’s class on how we train Heroes so well…

How does Azam Meo have such a high success rate with students?

A really good question came in from the other “Azam” video:

“I cannot thank you enough for all that you are all doing to help people and I’ve been studying the material closely and I can’t wait to apply and consider it an honor to have the opportunity…

At the risk of sound like an LC I have been wondering about a few things and the answers don’t matter because I’m still going to become your student one day!…”

Then he want to ask a few questions, here are some of them that I answered in the video:

Why is your success rate with students so high?
What is the split arrangement with Anna and why her?
Would you consider doing that with another student and how?
You do you know if you’re the seed needing water or just an LC?
When do I know I’m ready for a Volunteer Army Model and have them do it?

Very good stuff and I appreciate it – we all do.

I have obsessed over developing the skill of business building and specifically applying to creating Social Mobility and Income Ascension.

How to get people to overperform and achieve mastery?

Here’s an interesting tidbit from Malcolm Gladwell‘s book David and Goliath about the Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT):

“The CRT is really hard. But here’s the strange thing. Do you know the easiest way to raise people’s scores on the test? Make it just a little bit harder. The psychologists Adam Alter and Daniel Oppenheimer tried this a few years ago with a group of undergraduates at Princeton University. First they gave the CRT the normal way, and the students averaged 1.9 correct answers out of three. That’s pretty good, though it is well short of the 2.18 that MIT students averaged. Then Alter and Oppenheimer printed out the test questions in a font that was really hard to read—a 10 percent gray, 10-point italics Myriad Pro font…

The average score this time around? 2.45. Suddenly, the students were doing much better than their counterparts at MIT. That’s strange, isn’t it? Normally we think that we are better at solving problems when they are presented clearly and simply. But here the opposite happened.”

That’s crazy right?

You would think making something more difficult would it create LESS success but the opposite happened:

By making something gradually more difficult, they improved performance.

The key word there is GRADUALLY. If it is too difficult we quit, too easy and we lose interest. We have to find that Goldilocks level of performance where we are right at the EDGE of our capability but never to far past it. Improving and setting new records everyday – “Addictive Improvement” as we call it, where progress becomes a game.

Lesson: Just making something a little harder actually IMPROVED performance.

We also call that: RAD = Repetition, Accountability and Discipline.

A few other notes about how I work with students so well…

Qualifying Students: I don’t work with many students and the application process at is laid out pretty clear.  I know some people think the idea of “applying” and being qualified is BS and if you just have the money then you’re in and that is…

Wrong… to say the least.

I only do this to find other students like Anna that I can work deeply with and build multiple companies.

Ayuwoki: (“Annie are you okay?“) this is a video game called Escape the Ayuwoki that is far too difficult until you realize the secret that Michael Jackson can HEAR you on your mic.  Once you know that the game is terrifying and fun.  One piece of information is all it takes but also you MUST be at the edge of your skill and difficulty if you are too far past it then fun, improving and effort stops – you want keep GOING.

Passion/Goal: when somebody is truly driven it is obvious, I love this shit and I MUST only work with students who NEVER make this feel like work.  No LCs and I only accept GRATITUDE.  Being trained to be GRATEFUL is a skill and it will help you see the world and America for the gift that it is and you as the Hero.

10 Year Rule: I only work with and talk to people who I see a relationship lasting 10+ years with, I have many students, clients and Heroes who I’ve worked with for longer than that.  I can honestly say that with every single student I’m working with right now, I see us working together on various projects for at LEAST the next 10 years.

Never Agains: I lost “everything” (just money really, so nothing much) and I felt like a broke bit**.  I had this gutting feeling in my belly and I knew that I had to get out of it and if/when I did I would help others who were so far down they said “NEVER AGAIN!” 

Most people feel like that but they don’t have the resources to make it a reality.  I can help with that.  In fact, even if we never work together I’ve gone so far above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that here at just about any human being on the planet has 10x the resources and tools (for FREE) needed to create social mobility today.

GXM: Volunteer for at least an hour a week. It will change your life.  You should be familiar with our amazing stories about this and what building your Volunteer Army and Viral Volunteerism can do for you and your family.  Focus on helping others.

Mohammad Ali said that service to others is the rent we pay for our time on earth.

My definition of success, at least the financial part is making a net income of at least 10-30 grand a month but that’s only part of it – you need to build a business that leaves a legacy, creates an impact and helps generational improvements.

Badass stuff, I love it.

Make the Universe Smile.

Thanks – I love you…


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Thanks so much!  = )

Make the Universe Smile.

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Free Comic Book Reveals:

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