Does this “real estate investing” stuff really work Azam?

(The LC always asks this question)

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So I’ve learned a big secret…

The secret to be badass stuff is…

… to think it is easy.

And addictive helps too, but that all starts with…

Knowing and believing it is even possible let alone possible for you and then even easy to accomplish.  In your mind it has be a walk in the park.  Is that self delusion, lying to yourself or “toxic positivity“?  The real question is about reality right?

Is it REALLY easy, or even possible?

It depends 100% on your thoughts, perspective and level of gratitude.

Basically it is your THOUGHT CONTROL.

And nothing signals bad, LC thoughts like the evil “question”…

“Does that work in my area?”

Other versions:

“That won’t work in my area…?”

“Does that real estate stuff really work for anybody?”

“That stuff doesn’t still work in today’s market does it?”

The answer is ALWAYS NO!

There is a deeper lesson on this and todays’ class is a good lesson for that.

I hope it helps you guys.

Thanks for everything!  = )

~ Indy Anna

Image explaining if this real estate investing stuff really works

Does this “real estate investing” stuff really work?

So there is a question that I have gotten again and again over the years, here’s a recent version:

“I don’t want to sound like an LC, but does this stuff really work?”

This is such an interesting “question”…

I’m going to give you the best answer that I know of but before I do, I want to tell you about a 400 pound man that I met.  Years ago when I was a real estate agent, I quickly learned that there was no big money in the listing of real estate and that it made much more sense to buy and sell the houses.

By the way after that I learned that lesson – that it wasn’t best to be listing real estate and that it was better to buy and sell the houses then it was buying and selling the actual brokerage houses, later I learned it was even better to buy and sell investment companies and then in general…

The BEST place to be is buying and selling companies.

The secret to doing that is learning how to grow companies.

Then not only can you buy and sell businesses but you can CREATE them and then sell them.  Instead of buying and selling you can CREATE and sell or just create and profit.  The point is that before I was lucky to learn the right way to do this…

I used to go out and look at houses.

So one day I got a call from a woman who wanted me to come look at her house.  I pulled up (gangster style) and in the driveway before I even got out of my car I got this really strong smell, it was rancid.  Then, as I started walking up to the house I started to recognize the smell.

It was a smell I used to grow up with when I lived overseas.

I was pretty sure that I knew what the smell was.  As I was walking up the driveway I saw a thick liquid running down the middle and as I got closer I became more and more certain that I was smelling and seeing was in fact…


Sewage has a distinct smell and in poor countries where it’s not treated right it lingers in neighborhoods for miles.  I was surprised that here in America somebody had it running down their driveway like a stream.  That gave me a sense of what to expect when I walked in the actual house.

So I rang the doorbell and the woman answered and then I walked into the house and the layout had the couch on the left and then the dining room along the back wall with kitchen next to it.  The woman was standing across from me as I was right inside the door.

Then in between us on the couch was her husband.

God Bless this guy.

So he was at least 400 pounds and that’s being generous.  He was watching TV and never looked away from screen.  This was the biggest TV that I have ever seen in my life, it was the size of the entire wall.  It was enormous, the size of an SUV and the volume was turned up so blaringly loud that it muted us.

The television was so loud that even though the woman and I were only a few feet from each other we had to yell at each other to speak.

“Hi, how is it going, how are you?”  I screamed.


“Hi, how are you?”





The whole time the husband was in front of us and he never said a word.

Before I got too much further I should make it clear I’m NOT attacking or having a go at this guy or his wife and before you jump to that conclusion you want to finish this class but ALSO hold judgment.  It is easy to see LC stuff (LC = Lazy Cu** if you don’t the story) in others but it is in ALL of us.

It comes down to controlling which behaviors make you feel good

Image showing fat people and skinny people both doing what makes them feel good

“Hi how are you, let me know if I should turn the TV down or something.”

NO, nothing like that and nothing period. 

He just sat there and watched the TV, never looking away from the TV.  Also the house was completely dark, even though it was bright sunny afternoon outside, the inside of the house was as dark as midnight with NO outside light.

All the curtains were closed and no lights on so the only light in the room was coming from the TV.  If you were in the house you would have no idea what time it is or if it’s day or night, it was like walking into a casino or (from what I’m told) a strip club.

The woman excused herself and left.

I honestly still have no idea what she went to do because when she told me where she was going I didn’t hear anything she said.  So she walked out of the room and then it was just me and the husband.  There he was sitting, watching TV and still had not even looked at me.

I was standing there awkwardly

I looked at him for a second and on the couch he had a couple of things that I had never seen on a couch before.  So he was sitting almost in the center of the coach but just a little off and then right next him was a microwave – yes a microwave on a couch – and it was plugged in and everything.

Then on top and around the microwave were small cheesburgers.

I don’t mean just a few cheesburgers, but there were a few BOXES of them scattered all around him.  There was a half eaten one right next to him, then on the other side of him closer to me was the biggest, craziest bucket of ice cream that I’ve ever seen.

It hardly even qualified as a bucket it was like one size down from a barrel.

This giant thing of ice cream was just sitting there with the top was off and it had a spatula stuck in it, it was just jammed hard into the ice cream.  So this guy ate ice cream right out of this giant tub with a spatula. 

Now on top of that he had an open two liter of Mountain Dew and Coke next to him and empty ones all over the ground.  Look, I’m not judging this guy or making fun of him or anything like that – you guys know I used to be fat fu** so I’m not judging and I get it.

I know the lifestyle, I WAS that lifestyle.

I just want you to understand the situation and I want you have this picture painted perfectly in your head.  Okay, so picture all of that…

A pitch black house, a giant movie theater screen size TV, a 400 pound guy who has a microwave next to him on the couch so he can make cheesburgers without getting up, drinking two liters of soda and eating ice cream of a bucket with a spatula…

Okay, you got all that?

Now keep that in mind as I tell you one last thing…

As I looked at him I looked down and in between his legs…

Was a thighmaster.

Remember those infomericals with Suzanne Sommers?

If you don’t know she was from shows like Three’s Company and Step by Step.

The Thighmaster sold millions of units through infomercials.  By the way, one of our Heroes was a producer for those infomercials.  If you don’t know, it was a portable little exercise thing for your thighs and butt and stuff.

It famously “never worked” for anybody.

There was a Saturday Night Live skit once where it showed Suzanne at home showing off how strong her legs had become from using the Thighmaster.  It showed her putting stuff in betwen her legs and squeezing it together and turning everything into pancakes.

Around her house you would see flattened books, flattened beer cans, flattened computer monitors – whatever she put in between her legs would get flattened.  Then there’s a knock at her door and then her husband walks in and…

… his head was flattened.

… ANYway…

The main issue with him is the same issue that pretty much everybody still has today with nearly everything else they do – they don’t do it in any special way.  To make anything “work” you need to put an effort that is congruent with results.

Effort should match expectations.

Image showing Nobody Mountain and doing what others are unwilling to do

Don’t do the uncommon things commonly well, do the common things uncommonly well.

I said that, Rockefeller stole it from me.

This guy had a thighmaster on while he was on the couch eating and watching TV.  Also, he wasn’t actually USING it but it was just in the position where it should be or could be used.  Each side was touching the inside of his knees, it almost looked like it was stuck or something.

Very strange.

Remember, I’m seeing this after the woman left the room and left me alone with this guy so I was looking at him and it was more than a bit awkward.  As always you want to try and build rapport with the owners so I didn’t just want to stand there, I wanted to make conversation or something.

So as I was looking at him and the couch and the floor and the TV and then when I saw the thigh master it was kind of funny so I pointed to the thighmaster and I asked:

“How’s that working out for you?”

I wasn’t saying that to be funny, I just wanted to pick something to talk about and I didn’t want to ask about his diet or why the whole house was a mess.  I wanted to point to something positive so I asked him how he was enjoying the thighmaster and working out.

That was the most promising thing in the room.

At least there was some attempt at exercise, right?

So after I asked him that…

For the first time he broke eye contact with the TV and – remember this whole time he was just staring the at TV so this was the FIRST time he looked at anything but the TV – he looked down at the thighmaster, he reached down grabbed it and then –

OH wait one other thing I forget to mention…

Over where the table was next the table was a big chest, with drawers and everything and it also had a mirror up like it was in a bedroom but it was in the dining area.  It was weirdly positioned right next to the dinner table and I don’t know why there was bedroom furniture there but whatevs…

Kind of a first world problem I guess.

It was bizarre but for some reason it just seemed like for that house it was just right and exactly what you would expect.  So on this bedroom chest, there was a cat.  This cat was just as enormous and in the same physical shape as the guy. 

This cat made Garfield look anorexic.

So there was fat cat that sitting on top of a bunch of boxes, he had one of his legs was daggling down off the stack of boxes and his head was rested against his left leg.  If the cat’s eyes weren’t open you would think it was dead.  It wasn’t moving, excited or even responsive to me or the loud TV or anything.

Okay, so back to the guy…

I asked him about the thigh master and he looked down and grabbed the it and he – in the most UN-graceful way imaginable, as if he was upset over the amount of effort that it took – he threw the thighmaster across the room and right at the chest and the boxes… 

YES, he threw it directly at the poor cat.

Thankfully he did NOT hit the cat, he just barely missed.  To be honest this was before I was such an animal lover so I wouldn’t have minded as much as I do know if he had hit the cat.  Still though, I just want to make it clear that he did NOT hit the cat.

But it was really close…

It barely missed the cat and the crazy part is that the cat didn’t move, he didn’t even flinch.

The poor fellow just sat there as if to say:

“Please hit me and put me out of my misery.”

But the guy missed and instead he hit the mirror.

Then he said something…

… and this is the WHOLE reason that I’m bringing him up today…

… after he threw the thigh master across at the room at the cat he set his eyes back on the TV…

… he leaned back into position (not checking on the cat to see if it was okay) and with a sign he said…

“None of that shit works.”

THAT is the point of today’s class.


What an amazing thing to say, right? 

So when he threw the thigh master he knocked a bunch of boxes down on the ground, not the ones that the cat was on but other ones and when I looked closer I could see that all the boxes were different exercise equipment. 

All manner of lose-weight-fast-without-doing-anything stuff.

This guy had bought any and every thing like that which come across the TV. 

Then, when he was done with it, he would toss it in this pile of stuff that, in his mind…

Just doesn’t work.

Now I should stop for a second and point out a compliance move.  Whenever you recount an experience or a story you should always make yourself the butt of the joke and the source of ignorance.  You should be the one to be laughed at and NEVER the hero

That kind of self deprecation is disarming.

It helps humanize you and it builds rapport.  This is partly because you avoid looking like you’re overtly bragging.  In this example so far it’s easy to look down on or laugh the man in the couch because it is easy to feel superior to him.

But are we really that much different (let alone better) than him?

Don't laugh at others because they are really you

When you see yourself in the LC, you’ll cure it faster.

Substitute the lose weight fast stuff that he bought with all the get rich quick stuff that other people buy everyday.  Substitute his lack of diet and exercise with those wealthy wannabes who do nothing to improve their finances and it becomes harder to laugh at the guy on the couch.

Every single day, year after year people buy books and courses on how to make money only to later conclude that “it doesn’t work“.  Admittedly, in many cases the training is inferior, outdated or ineffective.

So there IS some gravity, but you can immunize yourself by asking three questions.

So okay, fine… YES…

When it comes to this, I will give the LC some latitude here because when you look closely at most informal education, or even worse, the educators (especially real estate gurus) then yes I agree a lot of them kind of suck.

That being said that doesn’t change the fact:

Informal education is about the only chance you and I have for social mobility.

In the world of informal education there is no training anywhere in the world that has been tested under more diverse and rigorous conditions than our training.  No training has produced a higher success rate  than our stuff.

From child slaves in the Middle East to soccer moms in Michigan…

There is no question about the effectiveness of our material stuff or the success rates people have, so introducing a question like:

“Does IT work”…

Suggests there is question regarding the “IT” and it is really a sign of intellectual, or at the very best voluntary, laziness.  Spending just a few seconds of research would answer this.  On the other hand for the folks not as familiar with my stuff who are spinning their wheels with bad training…

I understand your situation, I really do.

For many people it wouldn’t matter.  For many people they will pay for guidance and informal education but then they combine a minimal effort with an eagerness to quit and when this formula results in inevitable, predictable and appropriate failure – 

They blame the outside factors.

This happens every single day and it happens more often than not.

The mantra of the LC:

“It is not my fault.”

So when they ask:

“Does this work?”

It is another of asking:

“When I quit, who or what else can I blame except for myself?”

So when people ask me:

“Does that stuff really work?”

I always picture a 400 pound man on a couch with a giant TV, blasting at a deafening volume, eating cheeseburgers from the microwave he has next to him on the couch so that he doesn’t have to get up, while also using a spatula to shove balls of ice cream in his mouth from a bucket of ice cream…

Washing it all down with 2 liters of soda.


To cancel all of that out he has a thighmaster between his legs.  Not that he is actually using it, he just has it between his legs and when he eats himself to sleep he wants to wake up looking the like a Terminator.

If he doesn’t, he blames the thighmaster.

That’s what I picture when people ask me:

“Azam does this stuff really work?”


It doesn’t.

“IT” doesn’t work.

Think of “IT” like a map.

Picture of why nothing "works" unless the student works and how to grade training

Use those three questions to evaluate if “IT” is the problem or if it is you.

It is like looking at a map and you can see the destination and exactly how to get there but if you don’t move then you won’t go anywhere.  You have to move.  “IT” does not work and using that phrase “Does IT work” puts the burden on the “IT” and not on the student.

With the guy on the couch the amount of changes that he needs to make in his life are as numerous and dramatic as they are obvious.  The more you have to explain that to him the more hopeless he is.  Most people fail to make a major change in their life because…

They start the journey with the baggage of pre-packed excuses…

They’re looking, begging for an exit, they start the trip looking for the off ramp.

Their attitude creates the very situation that they will blame for not reaching their goal.

To these people, to the masses, for nearly everybody – and I’ve said this many, many times – for most people my stuff will NOT work for you.  Why?  Because you won’t do the necessary work to bring your vision to reality.  This is especially true in America where we have been so spoiled.

Only in America is opportunity knocking so loudly that people complain about the noise.

We are so emerged in opportunity that we think we’re drowning.  We have been given so much that we think we deserve it, we live in this amusement park for so long that we think it’s the real world.  We have been elevated so high that we think we think we’re standing on the ground… we aren’t.

The world doesn’t owe us, we owe the world.

The people that have been GIVEN the most, should GIVE the most.

We are supposed to show the world the best of humanity, how the ordinary can create the extraordinary, how far potential can be stretched.  That is when we are at our best.  Unfortunately most people don’t live there, but you can in an instant.

The obstacle and problem, too often is that people bring a compromised level of willpower.

I’ve seen this happen for years.

Somebody wants to get into real estate or business

They really want to change their income class and they want to build a fortress of financial security for themselves and the people they care about.  They start off with good intentions but then as SOON as the smallest sign of trouble comes up (and it will ALWAYS come up) as soon as that happens they just quit.

Somebody makes a few phone calls and if they don’t get rich, they just quit

Somebody puts out a few signs and as soon as they get torn down they just quit…

Somebody talks to a real estate agent who says “that doesn’t work in our area” and they just quit…

“Doesn’t work in my area.”

The would be investor quits VERY easily…

Somebody goes out and talks to their inlaws who tell them that none of “that stuff works“, or they try to talk to a homeowner who only wants a cash offer, or they talk to a lender who is says that housing is too unaffordable right now…

In each of these cases…

They just quit.

All of those people are (probably) right.

If that is the level of intensity that you bring to the table then they’re all right…

This will NOT work for you.

Nothing works or doesn’t work, it’s up to the student.

I’ve made all sorts of other classes on this so I won’t get into this now but you should make sure you go through the class on being a badass, and the class on the Devil’s greatest tool and definitely go to and go through the SA class they are all free and very helpful.

Every week people are reporting back to me about the amazing stuff they are doing with these classes, I love seeing that so please go through them and it will help reinforce what I’m saying and they can help you create better outcomes.

Get more resilient and take your role in this world more seriously.

Look, with my stuff it is true that if you bring 20 hours a week and the right attitude and focus then you WILL build your business.  You will be buying and selling real estate and companies zero down and create passive income for life – all that stuff we talk about.

You WILL get your income to 10-30k a month.

I have more proof to document that than ANY other training in the world.

In a world of confusion – here’s how to evaluate ANY training and income.

Image describing how to judge training only by OUTCOMES of students

It is all about the OUTCOMES you help others create for themselves and others.

The 10-30k a month should just be the start, you should want to do a lot more, to give more and be more and be a Social Architect the way we teach in the S.A. Class.  You should buy back your time and then WANT actually DESIRE to spend more time working doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

Helping others through the journey social mobility and income ascension.

You should want to give more not less.

That’s what my stuff is all about and it’s why the application process to get trained is so serious and I don’t want LCs because my stuff “won’t work” for them.  You should want to change the world, to be an SA and uplift others with generational impact to…

Paint the world in the color that you want to see more of.

Earlier I violated a rule and I took the risk of making it seem like I’m making fun of “a fat guy”…

I’m not.

In fact after I lost my 100 pounds in 90 days and I started helping others lose weight, he was one my best stories as he lost over 115 pounds in 90 days.  So his story has a happy ending.  That’s important to know, but what’s much more important is that for him to to actually make a REAL change…

His whole life HAD to change.

It wasn’t just his diet, exercise, sleeping, reading habits, etc. it was ALL that and more.  It is a process taking the transformation seriously.  Once he got it and understood, he was able to make a real difference and now he helps others see the light too.

When you get it right, you’ll know that you’re doing God’s work.

One of the biggest problems not just in America but across the world is that nobody ever blames themselves for anything. 

They never say:

“It is my fault.”

They’re always looking for somebody else to blame.  As long as you blame somebody else you’ll never get anywhere or get any better because you don’t think it will matter.  When people ask if “That stuff works” or “If IT works” they are putting the burden on IT or on “that stuff” and…

Not on themselves.

The real question they should ask is not if “IT” works but:

“Do I Work?”

You won’t get anywhere by pointing fingers and having complicated reasons why you don’t accomplish your goals.  The shortest answers, the ones that point to your own shortcomings – those are the best answers.  These are the only answers that will ever get you anywhere.

Get obsessed, get crazy.

Obsesses is how people who lack emotion, passion and drive describe those that don’t.

We’ll all end up dead one day, but your life’s work CAN live on if you make the right choices between now and then.  Invest wholly and completely in each day, realizing that your life is nothing but a collection of days.

Make today filled with purpose, everyday, and your life has purpose.

Live on purpose.

It doesn’t take any more effort to live a life of meaning than it does to live a bs life of distraction, negativity and complaining.  The time will pass just the same, and both will be equally as addictive but only the REAL work will have a deep connection, gravity and enjoyable direction/results.

You can choose your addiction.

Image showing how a purpose and distraction are both addictive but without fulfillment

Don’t avoid the pain that comes with accomplishment, invite it, embrace it.

Admit that you ARE looking for a shortcut.  You aren’t trying to go to medical school for 15 years, and those people are about the only people that will see the income ascension that we talk about.  You ARE trying to find a shortcut and you don’t want to wait.

You don’t have the 150-200 years that social mobility takes.

You don’t want to wait that long for your family and loved ones to climb the ladder.

Remember that timeline is NO exaggeration, you’ll learn all about this in the SA class.  You don’t want to go through that waiting period, you do NOT want that.  You ARE looking for a shortcut and remember by definition a shortcut is harder because if it wasn’t it would be a shortcut it would just the way.

Shortcuts are SUPPOSED to be harder or it would just be the normal path.

A shortcut would be the default way that everybody took if it wasn’t more challenging.  Have gratitude about the difficulty because it filters out the weak minded, it qualifies the masses it ensures that almost nobody will ever do it.

It allows you to answer the question of which group you are in…

How bad do you really want it?

You can permanently answer that question for and to yourself and others at the same time.  In fact we are ALL answering that question every day.  Be THANKFUL that you have the opportunity to make that choice. 

Thank your lucky stars that you GET the chance to go through the transformation

Pain is forever married to revolution – personal or otherwise.

Find the pain, chase the pain, love the pain.

It is the chisel that builds pioneers.

Come on man, think about it – there’s a reason I’m in your life and you’re in mine.  If anything ever ANYWHERE happened for a reason, then everything happens for a reason.  You are meant for greatness.  You want to set the world on fire, those are the people that I attract and you are here.

You are meant to be a Social Architect – an SA.

“Azam, does this stuff really work?”

You guys should scoff that, come on dawg…

It is like saying:

“Azam in case I don’t have enough excuses to quit can you give me some ahead of time please?”

You guys are better than that.

You know a student and good friend of ours sent me a great quote that says:

“Hell is on the day that you die the person you did become…

… meets the person that you could have become.”


That’s a good one, isn’t it?

It’s not too late to feel better about that meeting.

Every moment is another chance to turn it all around and be the person that you’re meant to be.

So many people suck and yet they want to hire a badass.

But that kind of inverse commitment never lasts, and it shouldn’t.  That’s why you have to lead by example and be what you seek.  The secret of gaining compliance is to first gain compliance from yourself.  Do what you want to do before you expect others to.

Be THANKFUL that you CAN create these ripples.

GRATITUTE that you GET to go through the pain that it takes.

Don’t be an LC who is so proactively eager to blame anything else that he starts off a journey with quitting in the back of his mind, or even the front of his mind:

“Does this stuff really work?”

That’s another way of asking:

“Can I quit now please?”

Notes explaining how nothing works in your area

“How long before I make money?”

Translation: how long do I have to wait before I can quit?

“Can I quit now please?”

Be better than that you guys.

So three final takeaways from this:

“Does this stuff really work Azam?”

That is not valid a question when it comes to my stuff.  When you look into this just a little you’ll see a long track record and a deep history of student performance.  You’ll see the EXACT OUTCOME of students hitting exactly what I say:

$10,000 – $30,000 a month… and well BEYOND.

So to question that is a proactive excuse disguised as question.

Which brings us to number two:

This is about a lot more than just making money.  This is about dreaming bigger and making those dreams a reality and blessing your work with the gift of obsession.  You should do something that makes you eager to give more of yourself, not less.

Number THREE…

If I’m describing you or the way that you want to be then you realize that for the right person having me right by your side and personally train you is not an “expensive cost” but a bargain investment.  An investment in your life.

Watch the SA Class and learn how to apply at

Picture of Training

If you’re sure that you’re ready to join the ranks…

Then apply when applications are being accepted.

And finally remember this…

A leader doesn’t convince people of his brilliance, he convinces them of their own.

If you don’t find genius in the next person you talk to then you won’t find it in anybody you ever talk to, become a master of raising the expectations people have about themselves.  When you master this skill, when you don’t treat people as they are, treat them as they can be…

… you will always have an army of loyal soldiers at your call.

Thanks so much!  = )

Make the Universe Smile.

~ Indy Anna
Love (at)
(YES that’s my actual Direct Line and I really do answer lol, so please text me first Thx!)

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When I first go started I thought wouldn't it be great if somebody put together ONE list of every possible contact that I would ever need to build a passive income with Indiana real estate - or any Midwest real estate?  Well that's exaclty what I did with our “People Page” here it is:

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