Every contract you’ll ever need for your real estate investing business.

Whether you are an Indiana real estate investor or not, this page will help you get access to every kind of contract, legal document and piece of paperwork that you’ll need to build your real estate investing business.  All for free.

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Now for today’s class on getting real estate contracts for FREE…

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Real Estate Investors: download legal docs, paperwork and contracts for FREE.

Indy Anna explains: 

All the contracts, paperwork and legal documents a real estate investor will EVER need, I’m giving it all to you totally for free.  Also to download the above Guide in a .pdf for FREE click HERE.

Indy Anna Explains…
– How get all the paperwork, contracts and legal documents that a real estate investor will ever need all for FREE
– You’ll see how can make special “DJ requests” and I’ll do what I can to make specific documents available for you
– You’ll also see where you can go for more help from professionals

Just one sentence in a legal document can be the difference a real estate investor making a fortune or going bankrupt and ending in jail.  For hundreds of thousands of years people never used real estate contracts, then about about one thousand years ago during feudalism’s dying days the Magna Carta was signed which was a major trigger to our real estate laws, practices and ownership rights and it is why real estate contracts are so important today.  Today I’m going to go over a simple way for you to get all the real estate contracts that a real estate will ever need all for FREE, we’ll talk about exactly where to download them for free, how to get help on how to use them and how to make requests for more contracts, legal documents and other paperwork.

Where to get all your real estate investing contracts for free: BigReia.com/Contracts
– I decided on making a new page just for the paperwork so instead of contracts and legal docs spread out over hundreds of pages they will be on ONE page
– If you have any special requests just send me an email or text me and I’ll see what I can do
– Also if you need more help with a specific situation you can always refer to the folks on our People Page: BigReia.com/People
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– MAKE SURE TO GET LEGAL COUNSEL do not just use this documents without any professional guidance, on the page I explained the directions I gave our legal team to make these as applicable as possible but still you need to check with experts and you can use our People Page for that

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Contracts, Paperwork and Legal Documents for FREE:

Here’s a list of items and sometimes they come from a larger page so in those cases you’ll get links to those pages as well.

Like I said this page will be an on going project that we will keep adding to.

So if you have any requests just email/text me and I’ll see what I can do.

You can also use the People Page: https://www.BigReia.com/People

So here’s the list:

Here are 14 Private Money Legal Forms:
Private Money Contracts and Paperwork.

1.)  Here is a Loan Guarantee Agreement that provides security for a loan you are getting or one that you are getting for somebody else.

2.)  Here is a basic Payment Agreement that outlines payment and balance details. 

3.)  Here is a basic IOU with a “Public Notary” seal so that when it gets notarized it is more official and proof that the parties actually did sign and agree to the terms.  Having a recorded IOU can be used in court but usually more powerful is the ease that it gives a private lender.

4.)  Here is a Family Loan Agreement, if your private lender is family or somebody close you can use this document.  Even if the loan wasn’t that “formal” it can help to use this because it can protect equity in case of death or unexpected lawsuits.

5.)  Here is a Private Loan Extension Agreement, this is for changing an item in the loan like the term or payments.  It is good to have this on file for ANY changes to that you know they are documented and recorded.  

6.)  Here is a Private Loan Agreement, this loan can be for anything as it doesn’t have to for real estate but you can use that as the reason.  This template can be used repeatedly for various kinds of financing and purchases.

7.)  Here is a Personal Loan Agreement, this is often used when one individual borrows from another individual.  Sometimes in private money agreements the lender (person with the money) feels better if you are “on the hook” more so than using a random LLC or other business entity.

8.)  Here is a Promissory Note, this is a basic template that can be used for more than just private money.  This is one person as the borrower agreeing to pay back the lender or person who is provided the money.

9.)  Also you’ll want a Release of Debt, this shows that the debt has been paid-in-full and that all the terms of the private loan have been to the satisfaction of the lender.

10.)  You also want to make sure you have a Release of Personal Guarantee, this removes all burden from the borrower and the private lender agrees that all of the terms of the contract have been met and the personal guaranteed is settled and they are “off the hook”.

Those are some main ones but here are a few extra ones that have been helpful:

11.)  You can use a “Mechanics Lien” to cloud title if you are ever owed money or consideration.  To new private money lenders I sometimes use this as an explanation of how a “first versus a second” mortgage works.

12.)  To file a lien sometimes you need to send and record a notice or a “Notice for the right to file a lien” so you can use a 30 Day Preliminary Lien Notice.

13.)  You also want to make sure that you file and always GET filed (if you are on the other end) the full RELEASE of the Mechanic’s Lien document and record.

14.)  You can use a Mortgage Verification Form for a few purposes that I explain in the video.  One big reason is that it lets your private money lender know the kinds of information that a “normal” loan has and we record ours based on that.  This won’t be an issue with experienced lenders but many of mine are new.  

These 14 documents are from the post on private money paperwork HERE

Contracts for tenants and buyers:

14 ways to screen your tenants like a badass and avoid bad tenants from hell and turn the current bad tenants into GREAT tenants, the .pdf summary:
You can download it HERE.

The DNA of a good Tenant JV in five simple steps:
You can download it HERE.

The diagram of how to make $10,000 a month by doing a SINGLE JV with an apartment complex:
You can download it HERE.

The Pre-Lease Inspection form to use:
You can download it HERE.

The ACH authorization and/or credit card authorization form (VERY important):
You can download it HERE.

Here is a standard tenant application form:
You can download it HERE.

Those were from the post on 14 ways to avoid tenants from hell.

From our post on Cash for Keys Agreements:

Here is a basic Cash for Keys Agreement.

Here is another version that is a one page Cash for Keys Agreement.

Here is an addendum so you can add any details to the Cash for Keys Agreement.

Here is a Lease Termination Agreement that you want to have signed so you don’t sued later.

From our post on Wholesaling Paperwork:

Here is a copy of the purchase agreement HERE.

Here is a copy of the assignment form HERE.

Here is a copy of a JV contract HERE.

Remember that last one is if you ever partner with anybody, get deals from an investor, etc.

Docs from the brilliant Quiet Title post:

Here is the sample action to quiet title pdf here.

Here are some other docs regarding the quiet title, for more info you can visit the full Quiet Title post HERE.

Family Loan Agreement

Promissory Note (Secured)

Promissory Note (Unsecure)

A promissory note can be something like an IOU, it is a basic acknowledgement of debt and I included two versions based on whether it is secure or unsecured.  This is an important distinction because it makes it clear whether the lender has the right to make any claims against or on any of your property.

There are some state specific forms that your attorney may want to use, here are two examples:

Missouri Secured Promissory Note

Indiana Unsecured Promissory Note

Remember to use your attorney and title company for this, they may use these forms or maybe they want to use their own.  The main lesson here is that you should be familiar with the process and know what is happening.

Personal Loan with Guarantee

This can be used to document any money or loans given to you and any guarantees that you made.  Sometimes before you can show that debt is removed the title company may want to documentation that it existed.  In those cases you may need a document like this.

Standard Loan Template

Release of Personal Guarantee

That’s one example of where this would be used.

Promissory Release

There are many different kinds of funding that can fall under the umbrella of a promissory note, and they each need to be accompanied with a release.

Satisfy and Release of Mortgage, Loan, Lien

This will document that a specific mortgage, lien, loan, etc. has

We have an EPIC post on how to buy apartment buildings by improving PET Policies, here’s some paperwork from that:

You can download a pet photo-sharing consent form HERE.

You can get the pet addendum to a contract HERE.

Here is a mutual NDA to not disclose parts of your arrangement for example, that is HERE.  A lot of Hollywood types don’t want anybody to share things like Epic Pet Policies.  In those cases having this signed makes them feel better.

Rent adjustment/increase form (for example if they get a new dog, get a VIP service, finance something with you, etc) is HERE.


Like I said we’ll be adding to this over time so any suggestions or requests please let me know.

For more help from professionals: https://www.BigReia.com/People

Thanks so much!  = )

~ Indy Anna

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100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

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