Books for real estate investors:

The Nichomachean Ethics by Aristotle, lessons for real estate investors.

This is one of the most influential books ever written, in this class we’ll do a deep dive into the The Nichomachean Ethics by Aristotle.  We will go over the top lessons and themes and how they apply to real estate investors, business builders and entrepreneurs.  You’ll also see some of the best ways to analyze writings and works like this.  Book review by Azam Meo, rhymes with K.O.

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Now for today’s class on Aristotle’s “The Nichomachean Ethics” book review…

Book Review:
The Nichomachean Ethics
A side piece of ideas written by Aristotle.

You can download the above BigReia Guide in .pdf form HERE.

Lesson: Happiness, Virtues and Knowledge Are All Relative

“What is the good for man? It must be the ultimate end or object of human life: something that is in itself completely satisfying. Happiness fits this description. Since all knowledge and every pursuit aim at some good, what do we take to be the end of political science — what is the highest of all practical goods?

… Well, so far as the name goes there is pretty much agreement. It is ‘happiness,’ say both ordinary and cultured people; and they identify happiness with living well or doing well. But when it comes to saying in what happiness consists, opinions differ, and the account given by the generality of mankind is not at all like that of the wise…

The former take it to be something obvious and familiar, like pleasure or money or eminence, and there are various other views; and often the same person actually changes his opinion: when he falls ill he says that it is health, and when he is hard up that it is money.

Conscious of their own ignorance, most people are impressed by anyone who pontificates and says something that is over their heads. Some, however, have held the view that over and above these particular goods there is another which is good in itself and the cause of whatever goodness there is in all these others. It would no doubt be rather futile to examine all these opinions; enough if we consider those which are the most prevalent or seem to have something to be said for them.”

This is a really big deal… (almost to the level of stuff)
– Socrates – Plate – Aristotle – Alexander, etc. this is be collective lesson
– Considered the most important historical philosophical work ever written
– Big influence on Middle Ages, modern/medieval philosophy, Magna Carta, law/justice…
– The Middle Ages – Modern History (Early/Late/Contemporary) – that is 500 up until today…
– Same influence category of MC, U.S. Constitution – science, education, socials norms, political, etc.

Established Lyceum “… explored and expounded and taught the entire field of human knowledge—logic, metaphysics, theology, history, politics, ethics, aesthetics, psychology, anatomy, biology, zoology, botany, astronomy, meteorology and the ancient equivalents of physics and chemistry.”

My one sentence summary:

How HFT (High Frequency Thinking) and “virtue” can help you realize your potential and be a better contributing member in society.

Book 1: Happiness is from virtue or excellent character.
Book 2: Strive for virtues and not excess or shortage of character.
Books 3-4: People must have internal virtues first to do virtuous deeds.
Book 5: Law and rules with good leaders can bring society virtue through justice
Book 6: Thought, action and decision are all from virtues of thought and intention
Book 7: Vice and other bad behavior come from lack of restraint which steals virtue
Book 8-9: Friendships should be based on virtues and similarity not just transactional
Book 10: Humans are political, ethics is virtue and happiness from friends and state rules

Lesson: Humans Are GIVEN More and Should GIVE More

“But what is happiness? If we consider what the function of man is, we find that happiness is a virtuous activity of the soul. But presumably to say that happiness is the supreme good seems a platitude, and some more distinctive account of it is still required.

This might perhaps be achieved by grasping what is the function of man. If we take a sculptor or any artist — or in general any class of men who have a specific function or activity — his goodness and proficiency are considered to lie in the performance of that function. But is it likely that whereas joiners and shoemakers have certain functions or activities, man as such has none, but has been left by nature a functionless being?…

Just as we can see that eye and hand and foot and every one of our members have some function, should we not assume that in like manner a human being has a function over and above these particular functions? What, then, can this possibly be? Clearly life is a thing shared also by plants, and we are looking for man’s proper function; so we must exclude from our definition the life that consists in nutrition and growth. Next in order would be a sort of sentient life; but this too we see is shared by horses and cattle and animals of all kinds. There remains, then, a practical life of the rational part…”

(Purpose, Ambition, Objective Measure)

Lesson: The LC and Badass are The SAME: the only difference is TC.

“We must lay down that we intend here life determined by activity, because this is accepted as the stricter sense. Now, if the function of man is an activity of the soul in accordance with, or implying, a rational principle; and if we hold that the function of an individual and of a good individual of the same kind — e.g. of a harpist and a good harpist and so on generally — is generically the same, the latter’s distinctive excellence being attached to the name of the function (because the function of the harpist is to play the harp, but that of a good harpist is to play it well);

… and if we assume that the function of man is a kind of life, namely, an activity or a series of actions of the soul, implying a rational principle; and if the function of a good man is to perform these well and rightly; and if every function is performed well when performed in accordance with its proper excellence: if all this is so, the conclusion is that the good for man is an activity of the soul in accordance with virtue, or if there are more kinds of virtue than one, in accordance with the best and most perfect kind.

… There is a further qualification [for attaining eudaimonic happiness]: in a complete lifetime. One swallow does not make a summer; neither does one day. Similarly, neither can one day, or a brief space of time, make a man blessed and happy. Moral virtues, like crafts, are acquired by practice and habituation.”

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”?

(RAD of TC, Live in HFT, Two Happiness)

Lesson: Calibrate and Find Goldilocks Levels

“Rash people are impetuous, eager before danger arrives but shifty when it is actually present; whereas courageous ones are keen at the time of action but calm beforehand. This much, then, is clear: in all our conduct it is the mean that is to be commended. But one should incline sometimes towards excess and sometimes toward deficiency, because in this way we shall most easily hit upon the mean, that is, the right course…

A cardinal rule: right conduct is incompatible with excess or deficiency First, then, we must consider this fact: that it is in the nature of moral qualities that they are destroyed by deficiency and excess, just as we can see (since we have to use the evidence of visible facts to throw light on those that are invisible) in the case of health and strength. For both excessive and insufficient exercise destroy one’s strength, and both eating and drinking too much or too little destroy health, whereas the right quantity produces, increases and preserves it.

So it is the same with temperance, courage and the other virtues. The man who shuns and fears everything and stands up to nothing becomes a coward; the man who is afraid of nothing at all, but marches up to every danger, becomes foolhardy. Similarly the man who indulges in every pleasure and refrains from none becomes licentious; but if a man behaves like a boor and turns his back on every pleasure, he is a case of insensibility. Thus temperance and courage are destroyed by excess and deficiency and preserved by the mean.”

Lesson: Momentum Answers Everything – ACT NOW

“By common consent, the beginning is more than half the whole task, and throws a flood of light on many of the aspects of the inquiry. Those states that are praiseworthy we call virtues. Moral virtues, like crafts, are acquired by practice and habituation. So too it is easy to get angry—anyone can do that—or to give and spend money; but to feel or act toward the right person to the right extent at the right time for the right reason in the right way—that is not easy, and it is not everyone that can do it. Hence to do these things well is a rare, laudable and fine achievement…

… Now our definition is in harmony with those who say that happiness is virtue, or a particular virtue; because an activity in accordance with virtue implies virtue. But presumably it makes no little difference whether we think of the supreme good as consisting in the possession or in the exercise of virtue: in a state of mind or in an activity. For it is possible for the state to be present in a person without effecting any good result (e.g. if he is asleep or quiescent in some other way), but not for the activity: he will necessarily act, and act well.

Just as at the Olympic Games it is not the best-looking or the strongest men present that are crowned with wreaths, but the competitors (because it is from them that the winners come), so it is those who act that rightly win the honours and rewards in life.”

Lesson: Chase A Crazy Idea

“Greatness of soul, as the very name suggests, is concerned with things that are great, and we must first grasp of what sort these are. It makes no difference whether we consider the disposition or the person who corresponds to it. Well, a person is considered to be magnanimous if he thinks that he is worthy of great things, provided he is worthy of them; because anyone who esteems his own worth unduly is foolish, and nobody who acts virtuously is foolish or stupid. The magnanimous man, then, is as we have described him.

… The man who is worthy of little consideration and thinks that he is such is temperate, but not magnanimous, because magnanimity implies greatness, just as beauty implies a well developed body… The man who thinks that he is worthy of great things although he is not worthy of them is conceited; but not everybody is conceited who has too high an opinion of his own worth.

On the other hand the man who has too low an opinion is pusillanimous: and it makes no difference whether his worth is great or moderate or little, if his opinion of it is too low. Indeed the man whose worth is great might be regarded as especially pusillanimous, because what would his behavior be if his worth were not so great? So although the magnanimous man is an extreme as regards the greatness of his claims, as regards its rectitude he is a mean, because he estimates himself at his true worth. The others show excess and deficiency.”

Five Main Brain Waves:

Gamma (38-50 Hz)

Beta (20 -30 Hz)

Alpha (10-20 Hz)

Theta (5-10Hz)

Delta (1-5Hz)

You can download the above BigReia Guide in .pdf form HERE.

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