Book review of “The Marshmallow Test”, books for real estate investors.

Azam Meo – rhymes with KO – reviews The Marshmallow Test and outlines the takeaways for real estate  investors business builders.  This is about how “gratification delay” in one area of your life can change outcomes in nearly every area of your life.  This is one way to trick yourself into doing difficult things with ease and joy.

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Book Review:
The Marshmallow Test
Why self-control is the engine of success.

By Walter Mischel

You can download the above guide in .pdf form HERE.

Lesson: What can be learned from understanding the Marshmallow Test

“What does the Marshmallow Test really show? Is the ability to delay gratification prewired? How can it be taught? What is its downside? This book speaks to these questions, and the answers are often surprising. In The Marshmallow Test, I discuss what ‘willpower’ is and what it is not, the conditions that undo it, and the consequences of having it and using it. I examine the implications of these findings for rethinking who we are; what we can be; how our minds work; how we can — and can’t — control our impulses, emotions and dispositions; how we can change, and how we can raise and educate our children…

In writing The Marshmallow Test, I imagined myself having a leisurely conversation with you, the reader, much like the many I have had with friends and new acquaintances, sparked by the question ‘What’s the latest in marshmallow work?’ Soon we veer off into how the findings relate to aspects of our own lives, from child rearing, hiring new staff, and avoiding unwise business and personal decisions to overcoming heart-break, quitting smoking, controlling weight, reforming education, and understanding our own vulnerabilities and strengths. I have written the book for those of you who, like me, have struggled with selfcontrol. I’ve also written it for those who simply would like to understand more deeply how our minds work. I hope The Marshmallow Test will start some new conversations for you.”

My one sentence summary:
How improving the skill of delaying gratification in one area of life can improve every area.
Passed in 2018, the work based on the famous “Stanford Marshmallow Experiment” in 1972 – The world’s clearest instructions to create $30,000/month in passive income…

Lesson: High Gratification Delay is a Marker of Greatness

“What the preschoolers did as they tried to keep waiting, and how they did or didn’t manage to delay gratification, unexpectedly turned out to predict much about their future lives. The more seconds they waited at age four or five, the higher their SAT scores and the better their rated social and cognitive functioning in adolescence. At age 27-32, those who had waited longer during the Marshmallow Test in preschool had a lower body mass index and a better sense of self-worth, pursued their goals more effectively, and coped more adaptively with frustration and stress. At midlife, those who could consistently wait (‘high delay’), versus those who couldn’t (‘low delay’), were characterized by distinctively different brain scans in areas linked to addictions and obesity.

… The child who can’t wait a minute can manage to wait for twenty when he changes his thoughts about the temptations. To me, that finding is more critical to the long-term correlations because it points the way to strategies that can enhance self-control ability and reduce stress. Self-control is crucial for the successful pursuit of long-term goals. It is equally essential for developing the self-restraint and empathy needed to build caring and mutually supportive relationships. It can help people avoid becoming impervious to consequences, or getting stuck in jobs they hate. It is the ‘master aptitude’ underlying emotional intelligence, essential for constructing a fulfilling life.”

Lesson: Trust and focus on who and what you want to become

… Imagine that you have agreed to let your brain activity be imaged while you are inside an fMRI machine. Your head is deep in the machine, and you are getting used to the confined space as the instructions come through the speaker: ‘Please think about yourself.’ When you do, a distinctive pattern of brain activity will become visible in the midfront area of your cerebral cortex, which we call the self pattern. Next, the instructions ask you to think about a stranger, and in the same area of your cerebral cortex, a distinctively different pattern becomes activated, the stranger pattern. Finally, you are asked to “Please think about yourself ten years from now.”

If you see more continuity between yourself now and yourself in the future, you probably put more value on delayed rewards and less value on immediate rewards and are less impatient than people who view their future selves as strangers. As the researchers point out, if we feel greater continuity with who we will become, we might also be willing to sacrifice more of our present pleasures for the sake of that future self.

Arguably the best answer to the ‘What can we do to help our children?” question is to model what you would like them to become.”

Lesson: easy is a State of Mind – Everything is easy if you’re not an LC

“As with all efforts to change long-standing patterns and learn new ones, whether playing the piano or exercising self-restraint to avoid hurting the people we love, the prescription is to ‘practice, practice, practice’ until it becomes automatic and intrinsically rewarding.

At Stanford University, Carol Dweck and her colleagues found that those who believed that their stamina fueled itself after tough mental exertion did not show diminished self-control after a depleting exercise. In contrast, those who believed that their energy was depleted after a strenuous experience did show diminished self-control and had to rest to refuel.

If you believe that persisting on tough tasks is energizing rather than depleting, will it protect you from fatigue? Indeed yes: when people are led to think that effortful tasks will invigorate rather than drain them, they improve their performance on a later task.”

Lesson: “The man who says he can and the man who says he can’t…”

“But I can’t end this discussion without reiterating: a life lived with too much delay of gratification can be as sad as one without enough of it. We are both ants and grasshoppers, and to lose the hot emotional system and live continually dominated by the cool cognitive system in the service of a possible future can become a life story as unsatisfying as its opposite. The biggest challenge for all of us — not just for the child — may be to figure out “when to wait for more marshmallows and when to ring the bell and enjoy them. But unless we learn to develop the ability to wait, we don’t have the choice.”

When I am asked to summarize the fundamental message from research on self-control, I recall Descartes’s famous dictum cogito, ergo sum — ‘I think, therefore I am.’ What has been discovered about mind, brain, and self-control lets us move from his proposition to ‘I think, therefore I can change what I am.’ Because by changing how we think, we can change what we feel, do, and become. If that leads to the question ‘But can I really change?,” I reply with what George Kelly said to his therapy clients when they kept asking him if they could get control of their lives. He looked straight into their eyes and said, ‘Would you like to?’”

The Time Octopus
Healthy Stuff: Initial pain, reward later
Unhealthy Stuff: Initial Pleasure, pain later


No Discipline Rule:
The Addiction Switch is where the initial feelings pain and pleasure rewards are inverse, the same activity creates the opposite result – unhealthy activity is painful immediately and later, healthy activity is pleasurable immediately and later requiring no “discipline”.

How does this apply to real estate investing?

Just like farming there are THREE main parts of investing:
Planting – seeds put in soil
Nurturing – watering and taking care
Harvesting – get the rewards of your work

The more and better the nurturing the better the harvest.


That’s what the marshmallow experiment shows us, the people who are the best at the nurturing are the best at achieving life goals.  In real estate the more and better you get at nurturing (waiting and watering) the better your harvest (ROI) will be.

For a more detailed breakdown of the passive income math go here.

You can download the above guide in .pdf form HERE.

You can also use The Time Octopus for other LC destroying and recording breaking activities.

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