Book reviews and lessons for real estate investors: “Bright Line Eating” review

Eating and getting your diet and food intake right is important in order to live the life that you really want.  So many of you have asked Azam to review a book like this relating to diet and food.  This is one of the only books that correctly calls sugar the enemy monster that you must deal with.

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Now for today’s class on the book review of Bright Line Eating…

“Bright Line Eating” – Top lessons for real estate investors, business builders and entrepreneurs

You can download the Summary Guide in .pdf form HERE.

Book Review: Bright Line Eating 
The science of living happy, thin and free.
By Susan Pierce Thompson

Lesson: Bad diet habits = installment plan of suicide

I wrote this book because I want everyone to have that solution. The information contained in these pages is vital to changing our cultural understanding of what being overweight is—not a willpower deficit and not a moral shortcoming—rather, the by-product of a brain hijacked by modern food. And, more crucially, I want to show you what a solution that works actually looks like. It’s not about six small meals a day, free days, or even lots of exercise. I will teach you about Bright Lines, automaticity, and support.

Bright Lines are clear, unambiguous boundaries that you just don’t cross, like a nonsmoker just doesn’t smoke. They work because they align with how the brain works…

You no longer have to feel lost in a flood of confusing and contradictory information on how to eat. Or languish on the couch, overeating late into the evening, knowing you’re choosing suicide on the installment plan. Or feel like your weight is holding you back from finally living your dreams and being the person you were meant to be. Get ready to take back control of your brain and live your life as you never have before—Happy, Thin, and Free.”

My one sentence summary:

How to develop better mental rules to improve your eating habits especially with SUGAR.
Susan Thompson: Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at Rochester University – Badass Stuff…

Lesson: Sugar is THE Enemy

“When it comes to food, these are the two culprits. Sugar and flour. In fact, I want you to consider looking at sugar and flour in an entirely new way. People tend to think of sugar and flour as foods. I invite you to start looking at them as drugs. Here’s the simple truth. Plans based on moderation DO NOT work for people who are high on the Susceptibility Scale.

Sugar is the cardinal bright line. Without it, none of the others are effective, because you have to take sugar out of the equation to allow the brain—and therefore the body—to heal. Every cell in your taste buds dies and is replaced by a brand-new taste bud cell every two weeks, so as you detox, your taste buds will be going through their own evolution, and in very short order your food will taste AMAZING.

What you need is a plan that assumes you have no willpower at all-because at any given moment you may not—and works anyway. Bright Line Eating is designed to take the burden off willpower. No matter how much you know about nutrition, you’ll never succeed if you’re making food choices on the fly…. At its core it’s pretty simple. The modern diet wires our brain to work against us, but we can rewire it to work for us. We are not weak. We are not stupid. We are simply trapped on a chemical hamster wheel and haven’t been given the tools to get off. Until now.”

Lesson: The LC Will Talk to You, DO NOT LISTEN

“We’ve been talking about how eating the Standard American Diet can hijack and rewire your brain. But what does this sound like in your head as you’re going around, living your life? Many of us who’ve tried to lose weight in the past can relate to feeling like we have two parts to our personalities, each with different agendas. There’s the part that wants to get thin and stay that way and is bound and determined to manage our behavior to be successful this time . . . finally. Then there’s another part that whispers in our heads, It’s just a little taste . . . you deserve to have some . . . it won’t count . . . go ahead, no one’s watching . . . you’ll start again tomorrow. In Bright Line Eating, we call that voice the Saboteur. It’s the part of us that tries to derail our best plans and intentions…

So, Bright Lines. Clear, simple, unambiguous boundaries that you just don’t cross. We’ve arrived, finally, at the heart of the matter. The most important contribution of the Bright Lines is that they bridge the Willpower Gap. Bright Lines give you clear rules for which you can—and can’t—put in your mouth. And the result is that your eating choices become automatic. You don’t have to think about them. There’s no decision to make. It doesn’t matter that it’s 4 P.M. and that you have a tray of doughnuts in front of you. You will stand there knowing exactly what you are going to eat next, and those doughnuts won’t be it. Bright Lines enable you to stop thinking about food, and to stop grappling with those 221 food-related choices a day we mentioned earlier. There is only one choice: respect the Bright Lines. Bright Line Eating, as I’ve devised it, consists of four Bright Lines: Sugar, Flour, Meals, and Quantities.”

Lesson: You become the KIND of person you think you are?

“Dr. Daryl Bem of Cornell University first posited self-perception theory in 1972. It was a radical theory at the time. It said that we come to know who we are by watching our own behavior. Previously, the scientific community thought that self-knowledge drove our behavior. Most people still assume that we know who we are inherently, and that we then pick behaviors in alignment with that sense of who we are—in alignment with our beliefs, values, attitudes, and political leanings.

Dr. Bem disagreed. His research showed that we form opinions about ourselves exactly as we form opinions about others—by judging our behaviors. No difference. If a friend is always late, you eventually decide they are not only an unpunctual person, but probably also a disrespectful one. You do the same to yourself.

The reason we honor the Bright Lines and commit to living within them is because we find that consistency and structure make us Happy, Thin, and Free. More than that, they allow us to be the people that we strive to be and to do more of the things we want to do in life. Our focus moves beyond food; we become self-actualized and engaged with the world. That is what we all want our lives to be about. The point here is that once something becomes automatic, it frees up tremendous cognitive resources for other things. And you don’t have to think about the behavior *at all* to get it done. The best part, in terms of staying true to your regimen, is that it will eventually become uncomfortable when you *don’t* do it.”


“There’s only one long-term, sustainable solution to this mess that I haver ever seen work. It worked for me, and I have seen it work for thousands of others. Give up sugar and flour. Completely. Get them out of your system quickly and definitively. It’s possible you want to throw this book across the room. It’s also possible you were given the book by someone who has lost and kept off a hundred pounds or more, so you’re willing to keep an open mind. Either way, you’re probably asking me right now, ‘Isn’t that extreme?’

To which I reply, ‘I’ll tell you what’s extreme.’ Each year in the United States alone, over 70,000 people have to get a limb amputated because of their Type 2 diabetes. Seventy thousand people. Their doctors have warned them it’s coming, but it doesn’t matter. They can’t stop. They eat until they lose a limb. That is extreme.

That is how powerful addiction is. Giving up processed drug foods isn’t extreme. What’s extreme is the way our society eats—and the consequences we’ve decided we’re willing to tolerate as a result. And of course the answer is to quit. When someone is losing critical lung function because they smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, we don’t tell them to moderate their smoking. We tell them to quit.”

So that’s it for now, that was another BigReia book review by Azam Meo…

You can download the Summary Guide in .pdf form HERE.

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