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38 Ways to Buy Apartment Buildings Zero Down and Without a Loan… By Using (Epic) Pet Policies.

The world’s first.

First of all, THANK YOU again for making this channel the number one channel for Indiana real estate on YouTube according google analytics and SocialBlade info for  We’re also building the world’s largest organization of Special Needs Business Owners and Real Estate Investors.

By the time you and I are done here you will know how to do something that almost no real estate investor on the planet knows how to do: how buy apartment buildings and apartment complexes, zero down and without a loan…


… BUT here’s the twist…

… You’ll be able to do it just by using better (epic) pet policies.

This is a cool thing that my team and I invented and it is the world’s first and only method of buying apartment buildings JUST by using pet policies.  In other words there is no other place in the world or person in the world where you’ll learn about this.

At least not to my knowledge, if you know of somebody else that has figured this out let me know.  I’ll be their best student…

This is ONLY for Animal LOVERS

I wasn’t born an animal lover, in fact I used to work at my family’s slaughter house.

I did terrible stuff there.

It is hard to talk about but I say that because if you aren’t an animal lover, I get it.  I used to be there.  Your empathy is just switched off.  You don’t get it, yet.  In the future all humans will stop eating animals, they will look back on these times like the way we look at things like slavery.

We have a few companies right now with this goal:

A world with the best tasting, healthiest food ever…
and no animals ever eaten again.

That’s the goal.

There are major advancements with lab grown meat, vegan production capabilities, non meat protein, etc.  Even the ability to create billions of chicken nuggets from a single DNA sample of a single chicken, with no loss or harm to the chicken, no loss of life and with no loss in taste

This is amazing stuff.

The world we envision is getting closer everyday.

For now though, we are just focused on using EPIC PET POLICIES to buy, own and/or control apartment buildings…

One of the biggest mistakes I see real estate investors make is thinking “I’m in the real estate business”… NO you’re not.  Your Mission Statement and your Hook should always include the people you help and:

You need to know what business you’re REALLY in…

About a century ago Pennsylvania Railroad could’ve bought Henry Ford‘s small business but they passed.  They thought they were in the rail road business BUT imagine if they realized they were REALLY in the transportation business…

IBM and Bill Gates

More recently IBM could’ve bought Bill Gates‘ (at the time) TINY business but they passed.  IBM thought they were in the hardware business but imagine if they realized they were REALLY in the computer software, tech or PC business…

Buy Google for $750,000?

Sometime later Excite had the chance to BUY GOOGLE (yes FU**IN GOOGLE) for less than $1M but they passed.  Excite thought they were in the internet provider business but imagine if if they realized that they were REALLY in the internet or internet search business…

Most people don’t know that as recently as 2007 Blockbuster had the chance to buy Netflix, they were desperate for Blockbuster to take over.  In fact Blockbuster’s online service was a huge hit and they were killing Netflix, that’s when they could’ve bought them.  Blockbuster passed (away) on the chance and then shut down their own online business.  They thought there in the retail movie business but imagine if they realized they were REALLY in the entertainment business…

Don’t make it a Kodak moment

Starting in about 1890 Kodak shaped the way people looked at the world.  Their inventions were revolutionary and they became one of the top five most valuable companies on the planet.  Then after a century of dominance they collapsed and went bankrupt.

So WTF happened?

In 1977 Kodak engineer Steve Sasson came up with an invention that weighed seven pounds and stored 30 pictures.  He invented the world’s first digital camera.  He was told:

“That’s cute, but don’t tell anyone about it.”

Kodak had controlled about 90% of all film sales in America.  They were scared that a digital camera would impact their sales.  They COULD have gotten a patent on the digital camera but they passed.  They THOUGHT they were in the film business but what if they realized there were REALLY in the photography business…

Know what Bidness you are REALLY in…

Always pick the broadest possible definition of your business/industry.

You are in the lead generation business…

You are in the transaction business…

You are in the BUSINESS business…

To download the illustrative guide below just click HERE.


To download the illustrative guide above in .pdf for just click HERE.

So here we go…

38 Ways to Buy Apartment Buildings Zero Down and Without a Loan… By Using (Epic) Pet Policies.

Now let’s get into it.  

As stated above you need to remember a couple of things:  

Remember that anytime you increase the income of a property you also increase the value.

So you are going to use the PET POLICIES to grow the income (and thus the value) of the apartment buildings and then leverage that increase to acquire that or another property… 

So you are going to finance your purchase with forced appreciation.

How’d we come up with this?

Like I said our team is always pushing the envelope, it’s how we’ve been able to do stuff like this…  

How much money can you make from a single sign?
(current record: $15k/mo for nine months)   

Can you make $10,000 a week from talking to 10 people a month?
(Yes , and even more)

Can you buy an entire apartment complex just by improving their pet policies?

This is ONLY for Animal LOVERS  

My main purpose here, unlike in most of my communication with you, is NOT just to help you make more money but this is more to help improve the quality of life for animals

You’ll see what I mean as we continue, but just note that loving of animals is a MUST. This is all started back in my previous life when I had almost a total indifference towards animals. 

Back then I was doing some keyword research on the ORIGINAL search engines like GoClick and Overture (which eventually became Yahoo) in the days before Google.  

I found a big opportunity: Dog Training.

This was a very highly searched term but there was almost no competition for it.  If you know the story then you know that we went on to build a dog training business that would eventually become one of the top five groups in the country.  

What that taught me was that people were happy to spend a TON of money on their dogs, cats and other pets. That market eventually became saturated and a lot of people went out of business, but one of the reasons we didn’t fall into the same trap was because we had secret sources of clients.

One of the best sources: tenants.

I didn’t believe tenants were happy to pay $250-$500 extra per MONTH for their pets. Then it got to be a lot more as you’ll see. This is when I learned how much of a huge, underestimated secret.

What were they paying for exactly?

You’ll see in a second, but the main point is that this created a whole new revenue stream of income for the property.

This was whether I owned the property or or not.

Yes, whether I owned it or NOT.  

As you may remember from MY ASSET BROKERING class, anytime you increase the income of an asset (whether a property or a business) you automatically increase the value.

We’ll come back to that. 

A while after we were doing this Millie and Steebo worked with an apartment complex and in one building they had 70+ tenants with pets and of that group just over 20 were pay $250-500.

Even if it was just $200:

That’s an extra $4,000 a month.  

 Which may not seem like much to a big fancy shmancy apartment complex. (if you are thinking that then you really didn’t understand the ABM class linked to above) However, it did impress the owners.

They came back and offered Steebo an ownership stake if she would agree to do the same thing with their other properties. It makes sense for them because they don’t have to do anything and they get free income and forced appreciation.

Her cut from this deal?

Over $650,000 , on ONE deal,
all just from better pet policies.

(Yes. Pet. Policies.)

Over the years two things are remarkable: one is my total shift in attitude and LOVE towards animals, and second – not nearly as impacting but still important to you – is that basically NOBODY, ANYWHERE is talking about this.


We invented this shizzle.

I’m shocked at how few real estate investors have ever even heard of this, let alone have tried it.  Again just to confirm one more time, you can build this part of your business from ZERO, with no money/risk and even if you don’t own a single property.  Even if you don’t have an apartment/commercial or an other property. 

By doing this, you can make money almost overnight.

So today you and will be going over 38 ways to make more money (and even build an entire business around) developing better pet policies.

The first few are commonly practiced but the ones that we will add later are ones that we developed and invented.  But first let’s talk about the three big mistakes investors make with animals and why the are so scared of them when they should NOT be.

Why is this such a big secret?

Ever since I was a teenager managing units for my uncle, nearly EVERY single investor has had the same attitude about about tenants with pets. It hasn’t changed much over the years and it is why this such an opportunity.

This doesn’t make the investors and landlords terrible people and I’m not judging them because they are saying this out of ignorance and fear.  Those are never the best parents of decisions.

To paraphrase and borrow from Big Sean

“I don’t fu** with pets.”

Ask 10 real estate investors about tenants with pets and nearly all 10 will say something like that.  If they have an open pet policy it is almost always because they believe that specific market requires it.  So investors and landlords usually only accept tenants with pets when they are forced to at gunpoint.

This is why this is such a big opportunity. They are leaving money on the table and creating a void in the market. This is also why it is easier to find grateful tenants who appreciate pet friendly landlords.

About two out of three households in America have a pet.

So if you are ruling them out or not focused on them you are left to fight for less than ONE THIRD of the potential market.  You could be getting three times as many leads, calls and deals by changing your approach.  Remember from above that Americans spend over 70 BILLION dollars on pets, this is a MASSIVE market.

This also means that for many folks, one of their top concerns in moving is finding another pet friendly rental.  The harder that is to find, the more “forced” loyalty they will have to their current place.

The big goal of any real estate investor who is a landlord is to find long term, good paying tenants.

In EVERY single market that I’ve been to, in American and abroad, I have met tenants who are staying somewhere – and sometimes even staying at a job or career – mainly to maintain their pet’s living situation.

What about BIG DOGS that tear everything up?

This is not nearly as much of a problem as most landlords think.  However in those cases the problem is NOT the pet but the pet POLICY and the positioning with the tenant at the time of signing.

I will be covering this more below, but just know that because of the stigma attached to big dogs, some of your best, longest paying tenants can be big dog owners.  Over time and with experience you may even come to favor them more than standard tenants.

Here’s what investors and landlords are missing…

It is amazing to me that this blind spot has lasted so long.  To sum it up here is what you need to know to know about tenants with pets:

=== > There are no pet problems, only pet POLICY problems.

Setting expectations correctly from the start will save you from a lot of nightmares.

Also you can set your units/homes up correctly to minimize the costs of problems.  Below is a video from Indy Anna buying her first apartment building by walking dogs – BRILLIANT.

Most importantly when you do this correctly you can create a better life for your tenants and their pets while making money at the same time.

– Azam Meo

How I paid off a 16 unit, $1.2M apartment by walking dogs.

So this was a little more than JUST walking dogs LOL

You can go through the whole post HERE.

– There is a post about 38 ways to buy apartment buildings just by using pet policies

– I asked Azam to make a video about so that should be coming as well, and there are actually more than 38 ways, more like 48 or 50

– Basically you improve the pet policies of an apartment building and then you use the increase in value as leverage

Anytime you increase INCOME you increase the VALUE

– Remember that commercial property are like businesses and companies in that they are measured and valued by how much money they make

– The cap rate tells the return you would get on the property if you paid cash, so 12% cap rate means if you paid $100,000 you would make $12,000 in the first year

– Just remember when you increase income = you increase value

In my case:

– Refer to the post on so you can see all the different ways of working with animals and pets but I started with a grooming service and then a VIP photo service

– On the east side of Indy there is a vet that I used as the Provider to do the work

– There was an apartment building right there that I started working with and using their tenants

I started with the special grooming/waling and VIP photo service

– Some tenants really jumped at it, and some of the VIP photo shoots were over $1,000

– Remember there are three pet policies, the Stanndard, Advannced and EPIC

– I wanted to add more clients so we started with other non-tenants as well just regular pet owners

Basically a side business is built and you are agreeing to let the apartment get some of the income

– Of the larger building, there is set of buildings that has 16 units, I focused on that

– It makes about 9-10k/mo (about $5,000 net roughly) and it is valued around $1.2M

– I was adding about 5k from the pet service (and keeping another 3-5k or so)

– With a 10% cap rate that is 60k a year or about $600,000 in extra value

– So the value goes from $1.2M to about $1.8M

– The owners now wanted to sell to me on contract

I don’t know if this was such a good deal for me

– This is my first deal like this

– I am slowly buying and paying off this 16 unit building with the income from pet policies and side business

– Why not take the cash?  Because I don’t want or need it so I’m throwing it at owning the apartment building

To recap:

– I used the exactly polices from the BigReia post so check that out

– I used grooming/walking but the real money came from the VIP photo shoots (again this is covered on the post)

– I made money with the tenants (and split it with the apartments) but then we expanded to other clients as well

– This became a good side business income and with the clients who were NOT tenants I didn’t have to split the money with the apartments

– I talked to the owners and we broke off a chunk of 16 units and I’m buying those on contract

– I didn’t have to put any money down, or go through a credit check, etc. because I focused on increasing the income FIRST before anything else

– I can probably pay the apartments off in a 2-3 years

That’s the thing though and what I don’t totally understand

– I now have to vets I’m working with and both of them want to make me a partner

– So if I’m making 200-300k/year extra why put that towards an apartment building and not the vet business which I can also easily grow?

– If I put all the money into the apartments and pay them off I will be making about $5,000 a month and have a property worth maybe $1.5 – $2M but that equity doesn’t mean much unless I refi or sell

– But if you I do the same thing and own the one of the vets I would make a LOT more than the $5,000 a month and even though I may not get the same equity of $1.5 – $2M I don’t know why that is much better lol

– I’m still learning I just wanted to let you guys know what was happening

Go through the class when it is done because no matter this is a great way to get paid residuals just like the ultra wealthy do.

The TOP things here are:

– You have to get good at increasing the INCOME (and thus the value) of assets because once you do you can write your own check

– You can always do a GXM and just volunteer to do it just so that you get the math right

– This is just from TWO of the pet policies, and using pet policies is just one way to increase the income while also giving animals a better life, everybody wins!

Thanks everybody!  = )

~ Indy Anna

Okay so before we get to the 38 ways,

there’s something that you and I need to cover about…

… CAP Rates.

… actually there are more than 38 ways because I threw in a few bonus ones just because I love you guys so much.  Now in order to grow the value an apartment complex, a business or anything else – you need to know HOW they are valued. 

We have talked about Cap Rates before in other places. 

What exactly are Cap Rates?  

You can learn more here as well.  

To put it simply the Capitalization Rate tells what rate of return you would make if you bought the property for cash.

You need to know about Cap Rates and P/E Ratios

The secret to buying companies, acquiring assets and creating income ascension is in understanding these valuations and how to CHANGE them.

To value a business we need to know TWO things:

The earnings and

The multiplier.

(multiplier is how many times the earnings investors are wiling to pay)

The P/E Ratio is the Price/Earnings Ratio.

The price of the company over (divided by) how much it made.

A $1M company made $100,000 last year:

$1,000,000  /  $100,000   = 10

The P/E Ratio in one sentence:

If you paid cash for the business this number tells you how many years it would take to make your money back.  

A few tests:

2M w/PE of 10 –

$500,000 earnings with PE of 2 –

10M w/earnings of 2M the PE is… ?  

This is important because it is to businesses what cap rates are to RE.  Again how many years it will take to make your money back.

Cap Rates are to real estate what P/E Ratios are to businesses

In the P/E ratio we put the price/value on top of the earnings, here we do the opposite. 

To calculate the cap rate you take earnings “NOI” (Net Operating Income which we have a whole class about that you watch for free) and put it over the price:  

NOI (Income)

(Divided by)


= Cap Rate  

So if an apartment building is valued at 1M and it generates $100,000, the cap rate is 10%:

$1,000,000 = 10%

Cap rates are expressed as a percentage.

In one sentence the Cap Rate tells you this:

If you bought the property for all cash, the cap rate tells you how much of your money you would get back every year , your yearly ROI.  

Try these:

2M @ 10% = NOI?

20% @ $100,000 NOI = Value?

5M value/price @ $250k NOI = Cap Rate?

How to make a quick $500,000 with this formula…

Example:  $1,000,000 apartment building  $100,000 income  10% cap rate, right?

If you take income from $100,000 to $150,000…

Watch what happens:

10% @ $150k income = Value?

Not $1,000,000 anymore but $1,500,000

You have created:

An extra $500,000.

You can create money out of nothing.  

Although it isn’t really “nothing” you get the idea.  

Once you understand this you are able to almost literally write your own check. 

I don’t suggest EVER getting a loan for any business or piece of real estate because the best way to acquire assets is to finance them with transactions.

Once you get this down you can collect companies and pieces of companies the way a kid collects baseball cards.  The KEY is that you have to learn how to grow these assets.

Remember:  Bump the Income = Bump the Value

Anytime you increase the INCOME, you increase the VALUE.  

You want to become a master of increasing the income/value of assets.

Now that you have increased the income and value, you have a few options.

Remember below we are going to talk about HOW you increase the value with pet policies below a little bit later.  First you should know WHY you are doing it and what you will do with the increase.

Remember that the business multiplier is kind of like the inverse or reciprocal of the cap rate but it tells us the same information.  

Very valuable information.

If you want to get a list of industry multipliers you want to talk to a business broker or appraisal specialist in that given area.  For some basic, raw examples there are companies that publish lists like this here, here and here for example.

These are ROUGH valuations and estimates so don’t bet the farm on them but they are good for practice and learning.  There may be a unique circumstance though like discount for lack of marketability (DLAM), international valuation methods, the type of pricing to equity valuation being used or the overall business valuation method the buyer/investor picks. 

So now let’s talk about how to use this info and these evaluations and the increase you created to buy, acquire, control and/or own the apartment building.

Also here’s a quick video where Indy Anna explains how a student worked with an apartment complex and made $500/week for a year on ONE deal, to learn more you can watch the video below and go to the full post here.

10 Ways to Buy Apartment Buildings ZERO Down… 

… by growing the income and value.


10 Ways to Buy Apartment Buildings ZERO Down… 

… by growing the income and value.

Once you have made the numbers dance it is good to know that you have SEVERAL options that you can use to get that apartment building.  Also the same stuff applies to acquiring a business too.  

Okay let’s get through them.

1.)  Equity and Residuals

Example:  Property worth 3M but after you raise income it is worth 4M.  That is a $1M increase in value and equity.  You can get a percentage of that 1M and/or a percentage of that income.

For example you would get 30% of the increased equity and 50% of the extra cash flow, or the opposite.  This is how Heavy Z created $500,000 in equity and $8,000/mo out of nothing.

You get paid in two ways here:  

Equity – this will take time for you to realize and actually “get” any of the profit, and you also have limitations on selling.  

Residuals – you get a part of the regular monthly income, at no cost and with no liability.

2.)  Value Assignments

Example:  Property worth 3M but after you raise income it is worth 4M.  That is a $1M increase in value and equity.  

You have the right – and option – to buy the property for 3M OR you have 30% ($300,000 in equity) and you can also liquidate.

You can assign your interest.  Your equity and/or residuals can be sold like shares of stock.  You assign your rights.  Usually this will be a minimum of $100,000 cash.

It is much less than your position is worth, but it is fast cash and you walk away, you’re done.  

Do NOT do this often please , if at all.

3.)  Leverage and Acquire

Example:  Property worth 3M but after you raise income it is worth 4M.

That is a $1M increase in value and equity.

You can use your stake ($300,000 for example) and use it as leverage to buy the property.  This stake of yours can be a “down payment” for owner financing (your relationship with the owner is great at this point) or it can be used to show “skin in the game” with a lender to get financed.

20% down on 3M is only $600k and you have $1M to twerk with.

That’s Right, $1M to Twerk With

You can have a credit partner get bank loan/financing for a  new purchase.

You can also bundle your interest in a few different properties and trade them for larger deals.  Think of each of these properties as a business and operate that way, be as picky as you want to be.

Bottom line:  In this case you will your interest/control and cash flow and “trade” it for something bigger, usually acquiring that or other, bigger deals.

You SHOULD do this often, please.  

Now here’s a few more plays that you have…  

We’ll keep using the same example:

Property worth 3M but after you raise income it is worth 4M.  

That is a $1M increase in value and equity.  

Same deal, one thing to quickly determine is what you want more of because soon you will NOT want cash, you’ll want equity instead but you can pick:

4.)  Let the seller keep all the extra cash and you get more equity (70/30+)

Instead of getting half of the equity increase you can get more if you allow the seller to keep some or all of the immediate cash flow.  Do this on deals you that you think are going to hyper appreciate.  For more on how to recognize these areas go through my class on it.

5.)  Let the seller/owner keep all the equity and you get more cash (30/70+)

This is the reverse, you take more of the cash and less of the equity.

6.)  Enter a new contract and buy the property with your (now established) payments

Now you have a relationship with the sellers and owners.  There are monthly payments that are coming in with regularity.  You are also getting paid every month.  You can agree to give those payments back to the owners and buy the property on contract or seller financing.

7.)  Take the equity/cash flow and use it as a down payment on another property/business

Practice this dialog:

“I may be willing to trade my apartment building for the right business…”

You will take cash flow and/or equity and trade it for cash flow and/or equity in a business.

8.)  Create a second mortgage (or shares/dividends) and collect or liquidate based on your needs.  

Instead of borrowing money you can essentially “loan” money to the seller or use a second mortgage to protect your interest.  With that second mortgage you can collect the payments on it or you can turn around and sell it.

9.)  Take your equity/cash flow position and trade for another property altogether, or a bulk SFR deals.  

Just having ownership in an apartment complex or a deal like this will make you more attractive to banks, owners, sellers, etc.  This can be the ‘skin’ you have in the game.  

10.)  Use your position and leverage to lend private money/hard money WHILE still getting the cash flow.  

You take your equity stake and get a loan against it (I never recommend) OR you use it as collateral for others OR lend it back to the seller with interest.

Although you should know that we break these pet policies into three categories, each one is profitable so you only have to take away from this what you want.

Nobody has ever done all 38 (well 48+) with a single property and that’s partly because you only need do ONE to reach your goal, and beyond.  Also a quick note about why we don’t worry about haters who doubt the possibility of something that OTHERS are doing…

So here we go…

38 Ways to Buy Apartment Buildings Zero Down and Without a Loan… By Using (Epic) Pet Policies.

Now let’s get into it.

Like I said earlier no one person has ever done all 38 below or all the 10 above with a single property and that’s partly because you only need do ONE to reach your goal, and beyond.

This the actual HOW you grow the income of the property…

These are the actual PET POLICIES

We break them up into three categories:

Basic – these will cover some of the simple and widely known approaches, but even here as we get towards the end of this category you will start seeing some remarkable policies.

Advanced – These are beyond the basic policies they are… uh… advanced.

Epic – These are badass. You can use these principles and apply them towards ANY business and see good results. I love these, I think you will too. = )

So let’s get started…

Basic Pet Policies

The first few are commonly practiced, we’ll go over this first and then pick up as we add momentum…

1.) Charge more per pet every month.

It may be per pet or a flat rate, usually around $50/month at least, this may vary based on some of the variables below.

2.) Raise the security deposit.

This will also vary on a few factors and you can use a sliding scale that is partly based on what your insurance company suggests, a big mistake I’ve seen investors make is raising this too high.  Also check out our class on security deposits for more on this. Be reasonable and have justification.

3.) Make part of the security deposit NON refundable.  

This will help give even more protection, you can also combine this with the previous tip and raise the deposit and consider the new raised amount non refundable.  So those are pretty basic, here are some far more uncommon things that can be done and that you should keep in mind.

4.) Have the tenants pay (or get) the insurance liability.

This is not “making” money necessarily as much as it is saving money.  Since a penny saved is a penny earned I’ve included it. There are certain breeds of dog that are listed as “dangerous” or a similar category that your insurance company may have come up with.

They may raise your rates or have you get a separate insurance policy altogether.  In any case where YOU are paying more you can have your tenant apply, accept and pay for it.  Or they can get their own tenant and renters insurance policy.  In general it is a good for all tenants to get their own insurance policies for their own protection.

This can really help…

These policies aren’t bullet proof and it doesn’t guarantee anything BUT you start the relationship off on a much better note because you are making it clear that you are serious about any damages that may happen. You don’t need your tenants to tip toe around 24/7 but you do want them to think twice about how well they are taking care of the property. 

5.) Doggie Poop Clean Up.  

By far one of the worst things you can do is let your properties become surrounded with mountains of dog poop.  Things can get nasty, like the Philadelphia man Franklin Manual Santana who was shot and killed by his neighbor over a dog poop dispute.

Thankfully it doesn’t always get that serious, but it can still cause problems.  Just ask California’s former mayor of San Marino, Dennis Kneier, who was forced to resign after he was caught on video throwing dog poop on his neighbors walkway.

Imagine you are a 58-year-old veteran looking for a job…

You keep getting turned down, so do you:

A.) Keep looking, something’ll turn up

B.) Do odd jobs around the neighborhood

C.) Make a list of every company who rejected you and mail them cat poop

You can guess what Javons Brown of St. Louis did.  I loved the quote from the Assistant U.S. Attorney in the case who prosecuted Brown: 

“This is not a victimless crime.”

Brown mailed over 20 packages of cat poop to companies.

Seriously tho, don’t let poop become a problem…

It doesn’t just smell bad and turn people off but it can also lower the value of the property.  This is one of the biggest reasons landlords hate dealing with tenants who have pets.

But there is a better way to deal it.

Instead of worrying about if your tenant’s will pollute the yards or common areas, make the penalty so high that you secretly hope they let their dogs decorate the lawn everyday.

To do this you will need get a DNA sample of each dog when they sign and before they move in.  Like with humans a simple cotton swab on the inside of the cheek will work.  Or saliva, poop, etc.

From what I understand one of our students Phil (I mentioned him more in the video) along with your girl Indy Anna (that’s ME) was able to be instrumental in getting my city of Carmel, Indiana to require all dog owners to submit DNA samples of their dogs to the city.

Then it was sent to BioPet Labs, their website is  They have built a business around dog DNA testing to track dog poop.

Another company you can try is  With they put all the pet samples into a DNA registry to reference later so the tenant won’t have to pay to register repeatedly.

This shows you mean business.

I have found that just taking this step has made a big difference because it shows people that you mean business.  Imagine if you saw a friend of yours rush to clean up dog poop or stop their dog from free roaming and marking his territory when normally they would let these things go.

Then when you asked why all of a sudden he took it so seriously and how anybody (like the owner) would know it was his dog, he told you:

“They took his DNA sample and they track this sh**… literally.”

People are often taken back by this approach.

They are impressed.

Now the other important thing that you need to do is to attach a LARGE fine to this, at least $500 – $1,000.  It will more than cover the costs of the testing and it will help make sure violations are rare. This has been a solid (hehe) a way to eliminate poop surrounded rentals nearly overnight.                    

This is also a good service you can help your city with, like Phil did above. Usually “dog park” is code for “wear boots”, but you can help make these spaces cleaner, safer and more enjoyable for everybody.

Poop can be dangerous sh**

Also keep in mind that any given dog, cat or other animal’s poop can be fatal to your animal.  So you aren’t just cleaning up the area but you are also helping to save lives and keep the animals safer.

Every vet that I’ve worked with has stories of bad things that happened from one animal’s dropping impacting another. You can help with that.

5 but actually 6.) Dog Walking (or Animal Walking)

This isn’t just for dogs.  Many animals love to be taken out to breathe and stretch. Maybe “walking” just means playing with them in the house for a few minutes.  We’ve done with cats, turtles, mice, snakes… and even a few elephants… and more. 

My beautiful and brilliant BABIES – Eago and Zazu of course – they love to fly and spread their wings. Thankfully we’ve been able to do it everyday but if for some reason we didn’t then I would pay the right person a full time income to keep them happy and flying.                    

Offering a “walking” service also helps you get to know the animals and by keeping them happier they are less likely to misbehave.                   

6.) Grooming services.

This can be done on location or in office. By having several tenants at once, all the dog owners for example, you’ll have leverage with local veterinarians so even if they don’t do “in home” services normally they can make exceptions for you based on volume. 

Nearly all pet parents (I prefer that to “owners”) will be running behind on some kind of grooming issue, whether it is bathing, trimming nails, check ups, etc.  So having this service for tenants helps the animals’ health but also the up keep of the rental because trimmed claws and nails lead to less damage.                   

7.) Dog training… or animal training.

 It has been said that you never train an animal, but instead they train you. There’s something to that.  Again when I say “dog training” it doesn’t have to be with dogs necessarily.

People love to brag and show off how well their animals listen to commands like “sit”, “roll over”, “jump”, etc. This is a good way to offer that and ALSO produce better, more obedient pets… which again are less likely to damage your rentals.

Wanna be called the C-word?

By far one of the most common things people ask me to do with their parrots is to train them to cuss like Eago.  And I have to explain that I never trained him to do that.  At least that’s what I thought.

The first time he called me a “Lazy Cu*t” I laughed so I hard that I didn’t catch my breath for at least five minutes.  I use to never use that word.  He loves it because the attention trained him.  It gets me (and anybody within earshot) laughing out of control every time, even to do this day.

Animals are like our kids, we are always training and teaching them.

So offering training can have great potential, especially if it is done in home and again by leveraging multiple tenants.  Buying in bulk like this means you can get a better deal with a trainer that you hire to do the work.                   

8.) Pet Sitting.  

This is one of the biggest secrets on the list.  First I will say that I am happy to see that in recent years this is taken as seriously as hiring somebody to babysit your kids, as in your human kids.  So sitting them in front of a screen is no-no.

Often pet sitting can require a full resume, background check and references.                    

There is a HUGE benefit here that is often missed.

The big secret is the relationship factor.  For many people they don’t and won’t trust just anybody to watch their pets.  In fact they may be more protective of a babysitting for their pets than their kids because the kids can talk, fight back and/or get somebody in much bigger trouble if they mistreat them than if somebody mistreats, neglects or abuses a pet.

Build and leverage your relationship

So if you or somebody on your management is involved in any of the previous activities like dog walking, grooming, training, etc. then a relationship is being built with the animal.  Trust is being built and it isn’t hard to become the FIRST person they call to watch their pets.                    

I’ve even had students’ tenants tell me that the reason they kept RENTING at a particular place is because of the relationship that their PET had with the management.


I’ve also had students say that this was so valuable to their business and keeping long term tenants that not only could they do it for free but for the right tenants it would even make sense to PAY THE TENANT to babysit their pets because of the way it glued them to the property.

Those are the BASIC Pet Policies

Ultimately this is about creating a perfect situation for everybody.  As an animal lover you (or your team) get to be around and love on animals.  The tenants are thrilled and the BEST part is that animals are happier.                    

I have often talked to people who say they wish there was some way to play with animals all day and make a living doing it… well here it is…

You’re welcome.  ; )

Now for the more secret ways…

Advanced Pet Policies

Now for some more super secret ways…                   

Advanced Pet Policies

So first we went over the obvious ways, then the less obvious now are the ones that pretty much nobody knows about or does. These can be done individually or as a package deal.

This will make even more sense at the end when we talk about the VIP Models, which has been worth millions to our clients and students.  Maybe hundreds of millions.  Okay let’s keep going…                   

9.) Play Dates and Field Trips

This is kind of like an extended dog walk.  Sometimes we call them hang outs, Fun Days or just adventures – it’s all the same thing. Maybe the dog likes to play with other dogs in the area, a certain type of breed or other pets of tenants you have.  Or you can set up play dates through a trainer, vet, groomer, etc.  You can take them all on a day trip to a park, playground, movie, etc.

You can also build a dog or animal playground and make monthly money on that as well, which we’ll talk about more later.       

10.) Professional Photoshoots.

Some time ago “Glamour Shots” was a big hit with teenage girls.  They could go to a professional photographer and have a real “modeling shoot” with dramatic and exotic pictures taken of them.  You don’t have to do that but it can help. 

There are basically three ways to do this, first you can have regular professional pictures taken in a studio with a nice backdrop, second you have pictures taken at home or at a local park with the pet in natural surroundings or third you can go the glamour shots route and have green screens and/or backdrops and the like showing the dog saving kids from a burning orphanage.

We’ve found that last kind has been a surprising hit.               

You may know that I suggest you do become something of an amateur photographer.  Even if you’re like I used to be and you have no interest in it. Today’s world is about being visual, developing a better eye for the remarkable will help you get better at finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

The better you get at looking for beauty, the more you’ll see it wherever you look.

What a gift to get.  It has changed my life and I try to take dozens of pictures everyday. You can start by just using your phone, then adding lenses and understanding lighting, contrast, composition, framing, rule of thirds, etc.  You can learn the basics of cell phone photography and start capturing magnificence all around you.

It can have a big impact on your life.

I say this now because it is possible that you can take those professional pictures yourself with some basic training.  Our team has built multiple businesses simply by developing one’s skill as an amateur photographer.  I can talk more about this later if you guys want, just let me know.                   

11.) Custom Fit Clothing  

This gets some people crazy, the thought of a dog dressed as a pirate or wearing a sweater vest drives them up a wall.  For me, if the animal enjoys it then play ball.  This can be combined with the photography as well.

Also some of this may sound crazy, but at the end I’ll tell you about somebody who you may know who has paid for and done all of this fancy shmancy pet dressing…

Happily. (yes it’s me!)

There are a lot of places with pet clothing or you can get somebody local to make it custom, that’s something we’ll talk about later in the Epic Pet Policies.

12.) Parties and Events

This could be birthday parties, baby showers (for the pets) coming home parties, getting over an illness celebration, etc.  Basically you can find any excuse to throw a party.

There are some good reasons to do this aside from making the pet feel loved, which is main reason of course. 

On top of that though you can invite other tenants and if they chip in, bring food and invite their friends then these parties can turn into great referral centers.  After all, how many people look forward to the parties that their landlord throws… for their PETS? 

They’ll love you… forever… and ever…

This is how you build your Nobody Mountain and Create the Standard.

13.) Gourmet Meals for Pets

They don’t have to be ‘gourmet’ but we always at least start by calling them that because anybody who wants this is ready to spend money.  In fact one quick way to categorize anybody you ever talk to is to ask: 

“You know we have a gourmet meal service for pets,
I can look into getting you hooked up with that if you’d like…?”                    

Ideally you want to hear an eager and aggressive:

“FU** YES!”

Sometimes these meals can be prepared ahead of time and fed daily or at some regular interval, if the tenant is not there it gives you/management a chance to see in the inside of the units regularly.  You can also help them order meals (you can be an affiliate) or have them delivered, or have a cook make them.                    

Later I’ll talk about why you want to do over the top stuff like this.  We will also cover why this will make it much easier to grow the real estate part of your business AND it will make it easier to add a whole new side business at the same time.

14.) Custom Toys.

In the first 10 years of her life my Zazu Bear never, ever played with any toys.  Except one. It was a kind of stuffed animal and when you squeezed it the mouth would slightly move and it would let out a friendly moan.

She Loved It.

So much so that…

She destroyed it in less than one minute.  But after spending years trying to get her to play with something I wasn’t going to give up that easy.  I got several more but the same thing happened. I tried to reinforce it, rebuild, make it stronger, etc. but the most I would do is add a few seconds to the toy’s life.

I looked for a handyman, ran ads on craigslist and indeed, I spoke with contractors – I searched and searched. Finally I found a rugged fixer upper, DIY (do-it-yourself) type of guy and he was perfect.

We found special material and made a virtually indestructible toy that would last Zazu for years.  Something she wouldn’t destroy or even wear down for years to come.

It took her three days.  

She’s a nut – I love it HAHA… 

So I called my guy back and he really didn’t know how to make it any stronger so instead we just made a bunch of them.  Zazu destroyed each one.  I kept getting more and more made.  Eventually she lost interest.

Sometimes she will get back into it usually about 90% of the time that I try to get her to play with it, she’ll look at me like “Naw dawg… not today.”

“Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

– Zazu Bear on toys  

My point is that this cost me thousands of dollars, but it gave me an idea.  We started a business around making custom made toys suited for specific animals. 

“Custom, hand-made toys made JUST for your pet.”

Since then I know of at least two handymen who used this model and were able to replace their income by building specialty custom made toys for pets. 

Your tenants will probably not have the exact same issues with toys being destroyed that I did.  More people, however, will want customized items like toys.  This also brings us to the next one:                   

15.) Custom Branded Clothing

This is not just custom FITTED clothing but this will be branded with something unique to the pet.  So this is something that people can wear too.  Maybe it is a picture of the pet, or of the whole family or a holiday picture, etc. 

Whatever you do it has never been easier or cheaper to get clothes designed (for humans or animals, but in this case for humans) with a special picture or logo designed specifically for their pet.     

16.) Create a Special Logo for the Pet

This is big one actually, we’ll talk more about this when we get into the VIP process.

We will talk about this more in a bit but think about how many things we develop logos for, businesses, soccer teams, ideas, parties, senior proms, cars, graduating classes, schools, family crests are all basically logos, etc.

Yes almost nobody has a logo for their beloved pet.

This ALONE is a big reason to create a logo.  In fact, I’ll even bet that this is the first time you’ve ever heard of doing this.  You’ve probably never met anybody who had a logo for their pet or for the alliance, the “team” that they and their pet make.  It’s pretty cool and can be used in a number of ways as you’ll see.                    

Oh by the way…                    

This idea of logo design is actually a huge secret by itself.  There has never been a time where getting good, quality designs can be done so well and so cheap IF you know where to look and what to say.  You can even get thousands of good logos for freeThis isn’t hard to do.                    

In one our recent “Badass interviews” we have a young man who was getting paid by local businesses $300-$500 per logo design, and he was hiring the work out on fiverr for less than $20 a gig.  He was netting $400-500 a day.

He is 16.

I can talk more about this and do a class or something if you guys want, just let me know.                    

17.) Personal Portraits and Paintings

Hiring aspiring painters and artists can be done for pennies BUT the perceived value of portraits is high.  I would have to check but I don’t think we’ve ever seen a student get less than a few hundred dollars for a custom painting or artwork, at the very least.

Imagine a pet saying “I want you to draw me like one of your french girls.”

That is basically what you are doing. 

These look really cool.  When doing this the words you want to use are:

“Do you want to commission a portrait of your pet?”

Anybody who says yes is ready to spend some money.

18.) Framed Picture

We’ve had (and have) a few photography companies and one of the best ways to move product quickly is to let a client actually see a finished product and then make it as easy as possible to buy.

For example send them a picture of one of their favorite pictures of their pet.  Make sure it is stained on glass or framed nicely.  Then all the client has to is swipe, tap or click and you’ll have it ready for them tomorrow. 

Let’s say you took the pet on a Fun Day for example. Now you have a great picture of their dog flying through the air or something.  You could send them that picture on their phone so that they have it BUT then you could also give them the option of getting it framed or printed nicely like on a canvas for example.

This works best when part of a package, which we’ll talk about that shortly.

19.) Wedding (and other special event) Photography

A lot of these ideas may seem crazy to non-animal lovers.  It may even seem crazy to animal lovers frankly BUT some of these came as a result of what I paid for and then (profitably) offered to others.

My Eago and Zazu really are soulmates.

So I wanted a way to capture that.  That’s why we actually scheduled, arranged and photographed an actual wedding for them.  Now we celebrate their anniversaries too, and photograph them.  It is basically an excuse to throw them a party and give them all kinds of attention.

It is just a normal party basically, but the pets more attention than usual               

The weddings are not as popular with many clients/tenant BUT other events are and this will get their mind thinking of new ideas.  This is also a great chance to get involved in the very profitable world of wedding photography.  Ask Indy Anna how she is clearing six figures a quarter with her wedding photography business… without taking a single picture.

Remember it doesn’t have to be a wedding.  

Maybe it is a birthday party, a Fun Day, a random party or some other event. You can also add catering to this.  We’ve also run ads and public notices too. The right person will love this sh** and give you all sorts of love for arranging this.            

20.) Custom Pet Furniture

This can be for dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc. This doesn’t just build goodwill with your tenants but it also helps to stop your walls, frames and floors from becoming a chew toy.  You can build these for one tenant or have a common area for multiple tenants.

Nearly everybody with a pet knows their pet’s preferences and how to make standard toys, furniture, pet houses, etc. more tailored to their tastes.  There a lot of places with great pet furniture ideas too.  You can order pet furniture pre-made from many places or you can have them custom tailor their products with your modifications.

There are several places you can use as inspiration and hire a handyman to build them from scratch.  I just did this with a library that we converted to a dog and cat play den, the tenants could pay monthly or in one lump sum. 

We just did this and generated about $20,000, almost overnight.

Whether you make these small changes to existing pet furniture, or creating some from scratch, this is a great way to improve animal’s lives.  This alone (like many other items on this list) can be a good side business.                   

21.) Competitions and Pageants  

This can be a talent show, an exhibition, a dog show, a beauty pageant, a race, a display of tricks, an eat off, a weight loss challenge, a training improvement study, etc.  A good movie that explores the obsession of these dog show people is called “Best in Show“.

I do not prefer to support stores like Pet Smart or (Pet Smart bought Chewy too) because of the many bad practices they continue to carry on with.

Before it got this bad though, they had a Halloween costume competition.

As you may know…

Eago won.

First he won the local and then the regional competition.  He won a few others, and was invited to the national competition in Florida.

I think he would’ve won, but he really didn’t want to go.                    

What was his costume you ask?                    

(no this NEVER gets old)                    

Santa CLAWS!

… get it…?                    

… it’s like Santa Claus except…                    

… you see how…

… oh forget it…                    


I still have those trophies and awards and on our team they’ve thrown hundreds of such events now.  Some for regular profit and many other times for charities and other organizations.                    

The trick to making these work is to have a LOT of categories, so that basically everybody goes home with a trophy, award, plaque, etc.  They will likely keep those hung up their walls for the rest of their lives AND enter your next contest immediately.

Leverage the Awards

If you use a website this can also help with SEO as they promote the contest (held on your site) and ask their friends, family, clients, contacts, etc. to help them win by voting.

On our team and with students we do a lot of contests and events like this with video games competitions and such, and it works the same way with pets too so you can follow those same policies.

Income Replacement

We recently had an animal lover student who was a nurse and was making about $40k/year at her job. She started hosting these events and in her first year working VERY part (less than 10 hours a month) was able to more than double her income

She made as much money loving on animals as she did at her day job, and she did it overnight.  I’ll try to talk more about that in the video on this.                    

You may think this is CRAZY…

You may be seeing this and thinking…

“… I’m in REAL ESTATE Azam, I’m a real estate investor so why the sh** would I get into building furniture, doing paintings or photographing of pet weddings?!?!!”                    

Well, I’ll explain that fully in a moment but first let me tell you one of the things that this is all leading up to.

First of all at the very start of this I said this was only for animal lovers.  So to do this you SHOULD be thinking about the animals out there who are you dealing with neglect, being mistreated and much worse.  Animals are heroes, but sometimes they need a hero too. 

You have a chance to help them… AND build a side business doing it.

That is something special.                    

So you can make money with any of these services.

Or you can make money with more than one.

Or one at a time. 

Another way is that you combine some of these ideas for anywhere from $250-$500 a month or much more.  There is, however, another way to create even larger paydays.

Also you should check out our other EPIC post on how to buy apartment buildings zero down and you can also watch the video below.

Now it’s time for the… 

(the bear below will prepare you for…)

Epic Pet Policies

Epic Pet Policies  

This will touch on a concept that we’ve taught for years:

The VIP Program.

By the way you can watch the video above and then go through the full post about cool, badass ways to buy apartment buildings zero down.  A lot of brilliance there too.

About the VIP Program, I can do a separate class on this because it is a GIANT open secret that we see in practice everyday.  Too few business owners apply this to their business.  In fact almost nobody does this.  The few that do normally do it wrong.  This one lesson can allow you to build (highly profitable) business after business, all from zero.

The VIP Program is how we’ve helped students and clients get paid serious money. This is a how a hair stylist got $10,000 for a hair cut, a restaurant $7,000 for a burger, a car dealer $20,000 for a (FREE) test drive – and much more… in this case imagine:

Imagine tenants lining the block to pay you $15,000 for VIP Pet Services

One of the first times we did this Zach and Mills had no idea what to expect with the Epic Pet Policies or how much work it would take to pull off.  So they only made five spots available.  They thought it would probably be five too many haha…                    

Well on the FIRST day, those five slots were gone and their lives changed.  Remember earlier we talked about how much of a difference just a few thousand dollars a month can make in the value of an income property?  Well imaging what happens when:

You make an extra $75,000 in a SINGLE day…            

Now you start to see why I’ve listed all this stuff, and why it makes sense to branch off and even have a side business that helps with pets and animal welfare.                    

Like I said at the start though, this truly is ONLY for animal lovers.  I’m only interested in training you guys to do this because the top priority to you should be the health, happiness and over improved qualify of life that you are able to bring animals. The fact that you are able to make money, and good money, doing it is just a side benefit.

Why would somebody pay for $15,000 for this?          

I’m about to list out some extras that we’ve done in the past, and stuff that you should consider.  After all of it though, it would be normal to still think that none of it is “worth” $15,000 or more. 

And you’d right… for YOU.                    

The “VIP Programs” that I mentioned above are just a TINY taste of what we’ve done in multiple industries with countless companies.  It is a secret way to create price inelasticity and command whatever prices you want.

Here’s a quick lesson in this badassery:

To download the guide below just click HERE.

To download the guide below just click HERE.

The two classes above are from the Econ 101 basics post, you can get it all here.

Hopefully that makes more sense now.

There is enormous power when you do this right…

Three things to keep mind…

To understand the power of the VIP Club, you should understand three basic things.

First is that for people in this category part of, if not the entire, benefit of paying such a high price is that it becomes KNOWN that they paid such a high price.  The price is, in many ways, the product that they are buying.

They WANT people to KNOW that they paid 100x or more.

The second key thing to know is that everything you do or include at this higher prices supports the first and third keys. 

The third key to this is that the end result that client walks away with is a really, really good STORY.  Give them a good story to tell, the higher the price the better because the price itself is part of the value and product and BRAG about them.  Recognize that they paid more.

I’ll explain a bit more about each one but that was a quick primer in the VIP Program basics.  For more you should go through my class on it because it can change your life and your business overnight once you understand it.

Give them a GOOD STORY.

There is a great bit on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with comedian Ronny Chieng where he talks about “stupid rich people” buying stupid stuff at auctions.  There are some great lessons there.

Why would somebody pay over $100,000 for a Boba Fett (a Star Wars character) action figure?  Now the toy is being resold and is expected to bring in over $200,000… why?  Especially when they toy has never been opened and the owners certainly would never let anybody play with it.

Why would somebody pay $11,000 for some grapes?

Why would somebody pay almost $2 million for 50 year old tapes of something (the Apollo 11 moon-landing) that you can watch in BETTER quality on YouTube for free?

Why?  People will do (and PAY) just about anything if you…

Give them a GOOD STORY. 

By the way, some of these are things we’ve done in the past for all sorts of things like client appreciation, bonuses for crowdfunding, holiday gifts, etc.  For now we’ll keep it focused on the pets so you can see how we use these keys to creating price inelasticity with each of the following items:

Epic Pet Policies…


22.) Get the pet their own Hollywood agent.

The agent can get the pet gigs, auditions, submit for jobs, create buzz, etc. That is stuff they CAN do, it doesn’t mean that they will or need to in order for this to pay off.

What I mean is that the agent doesn’t need to get the pet a role in the next James Cameron movie for this to work.  Remember a BIG part of this is the STORY that they can tell.  There are a lot of ways to get a Hollywood agent.

So just the fact that the pet has or had a real life Hollywood agent is usually more than good enough when you combine with some of these other items.  Also these days you can get cast by nearby social media personalities or up and coming rising people like “Instagram Influencers” or YouTubers.

23.) Register a holiday in the pet’s name.

We do this a lot.

A lot.

This works with all kinds of stuff.  This is a huge secret that can be used to gain compliance quickly.  I won’t get into it too much right now but just know there are a LOT of really cool ways to use this technique.

For now we are just getting a holiday in their pet’s name.  This is unlikely to be recognized by the US (or any other) government, but it’s a fun thing to put on a plaque, press release, T-shirt, etc.

And it can actually be quite easy and FREE to register a holiday.

You can even get a copyright or a trademark.

You can start by going to places or Chases.  There are other steps you can take to register a holiday as well.  The important part is the documentation and certificates you provide to make it seem more “real”.  The whole thing is rather tongue-in-cheek but the more dramatic you make it, the more fun.

24.) Get the pet their own “Head Shots”.

This is on top of the “glamour” shots and what actors and actresses put in file and submit to agents.  You can use the collection of shots and give it to the pet’s agents but also you can have a copy available at the home so it can be shown to visitors.

Taking head shots of your pets is one way to go.  Something else to consider is using your pet’s in your own pictures for social media profiles, resume images, emails, websites, etc.  It humanizes you and helps you stand out.

We’ve gone over the top with this and you may want to as well.

So you can use a green screen or photoshop and create some really cool images like a dog slaying a dragon, saving the bus full of kids from the original Superman, or saving Louis Lane in the airplane or joining Ben Affleck (oh wait not as Superman but as Batman) to fight evil, etc.

When this is done professionally it sticks out and can really impress.

25.) The Pet Gets a (Virtual) Assistant.

The pet gets personal assistant just like a real celebrity.  We also do this with kids, infants, grandparents, imaginary friends, etc.  This is all in good fun and can be a funny thing for people to share.

This can be done for nearly no money because the virtual assistants are cheap will likely not be needed very much or have much to do.  You can have them spend the first 30-90 days working part time to do some of the other items on our list like creating quotes, posting messages, updating social media status, getting cards made, etc.

After that you can still have a VA on standby for virtually no cost.

I just did this with two of the new members of my Indy Anna REIA.  They had triplets and we got them their own virtual assistant and they loved it.  I also had a tenant who was paying an extra $500/mo for his fish to get the VIP treatment and part of that was the fish’s assistant, Wanda lol. 

26.) The Pet Gets a Private Number and Business Card.

This goes a long way when you add the logo, assistant info, portfolio, etc. because it gives it a real solid feel. None of these things alone has the same impact as the combinations added together.

You can get a google voice number for free and it comes with an email that the tenants can have access to.  Paid voicemails are also getting cheaper and cheaper as well.  High quality business cards are cheap and easy to get too.   

Remember always come back to the STORY that they are going to be able to tell – you can help make that happen.

27.) Get Social Media Accounts for the Pet

This includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other big ones that come to mind.  Then along with them you can take the next step.  There are some great examples like Timothy the blind cow, Nala the world-traveling cat that was rescued by her dad Dean or the famous Grumpy Cat with over 1.5M followers on twitter. 

Having a social media account for a pet or animal is also a good way to help animal rescue programs because you can help spread the word.  People love animal videos.  They can go viral and spread love around the world think of an eagle almost snatching a baby, a dog (FENTON!) chasing deer or a cat sparring a toaster.

Very Profitable

Also as a side note giving animals personality and having them “write” and explain things can have huge impacts on your compliance.

Some of the best direct mail letters that we’ve ever made, written or sent have been “from” pets and animals.  To this day people always ask me if Eago still calls me a “lazy cu**.”

He does.

Mix that kind of profanity with INSANE levels of optimism and playfulness and you start to understand Eago’s attitude.  He has “written” some of our best performing letters.

It isn’t just Eago either.  Grumpy Cat has been in commercials, had a two-hour waiting line when he did a meet-and-greet at SXSW and even signed to a Hollywood movie deal.


28.) Set Up Their Own Youtube Account.

This is separate account and channel from the other social media options because there are a number of things you can do with a YouTube channel.  Again, it does NOT matter if you get much traffic or activity remember the focus is on the STORY.

In China there was a case of Sylar, a border collie in China.  When a depressed 31 year old in Beijing started watching dog training videos on the internet and then teaching them to Sylar, he posted the videos with pop music like Lady Gaga playing… and it went viral.

Sylar is now making millions

Now they spent over $500,000 on Sylar’s very own custom mansion,  trampoline, an indoor pool and a 10 foot high mural dedicated to the collie saying “I love you.”  There’s power to creating these accounts and sharing one’s passion.

It doesn’t have to be an account on standard “social media” site either.  Companies like Purina have their own social network for pets.  You can become a member and CREATE an award to give to pets of your choosing. 

More on this later.

You can set up a main account for the neighborhood, apartment complex/building or city, like “Indy’s Dog Life” for example.  Or you can set up a dedicated account just for the pet. You can post videos and each of your clients can post and repost the uploads.

You can also set up free accounts and Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc.

There are a TON of ways to leverage this…

There’s so many plays here that we don’t have time to get into them all.  Here is a list pets on YouTube so you can get an idea of the opportunities.  You can also get your animal featured on high profile channels like DogTV and that comes with bragging rights.

29.) Create a Poster or Movie Poster about the Pet

This doesn’t actually have to go with a video, and you can mock famous movie posters like Scarface or The Matrix but with the pet photoshopped in.  We talked about where to hire designers before, places like Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, guru, etc. 

Done correctly, these can work and look just as well as originals. This goes hand in glove with the next one:

30.) Make a Short Documentary About the Pet.

These will be among the most shared things you ever do.  Who doesn’t want that story to get out? This takes a bit more time and skill if you try this yourself so usually you will want hire this out.  The result is a good video can even be used as the sole upload on the Youtube channel if necessary.

The lowest at my Indy Anna REIA that I ever did this for was $5,000.

You can also create awards and get entered into film festival submissions for free and pretty easily as well.  This will give you awards with laurels and laurel leaves around them lol.  Anything in between olive branches sounds and looks cool.  Azam taught me that compliance move.

Something like this…

And back to the brilliance, this is one my favs…

31.) Make an Entry in Urban Dictionary for the Pet.

I love this one and we do it ALL the time for all sorts of things. Basically you take the pet’s name or a version of it and come up with a cool definition that relates directly to the pet.

Take any activity that they do, usually a positive one, and then turn their name into a verb.  Now the verb means that positive thing.  Making it strangely unique helps it stick too.  So the Urban Dictionary entry would read something like:

Being a Good Jack-Jacko (verb)
In reference to Big Jacko the pit bull from Southern California living with parents Bob and Jane.

“Listening very carefully and being quiet while Mark and his roommate are playing Call of Duty so that you get your peppermint reward (snack)”

Or something like that.

Take the definition and term you come up with and make it sound official with pronunciation marks and everything.  Then add it to the business cards and everything else because this is now part of the pet’s identity.  Urban Dictionary is a fun place to browse for ideas too, one of my students just sent me THAT one.

Take a screenshot and a picture and include it in a plaque, engraving or certificate.

32.) Set Them Up Their Own Website.

This is a basic one you should all be doing.  In fact a good exercise that we often do with VIP clients in a number of different categories is to buy the domain name for their name and the names of any/all their kids.  Then we give them to the clients as gifts.

You should definitely buy domains for each of your kids, they make good gifts.  Anyway regarding doing this with a pet, this website can contain any/all of the other items on this list and can be promoted on their business cards, posters, etc.

This can be be a blog style with weekly/monthly updates done with pictures, videos, etc. so any and all friends and family can keep up.

33.) Name a star, planet, piece of a Moon, galaxy or some celestial body after the pet.

We’ve done this many times.  This is NOT something that will be help up in court when we colonize the stars (or aliens colonize us) and it basically amounts to a company making up an official looking “registration” paper and sending it to you like an online degree…

But it is still pretty cool…

Do enough of these and you can issue your own “title” and paperwork.  At Indy Anna REIA I think we created the world’s first title company for Mars real estate property.  I asked some students what should be next and or course they picked Uranus lol.

34.) Media Alert and PR Release

This update/alert can be done once to let the public know about all of the new things that the pet has (their own star in the sky, a website, etc.) or done for each new item individually.

You can also make sure they get picked up by certain publications, and that at least some of the stories you promote get “printed” or published online. Which brings us to:

35.) Print Out Media Mentions.

Many people in business will pay much than $15-20k JUST for this.  So this is a good tool in the arsenal. There are thousands of publications around the world, elsewhere I talk about how to get forced publicity (you can even do it free) but how it doesn’t always lead to more business, traffic, viewership, etc.

This is because you don’t always know if it will reach enough of your desired audience.

In this case you have an audience of exactly ONE, the pet’s parent and your tenant.  So you don’t really need the article or the published version to do anything more than just exist.

Even if somebody can just show off a printed article (or a printed version of an online article) from a newspaper or magazine in a small town, obscure university, foreign country, etc. that goes a LONG way.

This is the kind of stuff people have posted up all around the most walked parts of their homes, and they leave it up forever.

36.) Make the Pet the Star of a National Ad Campaign.

I love this one, and you may be thinking how will I get the pet to be used in an ad, as a spokesperson, as a model, etc.

The most direct way to do it is to become an affiliate of a big company (this is free) and create an ad, or have one professionally done from somebody you hire on craigslist, fiverr, etc. for a few dollars, and use the pet’s picture.

How to FORCE this…

You can run an official ad on facebook, google adwords, pinterest, youtube, linkedin, etc. Or you can run the ad on specific sites and then take a screenshot.  You also want to have a high quality BIG version of the ad/s to be used like a poster in your client’s homes.

What is done will be a real ad, that really ran, this campaign really DID run.  Plus, it was part of a larger nationwide or global campaign.  This works even better if you use a household brand, logo or jingle like “kibbles and bits” or something.

Become an affiliate or joining a CPA network and becoming a secondary/indirect affiliate gives you the power to develop and run ads for major companies.  You can choose the animals you put in ads.

This can actually turn into a “real” gig…

For example we did a few ads like this years ago with Eago and Zazu.  At that time I told some of the designers who didn’t know, that their names came from Lion King and Aladdin.

Eago’s name came from Aladdin.  So when the the Will Smith version of Aladdin came out (when he looked like an x-ray of Shaq from Kazaam) to promote that trailer there was an ad specifically targeted towards animal lovers.

I was shocked to see that they used one of the previous pictures of Eago and Zazu!

My Babies are Actually Disney Models!

Of course they used tens of thousands of images and ran millions of ads, but that doesn’t matter to me and it won’t to your clients and tenants.  This is another way to force celebrity without doing much.

37.) Plaques and more… (posters, awards, recognition, licenses, etc.)

This goes along with the previous, and really all the previous examples.  Anytime you can have something official looking that designates or addresses a specific achievement of the pet, then you want to milk that.

Youtube sends different “play buttons” (a plaque) to their users as they pass various subscriber levels.  Google does the same with ads, Apple does the same with their podcasting, eBay does it with plaques and their titles like “Super duper badass titanium seller”, etc.

You should always create champions and things to celebrate

I’ve described before the importance of celebrating and finding things to celebrate.  It helps your spirit, picks up your mood and allows you to control how you feel.  Controlling what you think/feel is the single biggest factor that determines how far you’ll go in life.

It is a big deal.

So you should always find ways to give that gift to others.  If you did nothing else take the ad from the previous example and track how many clicks it got, or views or impressions or whatever metric you want.  You can make a record holding champion overnight.

People will LOVE the attention

Azam has a “Chess Boxing Heavyweight Champion” trophy that was discarded in a corner until I put it on display.  Now everybody asks about because they’ve never heard of chess and… boxing lol.  It is a center piece of attention and conversation now.

Come up with a trophy, plaque, medal, or some award that will create conversations like that.  Your people will never throw it away and they’ll cherish the memories forever

Even if you have to make up the competition just find a way to make people winners.  They get a plaque and everything.  Nobody needs to know that maybe they were the only ones competing.  A trophy is a trophy. Speaking of which…

38.) Dedicate Something to the Pet.

This is much simpler than people think and yet almost nobody does it.  Maybe the tenants like to go to a park or something and so you can plant a tree in their pet’s name.

A piece of furniture at their vet’s office, a child’s soccer or basketball team, a computer at school, etc.  This doesn’t have to be an entire wing of a building or library at an ivy league school, it can be something small and often free.

Then provide the tenants with documentation.

You can even get small plaque with a podium or just a plaque in the ground to designate that area.  Just recently a client paid over $20k for the VIP treatment and we were having a hard time coming up with ideas on what to dedicate to his dog.

He was having a hard time thinking of an idea for this until we asked where did the dog like to be most and he told us that he loved be rocked slowly to sleep on a nearby playground swing

But this was on school property.

When we approached the school they had hefty forms and fees for such dedications UNTIL he came in for a show and tell and they all fell in love with his dog. He got a small inscription type “plaque” put on the metal right above their favorite swing.

He told us that knowing he was able to get that done for “free” and having others see and feel his love was worth much more than the $20,000 he paid.  This ONE thing alone was more than worth what he paid.  A powerful lesson.

This is all about emotion and creating symbols of love.

Like I said at the very start this is NOT about making a bunch of money, that is a by product and side effect of helping people love their animals better and helping those animals have a better qualify of life.

The VIP Program is something we do often and it is what students gets most excited about but you MUST understand how it works and the necessary pieces that make it all come together exactly as we’ve outlined above.

So you should start smaller and ONLY if you’re an animal lover.

Now there a few final things before we move on…

Some people will take a look at this and say:

“Azam if I did that I’m basically building a whole side business around pets and animal care!?!”

First I would say that to animal lovers that would be a benefit, second I would say that the best way to build extra income is by building a business… and most importantly I would say that there is NOTHING you will do in business that is more important than building something from nothing.

There is a good video below from Indy Anna about how to tell better stories to do Epic Flipping, the whole post is here.  It is important to think BEYOND your lifetime, plant seeds for trees you’ll never see fully grown.

This will make you better at the skills of dialog, compliance and bidness building and LOVE…

Why creating a side business like this is such a great idea…

Like I just said above you should start small with this and ONLY if you’re an animal lover.

Now there a few final things before we move on…

Some people will take a look at this and say…

“Azam if I did that I’m basically building a whole
new side business around pets and animal care!?!”

First I would say that to animal lover that would be a benefit, second I would say that the best way to build extra income is by building a business… and most importantly I would say that there is NOTHING you will do in business that is more important than building something from nothing.

Why this is so insanely profitable.

“I’m basically starting a new business, why would I do that Azam?”

Remember from earlier you MUST know what business you are REALLY in…

As you do this you will quickly realize that to do this well you will be qualifying partners and Providers the same way you would if you were building your business my way.

That is not by accident.

So you may wonder why you would (should) want to do this and why it makes so much sense.  Whether you want to take this seriously or not or actually do the full model or not, either way if you stop and think about it you’ll want to get this part (the DIALOG with potential partners) of the model going anyway.

Here are a few things to consider…

Five Reasons that Every SMART Landlord Should Apply This Model

We’ll start with…

The first reason:

First, it helps create Income Immunity.

One of the core things we teach all students is to create several income sources and then reinforce them repeatedly and obsessively.  Most businesses have at least 80% of their income from one source with little to support structures.

They are building a house of cards on a crooked table in the middle of a tornado.


The NUMBER ONE way to grow any business is by adding a new, independent revenue stream to it, this will make every business you ever work with stronger.  Much stronger.

Having a “pet business” or a side business that is making money like this will give you freedom and more options. You should always be looking for ways to add independent income to every one of your businesses.

Second, there is almost no (opportunity) cost.

Testing this with a group of tenants will cost you almost nothing.  On the other hand virtually every OTHER way of growing your income will cost you much more money/time.

The obvious question should be why wouldn’t you do this. 

If you are going to grow the income of the property with pet policies anyway then you are going to be working with animals and animal care businesses already.

So you might as well build a secondary business around it.

We sometimes call this Simultaneous Income because you are already developing the consumer sources into leads and then into clients.  So this business can be built at the same time as you are growing/owning your apartment business and with the same group of consumers.

You are basically going to get PAID to build a profitable business, while and BEFORE you actually do it.



Third, you can get improvements made to your properties…
without paying for them yourself.

By building a better relationship with the pet owners of your target properties you can have them pay for, or at least partially pay for, improvements.  This may include things like doggie doors, zip lines, fencing, pet playgrounds, etc.

You can also do a small crowdfund with a group of tenants to pay for bigger items like playgrounds or dog parks that can be a big value boost to the property.


Fourth, you can create income at will.

A student recently worked with a well known animal trainer who had an hourly rate of $200-300/hour. The trainer came to the property and worked with a group of tenants all day. The tenants paid the student for the workshop and individual attention after the class.

The trainer was brought in for free because his payment would be the longer term clients that he was able to convert from the day.  Our student was paid by the tenants and 30% of what the trainer converted.

The student made over $6,000 that weekend.

Try to find a landlord that has quick and easy way to make an extra $6,000 next weekend.  It’ll be easier to find a unicorn.

That’s another power here, you can create paydays at will.

I just got a landlord from my Indy Anna REIA to do a test just like this.  We did a one day workshop with a local animal trainer.  Each tenant paid $100 for the day and we got 40% of whatever clients signed up with the animal trainer for a package of classes.

I made $8,000 on that Saturday.

Now I’m a part owner of the units because he wants me involved in finding new paydays.  That will happen to you too.  Once they see what you’re made of and how many ways you can help them make money, you’re always invited to the party. 


Fifth, Joint Ventures allow you to enter invisible markets.

The two most unique things about real estate are (one) this is about the only industry where the leads advertise.  If you own a restaurant you won’t find people running ads, posting flyers or putting out signs (literally) pointing to themselves that say:

“I MUST eat seafood tonight!”

In real estate however, that is exactly what happens.

This is the only industry where the leads go out in the streets, in their neighborhoods and online and literally point to themselves with signs, banners and animated GIFs and scream:

“I need to sell my home!”

It’s why this business is so easy to make money in…
IF you get yourself property trained.

The second unique thing:

The transaction size.

Because of this, you don’t need that many transactions to make a steady $10,000 – $30,000 a month. This is also why doing JVs (joint ventures) with other local businesses is so profitable because it is nearly impossible to NOT make money.

For example let’s say you get in touch with somebody who prepares special meals for pets, what do you automatically know about their client base?

Those clients have money, right?

These people may be good potential private money lenders, investors, credit partners, etc.  And yes, they even make good motivated sellers.  Sometimes the bigger (more expensive houses) they are the harder they fall and the more help they need so really good deals can be found here.  

A lot of folks need help and don’t know where to turn.  They may not trust the “Cash for homes” promises even IF they see them.  A trusted source recommending you is the fastest way to become a trusted source.  Read that sentence again.

Just ONE deal could easily be worth $100k+

We often do JVs with video game stores.

They usually have thousands of clients on their immediate contact list, and the average gamer is in their 30s and 40s.  These aren’t teenagers popping zits and masturbating in their parents’ basement.  So when they get a quick message about a “Friend of the store” who buys and sells houses and can get them a cash offer by Sundown…

You only need ONE deal to make it worthwhile.

You have probably heard of many students making $30,000/mo+ with JUST THIS one approach, just by doing JVs with video game companies.

This is a big deal.

The lesson here is that anytime you can work with ANY local business and build a relationship with them, you should always jump at the chance.  Firstly because you want to help as many other entrepreneurs as possible and that should be a top priority.

On top that you always want to be thinking about their base of clients and how profitable it can be if you help their clients with their real estate problems. I call these “Invisible Markets” because unlike online/offline marketing, there is NOBODY that will know what you’re doing or how making so much and doing so many deals.

Invisible Markets are badass.

In all the years that I’ve been training people to do this I’ve NEVER run into any competition.  When a sellers a real estate investor they already called 10 other investors, and it is the same situation with realtors and agents. 

Invisible Markets is a way to avoid all that.

NOBODY in real estate does this, and it is worth millions.

You’re welcome.

Seriously doe, I love you guys… deerly.

So just a recap of the top FIVE reasons that you (even if you’re not a landlord) should be doing this with your pet policies.

Aside from the first, biggest and most obvious reason being that you are helping animals…

1.)  Income Immunity

You create multiple oil wells.  This protects and strengthens your business and allows you to expand your empire.

2.)  There’s No Risk

Having $15,000 VIP treatment package for pets costs you NOTHING out of pocket.  You only pay for things AFTER they are sold and out of the money you already made.  

3.)  Free Improvements

You can get your property upgraded while the tenants pay for it, not you.

4.)  Money at Will

Want to be able to engineer a $10,000 payday?  Or an $8,000 one like I just did and explained above?  This is a simple way to do it.  Try to find a landlord or property manager that has another way of creating paydays like this… (crickets lol)

5.)  Invisible Markets

Aside from helping animals this is the best reason to do this.  Remember Azam says that doing JVs is the single best way to find motivated sellers.  I think the team invented.  Doing JVs like this you will find that these deals are the fastest, easiest and most profitable that you’ve ever done. 

NO other marketing method comes close AND this is free AND you’ll never have competition.  Plus nobody will ever know your secret source of deals.  If they ever do find out, they’ll be too lazy to do it anyway. 

You can download the guide below in a .pdf form HERE. 

You can download the guide below in a .pdf form HERE.

Legal Paperwork and Other Stuff to Download

Aside from helping animals this is also a great way to create income and long term wealth and equity.  I remember when Azam first told me that the best way to find motivated sellers and do more deals is with JVs because after that I focused on them hard.  Apartments are basically JVs to because you have a source of people to do transactions with.

Below is some legal paperwork for some more good examples make sure you check out post on 14 Ways to Screen Bad Tenants And Buyers from Hell.  For now on this page here are some legal documents, paperwork and contracts you can use.

Contracts, Legal Paperwork and other helpful stuff…

You can download a pet photo-sharing consent form HERE.

You can get the pet addendum to a contract HERE.

Here is a mutual NDA to not disclose parts of your arrangement for example, that is HERE.  A lot of Hollywood types don’t want anybody to share things like Epic Pet Policies.  In those cases having this signed makes them feel better.

Rent adjustment/increase form (for example if they get a new dog, get a VIP service, finance something with you, etc) is HERE.

To download the “38 Ways” intro guide .pdf click HERE.

To download the Veblen Good guide in .pdf click HERE.

You can download the 10 First Steps .pdf HERE.

Okay I think that does it for now…

Let us know how this helps you and how you change lives with this.

Oh also in case you missed the class above I’ll put it below too.  : )

Much Love Guys.

So that’s it for now, make sure that you go to and get our list of over 100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers, how to buy and sell companies at light speed and retire in the next year with over 30k/month coming in on auto pilot: go there and you’ll…

Make the Universe Smile.

Thanks so much!  = )

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Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.