So this is part three of a three part series on “30 Ways to Buy and Sell Real Estate Zero Down – with no money, no loans, no banks, no credit checks, etc.”

This is the final part and here we will finish off the list with a good, detailed explanation of each method.

Never use a PENNY of your money…
ever again

I really hope that is clear from going through these three classes, you need to build your business in real estate and get it to 10-30k/mo FIRST and then MAYBE you think about getting loans or putting your credit at risk.

This is one of those things that would’ve changed my life if it was taught to me when I was started out –

This can save your financial life.

Picture me BEGGING you to take this serious when I say that you DO NOT EVER need to risk any of your money, credit, finances, etc. to build your first 10-30k/mo oil well.

Got it?


Now here’s the class:

Hope that helps – would love to hear from you below – Thanks Builders! = )


30 Ways to Buy and Sell Real Estate Zero Down…
… with no money, no loans, no banks, no credit checks and without risking a penny of your own money.

This is part THREE of a three part series.

You’ll want to watch the video above/below as well because there are extra bonus things that I go over in there.  You can watch and read Part Two here.

Lotsa brilliance here to go over, let’s get started…

We will pick up right where we left off with number 19.

19.)  Placing a Second Mortgage – You Carry a Second.

This might be the most underutilized tool in the entire arsenal.  Ask yourself why would you ever want to own a piece of real estate?  Yes, there are some good reasons.  For most people though, those reasons all come back to a way of making money that you could STILL do if you just put a second mortgage on a property.

If YOU become a lender and lien holder.

This means that you somehow give money or allow your money to be delayed and you finance it and use the house as collateral.  You are not an owner but a lender.  Remember that quote from Rockefeller (after he stole it from me) about how ownership is nothing and control is everything.

You still have control as a lender and you can still make just as much money up front, just as much over time and just as much later on.  So on a “Sub2” deal for example you can accomplish almost all of the same benefits without ever taking the deed and instead just putting a second mortgage on the property.

You can still make ALL the money and be protected.

You can still make money down, you can still get payments over time and you still have the loan that needs to be paid off so you can make money on the back end.  You don’t have ownership though, but honestly you should think about why you would want it.

Yes you get tax benefits as an owner, but you get them as a lender too.  Also compared to a Sub2 your future involvement is a welcome benefit instead of an implied requirement.  So instead of seller calling you about problems that may come up with payments, it is YOU that are getting payments and calling THEM if there is a problem.

The seller and/or the buyer are paying you, YOU are the bank.

Money comes from the seller and/or the buyer so if there’s a problem they don’t call you asking where the money is, you are calling them asking where YOUR money is

Then IF YOU AGREE you can come in and MAYBE you help them find another tenant buyer and/or sell the house again.  If you do that, you get paid all over again.  The main difference is the built in positioning where you aren’t on the hook.  Check out Azam’s Epic post on tenant screening for more on this. 

There are dozens of more reasons for you do a second mortgage but this brings us to…

20.)  Using a Real Estate Agent’s Commission.

One of the biggest secrets to making money (not just as a real estate investor but in general) is to understand that you don’t want the money, you want the transactions.

Very, very few real estate agents, or really anybody in business, will ever understand this.

So you may have to help them see the light a little.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say you can get 80% financed on a purchase and now you just need the final 20% in order to close.  Let’s say that the real estate agent’s commission is 7%.  On top of that a house will usually sell for anywhere between 96-97% of the asking price.

So if we take that 3-4% plus the agents 7% that’s 10% off.

Now that just leaves 10%.

To get that extra 10% you have a few options…

First it can be seller financed because 10% can be easier for them to do than the full 20%.  Also you can have a buyer or investor already lined up that brings in a down payment.  This way you can sell before or AS you buy.

Or you can go out get some private funds for that 10%.

Or they can just adjust the price and you can take over their payments if it is a terms sale.

The point is that instead of fighting against realtors that may be involved…
… you can work WITH them. 

Now look at this from the agent’s point of view.  So many sellers don’t think they can afford to sell their house through a realtor.  This is a way to open that door and allow an agent to list new houses and get new business.  This is business that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

On top of that, agents can start selling their own listings faster.

They can get more new listings and sell more of their current listings.  This extra business is OUTSIDE of what they are making now.  It is money that for the most part would not have come in without you helping do this. 

They can work with many more sellers by financing their commission and using price discount.

For the money that would’ve come in from listings that would’ve sold anyway whether they did this or not, you are helping those closings happen even faster.  They can get a lot more money and much faster. 

Here’s an example…

Let’s say the agent can charge something like 20-25% or more for financing their commission.

Then add another 20-25% in interest payments because this is like credit card borrowing, high interest short term deals. 

So if they did nothing else they could increase their current business from these transactions by let’s say 50%…?  It could be at least that and even much more as we’ve seen realtors explore their business by 3-5x overnight from doing this…

At just 50% if they were making $100,000/year now it would be $150,000/year.

If they were making $200,000 a year then they could  be making $300,000 a year.

For the most part, the payments are honored.  Probably because it is such a small amount compared to the loan and also it is secured be a lien on the property.

Okay,  so just keep this in mind it’s another pretty cool tool, here’s another…

21.)  Sell Second Mortgage Position.

Let’s use the same second mortgage from the previous example. 

However in this case you’ll do it a bit different for whatever reason…

Another way to get ANOTHER payday on the SAME deal…

You can turn around and SELL that second mortgage.

Anytime you do this you will be selling it at a discount obviously.

This is because anytime you trade cash over time or cash in the future for cash right now you are going to get less than the full amount.  You should know that it will always be like that, it is how money works.  The Time Value of money 101.  

The mortgage buyers market is a big one, it is a huge market and if you want to liquidate fast you’ll always have this option.  This is another way of getting into deals zero down and it works REALLY well with the next technique…

23.)  Loan Modifications.

Okay this is important because if you are starting in real estate then I do NOT suggest that you help people get out of foreclosure, or deal with late payments, by loaning them the money.  The sellers will want to use the money to catch up their payments, but this loan is almost never a good idea.

This is an even worse idea if the sellers plan on staying in the house.

This is how a lot of investors get into BIG trouble. 


Well if something happens you have to explain to a judge or jury…

… why you thought that when a homeowner was already having a hard time making one mortgage payment, you thought it was a good idea to have them make TWO payments…?

The real reason is simple. 

This is why a lot of investors do this is because they are hoping the seller does NOT make the payments so they can take the house back or get in a good position to steal a deal.  I know a lot of investors who had to explain themselves, in court and elsewhere, and they came up short.

… and that means you are entering the world of predatory lending and a world of legal mess.

Do NOT do it.

Instead if you have a homeowner that wants your help and they want to stay in the house one way that you can do this is talk to the bank WITH them.  I go over lots of ways to talk to the bank elsewhere so you can check that stuff out.

If you can come to some arrangement with the bank and the owner looks like they can stay in the house you can and should make money for the work.  You don’t want go raping them on this though, no raping of any kind please.

There are good ways that you can make money doing this…

One way to get paid is to put your consulting fee, or whatever you want to call it, on the property and finance it by putting a second mortgage on the home.  Then you would get payments or no payments or sporadic payments based on how you set it up.

Maybe not every month and they can pay you off later when they get their finances back in place. 

Be NICE to them.  (and everybody else too)

Whether the seller wants to stay in the house or not, you can do the same loan modification and then another exit strategy.  Maybe you do a “Sub2” or something after you have the house and loan situation fixed. 

You can buy the property or you can just sell it on a lease option and get the down payment.  After that you can put another mortgage on the property for any monthly payments or equity.  This would protect any money that is coming to you from the sale later.

While we’re talking about this…

24.)  Short Sales.

So this is where the bank is going to get less than the loan amount that they are due.  For the seller, a short sale is a little better than having a foreclosure on your credit but not by much.  Actually, it can make a difference depending on the situation and how you explain it but either way this shouldn’t be you…

Also you can check my post on short sales and get the lowdown on them.  You do NOT want to be convincing a seller of anything, you just want to educate them.

Just keep this in mind for when you talk to sellers. 

So the bank is going to take an amount that is less than what what they are owed.  If you do a deal like this you have a few ways to profit and a few different options.  You can use some of your money sources to buy the house and then rent or sell it or whatever you want.

Or you can sell it immediately and do an immediately close or a day funded two part close like we talked about earlier in Part One.  You can also move that deal to an investor beforehand, and I’m saying beforehand because if a bank tries to get “tough guy” with you…

Or if you just want to play nice…

… you can follow a rule that they might throw out which is that they do NOT want the seller or anybody else to profit.  They don’t want  you to assign the deal to another investor.

So how would you know about this rule of theirs beforehand?

How can you deal with this and still make money?

Can you still help these folks?

Yes, of course…

So this is pretty cool and it carries over from our last method of using a second mortgage.  This is another great reason that using mortgages is such a great idea.  So if you call a bank or if you are trying to negotiate, one of the first things that they want to know is WHO you are.

If you’re the homeowner that’s one thing, if you’re investor that is something else entirely.  Either way the tone and conduct of the bank is often going to be set in a way that they are fighting you tooth and nail over every little penny…

There is a great way to avoid this.

In the last example we talked about if a seller was having trouble you could help them and put a second mortgage on the property, remember?  Let’s say that despite everything that you did the house is still going into foreclosure…

At this time you can step in and start talking to the bank but not as a greedy investor but as a concerned LENDER… get it?  Usually banks and lenders have a “loss mitigator”  that is handling these deals.  If that is what THEY are doing, guess what? 

That is what YOU can do as well…

So guess who can handle your dealings?

YOUR “loss mitigator”. 

That person may be you or somebody else on your team. 

In general I do NOT recommend you do this yourself.  For you, getting involved in these situations too much is usually not a good idea.  You should have another specialized guy or group that you build/train to do this and they work with banks all the time.

You want to train people to be BADASS.

You should train somebody or a team to be your “mitigators“.  If you understand what I just said then you are so far ahead of the countless investors that I’ve seen over the years who go out and meet the bank’s BPO agent, and then they try to convince them that the house is worth so little.

The investors will exaggerate market factors, the over estimate repairs, they’ll flat out lie about their involvement in the deal and they do all this because they think that they are going to get a good deal.

That is nuts, don’t do it.

Unless you really enjoy being a mitigation person, don’t do this. 

This is why you can partner with somebody and work out an arrangement.  So if you’re just starting out you get better and you can add somebody to your team that specializes in these deals.  Remember you want to focus on the regularity and training them to create them. 

The point I was bringing up with the second mortgage is that when it’s in place this gives you great leverage when dealing with the bank.  This is one of those huge secrets that almost nobody knows or at least nobody actually does…

You can talk to the bank as a “Loss Mitigator”

When you introduce yourself like that just sit back and watch the terms that you get from the bank, the attitude and the tone will be remarkably different as well.  I’ve had investors who have tripled their business overnight just by making this one change.

If you are selling the note keep this in mind because it will allow to get a LOT more money because…

… it’s a great positioning tool when dealing with the bank

25.)  Rehab Loans.

This is something like what bridge loans are for business.  Although in the commercial world the bank is usually going to want to at least see your credit, income and transaction history… blood samples, your first born, etc.

You do NOT want to go that route.

With single family residential houses the hard money is short term high interest money that you can use to buy and repair homes.  Usually the only reason people do this is because they don’t know how to get private money or they don’t know how to structure those deals.

Hard money costs more and usually the people that you get it from are specializing with this kind of lending.  They may do it for a living so going by your terms instead of their terms can be more…

… complicated.

The two big options you have here are either you can use the hard money to buy and fund your deal or you can help lend private money to other investors for their deals.

26.)  Warp Around Financing.

This is where you are going to get new financing that will include and the first loan that is on a house.  You can also involve seller financing with these types of deals but I would not recommend this if you’re starting out.

This is more common in some markets overseas.

Again, we don’t suggest doing this alone if you are new to the business.  You want to focus on the transactions and relationships when you starting.

Moving on…

27.)  Guaranteed Lease Option or Contract.

I didn’t cover this earlier when we talked about the lease options or the terms deals.  Usually if you are doing a deal like this then you don’t want to buy or close until you have a buyer that is ready to go.

There is another way to do this if you guarantee the seller/owner that you will make “X payments” regardless of whether you sell or move the deal or not.  The secret is that you want to have the deal moved WAY before you ever move forward with this. 

By guaranteeing performance this does help you look like a pro.

You can make yourself priority in your target’s mind by doing this.  It is best to do these in bulk once you get good at it.  It is more helpful to everybody.

Here’s how this works on a single level…

This is helpful to a seller if they are getting new financing or some new kind of loan.  When they go to a bank to get a loan the new loan will have guidelines.  Part of those guidelines will require that the payment on the new loan is not allowed to be more than a certain percentage of their monthly income. 

On top of that all the debt altogether for the borrower will not be allowed to exceed a certain percentage of their income.  This is the debt-to-income ratio.  So if they have a previous loan with a monthly payment the seller needs to show the bank that they are getting money/income to offset that expense.

They need to wipe away that payment.

If they show rent coming they can only show about 70-80% of that money as their income or going against the payment.    


If they are selling the house, like on a contract or something, they can show 100% of the payment being made against the cost.  They can basically add ALL of that money to their income or at least negate the effect that the previous mortgage is having on their income.

Make sense?

Good, next…

28.)  100% Owner Financed.

About one out of three to one out of five and up to one out of THREE homes in America are totally paid off and free and clear.  These homes have no loans or mortgage on them.  There are VERY simple ways to find these people and get in touch with them.

You can search county records by sale dates and tax records.  Your local recorder’s office is also a good place to look.  You can search for deed that has a “Deed of Reconveyance” for example.  You can also see other mortgage release info like how much, the length of time, etc. at your “Assessor’s Office”.

Another cool way of doing this…

You can have somebody on your team or somebody at a title company do these searches for you.  A title company can do this work for free because of the business that you’ll send them and the deals that you will close them.  

When I talk about the importance of understanding how to build your business and keeping your $10-30k/month at the top of your mind…

THIS is what I’m talking about.

We had a student who was doing this and he had his title company calling him asking him if they could do this for him because they wanted more business.  So that’s how he did it with them.  The title company worked every part and they used the criteria that he gave them.

They put together the mailing list by searching for mortgage release info, closings that were decades ago, “Deed of Reconveyance” notices, etc. 

Then the title company sent the mail FOR him.

You can find these pieces pretty easily and I’ve talked about how to get HIGH pulling ads/mailers in my other classes on copy writing for real estate investors.  So the the mailing pieces that he provided (these are easy to get) were sent by the title company and then THEY continued to mail with the sequence and the timeline that he taught them.

Then they took the calls.

There was a gal at the title company that used to handle all the calls and then she would send the screened deals back to our student’s realtor.  The realtor was was also trained on how to find the buyers and close the deals.  So this was totally hands off for our student.

Eventually this side business was running on it’s OWN without ANY involvement from him…

Like I teach, he did a single conference call with his team to keep things on track. It was ONE call every other month.  When I talked to him…

For the last two years he made on average over $12,000/month.

12 grand a month… from one call every OTHER month.

The secret wasn’t buying free and clear or finding homes that are paid off…

It was the WAY he was doing it.

You’ve gotta learn how to build your business like this, he got trained on to build a company instead of a building a job for himself the way most “I buy homes” guys do.  That’s…

So $12,000 a month from a side business that takes less than an hour a month isn’t bad, right?

Of course not, THAT is what you can do when you apply the things you learn from me.

Make it happen.

Okay, moving on…

29.)  State Incentivized Deals.

This is especially powerful when you start doing deals internationally.  There are a lot places where governments are paying investors to invest in certain areas, sometimes they pay a lot.  Millie was doing this in Dubai and South Africa because those governments were going out of their way to make it worthwhile for investors to come in.

This is also in America through projects like the GoZone tax program.  That was an acronym for “The Gulf Opportunity Zone Act” and this was after Hurricane Katrina.  The government had a 50% bonus depreciation carrot. 

So you could buy a property and write off 50% of the cost.

The real amazing part is that you could’ve done those deals in bulk.  So you can work with an investor and help them save or make enough money in taxes that they can buy more deals or buy a new house.  This is also the kinds of deals that make sense for an investor to buy and DONATE as we talked about above.

Brilliant stuff.

You can do these deals zero down yourself using one of the methods we’ve been talking about today.  That’s one way OR you can work with other investors and if you’re doing a standard assignment like we talked about earlier you can make 2x-3x as much money.


Think about if the investor is paying just 5-10% down…

They can make 5-10 times that back immediately just in taxes, or at least the gross.

Of course we adjust that for their tax bracket, but you get the idea.

These may not be assignments, you can also do a consulting agreement and get paid that way.  Be the person that people with money come to when they want to know about secrets like this.  For deals like this I prefer an invoice or settlement/partnership agreement instead of just “consulting” but the bottom line is that you are connecting investors with these deals and opportunities.

So even if YOU never do them, you can still get to your $10-30k/month helping other people.

There is an ever better and totally badass way to do this…

30.)  Incentivized Deals Through a Company.

Okay so this is really cool and a couple of Homeys on our team invented a whole model around this.  So let’s use the same deal and the same examples as above.  Let’s say you connect an investor with a deal and make some money and they get the write off.

One way to structure those deals is that they do a package of them at a time.  Then all the benefits like the rent or proceeds from a sale go to a company, and you own shares or a percentage of that company.  Maybe you have an equity stake or an interest in that company.

An Arrangement where you don’t own the properties just the COMPANY.

You don’t need to own the properties to benefit from this.  You can get paid dividends on the performance of the properties and/or portfolio.  This is a great way to continue working with your investors and to help them keep the deals managed and running.

This is a KILLER strategy (that WE INVENTED)

This is a great way to do deals.  Let’s say you move a block of houses to an investor and now they are being rented out and each property is owned by an LLC of it’s own.  Here’s a class on how real estate investors can set up their own LLC by the way.

Now the group of properties are under an umbrella and THAT company is what you own a piece of, get it?  This is how you build REAL income, equity, wealth, etc. 

This is badass stuff.

You just have to get serious and get trained of course…

“But where, oh WHERE, can I get trained to be a badass like this Azam?”

I’ll tell you something else a while ago something leaked out on the internet about how some of my students were making SICK money with this model. 

Like $200,000 – $300,000 a WEEK in their first month…

Now I want to say that although this model is how they were doing it…

They were deals in places like Dubai and those guys were already rich…

They were REALLY rich…

… before they ever met me.

How rich?

I’m talking about giving away $500,000 cars and $10 million dollar summer homes…

That kind of rich.

Even though they gave me great testimonials and they give us all the credit, I have never used their success stories publicly.  I only used those stories with their inner circle of friends because, well first of all I know how crazy it sounds and I waned to show proof

Secondly those guys were so rich that it’s kind of misleading to anybody that isn’t that wealthy.  If you don’t have $100M fresh laying around then those stories are not as applicable to you. 

Then why bring it up now Azam?

I’m only bringing it up now because it was already out there and so that I can clear the air.  Also while I set the record straight it does show you profitable this method alone can be…

Okay moving on and speaking of overseas deals…

31.)  Trail and Exploratory Options, Feasibility Requests.

This is another one that the brilliant folks on our team invented.  Since then a few students have done some pretty cool things.  Here’s how this basically works…

Let’s say that there is a property that you think may or not be attractive to some larger companies or big government agency.  There are ALWAYS at least dozens of our U.S. agencies looking for land for various reasons.  Maybe there are new developments in the area or possible minerals on the land or some strategic advantage for one company or government to maybe own or lease a property.

A great example from Dubai…

We did this a lot in and during the developing areas in and around Dubai.  Sometimes zoning issues would change and a tech company would want to get ahead of their competition so they would do whatever was needed to get that property.

Even though they may have wanted to build or get only one location, they may lease or try and tie up as many other potential locations as possible.

You can do this with a “TRIAL Option”

You can get a trial option which is usually a short term option for the purpose of studying the viability of a property.  This may be a feasibility study.  This offer gives the holder the first right to refusal so any and all potential offers you get to match or pass. 

Then if you talk to a couple of big companies and tell them that you are contacting each of them to see who wants to be first

You can create  frenzy.

Sometimes they’ll send an agent out and buy the option from you even if they don’t do anything with it, because they don’t want anybody ELSE to get it.

So that’s cool, so is this…

32.)  Partner With the Seller.

This is another one that real estate investors don’t do nearly enough.  It helps align your interest with your sellers really fast so you are both on the same team.  There are different ways to set this up but basically you can help them get the money or credit or marketing skill needed to get the house in better condition or sell it as-is.

Then you have some sort of split with the seller.

The cool thing is that you don’t actually have to sell the house for cash.  You can find a terms buyer or screen a lease option tenant and you can still get paid up front.  You can can get paid over time and later as well by using a mortgage or a note or an instrument like that. 

So you can still get payments and/or back end money.

If this is done correctly then you won’t miss out anything and neither does the seller.  So you can help a seller get the money, get the work done or find the buyer needed to make a sale.  You can work out an arrangement to have some sort of split with the profits.

There’s another way to do these deals…

You want to make sure that your relationship with ALL of your people is deep, especially with sellers and realtors.  So as you do this more you’ll have a Fanbase of sellers, realtors, etc. who you have a deep relationship with you.  Azam did a great class on how to build compliance assets, run dialog and build great relationships: how to hire a realtor that makes you $10,000 a month.  

This is how YOU can accept offers FROM sellers.  They can make you special offers for an immediate sale in the next three days for example.  The smaller the timeline the better their offer should be. 

Why would a seller who has their house for sale at $300,000 say to you:

“If you can move my house by Friday it’ll be $250,000!”

Because they know you have a list of hungry buyers… and you followed my rules on relationship building like a badass.  

The more condensed the timeline, the better the offer that they will make to you. So they can make you an offer with a 72 hour price for example.  That would mean if there is a valid offer in the next 72 hours then this is the special price that will work.

You can get a 24 hour price too.

We sometimes even do ONE HOUR offer prices as well.

You can use this as a way to get better pricing with a seller.

You start with a “by Friday” (that’s by FRIDAY not bye Felicia) price and then move to a 72 hour price, then a 48 hour price, then a 24 hour price and then eventually an HOUR price.  Eventually the seller will just flat out tell you the rock bottom price as their offer.

When you have sellers coming to you like this then you can have the offers coming to you regularly.  You can take those offers and immediately turn around to your group of investors and/or buyers.  Once you train your people you have the bids coming like it is eBay.

This is one way to move properties in less than an hour.

You don’t have to “partner” with the seller to do this either.  This is just an option that you have to enhance your positioning as you work WITH the seller.  You want to position this as you and them back to back fighting against investors, buyers and the rest of the world…

… your sellers (and ALL of your people) should end a conversation with you and feel like if they just had you in their corner they could take on the world – and WIN.  You can make it if you’re heart to heart.

This is very powerful and you don’t have to “negotiate”.

You don’t beat them up on price, you don’t haggle, you don’t even really negotiate like I said. 

This works really well with something else I’ll tell you about in a second…

… like I said you don’t have to partner with the seller to do this and get 72 hour, 48 hour, 24 hour or one hour pricing.  Either way, you can do this in a way that you’ll know your money is coming. 

Not just up front from an assignment but you can also keep getting paid over time and on the back end as well, all three ways of making money…

33.)  Sweat Equity.

This is where work or “sweat” is traded for a down payment and/or other form of payments.  You can help fix up a property up for example and that work can serve as your funds or investment.  You can also help arrange this for others where they trade their work for favorable financing.

To be BADASS about this…

One way to get this done without doing the work is to get a team of handyman to finance their work.  By taking payments they’ll make a lot more money for their work but it’ll be over time or after the property sells.  If there are problems or if they flake out you still get the benefit of whatever work they did.

There are things to beware of in these kinds of arrangements.

The quick answer to how to avoid problems?

You need to build relationships.

One of my favorite ways to do this is when you work with a group or do a GXM.  You can have a youth group, a church, handymen volunteers, etc. do the work so that a portion of the money that you make is given to the group.

34.)  Partner With an Investor (or Buyer)

This is another powerful method.

Let’s say an investor needs money to rehab a property and you can get them the money, or you can get the work done for them by some other means like a trade.  Or maybe you can provide money for them to purchase.  In these scenarios you can make money up front by helping get into the deal.

BUT you can also make money over time AND later…

By helping an investor or even a regular buyer and connecting them with what they need, whether it is money, work, etc. you can arrange to get paid many different ways. 

For example you can get paid based on how they sell the property, a limited partnership on the profits would be one way.  Think of it this way because here’s the secret when it comes to this, a lot of people try and figure out how they can buy real estate and do deals zero down BUT…

Instead of doing that, just think about how you can MAKE it zero down for OTHER people.

When you make it easier for others to buy, then it is also easier for you too.

Just because it is a zero down deal for them, that does NOT mean that you are not getting paid up front or that you have to wait or finance your profit.  You can do this with standard buyers too.  By helping your people buy deals, you are helping yourself as well.

It is in everybody’s best interest.

35.)  100% Traditional Buyer Financing.

The truth that nobody wants to hear is that for MOST average buyers it does NOT make sense to buy a home zero down.  Generally the more money they put down, the better.  That is NOT what most people want to hear though.

This is why there are ALL kinds of ways to get traditional financing and arrange for a zero down deal.  Whether it is a buyer or an investor of yours you first want to make sure that this does make sense for them.  You need to be SURE that this is their best interest.  Then you can use VA loans, FHA loans, or 3.5% down loans and the seller pays closing costs, the seller can take a second for repairs, allowances for rehab, etc.

There are a whole lot of ways to buy a house zero down with traditional financing.

This is especially true if you are going to live in the house yourself.  There a lot of well known ways to do zero down deals for owner occupied housing.  Remember first make sure it is in THEIR best interest.  After knowing that then getting your buyers favorable financing not only means they can get into properties easier but it’ll make you a lot more money too, and a lot faster.

You can apply other money sources with investors for example…

36.)  Credit Cards, Temporary Loans, Liens of Credit.

This is a potential source of cash that can allow an investor, or even a normal home buyer, to get extra money.  Although credit cards are usually NOT an ideal source of money because they are so expensive, there are times where this can make sense. 

You can do this in a way that helps fix their credit too.

As a real estate investor you should know about this.

When we do things with delayed payments, balance transfers, zero interest and other incentives this CAN be much more attractive than it might seem at first.  Check out my class below on how to flip a house on a credit card before the first payment is due, meaning you get to use “free money”.

You can make a ZERO down deal for your investor.

You can still make your money up front while giving your investor a way to get into the deal and pay for acquiring, rehab, repairs, etc.

37.)  Financing 401k, Retirement Plans, etc.

There are several retirement plans, insurance policies (not property insurance) and other instruments that can be used as leverage to come up with funds.  They can borrow against this and that would make it a zero down deal for them as well.

So it can be zero down for them but it doesn’t require you to wait to get paid.

Now I’ll stop for a second and point out that if you buy a deal zero down and move it zero down…

… you can not only walk away with cash but remember there are a lot of ways that you can still retain some or all the benefits and financial dividends of owning the property.

Let’s say you did this with a partner, like an investor for example. 

It would be zero down for them and you still get paid on the back end.  So remember owning the real estate can be different than controlling the real estate but still give you all the profit and benefits.  It is all about Controlling Transactions.

We have a student doing this right now…

She partners with sellers like we talked about earlier.  They come to her and make her those 24-hour offers or the 1-hour offers and then she sends a notice out to her people.  Many of these folks are investors.

This is how she is making an extra $5,000 – $10,000 a month.

Then she made a few tiny changes in helping her investors and buyers get funds.  She did this by helping them get with their 401k, lines of credit, etc.  Not only was she able to make more up front but she opened the door to allow many more people to do deals with her. 

She could do more deals but not THEY could do more deals too.

This is how she went from making $5,000 a month to making $25,000 – $30,000 a month.

Once you start building your team you can do this in a matter of hours. You can build this side business quick, and in her case she was doing over 25-30 grand in her FIRST MONTH of doing it and she was spending less than an hour a week to keep it going.

Okay, one more…

… and how oh HOW could I leave this to the end it is one of Azam’s favorite…

38.)  TRADE.

This might be one of my ALL time favorite ways ever…

I’ll tell if you something of a secret here…

If you want to see how many opportunities that you are missing right now…

… if you want to see the hidden world of brilliance that is invisible to almost everybody else…

… if you really want to make things happen and grow your business and enter other businesses…

While also experiencing radial growth where you start ballin’ in all directions.

Then you need to do one magical thing…

That will change your life…


Sometimes people will hear that and ask me what they should trade for, but that’s not the question to focus on.  The better question is what do people want to trade for…

I just don’t have the time to go over even ONE TENTH of the examples that I have from students on how to trade like a badass.  No matter what business you are in, you should start trading right NOW.  You can do this by simply saying that you are now…

“Willing to Trade.”

Those three words can change EVERYTHING in your business and even in your life.  Once you start thinking along the lines of TRADING then you’ll look for and find opportunities to improve your life with basic trading.

You can trade cars for houses, houses for cars, houses for houses, mortgages for houses, houses for planes and jets…

Here’s how to apply this on a larger level…

Here’s an example from a BADASS student…

I’m just picking this ONE example at random because Millie talked to me today about them.  Otherwise there are a lot of people that have done crazy awesome shizzle like this and this is nothing new or unusual if you do it my way.

So she was working at a jewelry store and learned about this and talked to her boss about it.  The boss said it would never work.  So that’s where she left it for months.

Until one day…

She got sick of it.

She was sick of living so far below her potential.

So she put out a sign, one of my signs a neon yellow sign with sloppy handwriting on it that said:

“Want fancy jewelry? 
No money?
We’re willing to trade until Friday.”


Now I won’t even get into the choice of words or the brilliance behind them.  I also won’t even get into all the craziness that happened as a result and all that happened from that ONE sign…

… or the domino effect led her to working with ski resorts, lumber yards, she even had a herd of cows at one point…

I’ll skip all for now and just she went BADASS and…

In the next 90 days she made over $92,000.

Over one thousand dollars a day from ONE sign.

Trading is awesome.

And Remember…

It’s never the arrow it’s always the archer.  A general that relies only upon weapons, ensures his defeat.  Work to be skilled, to be artistic and obsess over mastering your craft…  I’m putting the video below again too… master business skillz…


Make the Universe Smile.

Thanks so much everybody! 

~ Azam and Indy Anna

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100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.