19 ways to make 10 grand a month from tired landlords who become motivated sellers and working with property managers

Attention real estate investors: here are 19 ways to make $10,000 by working with landlords and property managers.  Free downloads of our letters, scripts, emails, etc.  as well.

Before we begin…

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This is a quick video I made about  a Hero’s experiment…

You can get all this and more in the full downloadable Guide HERE.

19 Ways to Make Money With Landlords

19 ways to make 10 grand a month from tired landlords who become motivated sellers and working with property managers

Indy Anna explains…

19 Ways to Make $5,000 a Month With Landlords, free motivated seller leads.

You can get all this and more in the full downloadable .pdf Big REIA Guide it is all HERE..

How to hire a property manager that makes you 10 grand a month, even if you don’t any property by them find motivated sellers, make offers, buy, sell and close the deals for you… without you even knowing about it.

How a 21 year old made a net profit of over $81,000 in one month by helping local landlords find better tenants.

The question:
How can I get my property managers to not only find me deals but to close them for me too and they pay me when the deal is done… zero down and even if I don’t have any property to manage?

Today Indy Anna Explains…
1.)  How to get property managers to find motivated sellers for you
2.)  How to train those property managers to buy and sell properties for you
3.)  How to make this process without you so the buyers, sellers and closings are dealt with without you even knowing about, exactly Dialog should you use (the exact email, VM and letter) and I’ll how many deals you need to do in order to make at least 10k/mo

One sentence:  We train property managers to find, buy, sell and close deals for us autonomously.

Hero results:
14,000 in 60 days
Paying off 25,000 of credit card debt in 90 days
Making over 80k in one month

Once you understand what kinds of sellers we are looking for then there are three basic steps:
1.)  First you screen your property managers
2.)  Second you pick the best ones and train them correctly
3.)  Third you Calibrate and Repeat – RAD – with others just like them

How do we work with the sellers?  Mostly they are landlords here are the 10 basic ways to work with them:
1.)  You do a master lease option with their property.
2.)  You help them find a better tenant, this is easy when you work in an area
3.)  You do a lease option and assign it to the new tenant buyer.
4.)  You do a JV lease option and split the down payment with the owner
5.)  You buy the property on terms (Sub2, MLO, Contract, etc.)
6.)  You sub-rent (like AirBNB)
7.)  You write an assignable cash offer (10k)
8.)  You can help another investor buy on terms (big assignment fee)
9.)  You can do a bulk purchase at once with an MLO or similar
10.)  List property or send to agent
11.)  If they are totally happy then you can help the acquire more, no qualifying potentially

How does the PMC find these great leads for you?  Two basic categories: The current clients, finding new clients.

Current Clients:
Refinance – BRRRR
Tenants moving and lease ending – as they market the home
When tenants are re-signing PERFECT time
Rising taxes
With every summary mailed to them
Yearly walkthrough inspection
With every tax notice
Cash for Keys scenario
If owner wants more houses we can help them no-qual
Eviction attorneys who deals with other evictions
Market reports (new construction, trends, rent rates, market data, loan rates, etc.)

New Clients:

Always give Providers a chance to do this because if they do a good job then you can have regular work for them:
Signs in every vacant yard “I buy homes” “Cash for homes” “A guaranteed offer” start with those
Flyers to all neighbors for all units
All local FSBOs and For Rents
Every single Realtor in every neighborhood
Section 8 list of homeowners, this is PERFECT to find buyers and terms buyers

Landlord Wants to “Know More”, they get the PP… the NOBODY Mountain:
1.)  They get the book with highlighted chapters on best practices for being a landlord and getting the most of your tenant.
2.)  5 Questions to Ask a Realtor/Investor/PMC when selling your home.
3.)  Audio/Video recording/interview with the property manager about process  (I’ll give you those questions below)
4.)  Testimonials from other investors just like them
5.)  Intro Montage (a “poster” of your passions, where you’ve been, are and want to be)
Before , testimonials from other landlords just like them,
6.)  A Beautiful Conversation, do this until you have…
7.)  Recording of A Beautiful Conversation with somebody JUST like your target, video preferable
8.)  “Build Your Own Offer’  A comparison of seller options on terms, sale, with an agent, etc. then they can fill out X price on terms (expenses listed), Y price with a realtor (minus expenses), Z price all cash for today.
9.)  Intro letter that outlines everything and your Hook
10.)  A video introduction of everything above.

Intro Montage:
– Vicarious
– Volunteering
– Goal

Once they seller wants to sign:
1.)  The PMC has our criteria and signs the deal with the seller, the have permission to sign and check with us and get the full green light in 24 hours.  This way you wake up and get new deals everyday in your inbox.
2.)  Next they put a lockbox on the property and follow the signs Policy
3.)  They show the property and when the find the buyer they are trained to close themselves or with your attorney, this can be done the same day.
4.)  They close the deals and disperse funds
5.)  Now they (most likely) continue to manage for you and/or your assignee

Once they buy here’s what they need to do to SELL, the ONLY three things you ever need to sell a property:
1.)  Signs
2.)  Ads
3.)  Buyers List
(other things we add are just for safety but if priced right then ANY property should move in less than 30 days)

1.)  Screen PMC and find 3-5 good ones (A Beautiful Conversation)
2.)  Make sure they are trainable and have enough clients to test, you want at least 10-20 to start with
3.)  Develop your HOOK so you have something solid to position yourself with
4.)  Begin the first round of “Intros” in the form of their monthly statement if nothing else…

Well here’s a better breakdown and remember you can get all this and more in the full downloadable it is all HERE..

1.)  Know the three steps, screen PMC, train them and then calibrate.

2.)  11 ways to work with landlords and make money with their properties.

3.)  19 Ways to get the PMC to find and bring you motivated seller leads, we covered both categories their CURRENT Clients and their NEW/NON Clients

4.)  The 10 parts to the PP and building your Nobody Mountain

5.)  The five steps in building your Mission Board and examples of the Dialog Algorithms to use, the exact scripting

6.)  I also gave you guys the exact letter to use that the PMC can use for high compliance.

7.)  Five steps to closing the deal once the sellers signs

8.) The exact emails and process for sellers who are YES right now

9.)  The only three things needed to sell ANY property

So that was 19 ways to make money with landlords…

I hope it helped you.

Remember the downloadable from the class, all of it is HERE.

If you have any questions email me Love (at) BigReia.com.

Thanks so much! = )

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Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.