As a real estate investor you have to get attention from the right people if you want to stay in business, here are over 100 websites and places to advertise your houses for free.  You only need to do the first seven things, but I’ll explain why I included the others for you.

Let’s get started:


This should be a pretty obvious and we’ve had many students who’ve built entire businesses just using craigslist because they get so much traffic.  There are times where Craigslist will get more traffic than youtube or Google.  You definitely want to use craigslist.

I’ve seen many situations where one person posts on craigslists and gets no response and somebody else posts the same exact kind of property in the same area and they make a killing, the first person rarely understands that it was the WAY that they used craigslist that led to their poor results.  Don’t be that person, get artistic, take this process seriously and have fun so you get addicted to it – and then you’ll have great successes.  Here are some tips:

Post regularly – maybe every day or every other day, you want your listing to be at the top.

If you get flagged REPLY – call them up, email them, find a way to talk with somebody and explain your situation.  They get a LOT of scams and often it is easier for them to be safe than sorry sot they will just delete your ad or account it is VITAL that you get in touch with them after that and explain things to them. Show them you’re a real person, not a spammer/scammer and that you just want to help people and then get their suggestions on what to do next.

This ONE point here, of calling them, has saved many businesses because too many people just throw their arms in the air and walk away – do NOT do that, get in touch with them and in most cases you can turn the situation around into a winner.

Use at least 4-5 pictures – the more pictures you use the more traffic you’ll usually get, and you can include the number of pictures in the title/description, this is something like when people search for a date – pictures get more clicks.

Write a good title and description – go through our article on writing a killer classified ad for more on this, test different headlines and copy, make sure to include a number and test being a “real person” with a call to action like “Call Mike” versus being a company.  The individual person will win usually.

2.)  Zillow

A lot of us in real estate used to use the Postlets, it is now Zillow rental manager.  They also own Trulia and Hotpads so posting on any of these sites will post on all the other ones, it is best to start with Zillow though.  There are about 25-30 other sites that zillow will also post to as well.  Like with craigslist, the more pictures the better.

3.) Your OWN Site

Even if you use a facebook page or something like that, it is better than nothing.  You want to have a central place where ALL the information about a property can be found.  As a realtor developing an entire website around a single (high priced) property works as well, if you are an investor than your site can have several houses for sale to it makes sense to invest in site design and SEO.

For just starting out though, even a new, small, free site can rank and get traffic if you use the street address, neighborhood, city/state in the title and on the page.  These are also good reference tools for new sellers that you work with, they can see your previous work.  One reason I train realtors to use a dedicated website with clients is because when we spread flyers and market to the neighbors they are impressed that there is an entire website just for that house.  They are even more impressed when they can search for their neighborhood or street and that site comes up on the first page.  It is a good client generator.

4.) Cozy

This site is also free to use because they want landlords to use their other services like background checks, tenant payments, account debiting, etc.  They will also post to sites like, and 

5.) Your List and Fanbase

Every single time that you talk to somebody, meet somebody or have any interaction with another human being you want to build a relationship and keep in touch with them for the rest of all time.  For nearly every business the single most expensive thing you will ever do is turn a stranger into not a stranger, so once you talk to somebody for the first time you really want to make the most of it.  

One of the biggest, most fatal mistakes that real estate investors (and all people in business) make is that too often when they do meet new people (they just spent their biggest expense) they do almost nothing to keep in touch with them.

I say this because among other things you need to have a steady stable of buyers and a good, solid relationship with them.  This way when you get a property you send a quick email/text to hundreds or thousands of pre-screened buyers who are ready to go.  This is how you move properties in minutes or even seconds.  I’ve had students who’ve sold properties on their WAY to buying them.

If you wan to be able to send out an email or a text once a week and make $10,000+ each time, you need to harvest a base of fans to get those emails and texts.

This is actually the single BEST way to move and even acquire properties, businesses and assets because these people know, like and trust you – deals are faster, easier and more profitable.  So everything else on this list is to support this one asset of yours, so please remember that as you get buyers you really want to build long term relationships with them and create a loving fan base – it is your ultimate asset.

6.) Joint Ventures (JV) and Partnering

This is an extension of the previous item because your “list” or Fan Base will also include any realtors, lenders, investors, property managers, etc. that you ever talk to.  As soon as you go into an area or have a house that you need to rent or sell, one of the first things you should do is contact local realtors, lenders, landlords, etc. in that area with similar properties for sale/rent and let them know about about a potential cross promotion.

Most people in real estate throw away far more money than they realize or even make.  Every time a local lender can’t get one of his buyers approved you want them telling those buyers about you and how they can still own a home today while they get their credit fixed, or they can do a special type of renting that trains them to buy the home they are living in or a better one – you want mortgage brokers feeding you business everyday.  The same with realtors, investors and anybody else.

I’ve covered how to do this elsewhere but for now just remember that these relationships are like any other relationship – like a marriage even – the best way to have an ideal, dream partner, is to be one. 

Some ways to be a badass JV partner:

To gain compliance with the people you work, you need to have a plan.  When you do this correctly and you work with local businesses, you can JV with them and do NOTHING ELSE because this one thing is so profitable and will give you more than enough business.

You’ll want to pay attention and get good at this, it is one of those things that when you master, it will feed and build every business you ever work with.

Promote Houses for Free – take all the buyer leads you get over the course of a week or two, it should be at least 100-200, maybe less though.  Now tell a realtor that you are about to send out an email (they will get it too because they are on your list) and if they want you can include their house in it.  You can do this with a few people, even if they don’t get many calls they will see that you are trying to help and they are more likely to help in return – the relationship is strengthened.

Flood Their Voicemail – let’s say I really like a mortgage broker or something, I will tell them about a house I have for sale/rent and I will let them take/screen the calls directly.  I tell them the kind of tenant or buyer I want and the money they make from all the other leads they get to keep.  For me I get a free assistant to screen my buyers, for them they get tens of thousands of dollars in free business.

This is a HUGE secret here because the average property manager, realtor, mortgage guy, etc. may get a few calls a week – then all of a sudden they get hundreds of leads and they don’t know what to do because they’re so excited.  You can give them more business in one month than they’ll get all year.

This is how you get people addicted to you, and how you build good relationships.

Do an Open House or Market a Home for Free – We have a series of practices that we use to move a home, instead of just sending an email to your buyers you can borrow some of our policies and, for example, use a bunch of signs to get some traffic for an open house or something like that.  So if you talk to a realtor or investor this week and they are doing an open house this weekend, or even if they’re not, you can tell them that you’ll use a bunch of signs and some ads (in the places like we are mentioning in this post) to get them leads.

There are several other things you can do the main thing to keep in mind is that you want use these Compliance Accelerators to build relationships faster.

7.) Signs

We have an entire class on how to use signs, we love them.  You should check out the class on this because it has the power to change everything in your business, yes everything.  I love signs.

QUICK NOTE: You don’t need to do anything else except for the seven steps above, the rest of this list is just over kill and maybe even a waste of time…

… Unless you do it the way I describe here and in the video.

The only three things you need to move any property, in less than 30 days are:

Signs – talked about above

Ads – you only need to use three sources above (craigslist, zillow and cozy)

Your Fanbase – this isn’t just your buyers’ list but also the Providers like realtors, mortgage people, investors, etc.  In fact is so powerful that you ONLY need this one resource.

On our team we have moved thousands of house, business and assets in over 15 countries and I can tell you with certainty that you will NEVER NEED more than what we’ve already covered, the rest I’ve included because we like to test other places too and have fun experimenting.

But again, just so you know, all you have to is get better at the seven steps above.

Okay, let’s keep going with the overkill:


This is good for educating potential tenants too, and this is also good for market research because there are pricing records that go back years.  They also offer tips and instruction painting, decorating, move with pets, etc.  Their search is powered by,  they also have a category where they focus specifically on senior living with their partner SeniorHousingNet.

9.) Hotpads

Hotpads is one of the successes in this industry where a lot of websites struggle to find a niche.  Founded in 2005 and later bought by Zillow for about $15 million, they were the first site to use a map based search and became a favorite for HR departments, relocation specialists and corporate headhunters.


They focus on SFR (single family residential) and can also be a great tool for market research.  They also run the ads on as well.  They require less info and users can search based on broad criteria, they also post your ads to and as well.


They handle rentals and sales.  Most of the renters that use this will be using the mobile app, this has gained slightly more popularity since started marketing it more.

12.) Facebook Marketplace

You can have multiple pictures, 360 degree photos and videos.  You can join appropriate groups to promote your listing, groups like new home buyers for your area, your neighborhood, expecting parents, etc. any group that would be specifically motivated for your home.  This is a good tool to get clicks and leads, you need to use the groups and promote the hell out of the listing though.  Once you have the funds you want to hire a Tot to do this.


Trulia provides a LOT of info about the neighborhoods and comparable homes so this is a good site for market research.  They also submit your property to about two dozen other sites as well.


This is a cute tool, admittedly you won’t get huge traffic from this BUT it is a great tool to use in your marketing and a good research.  Basically this site will take a given address and provide a “Walkability” score up to 100.  This measures things like crime, income, parks, pet ownership, etc. to tell you how friendly and walk-able a neighborhood is, good idea.


This is more for mobile audiences and kind of like Tinder for classifieds, not that I would know or anything… the results with apps like this are usually fast, very fast, if at all.


They are slightly different as they don’t focus on the property as much (less images) and they focus more on the area and the information about the neigborhoods.  Their main focus is to get landlords like you to use zumper to screen tenants, run credit reports, etc.


They claim to have the largest number of rental listings anywhere, they have a paid version and a free version.  They are also connected with


Like most “apartment” sites, they can be good places for house as well.  They also post your ads to and  They also provide detailed mapping so you can search for nearby shopping, transportation, etc.


If you are an animal lover, these are the kinds of sites that you love.  They charge property managers and realtors, but for owners they have a free version.  To be honest, we haven’t seen that much traffic from this site or others like it, they do appear to be the biggest.  Roughly three out of four tenants have pets, and as we talked about in the class on how to buy apartment buildings zero down just by using pet policies, this is a BIG market that you can own because so many investors HATE tenants with pets.  Done correctly, tenants with pets can be a great experience.  


This is mainly for New York City, Chicago and San Fran.  I say mainly because according to one of the brokers he keeps telling us that they are going to expand, but we haven’t seen it yet, as of now those are the only three cities the work with.  Sites like this that are hyper focused on one area are usually more trouble than their worth BUT in the cases where they get it right, like Apartable did, they can be gold.

21.) will also post an ad here, but by going directly with Oodle you have the option to customize the listing more and post it on social media like facebook, twitter, etc.


They want to handle all aspects of being a landlord, from placing ads, screening tenants, collecting rent, finding property managers, etc.

 23.) HomeAway

They own as well, they are something like AirBNB but they focus on the entire house and not just a room or bed.  They are in the short term rental space.  Sites like this are a GREAT relationship opener to use with owners because it doesn’t hurt to test the waters and just see how much can be made here with short term rentals and you may end up renting the property from the owner and then sub-renting it out through sites like this.


This is a social network site, kind of like a facebook but just for your neighborhood.  Participation varies depending on how active your neighbors with the site, if they are active then this is a great place to connect with other sellers, renters, investors, etc.


They have a paid version and a free version, with the paid version it is something pay per click where you only pay for results.  They have a lot of rental data about trends, rental pricing comparisons and other good research tools that you should check out even if you never use them.


They are a juggernaut in the short term rental world, they aren’t the only game in town though, they want to be the Google of the home rental sharing industry.  You can rent out a room, a bed, the whole house, etc. 


They work with several companies, and they advertise them heavily which is why using their site is totaly free and they don’t have a premium or paid version.  RentDigs focuses on homes, condos and apartments and one of their main goals is to connect renters with movers, contractors and realtors.  They also have a focus not just on rentals but also rent to buy homes, which is cool because that makes them a good place to find leads.


This is a service through and it helps seniors find appropriate housing and assisted living options.  Even if you don’t work specifically with this consumer group, you can help them and make mone at the same time.  This is also a good tool to find people and companies to connect with, this is a large population and they need help as they progress in age.

29.) PadMapper

They have a unique user interface, they use a big map and renters search with a given set of criteria and then if they click to learn more they’ll see your contact info.


They have guides, credit monitoring and cleaning, moving quotes, renter insurance and other way to monetize search.  While sites like this may not sell properties or get them rented, they are good for research and connecting with renters and other landlords.


You can list houses, rooms, furnished/unfurnished units, short or long term, etc.  They are worldwide and also focus on tenant screening, background checks, international law enforcement checks, etc.


This is a good way to move individual rooms in a house, and if you do this multiple times you can make MUCH more on a house by renting to multiple tenants instead of just one.  We go much in depth with this Model in a class, if you’re super good maybe we’ll post that class here…

33.) List the Home on Your Local MLS

Any realtor can help you put a rental or rent to buy home on the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and you pay $500 or one month’s rent or something like that if a realtor brings you a renter, so there is no cost out of pocket.


There are VERY few people who do this right, to start go to and look for anybody in your area that is talking about renting, or moving, being new to the area, apartments, etc. use keyword that your target is using and voila you can see the exact conversation and be a part of it.  

Do NOT just post a link, you want to be helpful and explain why you think the link (your rental) may help them.  This is also a good way to find questions to answer and post your video answering the question directly in the reply to them.  This is how you growing your following, the more you do this the less you’ll have to.

35.) Instagram

They are owned by facebook, and now with Instagram Stories and other ways of targeting you can find EXACTLY the people you want to work with.  Be helpful and build a community so that when you post something they will read, reply and THANK YOU.

Any time you are posting to social media do not EVER just post a standard you need to explain why they are getting special access because they know, so something like:

“A friend of mine is rehabbing a house, if you know somebody that wants to move to (AREA) send them these pictures because you can get a better deal on it before he puts it on the market this Tuesday…”

So they are “insiders” and because the know you they get special pricing AND there is a deadline.

 36.) Rentberry

They’ve raised a few million dollars and are trying to raise over 20M to expand, their goal is to handle every part of the long term rental process, from tenant screening, running ads, open houses, etc.


Their goal is provide people with a one stop shop way to manage their rental properties, the financial reports, the books, etc.  As you grow you will probably want to look at sites like this to handle things.


Do NOT overlook this one and ones like it, sites like this cater to busy executives who often spend little time at the houses and when they do they are usually neat and clean so the damage is minimal.  On top of that you can have multiple room mates with each one paying a premium.  For this site you can see their furnished housing section and see what I mean.  In one of our recent video challenges there was a young man who took a home that rented for $2,000 a month and he got over $4,300 a month it by using multiple room mates.

A lot of people on our team have done this – the RoomMate Model – and it is a really cool to explode your ROI and get a lot more cash in a way that is largely invisible or unknown to others.  I love it.

If you guys want we can go over this more, just axe about it…


They are in the same vein as turbotenant as they want to automate the landlord process and work involved.  To do this though would need to have enough equity and a spread in the payments because if you are as a razor thin as most investors you won’t spend the time learning this stuff. 


This isn’t just for hotels and apartments, they work with villas, condos, cottages and short term housing.  So if you plan on something like the short term rentals this can be a good place, you can also just put a standard rental up and see what happens.


They have a map based interface, they have several guides and articles that are helpful, they also run ads across their other sites like and


They handle both sales and rentals, they break down their sales based on a lot of specific criteria like ranches, farms, vacant land, etc.  This is another site that may be better to connect with other sellers than to find buyers.  They also help with printing flyers and home brochures, so that’s cool.

43. )

They also have rent-to-own properties listed as well.  The also focus on handicap accessible rentals, pet friendly rentals, furnished houses, Section 8 rentals, etc.  So there are a variety of sellers and owners here that are good to connect with even if you never use rentalads again.


They also post to Oodle, RentJungle, and several other sites.  They do vacation rentals and help in finding property managers as well.

They also worked with:

They have a few different structures, one is that the listing is free and then you pay a fee when you find a renter.  This is connected to the rental part of but this is mainly apartments so I won’t count it.


This is connected to Zillow and  This is one that they will try to charge you, one way around that is to use RealRentals above because they also post to ByOwnerMLS.

46.) Trovit

This is a classified ads site that has a separate real estate category, kind of like Craigslist, I love browsing sites like this because there is always so much opportunity for deals.  They also have a version for Canada.


Reddit calls itself “The front page of the internet” and it is the third most popular website in America, and the sixth most popular in the world.  It is a juggernaut, think of it like a really big chat room or forum, like the chat rooms in the old AOL (that’s America OnLine for you kids) days.  You want to build relationships, find a group of landlords, buyers, people in your area and post meaningful content do NOT just show up when you need stuff.  Treat this the same way we talked about Twitter earlier, help people, develop a following and then when you post a home for sale/rent (this works for great for wholesaling too) you get a a lot of bites.


This is a very large classifieds site that focuses on houses, cars and jobs.  They are worldwide and the right kinds of ads can get a TON of replies.  Go through our post on writing killer classifieds for more on this.

49.) OfferUp

This is an app that is used by people to sell small and big items, even if you don’t move a property you will be able to connect with buyers and investors that do want to buy properties in your target area.  Also as you go through houses and rehabs it is a good idea to have a resource like this to be able to post stuff to resell for fast profits.

50.) eBay

You can buy/sell just about anything on eBay, posting houses and properties is also a good lead generator because you can include your landing page or email in every pictures and on each page.  Using eBay classifieds you can post ads, and if you have an account you get 50 or so free “inserts” a month.  You find out more in their community section here.

51.) Locanto

This is a big classified ad site, kind of like Craigslist, they have several categories including housing, personals, jobs, vehicles, etc.  I love sites like this because it’s like a yellow pages of opportunity and you can connect with people hustling from around the world.


This is another for short and long term rentals.


This is a networking site for real estate investors, usually if you are posting a house for sale/rent here it should be a deal that is attractive for investors.  Sites like this are a good place to connect with others in real estate.


They put your listing on the MLS for a flat fee.


They are classified ads place but they are connected to over 5,000 other sites as well.


We’ve done this primarily in the UK and around London, they have feature where you see people who are searching for properties and and rentals and houses for sale.  So the buyers and renters can run ads which is cool, like the craigslist “housing wanted” section.

57.) Create a FREE website

If you truly want to spend nothing, as in ZERO money, on getting a website then it is probably better to read and do number 76 on this list and create social media accounts.  Because although you have free website options like Google Sites, Weebly, Wix or Ucraft, and many others – where you can get a fully custom designed website for free without even paying for a domain name – you probably don’t want that.  If you are going to spend time and/or money to send traffic to a site, you should have more control over it than if it is totally free.  

Getting your own domain and hosting is pretty cheap anyway.  But yes you can do this for free and your house or neighborhood will have it’s own site that you can use and market.

Remember that instead of focusing your entire site on just your house you want to also include a focus on the area, your street or your neighborhood so that after you sell/rent you still get traffic and your site is still relevant.  By referring that business you can turn a tiny site into a healthy money maker, we’ve had students set up cheap, locally focused sites and do almost nothing to promote them only to have those sites produce high quality buyer and seller leads and make an easy $3,000 – $5,000 a  month.

That may seem like a lot of money, and it would be for any OTHER industry, but for us in real estate you can make that income with one deal a quarter.  You don’t need much traffic to make good money. 

The cool thing about using a neighborhood or area, and if you include a social media account, is that you can promote your site to a bunch of different local sites that have authority.  So guest blog, comment or otherwise post a link on your local news channel websites, on big local restaurants, yelp review, Angie’s List, the biggest local realtor’s profiles and websites, local businesses, schools, colleges, wedding sites, car dealers, moving companies, etc.  

By attaching your site to these sites with gravity and authority and getting these high quality links you are helping to make sure that your site gets and keeps gravity and authority, and traffic.  

It’s crazy that just about nobody does this, we’ve done many experiments and challenges with this and you can great a healthy side income with just this one technique alone.  You’l love it.

Now for some classified ad sites.

Most of these, to be honest, are kind of dogsh*t. 

So why bother including them?

A few reasons…

It sounds cool – when you can say something like 30 places to advertise your (BLANK) for free, it is a good lead generator to include as a special alert, free report, consumer guide, etc.  So you can use this (with PERMISSION from us) with sellers, realtors, investors and others for more compliance.

There are always good people to be found – no matter how how bad the sites are they get some kind of traffic, or they once did and sometimes as a challenge we’ll go and try to find SOME way to make friends or make money with the contacts or ads. 

Recently we found a site that had not been updated since 2010 and we contacted one of those old ads and it was a guy who was, at the time, selling car parts.  He is now a bird dog for us and makes about $5,000 a month finding us properties.  I asked Zach how much he’s made with him and said over $35,000, that’s a full time income for most people and it came from a “dead” site that most people would skip.  Be better than that.

When you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find artists everywhere.

It is always good to see the opportunities – whenever I browse eBay listings or any classifieds I’m always struck by how much money can be made with simple things.  One challenge we’ve been doing for a while is buying things off of a site and then reselling them on the same site for 5-10x more without making any changes but just telling a better (and TRUE) story about the item.

One of our kids Dawn just did this with rugs and carpets, she bought them for about $5/each and sold them for over $100 each and in one case for $250.  Why?  Because they were the last ones used by the local police department to train their canines on, they aren’t just “rugs” they are Law Enforcement Tested Doggie Pads.  Brilliant.

Even with a dead site you can see previous items and jog your memory – FIRE THE DENDRITES – and can get countless ideas.

This is a good way to get LINKS – one of the best things to get big websites like Google to rank your websites or give authority to your facebook page, twitter account, youtube videos, instagram posts, websites, etc. is to generate high quality links.  Posting on these classifieds can be a great way to do that, we’ve done this for a lot of clients and businesses in the past.  Maybe we’ll shoot a video with them and when we upload it we include several good links from ads, forums, chat rooms, etc. related to that topic.

You don’t want spam stuff though, or links for awful sites for no reason, it needs to be appropriate and helpful – link building and backlinks are very powerful when done right.

Okay with that being said, let’s go over some classified sites:

58.)  Kiijiji

So many people have tried to compete with Craigslist and they pretty much all fail, eBay tried to use kijiji as their version of craigslist and it failed, but kijiji is still big in works well in Canada. was another one that tried to compete with Craigslist and they were looking good, in 2001 they were just behind Craigslist in terms of traffic.  Now they’ve been shut down and the FBI has seized their stuff.  Getting raided by the feds sucks… not that I would know or anything…


They list houses, lots and investments houses. 


This is for vacant and raw land.  They have a paid and a free version, skim this site first because it is probably better to get in touch with sellers here than try to find buyers.  They also focus on auctions of land, crop land, etc.


They had lots of listings and have modeled themselves after Craigslist.

62.) OLX

This is a big classified ads site and is very popular in India.  There are many people in these areas though that are moving out and if nothing else it helps to have links out here.

63.) Quikr

This is focused almost entirely in India.

64.) Hoobly

This is a big one and does all kinds of stuff besides housing like cars, clothes, electronics, etc.


These is a good place to run ads for free but also you can find a stream of leads here too because people can run reverse ads so instead of advertising a house for rent, renters can run ads for house they want to rent or buy.  Whenever leads are advertising you can easily win.


This is primarily a mobile app and lets you chat with buyers and sellers in real time.

67.) Kedna

They claim to have about 10,000 users online at any moment, you can find car ads here too.

68.) GumTree

They are in several other nations like France, Poland, Singapore, etc.  They have an active community as well as ads for all kinds of products including housing.


This one will probably be shut down soon.


They cover a wide range of categories, good to browse, ranks high in Google.

71.) AdPost

You can run ads here for free, they claim to get over 30 million page views a month.  They are a branch of American Classifieds.

72.) DomesticScale

You can run ads here too, they use a lot of pictures.  They also focus on creating printable materials like bumper stickers, flyers, signs, etc.  You can use custom images and get them done here for free.

73.) SalesSpider

They work with Walmart, Amazon and other big stores.  They also have an active community where you can connect with investors, business people, etc.

74.) AdsGlobe

They are also big in India, good for running ads.

75.) Kahping

They call it “Ping your way home”, they let you let you list for free and post (ping) all over the world with unlimited photos and unlimited length of description.  They offer a textping so you can find out when buyers are driving by and asking for more info.

76.) Create a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page

Create a specific page or group for your house, but also make it work for your entire street, neighborhood or area so that you can use this again and again.  So “Brookshire North Houses” for example if that is the name of your subdivision.

By not just focusing on your specific house, when you add more links, get more authority and get more traffic after the house is sold or rented you can still help other homeowners in the area.  This is a KILLER strategy because when you do this right your highly focused group will gain traction in your target area very quickly because you will have almost no competition.

When we do this it is not unusual to get solid traffic for years, connect those buyers and sellers with realtors and other real estate providers and you can create an easy side income.

78.) AbleWise

They focus on business opportunities and operate in many countries like India, China, Australia and others.  They claim to have over 185 million unique visitors.  On top of ads you can message other members which is a big win.

79.) Kugli

They use to offer headhunting services too, I don’t know what the hell happened to them but we used to use the old version quite a bit.  This new one may or may not be them anymore, at any rate the ads are real but may come from a feed from somewhere else.

80.) Mondinion

They are an international site that post luxury and normal houses, condos, etc. for rent and for sale.

81.) AdLandPro

They run ads too BUT they have a community and an active forum which is always good.  They also claim to specialize in backlinks, we didn’t get that benefit but they are one of the only sites that even mentions it so even if they aren’t doing it somebody there knows how important it is or can be.


They work a lot with America, India and Canada.  Aside from running free ads they also have a connection program where you can find room mates here too.


Another 90s looking site, but they get at least some traffic according to them, when in doubt you can always check Alexa like I explained above.

84.) GoldClassifieds

The are focused in Britain, and less with houses than with events, concerts, etc.  

85.) Recycler

Their real estate ads are pretty much dead but you can still run them here, their cars and pet ads are the most active. 


This is a site exclusively for expats, people living outside their native country, the community connections here can be gold.  Usually to live outside your country you have education, money or serious drive – often all three.  Good people to connect with.


This is primarily for Ocala, FL but many of these local sites are great for SEO links and connecting with transplants and local investors.


This is an old classifieds site, their main focus is to connect with eBay and BigCommerce or Google Products.


They do listings but they are also more of a search engine as well.

90.) TopClassifieds

They host ads as well, their traffic has dropped lately but they do provide contact info in the ads so you can directly get in touch with people that look good.

91.) SuperAds

Much like the other classified sites here, they also allow a direct communication between the buyers and sellers.  10 picture limit.


They do ads, blog posts and notices.  They also offer store fronts for businesses as well.

 93.) BiggestClassifieds

They are supposed to have ads for nearly everything, usually though it seems to be just for stay at home business opportunities.


They use a heat map to track where they are most active, so at a glance you can see where in America they get the most traffic.  Very helpful.

95.) Press Release

There are several websites and companies that do free press releases,  you want to search to make sure they have a good ranking first and then you use as many as you want for backlinks and potential traffic.


They use to have a very well circulated newspaper owned by American Classifieds, their online version is somewhere where you can place and browse ads for free.


This is a much cleaner and simpler site, not as much traffic but easy to search.

98.) VivaStreet

For the UK, they alert you of all ads of a particular type as they are placed, you can still use them to place ads too.


Their hook is to buy and sell (and trade) with your local neighbors, skip the shipping costs and long distance arrangements, the good thing about selling normal items at a place like this is that people will always pay more for speed and to be able to get their item that very same day.  Posting houses in these markets is unique, but can always lead to good transactions – and relationships.


This is a good example of a site that leaves old ads up so you can use to do research and to find artists and make it a winner even if your area hasn’t been updated in some time.

Now, as you know I’m awesome…

You: “I think you mean fu**ing awesome Azam!”

Correct, that’s what I meant.

So I always over deliver for you so (and not just with the extras above that I’ve mentioned) I’ll also mention a few bonus resources here as well:

Bonus Guy:

They are a standard classified site but they also have a section for coupons, gift cards and freebies.

Bonus Guy:

They go over sales and deals not just online but also in print newspapers, you can also promote coupons and discounts here as well.

Bonus Guy:

They operate mainly in the US, India and the UK.  You can search, contact and post for free and all from the main page without having to navigate.  They also work with collectibles, hobbies and other special interest items.

Okay think that’s about it for now, lastly…

I could use your help…

According to the latest info you should be able to post on each of the above sites for free, if that’s changed please let me know if the comments below.

Also I’d love to hear you market your houses or if I missed something.

In general if there is anything else can help your real estate business, let me know below…


Make the Universe Smile.

– Azam and Indy Anna

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Thanks so much!  = )

Make the Universe Smile.

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Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.

Free Comic Book Reveals:

100 FREE ways to find motivated sellers.